Leann Finds a Friend Pt. 02

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Leann left Malik’s apartment, thinking about what just happened, two black studs just fucked her, her pussy lips were sore, and her crotch was soaked from their cum.

She wasn’t embarrassed about having two men at the same time, it was enjoyable and naughty. Later that afternoon Malik sent her a text, “I hope you’re okay, was Tom too much?”

I responded, “No, it was my choice, I couldn’t wait” replied Leann. “I think it’ll take a few days for the swelling to go down.”

Malik texted back, “thanks for making my swelling go down, let’s meet for coffee tomorrow, just coffee.” Leann responded, “not sure I can keep my hands off you, but I’ll try, 9 AM at the gym.”

Malik responded, ‘ok.”

The rest of the day went by slowly, the next day, Leann woke up early, she was still very sore, her swollen lips reminded her of her session with the two studs every time she took a step.

She dressed in her gym clothes and went to meet Malik.

She was early, she sat at the table with her drink, soon Malik joined her and sat next to her. She smiled, “hi.”

Malik responded, “you better behave,” she smiled. “How are you,” asked Malik?

“Happy,” she responded, “I wish we could lay naked without fucking, I would enjoy that.”

Malik smiled, “I can do that, but you can’t, I can get hard without having sex.”

Leann pointed at his crotch, and laughed, “are you sure?”

Malik was getting hard just looking at her, he sat down and said, “you do excite me, no doubt about it,” Leann smiled and was happy to hear it, “but I can control myself.”

Leann said, “let’s change the subject, let’s talk about your night, was it ok?”

“Everything was great, I’m glad I have you to look forward to, your texts perk me up”

Leann looked at Malik’s face, he was so sincere, “I have a couple of hours to kill, let’s get naked and see if you can control yourself.” They got up and drove to his apartment, he followed her in, he led her to the bedroom, they stripped down and slid under the sheets.

Facing each other they hugged, she wanted to kiss him, instead she just put her head on his shoulder, her lips brushed his neck, he smelled good, her tongue snuck out and rubbed the nape of his neck, he responded by pulling her closer. Their legs were intertwined, their crotches were close, Malik said, “you better be good,” she pulled him closer, her breast were pressed against him, his chest hairs stimulated her nipples, Malik’s cock started growing.

She smiled when she felt him stirring, she wanted to reach for him but kept her arms around his neck, she kissed his neck, she sucked and used her tongue on his neck, “that’s nice.” Said Malik, she opened her mouth wider and sucked a little harder.

It was happening, he was getting hard and Leann was melting in his arms, her arm started moving down his back, it stopped at Malik’s hip. She pulled his hips closer, his penis was pushing between her legs. Leann threw her leg over his hip, she felt him pressing into her crotch. She wanted a kiss but kept her mouth buried in his neck.

Malik asked her If she still had control, Leann pressed her tongue into his neck and moaned. Malik smiled, he moved his hand from her hip up to her breast, he cupped it and squeezed gently. Leann tried to roll onto her back and pull Malik on top of her, he didn’t roll with her, he kept his hand on her breast and squeezed, she moaned.

He moved his hand down past her belly and to her mound, her legs opened, she was looking into his eyes, her mouth opened and asked for a kiss. He kissed her and slid his hand over crotch, his fingers rubbed her clit and lips, she pulled him closer, kissing him back and moaning.

His hand kept rubbing her crotch, her hips tilted upward and was moving against his hand.

Leann was lost, “don’t stop,” she whispered, Malik pressed a finger passed her lips, she was wet and his finger slipped in, she kissed him and sucked on his tongue, she was to cum, he slowed his hand down and pushed his finger deeper. She squeezed his hands with her legs and moved her hips, her orgasm was long, she moaned and almost cried, her body spasmed and then relaxed. Malik removed his finger and hand, it was sticky from her cum.

Leann tried to pull Malik on top of her, he still resisted, she reached for his black dick, she stroked it, “get on top of me” said Leann.

“No, I think you’ve had enough.”

Leann said, “No, I want you between my legs.”

She tried to roll on top, “no, you have to be good, I told you I can get hard and not have sex.”

Leann wanted Malik, he was teasing her, “you don’t have to cum, I want you in me,” said Leann. Malik laughed, he rubbed his finger under her nose, she could smell her crotch, she put his finger in her mouth and sucked, “let me do something for you, it’s not good to get hard and not cum.”

Malik smiled down at her, “you’re just horny, “he rolled on top of her and was laying between her legs, his cock was on her stomach.

Leann Şanlıurfa Escort reached down, she found the head of his cock, she tried to push it down between her legs, he was too long. Malik raised his hips, Leann pushed the head down between her legs, she tilted her hips, her hand guided him to the mouth of her pussy, the big head pressed into her, she tried to open her legs wider.

Her wet lips parted, his cock was in her, she moaned and wrapped her legs around him.

Malik was still in control, he pulled out of her, “are you sure you want me in you?”

Leann wanted him, all of him, she wasn’t thinking about Malik, just her needs, “quit teasing me, please fuck me.”

Malik pushed into her, he liked when she said, “fuck.”

She grunted and lifted her hips higher, she clamped her legs around his back and started pumping her hips, he was half way in her, she tightened her arms around his neck.

Malik started to fuck, long strokes, he was on his elbows, his hands on her shoulders, he held her tight and fucked her, she was ready and was fucking back. This was the most passion Leann has ever felt, he teased her she was cumming, she held on to him, moaning, trying to get her legs opened wider.

Malik knew she was out of control he pumped hard and deeper, she met his thrust with legs open, her arms and legs pulling him deeper, she wanted to cum.

It started happening, she was moaning and grunting, talking to Malik, “fuck me.” Her walls clamped around his cock and she started her orgasm, her body convulsed.

When it was over she kept her legs up and opened wide, he was still pumping into her, she felt him pushing her insides apart, it was uncomfortable but she didn’t protest or whimper. Leann wanted to satisfy her lover, she squeezed her cunt walls, her pussy started to throb, she urged him on, deeper.

Malik pulled out of her, she looked up, “No, finish in me,” he put the head back in, he was teasing her, he pushed a little deeper with each stroke, it was building in her again, her legs were weak, she let them drop, he was still fucking her.

He pulled out of her, “roll over,” he said.

Leann smiled, she turned and was on her stomach, Malik pushed his cock back in her, in a few strokes he was balls deep, he started fucking her again, she pushed her hips up, she wanted all of him.

Malik was ready to cum, he fucked as hard as he could, she felt his cock spurt, she kept pushing back, he finished cumming in her.

Malik was laying on Leann, she wanted a kiss, Malik rolled off of her, she turned and pulled his face towards hers, she kissed him, open mouth.

Leann was euphoric, best sex she’s ever had, she didn’t think anyone could be that passionate, especially a well-muscled black man with a monster between his legs. Then she thought, Malik just wanted to tease me, she rolled on top of him, his hard chest felt like she was laying on rocks. She straddled his hips, his soft cock was between her cunt lips, she leaned forward and gave him a kiss on the lips, “you really made me want you, was that on purpose?”

Malik smiled, “no, I just wanted to show you how much we could enjoy each other, without fucking, I think we made love for the first time.”

Leann listened, “you’re right, that was the most passionate I have ever been, I thought you were just teasing me, but you were making love, you made me want you.”

Leann relaxed on top of Malik, she could feel his cum leaking out of her, it tickled her lips.

Malik pulled her down for a kiss, “I’m glad I made you happy, I hope we can stay this happy,” he gently kissed her, he wrapped his arms around her, it was like being wrapped by a wall.

After a few minutes Leann rolled off of Malik, she was happy and satisfied but not sure what to do next. She put her hand on his chest, she wanted to do something, suck his black cock, take him inside her, maybe she should try anal, she thought not today, my ass couldn’t take him.

She asked Malik if he wanted anything special, he laughed, “I’m done, don’t get me hard again.”

She got out of bed, his cum flooded out of her, she cupped her crotch and went to the bathroom.

Leann ran the water and sat on the toilet, she opened her legs, gobs of Malik’s cum dripped out of her, she was always amazed at how much he came.

She cleaned up and went back to the bed, she sat of the edge and looked at Malik, he was easy to look at, black with a pretty complexion. She leaned over and kissed him, I’m leaving, we’ll definitely text and talk.

Leann went to the gym, she worked out, but her thoughts were about fulfilling Malik’s every sexual dream, but she wasn’t sure what they were. Malik and her workout left her exhausted, she drove home to soak in the Jacuzzi.

She filled her tub, stripped down and stepped in. She started soaking, as she relaxed and slowly raised the pressure from the jets, she positioned her sore crotch over one of the streams, the warmth and Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan the pressure were doing their job.

Leann’s thoughts went to Malik, everything she did made him happy, she wanted to be sure that he wasn’t bored. His big, black cock was all she needed.

The jet between her legs excited her, she spread her legs, the jet was working magic. The stream of bubbles and water caused her lips to vibrate, she was ready to orgasm. Her tired body shook, she smiled and turned off the jets.

She toweled off, gently patting her worn crotch, she thought about giving Malik her ass, she moved her finger to her little butthole, she rubbed it and tried to push a finger in, nope, he would never fit.

Leann dressed and went to her laptop, she Google, “what’s new in the bedroom.” Anal and group sex were the most accepted by couples. The guide to anal sex started with lube, most couples have anal sex after drinking and most have it more than once.

One girl who was interviewed said she lubed her ass and put something in it to stretch it, her fingers, lipstick, even a shampoo bottle her goal was a beer can. Leann did not have anything but Vaseline, she dipped her finger in it, she pushed it into her tight butt, it felt good.

The guide was right, lube was important, her finger was small, the lube made it slide in too easy, she pushed it past the second knuckle. It felt good, she wanted something that would go deeper and stretch her.

She looked around, the shampoo bottle was long and tapered, she reached for it. She dipped the end into the Vaseline and inserted it, about an inch. The long bottle was awkward, she couldn’t push it in. She sat on the edge of the tub and lowered dropped down, the bottle slid in, she was surprised it felt good, the smooth bottle slid in without any resistance. It was pleasant, she lifted up and slid out.

She pulled her ass cheeks apart and let her ass drop a little farther, the bottle was about six inches deep, she lifted up and it fell out of her. She wiped the bottle and then her ass, Vaseline worked great, she needed something thicker and longer.

Her thoughts were on Malik, she went for her phone, she took a picture of her shiny asshole, she sent a picture to Malik, “still too tight” was the caption. She wondered if the picture would turn him on. She waited for a response, maybe he was asleep.

Leann went to her laptop, she continued to Google, “How to enjoy anal sex,” she was amazed at the large number of hits, everything from stretching and what to use for stretching. KY seemed to be the best lubricant, and the container seemed to be used by many for stretching your asshole. She left for the pharmacy, one article suggested that you warm the lube, it help relax your muscles.

She returned from her quest, she stripped down, took a towel from the bathroom and laid it on the bed. The container had a perfect shape, it would stay in after it was inserted. Once on her back she lubricated her crotch and the container, she rubbed it on her pussy to get in the mood and relax, she pushed it into her vagina. It filled her, she rubbed her clit, it felt good, she spread legs wide. The plastic bottle slid in and out, she pushed it out with her vagina muscles, her pussy was loose.

She lifted her knees to get access to her ass, she pushed the bottle in, it was tight, it didn’t fit. She stood up and squatted on the floor, she held the bottle against her crinkled asshole and squatted down, it slid half way in, she stopped to allow her body to adjust to the pressure.

Her ass felt full but it didn’t hurt, she finished the squat, the bottle slid in, just the end was peeking out.

Leann stood up, she walked around the bedroom, she wasn’t sure how long she could leave it in. She started to push it out with her muscles, she stopped and walked to the bathroom, she wasn’t sure what would be coming out with the bottle.

She started laughing, a few weeks ago she would have never considered stretching her ass with a KY bottle, but then she hadn’t met Malik.

She heard her phone chirp, a text from Malik, he had his own tone. She read the text, “I was talking to Tom, I told him how we met and about our first sex in your SUV, we are at my place, can you come over?”

Leann stared at her phone, Tom was nice, she hesitated, she texted back, “how about tomorrow morning, I need time to recover.” I’ll let you and Tom use me anyway you want.”

Malik quickly responded, “8:00 AM, I want to see Tom cum in your mouth.”

Leann smiled and responded, “I guess I have a specialty, see you in the AM.”

Now she had something to look forward to, two black studs using her body, she left the bottle in her ass, maybe she would let Tom try her ass.

Leann read more about anal sex, all men love it, most women enjoy after a few tries and some women have an orgasm during it, she was hoping she would be the latter.

One article talked about enema’s beforehand to prevent Escort Şanlıurfa accidents, it seemed like a good idea, she reached between her legs to retrieve the bottle, the part sticking out was too slippery. She tried to squat and push it out, it moved but not enough to come out by itself.

She started to panic, she was too embarrassed to call a friend, maybe her gynecologist, maybe Malik. She was not happy with any of her choices.

She squatted and tried to pull it out with her hand, still too tight and too slippery. She went to the bathroom and sat on the toilet, she squatted on the toilet seat and pushed, she grabbed a washcloth from the tub and grabbed the tip of the bottle, she pulled, it shot out of her ass. She laughed and was relieved. She stood up and looked into the toilet, it the KY bottle and a few feces were in the bowl, she reached in retrieved the bottle and put it in the sink, she washed her hands and the bottle.

Leann was planning for tomorrow, she was happy, she was going to see Malik and didn’t care what he wanted her to do, she was going to make him happy.

She took another trip to the drug store, a couple of fleet enemas was the only thing on her list, after she saw what was in the toilet with the bottle she knew she didn’t have a choice.

Leann went to the gym for a workout, she wanted to sleep good tonite, on the way home, she stopped by the drug store for her enemas, she bought a few.

Her husband was home, she was happy and very cordial to him, he came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, this hadn’t happened in a long time, her reaction was to push her ass back and rub it against him. She turned and kissed him, slow soft and lingering. He tasted like whiskey, it tasted good, “where’s your drink,” she asked, he pointed to the table, she walked over and took a sip.

Leann wasn’t a big drinker but she did like to sip good whiskey, she finished it and asked him to pour another one. Leann was feeling good about everything, she had a great workout, good whiskey and a great morning planned. She wondered if her husband wanted to fuck her.

I have to change out of my workout clothes, her husband asked if he could help, she smiled and walked over to him, “Peel me like a grape,” she smiled.

He peeled off her shorts and pulled them to her ankle, she stepped out of them. He squatted in front of her and kissed her on her mound, she warned him, “I’m sweaty from my workout,” he smelled her, looked up and said, “perfect.”

I need another sip of whiskey, she reached for the drink on the counter and sipped it, he pulled her underwear down and she stepped out of it. She dipped a couple of fingers into the glass and rubbed along her pussy lips, “maybe this will help.”

His tongue licked her fingers and then between her lips, he lapped at her, she was surprised, her husband hasn’t touched her in months. She tilted her hips and rubbed her crotch on his mouth. She pulled him up and kissed him, her pussy tasted like whiskey and sweat. She wasn’t sure what he wanted next, she liked being told what to do.

He asked her to bend over, she turned and bent over, “is this what you want,” she looked over her shoulder at him, he was smiling, he knew she was always ready. He unzipped his pants and pulled out his white penis, it was skinny but had a big head.

Leann stood up, grabbed his cock and led him to the bedroom, she stopped at the bed, turned and undid his belt, she pulled off her top, she was naked. He stripped for her and sat on the bed, she knelt at the side of the bed and grabbed his cock, she looked up at him, she put the tip of his cock in her mouth, she sucked it in.

He was surprised, Leann was not always open to oral. She looked up at him and smiled, she lifted her head up and asked him, “is this okay?” he smiled, she went back to work.

His cock hit the back of her throat, she gagged, she pulled her mouth off, “sorry.” She slid her mouth back on to his cock, a little slower, she let it slide into her throat, her eyes watered but she smiled. She sucked it hard and her head bobbed up and down, she pulled her head up to catch her breath, he saw her eyes were watering.

He sat up and pulled her on top of him, she straddled his hips, “can I kiss you?” He pulled her head down and kissed her.

She was trying to capture his cock with her pussy, it was slippery from her mouth. He reached down and held his hardon up, she lowered he pussy lips to it, it slid into her. Leann moaned and grunted, he fucked into her, he was balls deep, she reacted by squeezing the walls of her cunt.

Her eyes were shut, she was meeting his thrust with hers, her orgasm made her shudder, she collapsed on him.

She lifted her head and thanked him, “anything I can do for you, “he smiled, “we’ve never done anal.” Leann looked down at him, “I’ll try.”

She lifted up and his cock slid out of her, her juices made it slippery, “hold it up,” said Leann, and she lowered her ass , it missed it’s mark, she lifter up and tried to capture his dick in her ass. She wasn’t sure what to do.

Her husband said, “use your hand to guide me in.” Leann reached down, and grabbed the head, she lowered her ass, the tip pushed in, it felt good, it slid deeper, he pushed up, she let out a loud groan.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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