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Lauren and I had become fast friends at work soon after she started in HR. Most of my work unit being male, I found having another woman to chat with over coffee and lunch was a nice break from the routine. If nothing else, we weren’t limited to the usual work- or sport-centric discussions that otherwise dominated with my male counterparts; although I suspect if I wasn’t part of the group, their talks might taken on another element which in this day and age are totally muted in the workplace with a woman around.

Anyway, besides being female, Lauren and I were close in age; me being 28 and her 26, with similar tastes in fashion, entertainment as well as societal values. Our daily chats became more open between us as our work groups splintered into the male and female fractions; not that either group intentional excluded the other, the pairings naturally occurred as the men were freer to discuss sports without feeling they were ignoring us and we could likewise focus on the gossip of the day involving celebrities and the reality-based programing that appealed to us. The two groups taking separate tables rather than conduct simultaneous conversations at one.

After one particularly brutal day of work, I had a disagreement with one of my coworkers that left me quite upset. Lauren helped calm me down and suggested we take a walk off the premises to get away for a few minutes. The walk did the trick and I was able to see things a little more clearer; and became a routine for us whenever either one of us felt pressured, or if it was just a nice day.

The walks also permitted us to discover another shared interest, that being we both were bisexual. This discovery occurred over time as we gradually let down the work/personal life barrier; after all, she was in human resources and sexual orientation was a taboo topic at any time. But being outside the office, strolling and chatting more as friends than coworkers, we both soon noticed the other glancing at passing men, and women. Comments about the men were guarded at first, I was married so it wasn’t until I started to note a particularly attractive, well-built, or just plain sensuous man, that Lauren began to share the ones catching her attention. With women, we were typically catty in our critique of their clothing, make-up or style, with the occasional approving comment.

Needless to say, I was withholding my real thoughts and using the disparagement as an excuse to ogle. In retrospect, its clear now that whenever either of us had found someone’s blouse totally unflattering or dated, skirt too wrinkled or slutty, makeup too severe or heavy, we were really admiring the tits, ass or beauty of the woman. And we got very good at tearing other women apart.

There was also one person whom I regularly sneaked peeks at and secretly admired, well OK, lusted; that person being Lauren.

One afternoon in late summer, when clothing was at its skimpiest, two women, arm-in-arm, strolled towards us. While both of us noticed them, I don’t think either of them registered us as we passed by; and it wasn’t until long after we passed each other, that it dawned on me that neither Lauren nor myself had commented one way or the other on them. Perhaps it was their clear ease in being a couple combined with their physical beauty that silenced us, I’m not sure about Lauren but I know I was lost in wondering what sex with one, or both, of them would be like. We walked along quietly to the end of the block before she or I spoke.

“Would you like to get a drink?”

“You know, that’s a wonderful idea.”

At the next corner we found ourselves inside a lounge attached to a downtown hotel. Something about this place had drawn me towards it and Lauren agreed as soon as I pointed it out. Sipping from a glass of cool, white wine, I turned to Lauren and gazed at her as she absently looked slightly ahead. I watched her for a moment, until she noticed, and with a slight flush appearing on her features, she gave me a small smile. With the upturn of her lips, I couldn’t help but break into a smile; a smile that transformed bursa escort bayan into a short laugh.

“Well, I hope they’re not trashing us too badly.”

The ice broken, Lauren chuckled and smiled wider, “What was it about them…I don’t ever recall being struck speechless like that. Especially since nothing was said…hell, I don’t think they even saw us!”

“They seemed so confident, sure. Not to mention they were both gorgeous.”

“I wish I could be so daring.”

Lauren’s comment caught me by surprise and I looked for signs in her expression to try to ascertain what exactly she meant by that. Surprised as well by her stare back at me, no doubt trying to read my face for my own reaction. Lauren’s eyes sparkled as she smiled again, almost challenging me to ask her what she might dare, but before I could do so, she continued, “The blonde’s blouse was so sheer, and going braless, it really called attention to her nipple piercing.” And as I watched, her hand lifted up and lightly passed over her left breast, as if Lauren was contemplating what it would feel like in her own nipple.

Now it was my turn to blush, “Oh, I didn’t even notice. I was just so taken by the fact they were obviously lovers, and couldn’t care less who noticed. Their bearing was just so…intoxicating.”

“Have you ever?”

Lauren’s question left hanging in the air before me, her eyes locked on mine, so without looking away, I lift my drink to my lips; but instead of drinking, I keep the glass a hair from my lips and, just barely visible, let the tip of my tongue touch the rim.

“You mean, been with a woman?” My question answered by a nod of her head, then mine. “You?”

Neither of us blinking, sensing a turning point in our relationship, I wait for Lauren’s reply; mine having been casual and slight enough to later claim to not have been an answer at all but rather a question to her question if the risk I took by affirming was a mistake.

Lauren leans just the slightly bit forward, “I’ve dated some.”

My lips again form a smile, glad that it was now coming out into the open. “Maybe that’s why I can’t get the thought of the two of them together out of my mind. Once you’ve tasted that fruit, it does allow your imagination to consider the possibilities.”

“And I suppose you picked this place as they came from this very hotel. Do you think they spend the night or just a couple of hours fucking?”

A bolt of shock hits me as I look into Lauren’s grinning visage, a grin that grows as she notes my surprise.

“I…I didn’t realize…” my words cuts off by another peal of laughter from Lauren.

“You didn’t see them enter the street from this very entrance?” Lauren’s head tilts at the doorway to my left.

“No… I… something drew me to this…but I don’t…” stopping mid-sentence as I try to remember, did I first see them leaving the hotel? I do recall the street was fairly empty, and I did see them approach from the end of the block. Was that why this place called to me, my subconscious wanting to dwell where they might have just been?

Lauren’s giggles again bring me back from my revelries and I make a note to ponder it later, when I’m alone. A tingle up my spine as I know my pondering will involve much more, of the two women engulfed in their passion; ‘fucking’ as Lauren so aptly phrased it. I lift my head and laugh with her, caught again as if she read my mind.

Relaxing now, finally able to be more open with each other, I consider whether to continue this conversation or let it drop. I sip my wine, buying a moment or two as I ponder it. In that moment, a touch; fleeting, imagined? My skirt not covering my knees, did a wisp of air sneak upon my flesh or was it something else? Could it be?

I glance down, with Lauren’s eyes following, at my leg. Seeing now the closeness of her knee to mine, close enough that if she were to shift in her seat; as she did just now as I watched, and yes, it was her skin that ever so lightly made the tiniest contact. My gaze back görükle escort up to her face, a smile dances over her lips, “Do you miss it?”

“Ummm, miss what?”

“Being with another woman. Seeing as your married.”

“What makes you think I’m missing out.” And its my knee that grazes Lauren’s, the movement distinct enough to ensure she feels it; and my lips that turn my smile up a notch higher.

“You’re so wicked!” Lauren’s knee stays with mine. “Have you really?” Her voice lower, conspiratorially, “Recently?”

“Well, I’ve dated some.”

Lauren laughs openly now, and I can’t help but join in, her hands covering mine and squeezing it playfully.

A month later, Lauren and I have shared many of our experiences with, and fantasies of, both men and women. More than a few of them relayed in her bed after a lazy afternoon, or a frantic hour, of sex. Many of those afternoons beginning much as this one started; with a walk together, sometimes shopping, but just as likely, strolling and taking in the men and women who cross our path. Much less likely now to find fault in them, instead pointing out their features we find attractive; whispering in each other’s ear, “Would you like to fuck them?”

In that bar, with our knees touching, Lauren first asked that question, “Would you have liked to fuck either one, or both, of them?” And I smiled, thinking how her question so mirrored my earlier thoughts, thoughts I intended to keep hidden but now aware the two of us shared them.

So when I leaned closer, placing my hand upon her knee and replied, “Right now, I’d rather fuck you,” and kissed her, she sighed and kissed me back. Our kiss interrupted by the bartender clearing his throat, not too hurriedly I might add, along with a look advising the management did not approve. Our drinks nearly finished, we left some money on the table and wandered in to explore the hotel lobby; and to find the check-in desk.

Another kiss, longer and deeper, exchanged in the elevator the moment the doors closed. Our hands doing the exploring now; one of Lauren’s somehow already under my top and both of mine gripping her ass. So lost in our embrace, we almost fell from the elevator before stumbling our way down the hall to our room. Once inside the door, we took a moment to look upon the bed, our soon to be bed, before resuming our embrace.

“Here…let me get this off you.”

“And now you…”

“Oh careful,” loud giggles, “I can’t go home with my skirt ripped.” Another loud giggle, “Not again at least.”

“You’re really a slut aren’t you?”

“Ask me that after I’ve finished fucking you.”

By the end of this exchange, our clothes litter the floor and I remain in only my panties. Lauren’s eyes sparkle as she spies her panties somehow in my hand; I don’t recall removing them, but obviously I did, or she did and gave them to me. I lift them to my nose as I move my eyes over her body.

“Damn, you really are a dirty slut, aren’t you?”

It hits me then just how lewd my actions must appear but, before I can register any remorse, Lauren’s hands go up and pulls her hair back away from her face. This movement makes her breasts more prominent and done so for my enjoyment, and her own, with Lauren basking in my desire for her and her willingness to give herself to me.

Like me, Lauren is a brunette; but, unlike me, her hair is short, just barely to the nape of her neck whereas mine is halfway to my ass. We also differ in our eye color, mine being a hazel and her’s a gorgeous ocean blue. I have rather full breasts with quarter sized areola and nipples that spring up nicely when I’m excited. Lauren is my match there too in size but with slightly larger, and darker, areolas and longer, much more prominent, nipples. Later on as I suckle at them, I think about how perfect they are for piercing and understand Lauren’s attentiveness to the blonde’s own piercing.

Overall, we were very close in size and shape, except that I was an inch taller and Lauren’s hips were wider than mine. This bursa escort bayan also meant her ass was a little rounder with thighs and calves a little larger (dare I say shapelier?) as well. Lauren also managed to have a better tan no matter the time of year which was always a point of envy for me. Her tan also highlighted the small landing strip she left on her mound, which I found extremely exciting and that I loved to keep neat later on as our relationship developed. For her own part, Lauren seemed pleased with my bald pussy and I loved having her shave me either before or after one of our sessions.

Tumbling into bed together, we spent a long time getting to know each other in this new way. Long sensuous kisses and languorous caresses, with no rush to either. Her mouth and lips so different from that of my husband, I recalled once again why I enjoyed kissing women so much. So much softer, with the kisses an end in themselves; not a means to an end as it so often is with men. Likewise, when we touched each other’s breast, it was an exploring and curious, yet knowing, movement without a rush to capture and claim, knowing that where the fingertips have left traces, lips would soon follow.

It wasn’t until our legs moved together and we adjusted so our sexes came in contact with those legs that our desire failed to remain in check. However, once that contact was made, we both became engaged in almost a frenzy to rub and grind together. Kisses then more heated, tongues sucked, almost bitten and nipples pulled and stretched. We came together that first time in this fashion, whimpering in each other’s mouths as we thrust our pelvis’ forward in our heat.

Collapsing together, our kisses continued but once again softer and spread out. Touches, accentuating the happiness of new found passion, we explore each other anew. I’m the first to move and I roll Lauren onto her back and cover her neck and shoulder with kisses. Kisses that work lower until I find an expectant nipple, which my lips are quick to capture and claim.

While I suckle, a hand pulls mine down until reaching the heat and wetness of my pussy. Her fingers with mine, we both slide a digit into my wet folds; alternating Lauren’s finger in and mine out, mine in and her’s out. With a moan, I shift and suckle at Lauren’s other breast, my new position making it easier for me to play with myself. Lauren’s fingers then leave me and I sense they moved directly to her own pussy to repeat her play there.

Moving up to kiss Lauren, she whispers to me, “Eat me bitch.”

Instead of being taken aback by her directness, I find myself responding, body tingling and lust inflaming my mind. Turning I see her fingers rubbing frantically at her pussy and I scoot down and go between her legs. Watching at first as her index and middle fingers slosh in and out of her pussy. Wet fingers that a moment later are in my hair, tugging me forward.

“I said eat me bitch!”

And eat her I did, like a good bitch. Using my tongue and lips and fingers, opening her, exploring her, tasting and loving her with Lauren grinding on my face, humping as her orgasm racked her body.

Laying together afterwards, our bodies cuddled and covered with the soft, clean top sheet, we exchange kisses and smiles. I wanted to stay with her like this into the night and next day, but it was a spur of the moment arrangement and we reluctantly dressed after a quick shower. The shower more for my benefit before I returned home to my husband, so we showered separately; knowing that if we both entered at the same time we would end back up in bed.

Going out into the hall, we’re met face on but the duo that inspired our session. Similar to before, they approached from the elevator hand-in-hand, each carrying a small bag from a local boutique. We smiled at them, and them at us; a twinkle in the blonde’s eye acknowledging what just transpired between Lauren and myself. I nod in return, giving her a thanks, whether she would know it or not, and recognizing that they were headed back to their room, their bed.

Lauren squeezed my hand just as we passed them. “We should thank them.”

Turning my head, I catch them looking back at us.

“I think they know.”

The elevator dings as we approach, a simple but joyous sound that, to my mind, signaled the start of our affair; an affair that would last for years.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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