Len Gets Lucky

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His first mistake was to agree to attend what should have been a two day meeting. But the first day lasted barely three hours, and the second day wasn’t supposed to start until 11:00 AM. So Len found himself at loose ends in Omaha. His second mistake was to go back to his hotel and take a nap. Thus by nine that evening he was wide awake and bored to death. At least the Red Lion bar had a decent dejay and an active dance floor.

While Len’s marriage was not particularly a happy one, it was not his habit to go searching for pussy when he was on the road. Sometimes he would hang out in the hotel bar and if he got lucky, well he got lucky. In the normal course of events, Len was not a lucky man. He had no reason to believe that this night would be any different.

He was vaguely aware of the young couple at the next table. They seemed to be arguing because she wanted to dance and he didn’t. Suddenly the girl stood up and pointed at Len. “He’ll be glad to dance with me,” she said to her boyfriend. Then she looked at Len and added, “won’t you?”

“Uh, sure,” he said, getting up. This was not his idea of “getting lucky.” Dancing with a skinny young thing while her surly boyfriend watched. As he expected, once on the dance floor the girl gyrated to the music, never touching or even acknowledging Len’s presence, never even making eye contact. This gave him time to notice the full-figured woman across from them on the floor. She was swaying with the music, completely involved and completely without a partner. Len thought she was a major BBW, with the emphasis on all three initials. She was certainly big, but also certainly beautiful. And due to the number of buttons she had open on her blouse, she left no doubt that she was a woman. Her tits, most of which were showing, were as big as the rest of her. Len enjoyed watching them bounce and sway as she moved to the the music.

As suddenly as his affair with “Olive Oyl” had started, it was over. Apparently satisfied she’d made her point to her beau, she turned and walked off the dance floor, leaving Len standing alone. More to cover his awkwardness than anything else, Len moved in front of the BBW and began dancing with her. Unlike his previous partner, this one never took her eyes off of his as they coordinated their movement. The dejay segued into a slower song with out a break and the woman stepped closer so their bodies brushed together as they danced. The third song was slower still, and Len took his partner in his arms. She pressed against him and followed his lead around the floor.

As that song was ending, she whispered in Len’s ear. “Let’s sit the next one out, okay. This is too much exercise for a fat lady.”

“Lady, you’re not fat. You’re just a complete hand-full,” he whispered back. “I wouldn’t have your body any other way.”

“You haven’t had my body,” she replied. “Not yet, anyway.” she added with a wink.

The woman went and sat at a booth she was sharing with another woman. Len grabbed drink and joined them, sliding into the seat next to his dance partner.

“My name’s Len,” he told the women.

“I’m Astrid,” his partner said, “and this is my friend Sharon.” Len shook hands with Sharon then, turning to Astrid, said, “I really enjoyed dancing with you. That was fun.”

“Yes it was,” she agreed.

“I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone named Astrid. It’s a pretty name.”

“Thanks you. I thought of it myself. My mother named me Estelle and I always hated it. When my husband left me, I decided to change myself, starting with my name. Estelle means ‘star’ and so does Astrid. But I like it better. Must be the hippy coming out in me.”

“Good choice,” Len said agreeably. “I like it too.”

“Now,” said Astrid, “I gotta go the the little girls room. I’ll be right back.”

“We’ll be here,” Len told her as she grabbed her oversized purse and headed off.

After Astrid was out of sight, Sharon leaned over and said, “Thank you for dancing with my friend. This is her first time out since her divorce and she’s finally coming out of the shell she built around herself. Plus, she saw you when you came in and told me that you were the only guy here she would be interested in.”

“Well, I’m glad it was me, because I think she’s very nice.”

“Just don’t do anything to hurt her,” Sharon warned. She may be a little fragile. And she’s worried about her weight turning guys off.”

“That’s no problem. I personally think she’s a sexy woman.”

“Good,” Sharon said, and they both went back to their drinks until Astrid returned.

The first thing Len noticed was that she had closed a couple of the buttons on her blouse. “Guess she wants to cool it on the sexy thing,” he thought to himself. But when he started to sit down after letting her into the booth he couldn’t help but look down her blouse (well, he could have, but he looked anyway) and smiled when he saw that she had removed her bra. “Maybe I am gonna get lucky tonight after all,” he thought.

As soon as Astrid had sat down Sharon Şanlıurfa Escort said, “Honey, I gotta head home. Tommy’s expecting me back by ten. Will you be okay getting home.”

“Sure, I’ll be fine. I’ll call you in the morning sometime.”

They all exchanged good-byes with Sharon and she headed off.. After she was gone, Astrid slid closer to Len and said, “She’s my best friend. But I’m glad she had to leave early.”

“Me too,” Len said as he dropped his hand to Astrid’s knee. Instead of pushing it away, as he’d half expected, she just smiled at him, so he moved it up and began rubbing her thigh just below the hem of her skirt. Astrid laid her head on his shoulder, obviously enjoying the attention.

Just then the dejay put on a slow, sexy song. “Let’s dance,” Astrid said.

As soon as they got on the dance floor, she wrapped her arms around Len’s neck and plastered her body against his. Len could feel her rubbing her pussy on his leg and he thought, “She’s gotta know she’s making me hard.” The thought was no sooner in his head when she held her thigh against his hard-on, looked him in the eye, and winked before returning her head to his shoulder. He had his hands on her sides, and he eased his thumbs around until they were rubbing her nipples. He was pleased that they seemed to be as hard as his dick.

When the song ended, Astrid leaned back, pulled Len to her, and kissed him on lips. As he held the kiss, she stuck her tongue into his mouth. They continued sucking lips and tongues until the next song, a much faster one started. Instead of moving away, Astrid leaned her mouth next to his ear and whispered, “Do you have a room here?” When he nodded in reply, she said, “Then if you don’t mind getting naked with a full; sized lady, let’s go finish this up there.”

“Full sized is the best size. Let’s go.” Then added to himself, “Definitely my lucky night.”

Len had hoped they could continue making out on the elevator, but they were joined by two elderly couples. So instead, they stood facing the front, not talking but holding hands. As soon as the elevator door closed behind them on the twelfth floor he pulled Astrid to him and forced his tongue into her mouth. He held her right tit in his hand and his other hand moved to her ass, pulling her against him. She broke the kiss and said, “You’ve got me so fucking hot. Let’s go.”

Once in his room, Len unbuttoned her blouse. As he pulled it off he sucked one, then the other nipple into his mouth. She had him straighten up and she removed his shirt. With a smile, she followed his lead, sucking each of his nipples. Len then unfastened her skirt and it dropped to the floor. She kicked it aside. As he kissed her on the lips, his fingers traced her other lips through her panties. Len was not at all surprised to find they were wet.

He then dropped to his knees and pulled the panties down. As he she stepped out of them, he kissed her lower lips, forcing his tongue into her pussy as he had done earlier into her mouth. “Oh fuck yes, baby,” she said. “Lick that pussy of mine.” He moved his tongue up and began licking around the sides of her clit, teasing it as it began to swell. At the same time, he put two fingers inside her and started working them in and out. “That feel so good, so good,” she sighed. Then she took hold of his shoulder and pulled up. But it’s your turn first, baby. Stand up here.

Obediently Len stood while Astrid unsnapped his jeans and pulled the zipper down. She pushed the pants down to his knees then put a hand on his chest and pushed him back until he was seated on the side of the bed. She dropped to her knees and pulled the jeans off him She reached out and traced his hard cock through his shorts with the back of her finger. Then she hooked her fingers in the top of his shorts and pulled them down, causing his cock to spring up. Forcing his knees apart, she leaned forward and took his cock head between her lips. Slowly she sucked him entirely into her mouth. He put one hand on her shoulder and the other on the back of her head as she moved him in and out, fucking him with her mouth. Len made inarticulate sounds of pleasure, then he pulled her head back until she had released his cock from her lips, although she still held it with one hand.

“If you keep that up, I’m gonna have to cum in your mouth,” he said, starting to pull her upright. Instead of standing, Astrid resisted and took him into her mouth again. With increasing speed she worked the top half of his dick in and out between her lips while she stroked the lower half with her hand. With her other hand she began gently squeezing his balls. “Oh shit, Astrid. I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum.” Instead of letting up, she increased her speed until suddenly, “OHMYGOD!” he shouted. Unable to hold back he began shooting off into her eager mouth.

Again again he spurted, and she swallowed it all down, not spilling a drop. When finally she had sucked him empty, she removed him from her mouth. He softened, but hardly shrunk. She sucked gently Şanlıurfa Escort Bayan on his head, as if to get the last drops from him, then looked him in the eye and said, “Did I tell you I love the taste of cum?”

“No, you didn’t. But I’m sure glad you do,” he responded.

Astrid then stood and kissed him on the lips. As he sucked her tongue he could taste his sex in her mouth. Breaking the kiss, she said, “You must not get that much, huh?”

“I don’t get that at all,” he replied.

“You mean your wife doesn’t suck you off:?”


“You poor man. A guy’s gotta cum in a woman’s mouth occasionally or he’ll go crazy. I’ll have to do that again later then, if you don’t mind.”

“I don’t mind at all,” he said, pulling her onto the bed with him. “But now I believe it’s your turn.”

“Yes, I believe it is,” she said, turning onto her back and spreading her legs. Len positioned himself between her thighs and traced the outline of her pussy lips with the tip of his tongue, before penetrating her. After licking as deeply inside her as he could get, he pulled his head away and said, “Lady you are so wet and tasty. He then moved his tongue to her clit, now swollen and red, and put two fingers inside her.

“Oh yeah, that’s it, that’s it. Lick that pussy baby, lick it.”

Len slid his other hand up until he reached her tit. As he pinched her nipple, Astrid began shaking and moaning. He was getting turned on just by listening to her and watching her ample stomach move from side to side. “This is one hell of a woman,” he thought as he sucked on her clit. “One hell of a sexy woman.” He pulled his fingers out for a moment and replaced them with his tongue, licking up the juices seeping out of her. He then returned to suckling her knob and inserted three fingers into her. He could feel her cunt contracting around his hand.

Suddenly her body tensed and her hips raised off the bed, forcing herself harder against his mouth. “Don’t stop, don’t stop,” she commanded. “Oh fuck yes, don’t stop. AAEEEIII!” she screamed, flooding Len’s hand as the orgasm hit. She bounced and screamed and begged as the climax continued. When Len felt her start to come down, he moved his tongue down and shoved it into her cunt with his fingers. As he lapped at the liquid flowing from her she screamed again, her whole body shaking with the second orgasm. Again and again she came as he moved back and forth from her clit to her cunt, until at last she grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him away. “Oh god, enough,” she said breathlessly. “Keep that up and I’m gonna die right here. Len moved up until he was kissing her on her lips, his now hard cock pressed against her thigh. She hugged him tightly to her a moment, then pushed him away.

“I can feel you’re ready, but I gotta rest a minute. Oh man that was good. You eat my pussy so good.”

Len turned over to lay beside her. Leaning on his elbow, he squeezed her breast and said, “You are such a sexy lady, babe. I didn’t know a woman could cum that hard.”

“I didn’t either,” she responded. “You’re wife is one lucky lady.”

“Oh, she doesn’t really like any of this,” he said. “Mostly we’re just a missionary couple.”

After a minute he asked seriously, “Does it bother you that I’m married?”

“Not really,” she responded. “My husband fucked around on me so much, I think I enjoy being the other woman for a while.”

“Why would a guy cheat on a woman who sucks cock as well as you do?”

“To tell you the truth, it’d been so long since we’d had sex I don’t think he remembered. He was spending so much energy on other women he didn’t have any left for me. Think he developed a thing for skinny women.”

“Well, he was crazy,” Len said. “Whatever your size, Astrid, you are one hell of a woman.” With that, Len moved onto his side and entwined his legs with hers, his cock touching her lips.

“Want something?” she asked teasingly.

“Maybe a little pussy,” he answered. With that, he arched his back, forcing his dick into her.

“Oh yeah,” she said. Have all that pussy you want.”

It didn’t take much effort for him to move his cock around inside her.. Plus, when he arched his back, he was buried as deeply into her as he could get. “What a nice position,” she said sweetly, obviously enjoying how deeply he was penetrating her. As he continued sliding in and out she reached over to the nightstand for something.

“What’re you doing?” he asked, still fucking away.

“Writing down my phone number. I want you back again.” With that, she dropped the pad and pen. “Now, fuck me hard, hard as you can. Obligingly, Len started banging into her with as much force as he could muster. “Oh yes, oh yes,” she moaned. Two more strokes and she was shouting again. “YESYESYESIMCUMMING!” He could feel her nipping at his cock with her pussy.

As her climax started ebbing, he forced himself deeply into her and held still while she calmed down. When she again relaxed, he pulled out. “Get Escort Şanlıurfa on your knees,” he commanded. I want you from behind.”

Obediently she got on her knees, her ass turned towards him. Len bent and licked her pussy from the back, ran his tongue up to the crack in her ass, rimmed her there, then got on his own knees. He touched her pussy lips, rubbing up and down them, with his cock head. Then with one thrust he shoved himself balls deep into her cunt, pushing her head down into the pillow. Catching her breath she said, “Do me hard, motherfucker, do me hard.” Again and again he slammed into her. She was so wet he felt almost no friction at all. With each thrust she moved her ass back to increase the impact. Finally he could stand it no longer. He arched his back and pulled her to him, buried more deeply than he thought possible. “Oh yes, oh god yes,” he said as he began to throb and shoot off into her.

“METOOMETOOMETOO!” she shouted, joining him in his orgasm. He froze, continuing to empty his balls into her as she thrashed about in sexual ecstasy, biting and sucking at him with her cunt.

At long last they were both completely spent. He collapsed onto her back, his rapidly shrinking dick slipping out with a “pop.” Gently she elbowed him over onto his back, then lay across him. After kissing him deeply, she looked him in the eye and said, “Not a bad fuck for a fat girl, aren’t I?”

“You are a great fuck for a sexy woman,” he replied. “And I’m one hell of a lucky guy tonight.”

As Astrid lay there she thought, “W hat am I doing here. I kicked my asshole husband out because he was fucking around. Now here am I, doing the same thing to another woman – fucking her husband. And it was me who picked him out of the crowd and seduced him,” she added to herself. “After no sex for nearly a year, now I’m a slut. But damn but it was great sex. It’s so much better being the adulterer than the adulteree.” With that thought, she smiled and kissed him on the nipple.

After resting a while, they both sat up with their backs against the wall. She fished out cigarettes for each of them and balanced an ashtray on her ample thigh. As they smoked, she asked him, “Besides her not doing blow jobs, is there a reason why do you cheat on your wife?”

“I don’t . . ” he started when she cut him off.

“Yes you do. You just did, twice, and I don’t think it was the first time, either.”

“As I was trying to say, I don’t . . . often. In fact, in twenty years of marriage this is only the third or or fourth time,” he said. “I don’t go out looking to get laid, sometimes it just happens. And as I recall, tonight you came after me,” he added, mirroring her thoughts from earlier.

“Yes, I guess I did. “

“Did you every ‘play around’ when you were married?”

“No. Well, maybe once. But we were both drunk and he could hardly get it up.”

“Yeah, tell me more.”

“We were on vacation in Jamaica. There was a barbecue on the beach. Bill, my loving hubby, was off somewhere. There was this guy, I don’t remember his name, but his wife had disappeared also. Was probably banging Bill. Anyway, we both got pretty well lit on rum drinks with umbrellas in them. Somehow we ended up down the beach naked. He tried and tried to get it in me but it just wouldn’t get hard enough. Too much rum I think. Anyway, I ended up sucking him off and we both went back to our rooms. That was the only time.”

“So you didn’t get anything out of it?”

“Well, you know I do like semen,” she said with a smile. “And I took care of things myself after I got to bed, so I can’t complain.”

“Too bad he couldn’t do it,” Len said. “You deserved a better time.”

“How ’bout you. Tell me about your first time. First time cheating I mean.”

“Actually, it was similar to yours. Met a flight attendant in a bar in Portland. She was drinking heavily. Ended up back in my room. I went down on her and she came several times. Then she tried to suck me but suddenly – bam – off to the bathroom. She threw up for a while, then got about half dressed and staggered back to her room to sleep it off.”

“So, nothing in it for you either.”

“No, not really. Nothing as spectacular as tonight for sure.”

“Yeah, tonight’s been great,” Astrid said with a smile. “So far. And I suspect it’s gonna get better.”

“Now that you’re single you must be having lots of fun.”

“You’d think so,” she said. “But actually. Well, tonight’s the first time I’ve had sex in at least a year.”

“You gotta be kidding,” he said incredulously sitting up and looking at her. “Seems to me like you love sex. And, I might add, you are damn good at it.”

“Thank you, sweety. I do love it. But my dear hubby loved giving it to someone else instead of to me. And since we split I just haven’t had the ambition to go out. Depression I guess. Sharon insisted on it tonight. Said ‘Astrid, it’s time you got laid proper.’ But I found you myself,” she added quickly.

“I know. I’m sure glad of it. Do you regret it?”

“Not for a minute,” she said. “But right now, I gotta go pee.” With that, she slid her big body off the bed and headed for the bathroom where she expelled the excess semen out as she urinated. Cleaning herself with a washcloth, she headed back to the naked man she’d lured to bed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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