Learning to Surrender Pt. 05

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Jack schedule with his work got busy so he put off inviting his boy over, but he was pleased to notice that since night of intense sex, he was receiving more texts from his younger lover and they were growingly needy, horny, and slutty. Each text made him smile as proof that the young man was so eager to come over again. Maybe this was the one he was looking for to make the long-term partner he had been looking for.

To be sure, he would have to continue the boy’s training. He decided to make a call to his friend Matt.

“Hey Matt, how are things? Still thinking about my girl Rachel’s mouth?”

“Hey Jack… Um… yea… It was amazing that time…”

“Do you want to use his pretty mouth again?”

“Um… I dunno… I shouldn’t…”

“I know your wife isn’t giving you what you need…”

“Um… Yea… Ok… you want me to just come over again?”

“Yea… I want to teach him to please two men at once. All you need to do is sit back on the bed and enjoy yourself with his mouth. When the time comes, I’m going to mount him and hopefully we can cum into him at the same time.”

“Oh… wow… Never thought this would be how I’d have a threesome…”

“It’s ok… I’m ok your using his mouth. And another thing, I don’t want you to say a word. I’m going to have him blindfolded.”

“Oh… wow… Ok… When should I come over?”

“Come over around 5 today, You can wait on the bed in the downstairs bedroom. I’ll bring him in after he’s cleaned and guide him to you. And also, don’t park in the driveway. Park down the street.”

“Ok… and uh… thanks man. I really needed this…”

“No problem. I wouldn’t share him with just anyone… I think this one may be special.”

Jack then texted Rick to come over at 5:30 the next day. Rick was overjoyed to finally hear the good news that he would be going to see his man. It was all he had been looking forward too. He couldn’t even have sex with his wife at home because his mind was only on draining his man dry and receiving the contents of a real man’s testicles.

Rick found himself speeding through traffic to get to Jack’s house. He pulled up and walked quickly to the door. One neighbor next door was outside watering the front yard and smiled when she saw him. He smiled to think that the street was coming to know who he was and what he kept coming over for. He found the door unlocked and stepped in.

“Rachel, I missed you, get over here.”

Rick threw himself on Jack sitting on the sofa, straddling his lap, deeply kissing the man he missed. He moaned uncontrollably to have Jack’s rough tongue have his way with his mouth. He felt his dick leak from the bigger man’s hands roughly grabbing him all over. Jack slipped his hands under the boys shorts at the waist and grabbed the ass he would soon be enjoying. His hands felt the string of a thong and his fingers grazed the tip of a plug. He was pleased to see his boy so ready

“Show me how much you missed me Rachel…”

Rick began undressing his man, submissively kissing every inch of skin he exposed. First the shirt, then belt, then pants and slowly lowering the boxers, he held the enormous thick angry shaft in one hand and the hot swollen balls in the other. He hungrily fed the manhood into his mouth and massaged it with his throat and tongue, causing Jack to grunt in appreciation. Rick wanted his man to cum so bad. He missed the thrill of how a real man shakes and tenses up before unloading his precious sperm into a girl’s waiting body. He worked his fingers, rolling and squeezing and tugging Jack’s huge balls.

Jack was shocked how much this boy had learned what he liked and couldn’t hold out. He figured Matt would just have to be the sloppy seconds. He gripped Rick’s mouth and let go, releasing a huge load into the boy’s mouth. Rick was so happy to receive as he heard each grunt, felt each pulse and flex of the shaft, and each hot spurt of semen into his mouth. He gladly swallowed and swallowed and swallowed.

“Oh God… that was amazing… Now Rachel, go ready yourself and…”

“Meet you in the sex room?”

“No… hurry and meet me Demetevler Escort here . I have a surprise for you.”


“Oh… and lube yourself real good like a good girl…”


Rick ran to the bathroom and cleaned himself thoroughly. He moisturized his skin all over. He bent over and tried to lubricate himself as best as he could before going back to the living room. Jack was sitting there with, his manhood clearly reloaded and upright, but holding two small black things in his hands.

“Rachel… I want you to wear this for me first. Its a girl’s choker. Black lace and a silver medallion. If you read it closely, it has my name on it.”

Rick looked at it. It said “Property of Jack Williams.”

“Turn around, let me put it on you. Turn around, kneel, and close your eyes.”

Rick did as he was told and felt the big powerful hands put the lace black choker on his neck. It felt thrilling and wild to wear a mark of sexual ownership.

“Now for this..”

Rick felt cloth on his eyes. He tried to open his eyes but only saw black. He was somewhat scared. Why was there a blindfold? Surely another test for Jack to see if he would withhold any part of his mind or body.

“You’re trembling a bit Rachel… Don’t you trust me?”

“I do…”

“I don’t want you worrying about what you see… I want you to only worry about doing what I say and thinking about what is being done to your body.”

“I know… It’s so I can think about you more right?”

“Yea… Just obey my needs and remember that your body belongs to me.”


“Take my hand and follow me…”

Rick felt himself raised up and walked down the hallway. He sensed they had entered the sex room. His heart was so happy. He hoped to be mounted and seeded like last time. Jack’s rough hands pushed him forward until he felt the bed against his knees. There was a strange feeling about the room though that he couldn’t figure out.

“Now Rachel bend over…” Rick gladly bent over with a huge smile on his face. He moaned in ecstasy as he felt his thong moved aside and the plug pulled out. His man’s thick finger slip into him and move around inside of him. He loved how Jack’s mastery with even just one finger, then two, pushing, twisting, curling inside of him, every movement making him squeal. Abruptly, the finger’s pulled out. He whimpered in frustration.

“Rachel, I have prepared a surprise for you. It’s on this bed. I want you to find it with your mouth and hands. You will know what to do when you find it. Remember what a girl’s duty is?”

“To make a man cum and take his seed.”

“Good… now find your surprise… it’s just ahead of you.”

Rick’s mind was racing as he slowly put his knees on the bed and moved forward on his hands and knees. He wondered what the surprise could be. He didn’t go far until his hand brushed against a man’s leg. A man’s hairy leg. He froze. He was confused and scared and wild thoughts raced through his head. What was this? His hand felt the leg again. It wasn’t as muscular as Jack.

“That’s a good girl… keep looking for your surprise…” Rick felt a sharp slap against his ass. That was clearly Jack behind him. Who was this other person? His other hand reached ahead and felt the other thigh… He inched forward and let his hands trail up further and further until he felt it. It was some other man’s manhood. It was not as big or thick as Jack’s. Whoever this person was, he was silent other than growingly heavier breathing. With one hand he began to feel this unknown manhood in front of him. It was clear that his slightest touch was having great effects on whoever this was.

Rick wondered what he was doing in the middle of the bed, blindfolded, holding the manhood of an unknown man, with the tip just inches from his face. Was this truly what Jack wanted? He felt the bed mattress move and sink behind his knees as he knew Jack was now also on the bed. As Rick hesitated in confusion, his man’s big hand began feeling up his bare ass and as if to answer the questions in his Otele gelen escort head, Jack’s big thick index finger slipped back into him causing him to gasp. As he panted, mouth open, Jack’s other hand began to press on the back of his neck. Rick threw all cares and worries to the wind as he began to orally pleasure the unknown man, moaning and squirming with his mouth full as first one, then two lubricated fat fingers began pressing and probing deeper and deeper into his bottom. His mind was lost in pleasure.

“You like that dont you Rachel?”

Rick moaned with his lips and tongue massaging the unknown cock. The stranger’s hands began to hold his head and brush his hair over and over. Jack’s fingers were beginning to press and curl against Rick’s prostate, sending him into overdrive of leaking pre-cum and gasping for breath. He pulled the cock from his mouth so he could better breathe and focused on sucking the very aroused scrotum before him.

Then, Jack’s strong hands pulled back on his hips. “Time for you to learn to pleasure two men at a time.

Rick sat back on his feet with his face pointed up not knowing how this would unfold. He felt the bed shifting around him and soon both men were standing right in front of him. He reached out and felt their thighs and soon found their waiting manhoods. He loved the direct comparison of how much heavier Jack’s balls were and how much longer and thicker his meat was. His small hands alternated between fondling the balls and stroking the shafts and his mouth began to eagerly please one man and then the other. He tried to try extra hard to give better tongue action and finger grip when he was working on Jack. It was so tiring as his hands and head and mouth were just a blur. His face was becoming covered in a mix of pre-cum and his own saliva. From the tightening of the balls, he could even sense how close the unknown man was about to explode.

“Ok, time for you to do your duty, Rachel. Get in position and keep your mouth on that dick in front of you. This is is called spitroasting.”

Rick got back into doggy position with his hips as high as they would go. The stranger settled back to sitting in front of his face and he obediently began to suck. The bed shifted again as Jack’s muscular knees parted the boy’s smooth legs. Rick felt the real man’s leg hairs against his inner thighs. He knew it was time. His man’s strong hands grabbed his hips and in one slow stroke, pulled his thong aside and buried the hot thick manhood deep inside of him all the way to the balls. All Rick could do was moan loud and long on the stranger’s penis. He had to remember to keep fondling the balls or moving his tongue as his mind kept blanking out at the feelings running through his bottom. Stroke after stroke slid in and out of him as his moans were muffled by the cock pushing against his tongue and throat.

The two men grew urgent. The hands on Rick’s head and the bigger hands on his hips, occasionally slapping his ass cheeks, gripped tighter and tighter. Both rods grew thicker in him. Jack’s manhood sliding against his prostate finally made the Rick explode, spraying onto the sheets. The friction and pressure on his prostate as Jack masterfully twisted his meat inside his boy was more than Rick could bear. He took the cock out of his mouth and let himself gasp and scream while doing his best to lick the shaft and stroke the shaft with his hands blindly. Mostly all he could do is moan rubbing the unknown man’s manhood around his face wildly, drooling uncontrollably.

Moments later, both men came nearly at the same time. Jack came first with a grunt and a roar, gripping the boy’s ass so tight as he poured shot after shot of virile sperm out of his spasming body into Rick’s awaiting body. Almost at the same time, as Rick moaned and arched his back to milk as much of Jack’s orgasm as he could, the man in front of him also grunted and came, splashing jets of warm semen onto his face. He felt it slide down his chin and cheeks and without thinking, swirled his tongue to try to swallow some of it pooling around his lips before dropping Balgat Escort his entire face and body onto the bed. As he slumped to the sheets, he felt Rick’s veiny shaft and large tip scrape out of him.

Rick lay there collapsed onto a damp mess of sweat and semen, delirious and exhausted from being used by two men at once. He heard and felt the stranger move up off the bed. The two men whispered to each other as the stranger put his clothes back on. Jack’s big rough hands caressed his limp body up and down his back to his bottom. He felt another set of hands grab his sore ass cheeks in a sort of thank you and the man left.

Jack removed the blindfold. “Rachel… you were amazing to me and to our friend… you blew his mind and milked me so well with your pussy.” Rick blushed, his eyes adjusting to the light of the room.

“Go clean yourself up and bring some wet towels to clean me up.”

Rick gingerly got off the bed and walked carefully to the bathroom. His body was sore and it was slightly painful to walk as his bottom was so tender. He rinsed his mouth with mouthwash and removed his used lingerie as he quickly rinsed himself clean in the shower. Then he got one hand towel wet with soap and another two with water and went back to his room wearing only the choker.

Jack was sitting up on the bed, leaned up against the headboard with his legs splayed out, obscenely showing how enormous his balls were and how thick his manhood was even when deflated. Rick crawled up submissively and began to wipe down his man first with the soapy towel and then with the others, gently lifting the scrotum and shaft to clean every inch. Just as he was about to finish, firm hands rubbed his face, pinched his cheeks, and ran up to his hair, gently pressing his face down. He got the message loud and clear – his man still had needs.

Rick gently took the cock into his mouth and worked his tongue as gently as he could. He laid down to get more comfortable and began to use both hands to fondle the heavy scrotum. He could hear Jack’s breathing grow deeper and deeper as the thick meat grew firmer and longer from each swirl and flick of his tongue. He couldn’t believe this was the same cock that had just been inside of him, unloading a big amount of sperm. Rick felt needed and felt special as the one to take care of a man like Jack.

Just as Rick thought he was just helping Jack relax, he began to notice tell tale signs of a man building up a load of semen. The heavy testicles in his hands began to twitch every so slightly and the shaft thickened. The hands that ran through his hair started to grip a bit tighter and tighter.

“Rachel, take my load on your face, baby.”

Rick leaned up to hover his face above the tip and furiously jerked the shaft the way he knew Jack liked it, all while squeezing and tugging on the scrotum. With another loud shout of pleasure, Jack’s body spasmed, his balls tightened, and he released spurt after spurt of semen onto Rick’s face. Rick smiled now knowing why women always begged this. The warm splash of a man’s semen, the pungent smell coating your eyes and nose was glorious proof of your talent in draining a real man. As the spurts grew short and Jack’s body stopped shaking, Rick opened his eyes carefully to see Jack filming him with his phone.

“Be a good girl and don’t waste my seed.” Rick used his finger to scrape the semen on his face towards and into his mouth, trying not to miss a drop. He used his kisses to clean up Jack’s manhood one last time as big hands caressed his face.

“Thank you for trusting me with your body and experiencing your first spit-roast. Now you better get on home. I’ll text you for our next meeting.” He kissed his worn out boy and got up to leave. Rick saw how glorious Jack’s manhood and body was in the light. He loved how a real man’s dick and balls swung with each step. He heard Jack go up the stairs and close the door to his bedroom. He couldn’t believe what had happened and did feel a little cheap and used lying in the dirty sheets alone after having serviced two men, one who was still a mystery.

The room now really reeked of sex. He wondered when he would be invited up to the master bedroom as a proper lover. Maybe he still didn’t show his devotion enough? What more could he do? How much more could he prove his submission to Jack? He wondered what experiences would come next as he walked out to the bathroom to put his clothes back on and quietly left the house.

To be continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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