Learning to Quit Smoking Ch. 01

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It was the loss of my girlfriend that I started feeling devastated and stressed to the point where I had began to take up smoking. I had begun to smoke cigarettes despite the fact that I couldn’t afford the habit but it helped ease the stress and loss of her.

It was in the first month of smoking that I had found my one of my old best friends sitting on the bench. For a week, whenever I came out on the roof to smoke, he would come out to hang out with me to talk it over.

“Hey, Terry, thanks for coming out with me”, I said to my good friend.

“No problem. Why are you smoking?” Terry responded.

“Well, dude, I lost my girlfriend and I couldn’t take the loss so well and here I am smoking my days away to help me cope with the loss.”

“It’s ok. But, you know, you really should quit.”

It would go on like that for a good long week until I had forgotten to buy cigarettes in the morning.

“Hey, Terry, you wouldn’t happen to have a cigarette would you? I’m really dieing out here.”

“No, but I know a sure fire way to quit it.”

So after having heard about a week of how I shouldn’t smoke, I gave in and asked, “So what’s the trick? Gum?”

“Well, I used to smoke heavier than you before. I used to buy cartons to smoke a week but my then boyfriend had taught me how to get past all this.”

“Umm… ok, so get to the trick.” I said unemotionally.

“Come closer and I’ll tell you.” So I approached him offering my ear, waiting for the trick to be told. “Whenever I needed to smoke…”


“I would suck his dick.”

“No way! Nice try to gaziantep escortlar get me to suck your dick, dude.”

“Well, you do remember how often you would catch me smoking up here right?”

“I remember…”

“If you really don’t want to give it a try…”

I turned away but the more I thought about it the more curious I got. My curiosity began to eat away making me think about the times I would see him sitting up here where I was and smoke. The nights where it seemed like he lived up on the roof only ever coming down to buy smokes from the corner store.

Then, he said, “I’ll be right across the hall if you ever make up your mind.”

It was then that I looked at my wallet to see how much money the smokes had left for me and found that my wallet was empty of any money. I had then made up my mind that I had nothing to lose and my money to gain back.

I approached his door and knocked on his door and found him answering the door.

“Yes, how may I help you?”

“Could you please… umm… help me quit smoking?”

“Please come on in.” I walked right in and took off my jacket checking the place out as he continued, “Before I help you. There are some rules that I must clear with you. Like for one, my service doesn’t come for free so there is a price to it.”

“… and what is this price…” I remarked.

“My boyfriend at the time made me just swallow his cum when I wanted to quit but for you… I want to you to be my lover. So for every day you ‘crave’ you have to spend the night with me as my lover.”

“Let’s just get this over with because I’m really craving for a cigarette right now.” I said as he sat down with his legs spreading wide open for me. Terry began to open his pants spreading the flaps as I tugged down his pants revealing his boxers with a very impressive tent pitched.

“Oh lover, you better get comfortable because tonight… mmm… you’re going to be spending your first night with me.” He said as his seven inch hot cock popped out of his boxers leaving me amazed that my best friend would have such a thick long dick. “Take it, lover. Its all yours and you’re all mine tonight as well.”

So with my fingers wrapped around the base of his thick shaft, I began to brush my tongue up the underside of it to get a feel for a dick I would soon have practically in my mouth for the many months to come. The subtle texture of his dick had come to a shock to me as it felt very natural, smooth and sexy having another man to touch so intimately. The fine taste of this man’s penis was something else; something I would grow to crave over cigarettes.

My lips wrapped around the tip of his cock as he enjoyed the feel and touch of my tongue playing with the tip of his bulbous head. The warmth of his dick would seep through my tongue and mouth as I took his dick into my mouth inch by inch. His hands would rest on the top of my head as I bobbed my head up and down taking as much of his dick into my mouth.

“That’s right, lover. Enjoy my dick…” he said breathily with his head being thrown back in the pleasures of my mouth engulfing his piece of meat within my mouth and his balls taken care of by my hands. The tip of his dick brushed my throat tempting me to swallow it whole with each pump of my mouth on his dick.

Then I felt him jolt in my mouth making me pull his almost two inch shaft and watch a clear thick drop slowly form from the slit on his head. I stuck my tongue out to get a taste of his pre-cum and saw him throw his head back with his heart beating ever so fast. It was when my tongue licking off the drop from his dick that I knew I was going to be his tonight.

The taste was almost sensational and went straight to my head as I began to take my pants off to make it easier already on my beating hard-on through my boxers. He had smiled as he watched me slip my boxers off knowing he was going to have a cock-sucking lover that would give up his addiction of cigarettes for his shaft. I knew that from here, I would have to get used to this position because the craving for cigarettes were still with me and I wanted to kick the habit bad.

From there he would stand up and we would make our way to my future bed with him by my side helping me kick this habit together. He lay on the bed first with me following him next to him as I reached to continue massaging his massive hard-on that he had for me. With both of his hands, he held my head and we began to kiss as his tongue would begin to play within my mouth. He could feel my hand brushing up and down on his seven inch shaft wetted by my mouth and other hand behind his head.

I would have never imagined in all my years with my best friend that I would end up as his lover and boyfriend. I would have never imagined myself let alone next to a guy naked in bed kissing him mouth to mouth with his manhood in my hand.

What would happen tonight, however, is another story.

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