Lesson Three

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The Teacher Learns

You take a sip of Amaretto, lean over and kiss sweet thing deeply. As you pull away you breathe in through your mouth, helping the alcohol evaporate from her lips. Her nipples stiffen and she emits a slight moan. She takes your glass; takes a sip; turns to me, and kisses me. She’s never kissed a woman before, and she hesitates for just a moment. Her tongue snakes between my lips and she shares the liquor with me, drawing back to suck the air across my mouth. Before the warmth has left my lips completely, her lips cover mine again and she sucks my tongue into her mouth. My left hand cradles the side of her neck. I trace the inner rim of her lips and stroke the roof of her mouth with my tongue .

You kneel behind her as we sit side by side on the edge of the bed. You nuzzle her ear and the nape of her neck. Tracing a finger down the middle of her back to the top of her ass, she straightens and her hard nipples brush my breasts. You reach around, caress her breasts, and press your body against her back; nibbling her ear, neck and shoulders. You detour across my fingers and stop to kiss and suckle their tips. You whisper in her ear and she cups my breasts, stroking my nipples with her thumbs.

I feel you rise from the bed and her kissing becomes more urgent. Her hands follow the contour of my breasts until they are on my sides. She slides her hands down to my hips, across my lower back and up my spine. My nipples harden as goose bumps cover my body. Her hands are now under my arms and she raises them over my head, lowering her mouth to suckle my right nipple. I arch my back allowing my head to fall back. As I press my tit against her mouth you wrap a long scarf around my wrists, tying my hands together. You tell me this is to insure that I won’t take over the session, because it’s time for the teacher to learn how to relax and enjoy. What choice do I have?

I recline on the stack of pillows and you two lay down beside me. As she moves to play with my nipples you reach up and check to make sure the scarf is secure. You kiss me. I feel my clit swell in anticipation as you push your tongue into my mouth, allowing me to suck on it like your cock. Her mouth feels exquisite on my nipple, sucking, nibbling, and playing her tongue over it. I moan and she looks up to make sure it’s okay. You tell her that moaning is always a very good thing.

She is unsure what to do next so you tell her to just follow her instincts, do what ever she feels like doing, if I don’t like it, I will let her know. You tell her that it just comes naturally. She accepts this and asks you to just watch for a while. Ataşehir Anal Escort

She moves her petite body over mine, straddling me. She leans down to kiss me and lays her body on top of mine. Her legs still straddle me so I push them open with my legs. You move to enjoy the view of two bare pussies pressed together. I tilt my pelvis up and wiggle, rubbing my mound against hers. You can see our juices glistening. Hers are visibly trickling in small droplets down her slit and dripping onto mine. Her kisses become hungrier. She sucks my tongue deeper into her mouth and strokes it with her tongue. She pulls her head back until my tongue’s tip is between her teeth, biting down just enough to hold it there, she flicks it. My nipples tighten in envy while my clit tingles with anticipation.

She sits up and her hands cover my tits. She palms my erect nipples, her fingertips touching my breast bone, she leans her weight forward, opens her hands completely and twists her wrists. I press up against her weight, feeling my nipples tighten and warm from the friction. I tilt my hips again and press my cunt against hers. She responds by copying my move. Our pussies slip slightly from our wetness.

I bring my arms down so I touch one of her breasts. Cupping it with both hands I squeeze her nipple between my thumbs and pull. She catches her breath, closes her eyes and pulls back to increase the stretch. You warn about the use of my hands, but I choose to ignore you and tighten my squeeze, rubbing her nipple between my thumbs until it slips away and she gasps with painful pleasure. She responds again by copying. You move to my side and push my arms back over my head. Her squeeze becomes a pinch as she stretches my nipple and a deep, lustful moan escapes my throat. As she releases the nipple you lean forward and suck it into your mouth. Taking the very tip between your teeth you suck air in through your mouth and flick your tongue over it. I arch my back and cross my legs, squeezing my clit between my thighs. You suggest to sweet thing now might be a good time to eat me.

She doesn’t hesitate and separates my crossed legs with hers. As she moves down my body she drags her hard nipples across my skin. She stretches out flat on her stomach, propped up on her elbows and I raise my knees She covers me with her hand and pets my pussy in a downward stroke. Slowly feeling the velvet soft texture of my bare skin, she slips a finger into my slit and feels the slick contours of my clit and lips. I tremble with anticipation and need. When she reaches the mouth of my pussy, she turns her hand, palm up, and slides Ataşehir Yaşlı Escort her slender middle finger into me. She looks at you and asks you to show her where my G-spot is located. You move to her side and slide your hand under hers, slipping your middle finger inside me as well. My pussy tightens around your fingers’. By experience you show her where to stroke to make me cum. As a test, she starts to move her finger in circles. I moan, bearing down, grasping at your fingers. My juices begin to flow immediately, my clit swells.

She slowly withdraws her finger, yours along with it. Raising her hand to her nose, she breathes deeply savoring my scent. She lifts your hand to her mouth and licks my juice from your finger. My clit aches for her tongue. I sit up and am about to encircle her with my bound arms. You stop me and warn me for the last time. I lie back. My nipples are so hard they ache. She tells you to attend to them while she investigates her newest toy…my pussy.

You position yourself so you are straddling my arms and the top of my head, your cock and balls within reach of my mouth. I immediately go to work eating you as if I was starving. She kisses my naked pussy as if she was kissing my mouth. Softly at first, almost tentatively. Within seconds she throws caution to the wind and sinks her tongue deeply into my slit in search of my clit. She locates it and wiggles her tongue up and down across the tip. In response, my clit swells, I spread my legs wider and tilt my hips upward. She sucks my clit, circles it with her tongue then follows my slit down to the mouth, thrusting her tongue in deeply. You tell her to spread my cunt lips and do that again. My hips rise slightly off the bed as I meet her thrusting tongue with a small thrust of my own. Now that the foreskin is pushed away from my clit. she takes time to look at it. She comments how it looks exactly like a small cock, and it’s larger than hers. You tell her to eat it like she eats you. She nuzzles her face into my pussy, her chin fits neatly into the mouth of it as she sucks and licks my clit. She moves so she can finger fuck me while she eats my clit. She rubs my G-spot, my juices mingle with her saliva and run down my ass. Remembering previous lessons, she replaces her finger with her thumb and tickles my asshole with her wet finger. I press my hips forward and take her finger into my ass. She begins a rhythmic dance as her mouth sucks, licks, and bites my clit while she fucks both of my holes. You squeeze my tits and pinch my nipples until I moan in painful pleasure. Her rhythm increases. I am going to cum. I moan deeply. Ataşehir Zenci Escort My clit swells to it’s maximum. My pussy muscles begin to spasm and clench her thumb. As my orgasm builds, my moan becomes louder and suddenly, it is here. I cum with a gush of liquid. She pulls back, removing her finger and thumb and I continue to cum. I spray my cum like a geyser, it streams upward and across my thigh. When I am finished, she leans forward licks me from my ass to my clit. I tell her she was wonderful for a first timer. You choose this moment to reveal that I had never been eaten by a woman before.

There is much satisfying left to do, and I suggest 69 with her. She readily agrees and unties my wrists. I whisper in your ear, that I want your cock in my ass, but not right away. She lays down on her back and I mount her face. I reach under her thighs and spread her lips open. Her pussy is soaking wet, and I hungrily suck her juices. My tongue moves in long strokes from her clit to her ass. You move behind me and as she sucks my clit, you lick on my asshole, pushing your tongue in. I am momentarily distracted by this but she is so turned on from eating me before that she begs me to finger fuck her. I insert my index finger into her slick hole and as I flick my tongue across her clit my finger moves in quick small strokes. Her orgasm happens almost immediately, and I suck her juices up like a vacuum. When she has finished cumming, she begins to eat me again. You slide your cock between my pussy folds so she is licking you as well as me. The thought of this action takes my breath away and I want your cock in my ass.

As you get the lube, I ask for one of the dildos so I can fuck her properly while you fuck me.

We remain in the 69 position, she sucks your cock while you pour the lube into my open ass. I am sucking her clit and allowing the dildo to lay just inside of her hole. Then I feel the pressure of your cock against my asshole. She licks my clit while I push back on your cock. As you push deeper inside of me I push the dildo deeper inside of her. God you feel so good inside of me. You tell her to finger fuck my pussy. She says she loves watching your cock disappear inside of my ass and while her index finger is fucking my pussy hole, her thumb strokes my clit. I bury my face more deeply into her pussy and continue to fuck her, matching your rhythm as you stroke into my ass.

I push back harder now, and moving my tongue faster over her clit she cries out that she is going to cum again. I am in ecstasy and as she cums, I remove the dildo, allowing her to release her ejaculate. I push back hard on your cock and cum in my own spray. This is too much for you to hold back and your cock swells and spasms as you release y our cum deep into my bowels.

As we separate and collapse to recover, she says that was fun and would like to reverse the position sometime very soon. Sounds like heaven to me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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