Lauren’s Beach Trip Ch. 01

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I dream of this lady so much. She is very beautiful. If you could see her you would know just what I mean. Every where I have been with her she has turned many men’s heads. I’m going to work on a story for her that will need feedback from readers. I will let her read what you say about the situation I’m going to write about. Then you can tell her yourself.

I took Lauren to the beach to the beach in California. A rich friend of mine let me use his house. The house that faces the ocean is 3 story’s tall it has all glass so you can see the ocean from all 3 floors. Lauren it was so awesome taking you there!!!!! My friend said we could have it for a week. When we got there about 1 in the afternoon, I told her that I have a few things to do so you put on your swim suit and go out on the sand and get that tan you want so badly. I’ll be down in about an hour. I pull a futon down in front of the sliding glass doors that run from floor to ceiling. I put some wood in the fire place next to the futon. Then I put some silk sheets on the futon and two nice big pillows. I have some sparkling wine in the fridge to chill. I have the room filled with roses.

Then I look out the glass doors and see 2 guys talking to you. I can tell they are flirting with you. I sit and watch you thru the telescope on the balcony for awhile. I can see that you really like these 2 guys by the look in your eyes and expression on your face. You are lying on your tummy and your top is untied across your back. “God I love your back it looks so smooth and soft” The thong suit covers you just enough and I can see the soft sides of your tits. “That is so sexy” I knew it wouldn’t be long before you got any attention. You’re such a beautiful lady. I watch you hand a bottle of your favorite smelling suntan lotion to one of the guys. He puts some in his hands, and Samsun Escort gives the bottle to his friend. I watch as he starts to rub your back. Then his friend starts to rub your legs. Your legs are so long and your skin has no flaws. The one rubbing your back starts to rub the hot lotion on the sides of your tits and I watch your eyes close and you bite your bottom lip. I couldn’t figure out why so I checked the guy rubbing your legs and his finger keeps sliding into your thong. Then you rise up on your elbows so the guy rubbing your top can touch all of your tits. I watch your expression change to passion and want, as you let him feel them. He squeezes your nipples. Then he starts whispering to you. It’s too soon for that. I can’t give you up to others so soon. I want to make it special for you.

I put my suit on and go down to where you are laying and the guys just kind of walk away as I come over to you. I smile at you and say “Looks like you’re making friends fast Lauren.” you look up at me with need in your eyes. So I lean down and kiss you and tell you that. “I saw it all L “and you knew I was watching. You reach up and tie your top and we go down to the water. I reach down and hold your hand as I watch you turn every guys head. I whisper to you that they all envy me because; I’m with the most beautiful woman out here!! We walk for awhile and go back to where you were laying. I look at your pretty face and it is starting to turn pink from the sun. I ask you if I can buy you a dress. We go back to the house and showered and dressed and went and got you a beautiful sundress open back and yellow so it shows your tan. I even bought you some low heel sandals all straps that just slide on so you will be comfortable.

We go back to the house so you can change and I ask you to lay down on the futon. Samsun Escort Bayan We both take all our clothes off and I have to lay down so I can rub your body with some lotion.” the lotion smells just like your suntan oil “You look up at me and tell me how that smell excites you” then you look around the room and see all the roses. I did all this for you! You lean up and kiss me. I tell you to wait just enjoy yourself. I start to rub the lotion on your back as I sit on the back of your legs. Your skin looks so smooth and soft.

As I’m rubbing your back, I ask you about the guys on the beach that were rubbing your body. You tell me that “you thought they were so good looking” and you started talking about how the guy kept sliding his fingers inside your pussy. How he almost made you cum. You feel me getting hard as you tell me about them. I just push the tip of my dick between your legs and start to massage the lotion all over you perfect little bottom.

MMMMMMMMmmmmmm. It feels so good because, I can feel the heat coming from between your legs. Then I slide down and rub your legs. You look back and see how hard I am and you reach back and squeeze me with your hand. When you squeezed me you could feel it leak onto your palm. I push a finger inside you and ask you, is that what the strange guy did? “Oh yes you say he almost made me cum I wanted to fuck both of them right there on the beach.” I lean down and whisper turn over. I want to rub your front. “No make me cum”. I will, all in good time. You turn over and I sit between your legs and pull your legs down over mine. Then I start rubbing the lotion all over the top half of your body.

Mmmmm I start rubbing your tits and squeezing your nipples. Then you feel me sliding my hard dick between your pussy lips, I don’t put it in, just slide Escort Samsun it back and forth. With only the bottom side of it, from the tip to the bottom. You’re so wet; I want to put it inside you.

”Don’t tease me fuck me.“ I don’t think I can take it anymore. Those guys wanted to fuck you and I’m so close to doing it, so I get the tip all wet by rubbing it up and down your wet pussy. Then I just push the tip inside. Your voice gets all breathy Oh yeah, Oh shit, push it. Push it inside me like they wanted to do. Slow, I want it all!!!! I push it all the way in real slow; I pull you up so we are facing each other look down and see how nice we fit.

You look down and push me backwards and climb on top and tell me that if I don’t fuck you, you will find someone else to. I grab you by the waist and hold you all the way down on me. Oh Lauren, I’m so far up inside you!!! I want you to fuck someone else. Then fuck me after,” all night long.” I roll over on top of you and start fucking you real slow MMMMMMM god it feels so good. You need to cum Lauren, cum for me or, I’ll make you cum. Then I just stop on the way out, with just the tip inside and shoot one quick squirt. You are going to cum for me now.

Oh fuck yeah I will!!!! I then slide out and start licking you. You tell me no! “Fuck me.” Then I start teasing your little clit mmmmmmmmm I like that so much. I get back up and just start fucking you hard telling you I want to show you off in your new dress, I want to get you fucked in your new dress. You start saying that you will and that you want it! You want me to know some strange guy fucked you in the dress! We both start Cumming and I push it all the way into that special spot of yours and shoot jet after jet of my hot cum in you. You arch your back and hold it deep inside you as we both stop Cumming at the same time. I look down at you and tell you how beautiful you are and that I want to take you to dinner in your new dress. We can hear the waves from the ocean crash onto the shore. And smell the salt water. Lauren I wish this week would never end. If you get ready we can go eat.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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