Learning to Please

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Belen Rodriguez

I did not know what to expect when I went to the party, I thought it would be like so many others, just people, just conversation, just food, just sensations. But that is what I was fearing, that it would be JUST sensations, not anything that would get deep would make me feel, just like the air on your skin, is a sensation, you disregard it as nothing, if it is temperate it is good, if it is cold or too hot you are annoyed, and you react, but it is still not something you focus on. Don’t get me wrong, I LIKE being around people, I like the conversations, getting to know people. But it was getting old, the conversations were not new any more, they were just bland. But this night was going to be different.

I met her there.

She was standing there, and I could tell she was looking at me, making sure that I knew that she was looking at me, and smiling when she turned her head, knowing that my eyes were lingering on her. On her curves my eyes took their time, ahhh what nice breasts. Yes I was seeing them naked in my eye already, imagining myself sucking her nipples deep into my mouth, my hands firmly grasping them, milking them into my mouth. Yes my fantasy was quite vivid there in my mind as I was checking her out. There was the hair flip, yes a bit of her neck that I would love to nibble on. I watched her walk, seeing the power and the strength of her legs, thinking that they could push back at me as I ground myself deep in her. Yes those were my thoughts, and I was not even talking to her yet, I was just admiring from afar, enjoying this fantasy. I was also being the wolf, Escort Bayan stalking, watching, was she there with anyone, was she mated? Or would she be my mate for the night – for the year – for life. She was highly sexually stimulating to me, I was proud in my pants, I could feel myself thickening, not poking out, it takes more then just the pretty images to get me that hard, but I could feel myself, which with the stiff martini I just finished was making me bolder.

I don’t know what was said at first, those “line” moments, but the conversation started to flow, and I could tell she and I were clicking. There was the touch on my arm that thought I did not make comment on, it burned me and again, I felt myself thickening more. I got behind her and rubbed her shoulders as we waited for our next drink. She joked that my fingers were magic and that she was going to take me home and let me do that all night. I answered back that an all night massage was expensive, and that is when the Magic really hit. She pushed her ass back at me a bit and I knew she could feel my hardness, when she said, “I am sure I could massage you back just as well”. I was getting more then just thick now, and she turned and we kissed.

There was a bit more teasing, and of feeling of each other’s bodies through our cloths, keeping the heat at a boiling point, and soon she asked me to take her home, (she said I could drive her back tomorrow sometime to get her car). In the car she was stroking my leg and my imagination was thinking of her sucking on my cock. She had a perfect mouth for that, but Eryaman Escort I wanted to wait for that till we got there at her house. I did not want to end the evening early by being pulled over “ahhh – sorry officer, I was weaving a little because I was getting killer head – see? Say hi to the angry police officer honey”. No that would not be good, but the heat was still on.

She had a nice apartment, but we were necking like high school kids on her couch. I always love the passion you feel when exploring a new partner for the first time, how everything else melts away. Her shirt was off and her bra and my hands and mouth were mauling her breasts just as I had envisioned while I was watching her just a few hours earlier. He head was back and she was urging me on, “bite on them, make me feel it”. DAMN this girl was hot! I asked her if she had any cloths pins. She just got up and got them for me – suckling and pulling on her nipples I put three on each nipple.

With each clamp on the nipple I heard her suck in her breath. I then took off her pants and got completely undressed myself as well.

I wanted to eat that wet pussy of hers, but I wanted her to feel me deeper then I could get my tongue in there. I wanted her to feel the stretch that my cock would demand of her sweet entrance as I fucked her. I bent her down and got behind her and my one hand on her hip and the other guiding my hard-on into her slick hot channel. I felt how she was massaging my cock as she had promised to do in the bar.

Her breasts with their nipple crushing pins were swaying Ankara Escort under her. And she came around my cock twice as I kept a steady rhythm from behind her, matching her hips thrusting back at me so that I drove in deeply each time. But now I was in MY rhythm, almost brutally hard from behind, so much so that it pushed her forward and she was flat on the floor now. My legs went to the outside of hers as that her legs could be together and she could raise her but up a little as I ground in to her harder in the Tiger position (one of my favorites). The beast in me was rising, and I did not care how the pins trapped between the floor and her breasts were tugging harder on her nipples then I would of if I was in my right mind, but I was not in my right mind now. I was an animal and now I was pumping my seed deep inside of her. Every pour in my body was opening up and the sweat was lowing out of me too as I was depositing more of me deep in her womb, letting my soul mingle with hers. Breeding, fucking, mating.

Out of breath now I fell off – rolling on the floor next to her and had her roll on her side and took each of the cloth pins, seeing the red angry skin, knowing that the blood was throbbing there.

Again I suckled from her nipples, but softly this time, with tenderness. Her hands were petting my hair, on the back of my head, loving me, and loving having me there at her breast, as her lover, the one that had given her what she needed, to wipe away anything but feeling. I knew she was still buzzing with feelings, I could feel the little earthquakes in her legs as she continued to have mini orgasms from the suckling, and from the passion that was just there moment before.

She smiled at me and we then got up and moved to lie down in the bed. But then there was more… Lots more… morning came way too fast.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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