Leslie’s Demise

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This is a story with a lot of truth to it from an old relationship…

The day before they broke up, Danny had asked Leslie to hang out that night with him. She told him that she didn’t really feel like doing anything. This is part of the reason they broke up. He loved Leslie. She was a beautiful girl. Straight brown shoulder length hair, pretty brown eyes, tanned skin, some freckling on her face, she wore braces. She was about 5’7, 140 pounds, skinny with long legs. Her greatest feature were her breasts. They were huge. Each one the size of her head. They were so big, they made her body almost look deformed! Yet they were hidden when she wore loose shirts, or button up shirts, which was often. She was 18, he was 20 at the time.

When a friend of hers, Scott, called her that night, and asked her to come party with them, she accepted. She went out with Scott, and another couple, to a party. She had known Scott for a few years now, and had always been a little attracted to him. He was 5’11, about 165, black hair, brown eyes, good looks.

By midnight, Leslie was drunk. By 1, she was hammered, flirting with Scott (and others), falling all over him. The 4 of them went back to Leslie’s place, as she was accustomed to having people over on weekends – her mother was rarely there.

The 4 drunk teenagers sat down in her living room. She was pretty horny, and very wet. Her pussy gets very wet at the slightest arousal. After flirting and giggling with Scott for awhile as she had yet another drink, she went into the kitchen to mix yet another. Scott followed her. He knew she had a boyfriend, but had wanted to fuck her for a long time, and saw no better opportunity. Leslie turned to him, holding her arms out, drunkenly.

“Thanks for coming!” she said. He hugged her tight, conscious of her humongous breasts pressed against him. As drunk as she was, she noticed slight movement in his pants, and her pussy got wetter. She looked up at him with her beautiful brown eyes.

He kissed her. Leslie kissed back, opening her mouth to allow his tongue inside. She shot her tongue into his mouth as he slid his hands down her back to her ass, where they latched on to each of her asscheeks, squeezing them softly. They made out for a few seconds, lips smacking loudly while music played in the other room. Leslie broke the kiss.

“I have a boyfriend, we shouldn’t do this.” she said, secretly hoping he’d argue. Her vagina was tingling so violently she needed to squeeze her legs together tightly, trying to scratch the itch.

“I’m sorry,” he said, “I’ve just wanted to do that for so long.”

“Really?” Leslie asked, smiling.

“Yes,” he answered, “I think you’re so hot.” Her cunt buzzed at his words, she needed to leave the room before things got worse.

They went into the living room where they had another drink. It was nearly 3. She needed to go to bed, she was so drunk she was passing out. She wished them goodnight and began to stumble up the stairs. Scott followed her, staring at her ass the entire way. Leslie didn’t notice him as she walked into her bedroom.

“Nice room.” Scott said as he entered. She turned around, too drunk to be startled.

“Thanks!” she said, smiling, braces glinting in the light of the moon through the window. He was hard as a rock. He went to her, and Leslie didn’t move away. He slipped his hands around her waist, and their lips met again, smacking loudly. He snuck his tongue into her mouth and she eagerly sent her tongue into his mouth. They kissed passionately, loudly, drunkenly. His hands grabbed her ass again as they pressed their bodies together.

Leslie had only slept with 5 guys. She was not that easy – it took Danny a month to get her. But it was fairly easy to fool around with her. She loved kissing!

He backed her up to the bed and he fell on her, between her legs. He kissed her again, rubbing his crotch against hers, further stimulating her already sopping wet pussy. She was breathing heavily into his mouth as he dry-fucked her on her bed. After a couple of minutes, Leslie was so horny she couldn’t contain it. She broke the kiss.

“We should shut the door.” she said. Scott got off of her and shut her bedroom door and climbed back into bed beside her. She kissed him this time, wanting to pick up where they left off. His hand caressed her leg over her pants, over the side of her ass, her stomach, as he tongue kissed her. His hand slid to the front of her chest, caressing over her huge breast over her buttoned up shirt. Her tits were huge! He thought as he squeezed one. Leslie sighed into his mouth. She loved it when guys played with her tits.

All thoughts of Danny were out of her head as she fooled around with another guy in her bed, his hand all over her tits. Her hands were caressing his back, afraid to touch his dick, knowing that if she touched it, she might want it. She did not want to seem easy – nothing to do with her boyfriend. In her drunken state, however, she did not mind if his hands wandered around Escort Bayan her body. His hand left her soft, huge breast to slide over her belly to her crotch over her pants. He stroked her crotch, still kissing her. He could feel incredible heat emanating through her pants, and she moaned into his mouth. Leslie began to rub her crotch against his hand. Suddenly, she felt her zipper slide down, and her button undo. Helpless to stop him, he slid his hand into her panties. Scott’s fingers ran through thick curls of pubic hair until they touched incredible wetness.

“Mmmmmph.” she moaned into his mouth as his finger ran along her sopping wet slit. He reached the entrance to her horny treasure and dipped a finger into her tunnel.

“Ohhhh” Leslie sighed, breaking the kiss. He began to slide his finger in and out of her twat, kissing all over her neck and cheek while she gasped for breath. She began humping at his finger subconsciously. Scott dipped a second finger into her, and her soaking wet pussy eagerly sucked both fingers in all the way. He took his hand out of her panties and grabbed her hand, placing on his crotch. Leslie’s pussy flooded again feeling how hard he was through his jeans. She kissed him, rubbing him over his jeans. Scott began to undo the buttons of her shirt. He got it halfway unbuttoned when he felt her nimble fingers undo the button and fly in his jeans.

Leslie was hammered, but she was not that easy. She knew she couldn’t have sex with him, but she would at least suck his dick. The best way to avoid getting fucked was to keep her clothes on, even drunk as she was, she knew that. She pushed up his shirt, breaking the kiss. She took off his shirt and threw it on the floor. She began to slowly kiss down Scott’s neck and chest. At that moment, Danny slept peacefully in his bed, no idea that his girlfriend was preparing to suck on another guy’s cock. No idea that a few moments earlier, another guy experienced just how wet Leslie gets as he slid his fingers in and out of her.

Her cleavage and black bra was exposed and could be made out in the moonlight, her shirt half unbuttoned as she kissed down his stomach. Her hands grabbed both his pants and underwear and slid them down his legs and off. She gasped at the sight of his cock. It was huge. The biggest she had ever seen. At full hardness, it was 9 inches long and incredibly thick. Her pussy ached for it. She had still not experienced an orgasm before, and thought that this might be big enough to give her one. She was curious how a cock that big would feel inside her, and she wanted to find out. Her heart was pounding at the temptation. She resolved to fight it off. Not because of Danny, for he was all but forgotten. But because of her morals. Even drunk and horny as she was, she would not let a guy enter her so easily. Straddling his legs, button and zipper down on her pants, shirt half unbuttoned, she reached up his body and wrapped her fingers around his thick pole. He sighed as she slowly stroked it. She bent her head towards it.

Leslie’s tongue snaked out and licked all around the base of Scott’s thick cock slowly. She licked up his shaft, her hand holding it up into the air. He watched her in the moonlight as she began to lick around his fat mushroom head. Leslie opened her mouth and slowly stuffed his cock inside. Her soft lips glided down his pole, taking about half of him into her mouth.

Pussy buzzing, Leslie began to bob her head up and down on his mighty pole slowly, slurping loudly. ‘slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp’ went her mouth as she slobbered all over his penis. She licked at the head every time she brought it to the edge of her mouth, and she sucked it hard when it touched the back of her throat. Her head bobbed up and down on him faster, suddenly eager to taste his cum, maybe even swallow it! It was then that she thought of Danny.

Danny’s cock was half the size of the one in her mouth, she thought. A slight exaggeration, of course, but the thought sent a surge of desire through her pussy, and she bobbed her head up and down on his lap faster. Scott moaned, loving how good her lips felt sliding up and down his organ. He was gonna cum soon if he didn’t put a stop to this. He wanted to fuck her so bad, he didn’t want to waste his load in her mouth.

She pulled it out of her mouth with a slurp and began to lick all over his shaft, rubbing his penis all over her face, loving every inch of his beautiful cock. He gently grabbed his penis and eased it back to her mouth.

Leslie opened her mouth eagerly and he slipped his cock back inside. She licked at his pole as he stuffed it in her mouth. She sucked hard on it, trying to spring forth his seed. She began to bob her head up and down like crazy, her lips sliding up and down his shaft as rapidly as possible. ‘slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp, slurp’ it was a good thing that they shut the door, for their friends downstairs could hear the loud sucking noises had the door been open. Scott was Ankara Escort losing it. He couldn’t let that happen yet.

He gently grabbed the back of her hair, lifting it up off his cock. His monster cock slipped out of her mouth with a slurp. He led her up the bed, and Leslie crawled up the bed beside him. Her lips eagerly found his and they kissed passionately, loudly. She was breathing hard into his mouth. His hand again slipped down into her panties, easily finding her soaking wet treasure. Her small hand found his huge cock, and began to stroke it as they kissed.

“Mmmmmmph…” she moaned into his mouth as she felt his finger slide into her. He broke the kiss and slid his hand out of her panties. He tugged at her pants, and Leslie found herself raising her ass and allowing another guy to slide her pants down her legs, she pulled her feet out of her pants and her socks as well, and Scott tossed them onto the floor. He couldn’t believe that he had Leslie down to her panties!

His hand caressed up her long smooth legs, over her soft inner thighs to her crotch. He began to rub her pussy over her panties, clearly feeling her swollen lips through the thin, sopping wet material.

“Ohhhhhhhhh yes…” she moaned, and her lips found his again, her hand stroking his large cock. Her entire body was buzzing, and she was dying to know what he felt like between her legs. If she kept her panties on, she would be ok. She placed a long leg over his lap and, without breaking the kiss, straddled him. Lips smacking, the two french kissed as she began to writhe her crotch against his long pole. The only thing between her pussy and his penis was the thinnest of soaking wet cotton. As he kissed her, he could feel tremendous heat emanating from her crotch, and he could feel it on his cock.

Still kissing her, his hands undid the rest of he buttons on her shirt. She allowed him to pull it down her shoulders and off of her, and he tossed it on the floor. Her humongous tits were barely contained in her black bra, and he broke the kiss, kissing down her neck to her cleavage. Leslie continued to rub her panty covered cunt along his mighty shaft as Scott kissed down her ample cleavage. While Danny slept soundly in his bed, another guy was pushing Leslie’s bra strap off of her shoulders, kissing down the swell of her breast. The cup fell just off her left breast, exposing the pink areola and rock hard nipple.

Scott sucked the nipple into his mouth, sending pleasure throughout her body. He kissed and licked all around her areola as she continued to writhe herself against his manhood. Leslie didn’t object when he reached around her and unsnapped her bra. It fell from her shoulders, freeing her amazing breasts. He threw the bra onto the floor and grabbed a tit in each hand, caressing them. He kissed all over them, kneading them in his hands, licking at her nipples. She was panting above him, she had never been so wet.

After paying attention to her wonderful breasts for a good 3 or 4 minutes, Scott rolled her off of him. She lay on her back beside him, and his lips found hers. She kissed him eagerly, opening her legs to allow his hand in between her thighs. Again he rubbed her, as if there was any more work to do to get her horny.

His hands gripped the sides of her soaking wet panties and he gently tugged. It just seemed natural to Leslie to raise her ass and allow him to slide her panties off. She forgot that she was supposed to keep them on! He slid them down her legs and she pulled each foot out of them. He dropped the dainty things on the floor.

Leslie was now completely naked while her boyfriend slept a few blocks away, oblivious to the whole thing. Not knowing that she and another man were naked in her bed together, horny as hell.

Scott caressed her body once more. He gently squeezed her breast, caressed her belly, over her thigh, and back up her thigh to her pussy. He gently fingered her clitoris and she gasped in his mouth. He caressed back up her body, squeezing a leg in between hers.

Leslie found herself opening her legs and allowing him to get his other leg in between. Scott was now naked, on top of a naked Leslie, in between her sexy legs. Her breathing was very laboured as they kissed again, writhing against each other. Her naked pussy was so fucking wet as it rubbed along his mighty shaft.

She forgot about abstinence, forgot about her boyfriend, and she forgot about a condom. Her breathing was shaky when he broke the kiss, reached in between them, and grabbed his huge pole, running the head down her swollen slit. She looked into his eyes, needing that huge rod to fill her. His head reached the entrance to her treasure. He pushed forward.

While Danny slept, Leslie’s swollen pussy lips parted and allowed Scott’s cock to enter. Her vagina easily sucked his entire penis inside in one stroke, that’s how wet she was.

“OHHHHHHH!” she moaned loudly, feeling sooo good. Her wet pussy was so warm around his dick, and Scott’s lips found Ankara Escort Bayan hers as he kept himself inside her. Her tongue eagerly darted into his mouth as she spread her legs wider around him. He began to slide in and out of her, making love to her as they kissed. Her panting grew too heavy and she was forced to break the kiss, moaning.

His long, 9 inch penis slid in and out of her hungry tunnel over and over again. Her pussy was so warm, so hot. He began to fuck her hard, Leslie raised her feet into the air, enhancing the feeling in her cunt.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” she moaned as he fed her his cock. Their two friends went upstairs to use the washroom, and they stopped at the top, listening to Leslie’s moans.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Ohhh! Ohh! Unh! Unh!” could be clearly heard through the door. The two friends giggled quietly.

Scott looked down at Leslie as he fucked her. Her humongous tits rocked up and down with each of his thrusts. Her steamy tunnel was sooo slick. He could not get over how wet she was!

Leslie was feeling an orgasm coming on, and its intensity frightened her. A wave of pleasure was engulfing her entire body as she got screwed hard on her bed. Her feet were flailing in the air helplessly, she was unaware of how loud she was moaning. She was dangerously close to an orgasm. Her fear of such an intense feeling actually chased it away. She was gasping for breath as she gained control of her senses. She had never been so close! And still Scott’s giant cock was jackhammering into her.

She gently eased him off of her, rolling him on his back beside her, her rolling on top of him, cock sliding out of her with a slurp. She kissed him passionately, lovingly. Her near orgasm had an animal effect on her. She reached beneath her and grabbed his enormous dick, raising it into the air. Leslie pressed her pussy down on it, and his penis easily sunk into her vagina all the way.

“Ohhhhhhhh God…” she moaned as he filled her. She began to raise and drop her ass, sliding her pussy up and down his rod.

“Oh! Oh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Oh God! Unh!” She cried, riding him as fast as she could. Pleasure consumed her entire body for the next 5 or 6 minutes as she rode him as hard as she could. She had never felt such a large cock inside her, had never had anything that deep inside her. But she could not get back to the edge that she was at minutes earlier. Her tits were bouncing in front of Scott’s face. His hands were on her naked ass, squeezing her cheeks. Leslie decided that he needed to take control if she was gonna have her orgasm. Just the thought of having her first orgasm made her that much hornier. She had to fight her fear and let it happen, and this cock would be the one that could do it.

Heart pounding, she slid his long, thick penis out of her twat again. She lay on her back and Scott was quick to climb on top of her. She spread her long legs eagerly. He was still hard as a rock, he was so excited. The head of his cock pierced her vagina, entering her in one smooth motion.

“Ohhhhhhhh yes…” she moaned, smiling. Her lips found his as he began to make love to her again. They kissed sloppily, having trouble breathing as she felt his long organ enter her again and again. He broke the kiss and began to fuck her harder again. He fucked her so hard, the bed was hitting the wall with a dull thud each time. ‘thud, thud, thud, thud, thud, thud’ went the wall, underlying her cries of pleasure.

Their friends were heading downstairs, on their way out the front door, listening to the loud banging of Leslie’s bed. They smiled at each other.

Leslie was moaning loudly, feeling her body get that feeling again. She raised her feet into the air, amplifying her senses down there. Scott was fucking the shit out of her! Her huge tits were bouncing violently as he banged her as hard as he could. He could feel his own orgasm rising. Leslie’s entire body was tingling, her heart was pounding, she could feel her orgasm approach. She felt fear creep into her brain again, and she fought it off, embracing the pleasure, forcing herself towards it. Her moans stopped, she was hyperventilating, then:

“OHHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHH! OHHHHHHHHHHHH!” Leslie came. Her entire body was on fire, her pussy was pulsating, her heart felt like it was exploding.

“Ohhhhh … GOD… Ohhhhhh” she moaned loudly. She lost all strength in her limbs, she was a helpless ragdoll, her pussy was still convulsing. Scott lost it. Without asking her first, he jammed his cock all the way inside her unprotected vagina.

She was not on any birthcontrol, but didn’t care. She was in heaven. Scott came. Load after load of his cum fired into Leslie’s defenceless vagina. He moaned along with her as he ejaculated inside her.

He fell on top of her, still cumming a little as he caught his breath. Leslie was finally able to calm down a bit, as the last remainder of sperm trickled out of Scott’s penis and into her soaking wet pussy.

“Oh my God, ” she breathed, ” I have never had an orgasm before!” she said smiling. He smiled too, kissing her. He slid out of her wet twat with a slurp and lay beside her. Leslie placed a long leg over his body and held herself close to him. They fell asleep like that.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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