Lee’s New Apartment Ch. 02

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It sounds like some people liked installment

, which is great to hear because I was really going for a 3-dimensional queer character without objectifying him (and if you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them!). So I decided to keep going with these characters. Since the first installment, Lee’s ideas about his own gender have shifted a bit and the three guys have gotten more deeply involved in each others’ lives and bodies.

Any shifts in the terminology used for Lee’s genitalia are intentional: they’re not meant to confuse the reader but rather to draw attention to the fact that Lee is still in touch with femaleness in some ways, but it doesn’t negate his male identity. His roommates understand this and so nobody is hung up on exact terminology or precise acts; though Lee was assigned female at birth (AFAB), during sex his concept of his body can shift between the binary extremes.

This one isn’t strictly group sex, nor is there even much sex, but there’s an awful lot of detailed descriptions of the character’s fantasies. And as you might remember from chapter 1, the three roommates have a very open relationship outside of what’s depicted in this story, so you know there’s juicy stuff involving the three of them to come…


At 8:45 AM, a phone call woke Lee up. “Hello?”

“Hi sweetie! How are you?”

“Hi mom, I’m good.”

“Did I wake you up?”

“Mmm… I was out with my roommates and their friends last night.”

“Oh good, so glad you’re making new friends! I was anxious about you when you said you’d be living with two guys, that’s the kind of thing that makes me worry about you, Leah baby.”

Lee had almost forgotten his birth name; at work and around family he was Leah, but since moving into his new queer-friendly apartment 6 months ago, on nights and weekends he was Lee all the time.

“Leah honey are you there?”

“Huh? Yea. No my roommates are great mom, they’re really friendly.”

“Oh, good. Listen, I have some business in the city today, I was thinking I could come by and see your place and take you shopping!”

The idea was terrifying. Lee loved his mom, but well, his roommates hadn’t cleaned up the living room after their morning fuckfest and the whole apartment was filthy. His mom was sure to open his dresser to find his copious boxer-briefs and binders; he didn’t think she’d care, as she knew how he dressed; but she’d see how far it had gotten.

And what if his roommates called him Lee, used male pronouns, bring up the gay bars, anything? He wanted a more open relationship with his mom, who would probably love him the fuck to death no matter what, but he didn’t feel emotionally prepared for all this. And there was the slight problem of his having started a low dose of testosterone, which nobody else noticed but well, moms were perceptive…

“Honey? Did you fall asleep on me again? Leah?” Every time she said Leah, Lee cringed. He’d have to tell her eventually.

“Sorry mom I’m here. Um, yeah, that sounds fun. What time do you think you’ll be here?”

“Oh, I don’t know, 10:30?”

“Uhhh…” Lee scrambled for an excuse to push the time back.

His mom, perceptive as always, laughed out loud and offered him a way out: “How about noon? I don’t want to torture you too much or you’ll throw me in a retirement home when I’m old. Ha ha ha.”

“Very funny mom. Noon sounds great. See you soon!”

They hung up.

Lee got up; as he moved he was reminded of the soreness throughout his body that made him smile, remembering everything that happened last night. Spending time with his mom would be good for him: she’d probably pay for an actual laundry service, lunch, and shopping, though Lee would of course insist otherwise. She’d stopped pressuring him to get clothing from the womens’ department a long time ago, but he thought that maybe this time shopping for mens’ underwear would be a good opener to talk about gender.

First things first: clean the fucking apartment. He woke up Matt first. “Real sorry about this, but my mom is coming in 3 hours and I really need your help cleaning.”

Matt could barely open his eyes. “First come here, give me a proper ‘good morning’.” Matt spread out his arms for a hug.

“Later,” Lee said. “I’m giving her some news today and I really need for her to think I have my life together.”

“You have everything together but your legs, babe.”

“Up!!” Lee called behind his shoulder. Tempted by Matt’s come-ons? Of course he was. But he had to go wake up Rob.

Rob got up grumbling, but not awake enough to say anything.

The three of them cleaned and scrubbed; Lee had to remind them 18 times to use “she” and “Leah” and to not talk about what they do over the weekends, except the pregame parts. Noon rolled around, and at 12:05 Lee’s mom showed up at the door with 3 coffees in her hand.

“Mom!” Lee ran over to give her a hug, still damp from his hasty shower.

“Hi sweetie, I know this is early for you guys so I brought you some coffee!” Ataşehir Türbanlı Escort

The roommates walked over. “Hi, I’m Rob and this is Matt,”

“Nice to meet you! Would you gentlemen like some coffee? My Leah drinks it black but there’s some sugar packets here if you need them.”

Despite the warnings, they were both clearly thrown off by the use of Lee’s birth name. “Oh… wow that’s so nice of you! Um, thank you!”

Lee’s mom knew how to win people over.

After giving her a tour of the newly cleaned apartment, of which she approved, and grabbing his giant laundry tote, Lee dragged his mom out the door before she could interrogate the other two. “Don’t have too much fun without me,” Lee winked at Matt over his shoulder, closing the door behind him.


Several hours later, Lee came home to find Matt and Rob sitting on the couch playing Mario Kart and smoking. “This is what you did all day?”

“Wow, half a day with your mom and you already sound EXACTLY like her…” Rob said.

“There are worse people I could be like.”

“Momma’s boy.”

“Fuck off.”

Lee plunked down a few shopping bags, grabbed a glass of water and sat down on the couch to watch them play.

“How’d it go with your mom anyways?” Matt asked, searching Lee’s face.

Lee looked back at Matt, widened his eyes dramatically and moaned. “She asked me 8 times if I’m a lesbian, and listed off like 30 people she knows with lesbian daughters.”

“Didn’t you date women though?”

“Yeah but I also dated men. I bring home one girl and suddenly she’s all about the gay parenting.”

Matt laughed, turning his attention back to the screen. “I wish my mom were that cool. I’m not even gonna come out to her until I’m ready to get married, then I’ll pick ‘gay’ or ‘straight’ accordingly.”

“Great. At least-“

“Aaaghh you lightning zapped me!” Rob yelped.


“Fuck, I was on your tail! I was about to win!!” Rob grabbed Matt and tried to tackle him to the ground, but Matt was too big; he turned the tables on Rob, and after a struggle, straddled and pinned him, playfully grinding against him. Rob looked up at him lustfully; Matt then leaned down to give him a gentle kiss. “You’ve been kissed by the champion…” He thought for a second. “…5 times in a row!” He then counted to 5 as he planted 4 more kisses, Rob squirming under him. “I don’t want your blood money! Your kisses have been tainted!”

After Matt got off of Rob, he turned to Lee. “Do you want to be kissed by a 5-time-winning-streak champion too?”

Lee smirked. “I’d want a kiss even if you weren’t the champion.”

Matt and Rob looked at each other, then burst out laughing. “You’re totally your mom!!” They ran over to sandwich Lee in a hug, each planting a long loud kiss on each of Lee’s cheeks. Lee laughed.

“No!! Get off me guys!” Lee wriggled under their playful embraces, feigning discomfort. He fucking loved these guys.

“For real Lee, did you come out to your mom as a gay man?” Rob asked once he and Matt had sat back down to take the controllers.

Lee took a long sip of water. “I kinda hinted at it. I was gonna tell her I needed new underwear and then head to the men’s section, but it was too much. Couldn’t bite the bullet.”

“You can buy men’s underwear and still be a woman, you know.” He turned to Matt. “Koopa Cape?” Matt nodded.

“Yeah and if that were the case, I’d have no problem asking my mom to come shopping with me for men’s underwear. But this… it feels like there’s so much more at stake, you know? I just keep waiting for her to bring up the fact that what I’m doing is not normal for a girl. She’s too open-minded.”

“Well, she caught you off guard coming last minute. You’ll let her know next time,” Rob said assuringly, before jerking his controller. “Fuck! Green shell…”

“Here, Lee.” Matt passed Lee the bowl and lighter.

As he inhaled the fragrant leafy-smelling smoke, Matt glanced over at the shopping bags. “What’d you buy then?”

Lee exhaled slowly. “A buttondown, couple t-shirts… and some pretty tight jeans.” Lee wriggled one eyebrow.

“Yeah?” After Rob lost for the 6th time, he looked Lee up and down. “Wanna try it on for us?”

“Sure.” Lee grabbed the bags and headed to his room to change. The thought of showing off for these guys turned him on; he loved it when they looked at his body, taking it in and thinking dirty thoughts. He was too sore to do anything, but as he changed he got wet thinking about what they might be thinking, in their inappropriate imaginations.

Finally he emerged. He was wearing a very masculine gray button-up shirt buttoned over a tight black t-shirt and deep indigo jeans. His binder contouring his chest into a masculine form, his slim hips encased in those tight pants, his ass peeking out from a slightly too-long shirt, the front of his hair falling ever so slightly into his eyes. The button-up hid any vestiges Ataşehir Otele Gelen Escort of a feminine chest that could be seen through the t-shirt; he knew he looked good in it. He gave a little twirl, brimming with confidence.

“Very nice…” Matt said, getting up to look him over.

Rob followed, standing to get closer. “The shirt fits nicely, could we get a look at that t-shirt you’re wearing underneath? Here,”

Rob moved in to unbutton Lee’s shirt, revealing the slim-fitting v-neck, slowly working the individual buttons open over Lee’s chest and over his stomach. Matt stood directly behind Lee, resting his hands on Lee’s hips, letting Lee lean his weight against Matt’s warm chest as he was being undressed. Lee had never felt so much validation and support from his friends; being with his roommates made him feel like he’d never felt before.

Rob lingered a moment longer on the last button, right above the waistline of the jeans, his finger brushing Lee’s low stomach. He eased the shirt off Lee’s muscular shoulders, built up over months of lifting weights; he ran his hands down Lee’s arms to free them from the shirt. Lee was standing relaxed against Matt, clad only in his thin t-shirt, as Rob stood back to take in Lee’s petite body. Matt slowly moved his hands over Lee’s lats and pecs, hugging him in close. “This shirt is really nice and silky. Doesn’t it feel nice, Rob?”

Rob had stepped in close enough for Lee to smell the clean-spicy smell of his aftershave. He could be such a softie, and yet he always managed to effortlessly exude male sexuality in a way that made Lee weak in the knees.

“You’re right Matt, this shirt is great,” Rob said, casually brushing Lee’s nipple with his fingernail, making Lee sigh.

“I thought you guys might like it,” Lee said, smiling contentedly.

“And these jeans, they look awesome,” Matt said, stepping back to study Lee’s bottom half appreciatively.

Noticing the bulge Lee had in place, Rob put his hand on Lee’s junk, gave a gentle squeeze, and said in a low voice into Lee’s ear: “Nice package,”

Lee was flushed from the attention, and breathing a bit heavier now. “You too,” he said as he put his hand on Rob’s crotch. Then he moved away, bending over to pick up his glass and then walking over to the kitchen for a refill, knowing they were staring at his ass.


A while later, Matt left to go on a date; Rob and Lee stayed in.

Relaxed and high, the two of them found themselves on Lee’s bed spooning. They were down to their underwear and t-shirts, turned on but too tired and/or sore from the night before to do much about it, so they just talked.

“The Toolshed was so fun last week,” Lee reminisced. “The DJ there is awesome.”

“I don’t think we can go back to The Toolshed for a while, too many of Matt’s’s repeats there. Oh and what about the one that we had to rescue you from, Lee?”

“Oh, the uber-aggressive one who cornered me in the bathroom?”

“That was a bit much.”

“A bit?! He was rapey as fuck.”

“You only like it when Matt and I corner you, huh?” Rob smiled, scooting in close to Lee, kissing him on the neck. Lee closed his eyes, giving into the feeling of Rob’s soft lips brushing the sensitive skin below his ear.

“Yea well when you do it, I don’t worry I’m never gonna see the outside of a sex dungeon again.”

Rob kept kissing for a bit, then paused and said: “I was once in a sex dungeon.”

Lee burst out laughing. “Sorry, I shouldn’t laugh.”

“It was for like a couple hours, tops. It was my S&M phase. Gotta try everything once.”

Lee was intrigued. “Wow, how was it?”

“It was really fun, playing with control and all that, but the hardcore stuff is not my thing.” He paused, running his fingers gently over Lee’s arm. “Have you ever done anything like that, Lee?”

Lee thought about it. “Nah. I think it would be really fun to be tied up though.”

Rob smiled. “Hmm, Lee tied up and helpless. I like that…” He stroked Lee’s hip, shifting forward but never violating the sensitive space between Lee’s legs.

“What would you do to me?” Lee asked, feeling turned on despite himself. He thought about being restrained, how it would feel to have Rob take control.

“Hmm… It wouldn’t be as much about control, or making you my ‘slave’ or my ‘cockslut’; it’d be about getting you as horny as I can, but you’d be at my complete mercy. I’d be the one getting you off, torturing you until you were excruciatingly hard and dying for release.”

Lee smiled, squirming a bit as his body began getting worked up.

“Well I’d start by putting you on your back, naked, and tying your wrists up over your head.” As Rob began to talk, Lee felt Rob swell up in his boxerbriefs, his erection pressing into Lee’s ass, making Lee wish he could take more cock tonight. Rob started rubbing Lee’s packer, incredibly gently so as not to further bruise Lee’s tender clit.

“Then what?”

“I’d straddle you and Ataşehir Ucuz Escort kiss you, my cock on your stomach so you could feel it but you couldn’t touch it,” Rob continued. “I’d start getting hard, seeing your tight body naked underneath me. So I’d start rubbing my hard dick all over you. Inside your thigh, but never quite high enough, never quite where I know you want it. Never touching your clit. All over your stomach. Then I’d step back to see how wet you are, maybe feel your hole with my fingers, to see how you’re doing. Never going inside.”

Lee was breathing heavy, grinding against Rob’s stiffening bulge despite himself. Fuck, why did he have to be so sore?

“Then I’d put my balls in your mouth for you to suck on, and you’d writhe under me. After a while, once I’d get really hard, I’d take a step back. Then I’d start blowing you, sucking and licking your clit and feeling your juices run down my chin. I’d go slow, so as not to get you too excited, just horny as fuck.

“Then maybe I’d leave for a short while, jerk off in my room loudly with the door open so you’d hear me come, while you’d be in here squeezing your legs together trying to get some stimulation, some release.

“I’d come back and get down on my knees again. I’d keep licking you until you’re about to go crazy… and then I’d come back up to you to suck on my balls again. Then finally, if you say you’re up for it, maybe I’ll have you suck my cock. Finally you’ll get to put my huge dick in your mouth, not going too deep because I want you to enjoy working me up, feeling me stiffen in your mouth.”

Lee didn’t think he could handle being fucked, but he needed to feel Rob, who was now rock hard, pressed up against him. He worked his boxerbriefs and his jock over over his ass, down his legs, and kicked them onto the floor, exposing his junk to the cool air of the room. He felt Rob slip his dick out of his tight briefs and slide between his thighs, moistening with Lee’s juices. Clad only in his new smooth black v-neck, Lee was feeling as close to naked as he could be while wearing a top.

Rob started rocking very gently, listening for Lee’s signal to stop him: a sharp intake of breath, a subtle pulling away of his body, a resistance to his actions. Instead he found that Lee was rocking back and forth with him, so he continued with more confidence and vigor, and kept talking.

“Once you’ve tasted my cock, thirsty for more, I’d pull out again. Then I’d run my thick shaft over your slit, soaking you in precum, making you moan. Then I’d pull away again, rubbing my cock all over the rest of you, not getting near your hole. I’d go on like this for a while, as long as I could handle teasing your sweet body without fucking you.

“Then I’d suck you off again, sucking your dick harder and faster than before, and when you say you’re about to come I’d pull away yet again. I’d make you watch this time as I jerk off, watching you wish I’d finished inside of you, your legs scooting you closer to me, trying to get close to me, but of course your arms would be straining against the ropes.

“I’d start another round of teasing you, of getting hardened up, of making you so wet you can’t stand it, that the only feeling in the world you’d want would be my cock filling up your sweet wet hole. Maybe I’d start fucking you with my fingers, just a little bit, feeling how wet and desperate for my cock you are. You’d start asking me to fuck you, but instead I’d have you suck the tip of my cock again. I’d wait til I got really hard, and then slowly, so excruciatingly slow for you, I’d start sliding into you.”

Rob and Lee were rocking back and forth together more rhythmically now, Lee’s round ass pressing into Rob’s hips, his soft thighs working Rob’s shaft. Lee was so turned on that, despite his soreness, he reached down with one hand to press on the underside of the head of Rob’s cock to work it against Lee’s clit. Lee loved this: it felt like Rob’s cock was Lee’s cock and that Lee was giving himself a handjob. Lee’s hand quickly got lubricated from both their fluids, sliding over Rob’s head making Rob breathe harder.

He had trouble continuing to talk, but Rob kept talking. “I’d fuck you slowly at first, despite you bucking against me, then I’d build it up, faster and faster, pressing your smooth flat pecs against mine, kissing your neck as I fuck you hard and fast until you came, and until I came, shooting my warm wet load inside you making you feel that release you’d been aching for, for hours. I, ah…”

Rob trailed off as Lee picked up the pace, rubbing their cocks and moving their hips together. Rob wrapped his arm around Lee, burying his head in Lee’s neck. Lee felt Rob’s hot breath going in and out faster and faster, until finally, Rob convulsed, cum spurting out of his dick, covering Lee’s hand and pubes. Rob dipped a fingertip in his cum, brought his finger up to Lee’s mouth; Lee hungrily licked it as he kept rubbing his own cock against Rob’s stiffness before it went limp; finally, he let Rob’s dick go, and, still sucking on Rob’s fingers, worked his clit despite the soreness until he too came, and Rob wrapped his arm around Lee again. Every wave of pleasure made Lee strain against Rob’s strong biceps, which pulled him back and made him feel safe. When the spasms died down, he let out a long sigh, and Rob squeezed him comfortingly.

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