Lax Ch. 01

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Jane sat hunched over her manuscript as she slowly sipped at her watery whiskey and coke. She noticed that the ice was melted, so she motioned to the bar tender to bring her a new one. Jane looked around her favorite New York City “hole in the wall” dive bar. It had been her refuge since she moved to the city three years ago. Jane wrote books as a hobby and came here to write and relax. The crowd was usually just barflies and it was a pretty quiet place. On this Wednesday evening, Jane savored the quiet of the bar with just the hum of ESPN in the background. All of the regulars had learned to leave Jane alone long ago as she had no interest in conversation when she worked. As Jane bent back to her manuscript, a group of five rowdy guys entered the bar and sat at two tables near the pool tables in the back.

“Oh great,” thought Jane, “There goes my peace and quiet.”

From what Jane could see in a brief glance, they looked like heavy metal groupies. Four of the guys were very loud and obnoxious. The fifth was sitting quietly to one side, sipping a drink and thinking. Jane returned to her writing. After ten minutes, two of the guys headed back to the pool tables and two headed off to play darts. The quiet one remained at his table with his drink. Jane watched him as she wondered what in the world he could be thinking so intently about. He stood up and Jane looked away quickly. He headed back to the restroom and she watched his backside intently as he walked away. I could grab a handful of that, Jane thought to herself, a small smile curving her lips. He wasn’t the type of guy that Jane usually was attracted to, but she couldn’t help but stare as he walked back to his table. Jane tried to figure out what was drawing her to him as she looked him up and down. He had reddish blond hair that hung well past half way down his back. A red bandana held it back out of his face. He was on the lean side with well defined muscles and almost a swimmer’s build under a sleeveless shirt and torn jeans. He had multiple tattoos on his arms that Jane eyed curiously. Jane studied his face briefly. He was not classically handsome, but had fine features and a baby face that was almost at odds with the rest of his rocker look. All of a sudden, he looked up and caught Jane’s eye, smiling slightly. Jane colored slightly and looked away quickly, embarrassed at being caught staring. His smile grew as he sat down and took another drink. After about ten minutes, he stood up and slowly made his way to Jane’s table. Jane was pretending to work intently, but sensed him approaching. He pulled out the chair across from her and spun it around backwards before sitting down on it. Jane looked up at him, startled at his blunt arrival. “Hi. I’m Lax.” He said as he took another drink from his glass.

“I’m Jane.” Jane replied, a little breathless.

Lax continued sipping his drink as he leisurely looked Jane up and down. Jane colored slightly as he copied her earlier study of him.

“So Jane, what brings you to this dive on this fine Wednesday evening?” Lax asked, eyeing her manuscript.

“I’m a writer. It’s my night job. I do it for fun.” Jane replied, “I do most of my work in here. Most nights it’s quiet. How did you happen to end up in my favorite spot?”

“I’m a musician,” Lax said quietly, “My band just got done with a gig. We wanted to hang out in a quieter bar than the usual”

Well, that explains the look, thought Jane to herself. Lax motioned to the bartender and looked at her with a question in his eyes. Jane nodded as Lax motioned for the bartender to bring them both a new drink. As the night wore on, Jane began to really enjoy talking to Lax and began to flirt mildly with him. He was a bad boy, but it was tempered with a polite and respectful edge. Around midnight, the rest of the band wandered over and told Lax they Escort Bayan were moving on to a louder, busier bar.

“I’ll catch up with you tomorrow,” Lax said, eyeing Jane, “I’m not done here yet.”

The rest of the guys just shrugged and moved towards the door.

“I hope you don’t if I stay.” Lax said, looking at Jane intensely.

“Not at all. I’m glad you stayed.” Jane replied, nervously.

“Let’s take a walk.” Lax said.

They paid the bartender and headed out into the quiet fall New York night. Lax put his arm around Jane’s shoulders as they walked slowly next to the Hudson River. They came to a brick bridge pillar and leaned against it, watching the water. Jane was busy enjoying the heavy feeling of his arm around her. He was warm and very solid. Lax looked down at her face silently. Jane wished he would kiss her, but he just looked back out at the river, smiling slightly. Jane sighed silently and also gazed back out over the river. After five minutes, Lax turned to her and lifted her chin slightly and softly kissed her mouth. He looked down at her, again with a question in his eyes. Jane just smiled. She placed her hand on his chest leaned up to kiss him again. The kiss was long and slow. Jane melted into Lax’s chest and deepened the kiss. Lax brought both arms around her and slid his tongue slowly into her mouth. Jane sighed. He tasted like rum and man. They stood kissing for a while before Lax turned her so her back was to the brick pillar.

“My God, woman,” Lax growled, “You smell like Jasmine and you taste like whiskey. It’s enough to get a man undone.”

He leaned down again and kissed her deeply. The kiss was no longer soft and tender. It had taken on a passionate, hard edge. Jane reveled in the feel of the hard, cool bricks at her back and the warm, solid man pressing into the front of her. Jane moaned as Lax’s hands slowly crept under her button down shirt. His large rough hands worked their way up as his mouth continued to devour hers. He found her breasts and softly caressed them through the thin material of her bra. Jane hummed against his mouth as he pressed his hips against her and she could feel him, hard, hot, and full. Just then, Lax unsnapped the front clasp of her bra and took both her breasts in his hands. The rough skin was a wonderful contrast to the softness of her breasts. His mouth slowly moved from her mouth down to her neck.

“I, Uh,” Jane stammered, “Perhaps we should take this somewhere just a little more private.”

She motioned with her head to someone standing a ways off watching them intently. Lax sighed, a harsh, frustrated sound. He grabbed her hand and started back towards the bar. I want him, Jane thought to herself, and not in the bar.

“My apartment is just a block away,” Jane said, “We could go there.”

Lax nodded and they headed up the block. They stopped in front of a quiet building so Jane could unlock the front door. Lax put his arms around her waist from behind her and kissed her neck as she tried to get the key into the lock. She finally got the door open and they hurried up the one flight of stairs. Again, Jane fumbled with the lock as Lax kissed her neck and ran his hands over her breasts. Finally, the door gave way and Jane and Lax stumbled in. Lax slammed and locked the door and then spun Jane around so she was between him and the door. His hands immediately went to the buttons of her shirt and undid them quickly. When he was done, Jane grabbed his shirt and pulled it over his head. She drank in the sight of his bar, muscled chest as he removed her already unhooked bra. He knelt down in front of her and undid her grey work trousers. Jane grabbed his belt and pulled him back up. Jane reached for his fly and let his loose jeans drop to the floor. Lax immediately closed the distance between them and pressed Ankara Escort her hard against the door. Jane caught her breath at the feel of his chest against her breasts and his hips pressed to hers. Lax kissed Jane hard, as his hands found her breasts again. Jane ground her hips against his as he ravaged her mouth. Lax drew back, breathing hard.

“Where’s your bed?” He asked in a growl.

Jane grabbed his hand and led him down the hallway. When they reached her room, Jane shrieked as Lax picked her up easily and tossed her on the bed, quickly following her. He peeled off her bikini underwear and drank in the sight of her naked form. He lay down gently on top of her and began to kiss her again. Jane ran her hands up and down his muscled back and ass as she enjoyed the feel of his weight on top of her. Lax’s long hair surrounded them and he reached up and pulled off the bandana in annoyance. Slowly, he moved down Jane’s body, kissing and sucking her skin as he went. He spent a while on her neck.

“I wanna leave marks Jane,” Lax panted, “I want you to remember me for a while.”

Jane just moaned as he sucked harder on the tender skin of her collar bone. Jane jerked against him as he kissed a sensitive spot.

“Let me touch you.” Jane gasped as he moved down to the tops of her breasts.

“No.” Lax said firmly, “You’ll get your turn later.”

Jane groaned, and muttered, “You’re gonna pay for this!”

Lax circled one of her nipples and drew it deeply into his mouth. Jane moved her hips against his hard length, trying to ease the ache building in her. Lax calmly moved to the other nipple and sucked it, firmly but gently. Jane swore and held him tighter to her. He slowly eased out of her grip and kissed down her taught stomach. Jane lay there, feeling slightly abandoned until she felt his rough hands part her thighs. Jane felt his soft hair brush over her thighs right before he kissed her. Jane almost screamed when she felt his hot, wet mouth part and caress her. He softly licked and sucked on her pussy until Jane thought she would go crazy. Lax gently touched her and slid a finger inside of her. Jane groaned and arched her hips toward him. Lax started slowly, licking her and moving his fingers in and out. He increased the intensity slowly but surely. Jane went over the edge, swearing and moaning. She came with a shriek and a loud cry of “Fuck!” Lax slowly crawled back up the bed as Jane lay panting and coming down from the incredible orgasm.

“That was amazing!” Jane said, “But you are so going to pay!”

Lax just smiled a small smirk and said, “I can pay all night babe.”

“Smug Bastard.” Jane said as she went to get a drink from the kitchen.

Lax just laid on the bed with his hands behind his head, now smiling broadly. Jane came back into the room and climbed back on the bed. Lax pulled her down on top of him and kissed her hotly.

“No!” said Jane, emboldened but the new infusion of whiskey, “Just lay back and enjoy.”

Lax lay back and watched her as she settled herself on his hips and enjoyed the site of his naked torso. She leaned forward and kissed him hard. She aggressively sought his tongue and caressed and sucked it.

She moved down to his neck and murmured, “I want you to remember me too.”

She nipped and sucked at his skin, enjoying every gasp he let slip. She moved down to his chest where she sucked one of his nipples into her mouth. He drew in a quick breath and caressed her hair. She moved on to the other nipple for a short time.

Lax groaned and sighed, “Ah woman!”

Jane just smiled a small smile at him and kissed down his chest and firm stomach. She kissed his belly button and his hips, carefully avoiding his rigid cock, still in his boxers. She sat up and carefully slid them down his legs and tossed Ankara Escort Bayan them on the floor. She kissed down his thighs as he groaned in frustration. Finally, Jane licked his cock, from base to tip.

“Oh my God, woman!” Lax sighed.

Jane slowly took him in her mouth, using her lips and tongue to work him up further. Lax was moaning and squirming now as Jane sucked him rhythmically in and out of her hot mouth. She used her hand to play with his balls as she worked her mouth up and down. Lax decided he couldn’t take any more.

“Enough!” He said roughly as he pulled Jane back up his body and seated her on his hips.

“You’re a witch, you know that?” Lax said as he ground his cock against Jane’s clit.

She didn’t answer, but sucked in her breath and gave him a wanton look. Lax grabbed her hips and lifted her slightly. He placed his cock at her entrance, not yet coming inside her.

“Take me inside.” He whispered.

Jane sank down slightly and moaned as she felt the tip go in. She eased up a bit and then sank all the way down.

“Holy Shit!” Jane moaned, as she sat very still, enjoying the feel of him full inside her for the first time.

Lax lay, fighting for control, as her muscles blenched and relaxed, getting used to him. Jane slowly began to move up and down on him, loving the feel of his hard, hot, cock reaching deep inside her.

“I gotta move.” Lax groaned as he thrust up into her, matching her stroke for stroke.

Jane was breathing heavier as his cock reached deeper and deeper inside her. Jane’s body began to tense at all the sensations.

Lax noticed and said, “Lean back a little baby.”

Jane did and he found her clit with his fingers and began to play with her as he thrust harder and quicker into her. Jane came with a scream and collapsed onto Lax’s chest as he continued to thrust gently into her. Grabbing her hips, Lax held her tight and rolled them over so he was on top of her.

“You’re amazing.” Jane sighed.

Lax just smiled and kissed her, hard and hot.

“You’re so sexy when you come,” He murmured, “Next time I want you to call my name.”

Jane felt a surge of heat at his suggestion flowing from her belly to her pussy where Lax was slowly rocking against her.

“Let’s get this party started again.” He said.

Lax sat up suddenly, slipping out of her. Jane made a disappointed sound as he got to his knees. Lax quickly drew both her legs up over one of his shoulders and then pulled her hips close to him. He entered her, inch by inch. Jane squirmed in frustration at the pace he set. Once he was fully inside her, Lax began moving again. Jane groaned as he hit new hot sponts deep inside her. Lax picked up the pace until Jane was tense and writing beneath him. Again, he found her clit with his fingers and began to thrust hard as he played with her. “

“Oh fuck,” Jane cried as she started her orgasm, “Oh yeah!”

“Say my name baby. Who’s making you crazy?” Lax urged.

“Oh yes Lax, Yes! Ah Lax!” Jane screamed as she went over the edge.

Lax threw back his head and thrust as deep as he could and came with her. Jane pulled Lax down and roughly bit his shoulder as they came. Lax collapsed on top of her and lay still for a while, still inside her. Jane sighed contentedly. It had been a long time since she had been well fucked, and this was definitely well fucked. Lax rolled off her and lay still. Jane curled up next to him and they both passed out. Jane woke up late the next morning alone. She rolled her eyes and stumbled towards the shower. She noticed a note taped to the bathroom mirror. She opened it and read,

“Jane, thank you for an amazing night. Sorry I couldn’t stay and go for round two this morning. We had to drive to Boston today for a gig and I had to leave really early. You were pretty sound asleep and I didn’t want to wake you up. I’ll be back in NYC Friday. I hope I see you then. I’ll stop back at the bar around 8. I hope you’re there. Take care of my lucky bandana for me. I couldn’t find it this morning. See ya sexy. Lax.

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