Lessons In Love Ch. 05

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Helena was floating. She was sure of it. Her outstretched hand was touching the soft cloud of Seth’s palm, her questing fingers caressing his tender flesh and her other hand lazily drew circles around her hard nipples. She sighed as she pinched one, the sensation traveling through her body and pooling in her moist pussy. She had never felt like this before, like she was approaching the edge of a cliff or being swept toward the edge of a dark precipice without knowing what awaited but excited at that lack of knowledge.

Seth was in heaven as well. His fingers were also wrapped around hers, softly rubbing her skin while his other hand remained wrapped around his tool. Slowly, firmly, his fist moved up and down, every nerve ending blazing where his flesh met. The feelings were sweet and his body responded to his touch more readily that it ever had before. He was a gay man. How was it that a straight woman was making him feel intimacy more deeply than he ever had before?

“Are you close?”

“Close?” Helena opened her eyes and looked over at him. “What’s that mean?”

“Are you close to cumming?”

“What’s cumming?”

“Cumming is what happens when you achieve an orgasm and if I remember correctly, you haven’t had one yet.”

Helena looked away. “No, Ataşehir Escort I haven’t.” She went to move her hand away from his but he held tightly, drawing her attention back to him.

“Helena, even though I’m not attracted to you, you are a beautiful woman.”

She stared at him in surprise. “What?”

“You are.” He paused, turning away from her in embarrassment. “I had an aunt that I loved very much when I was a kid. Somehow, I think she knew that I was different but she never treated me any differently than her other nieces and nephews.”

“Was she the first person you came out to?”

Seth stared at her in surprise. “How’d you know?”

“Because you knew that she’d accept you and acceptance is very important to you.” Helena paused, yelping when her fingers found her clit. “Holy Mother of God! What was that?”

“I suspect it was your clit.”

“I really have one?”

“Of course you do. Why would you think you didn’t?” Helena’s face lost its color and Seth gave her fingers a squeeze. “Tell me.”

“My father. He was always telling my mother that sex was unnatural and that it was wrong. So when he got her pregnant, he was convinced that I was a direct result. I grew up learning that anything that had to do with sex Anadolu Yakası Escort was wrong.”

“But you know differently now.”

“Do I?”

Seth turned toward her, releasing her hand so that he could lift her chin up, their eyes meeting. “Rub your clit again.”

Helena stared back into his eyes, slowly letting her fingers part her wet flesh and find the tiny hidden button. She pressed against it and the breath left her throat, a shiver snaking through her body in response. She noticed that his hand was moving also, stroking his hard cock as she stroked her own pussy, his juices glistening as brightly as hers. His fingers found hers and they tightened softly, sharing a connection that went past the touch of skin.

Seth watched her with a sense of amazement. He had never witnessed someone having a first orgasm and it suddenly felt him feeling like a jackass. His sexual problems were miniscule compared to someone who had never tripped. His strokes matched with her movements, his eyes locked to hers.

“You know differently now, Helena.” He whispered, lengthening his strokes as he felt his release approaching. He cupped the fat head of his cock, squeezing and stroking at the same time, his eyes closing and his toes curling.

Helena Kadıköy Escort heard his words and closed her eyes as well, giving herself over to the sensations that were rocketing through her body. Her pussy was dripping with juices and her fingers slid loosely between her lips, delving deeply into her honeypot and pushing herself closer to the edge. When a pair of warm hands cupped her breasts, she didn’t struggle; she turned onto her back, allowing better access and moaned when her nipples were pinched, then sucked into two hot mouths.

“Oh, yes.” She opened her eyes and was surprised to find Gwennie on one breast and Archer on the other, licking and sucking her small breasts into hard nubs. Grant appeared at her feet, rubbing his hands over the goose-pimpled flesh of her legs and Sunny’s warm hands caressed her shoulders, her murmured words of encouragement filling Helena’s ears as fire coursed through her body. Her fingers moved faster and deeper, the feelings building until a delicious sensation exploded in her pussy. She gasped, her pussy walls clutching her fingers as she shoved them in deeper, a fine sheen of sweat breaking over her thrashing body.

An air of quiet settled over the group, punctuated by the staccato pants of Seth and Helena. Seth looked over at her, a small smile breaking out on his face and his fingers tightened around hers, rubbing lightly. “Congratulations, Helena.”

Everyone in the group clapped as Helena dissolved into tears, realizing that she had just had her first orgasm and she was finally free.

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