Lessons in Love

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Maggie had made her break with family ties when she was eighteen and left home to attend the university in Columbus, Ohio, that was not too far from her hometown of Pittsburgh, PA. It was the first time she really felt free of all the negatives in her young life: father deserting her mother and sister while she was still in the womb, growing up poor in the Projects located in the Hill District situated above the city, and her mother’s second husband sexually molesting her.

It was not a good beginning in her world, but this was a new start for her in which she was responsible for making her own decisions and working hard to get through college and graduate with a BA in English and a minor in Biology. Maggie wanted to be a teacher of English on the high school level.

For the first time in her life she was happy, really happy, and she looked forward to days of hard work, going to classes, having exams, and burning the mid-night oil studying. All this, however, was just a part of her new life that she faced willingly. Just being away from her home and on her own was more than enough to make her happy, and she was determined to do well so that she could continue her four years of college and then go on to grad school for her Masters Degree.

The world was now her oyster for her to open and find the pearl that would help make her happy.

Maggie had a dorm room on the fourth floor of the oldest building on campus whose classrooms had been converted into a dormitory. The building dated back to 1850 when the college was founded, and the large, grey granite building was the only one on campus. From the outside it looked like a prison, cold and foreboding. Three stories were of equal length, but the fourth floor, centered in the middle, was smaller, giving it the appearance of a tower However, Maggie didn’t mind being on the fourth floor except for having to lug all her suitcases and boxes up all the stairs to her room 412. Besides, there were two advantages: there were fewer rooms on the fourth floor…only eight…and the view opened up onto one of the ritzy suburbs of Columbus.

Across and down the street was a small White House fast food place where one could get square hamburgers with lots of glazed onions for ten cents, a diner up from it called the Feed Bag to which she often went about one or two in the morning after she had done her homework to have a full breakfast, a movie theatre, a drug store on one corner and another one across the street from it. There was also a large, brown stone church, and from it there were several clothing shops; another movie theatre that showed risqué movies; and businesses above which were apartments.

The university as well as the eateries, movie houses, stores, and apartments across from it faced Main Street. Every town or city seems to have a Main Street. Just find Sinclair Lewis’ novel Main Street to get the meaning and flavor of its collective meaning of such a popular name for a street.

Maggie shared the dorm room with two roommates, Pam and Bonnie, both of whom were good looking and friendly, but Bonnie was a knockout. She had wavy, shoulder length blonde hair, soft blue eyes, sexual lips, firm breasts, narrow waist, rounded hips, and long legs.

Bonnie majored in music, and her instrument was the organ. She was also a majorette.

Pam was the complete opposite of Bonnie. She had short, brown hair; brown eyes; a good body; but not as curvaceous as Bonnie’s. Her breasts were small and firm, but they suited her small body. Pam was studying to become an elementary school teacher.

The big surprise for Maggie and all the girls on the fourth floor was that they had a Nigerian Princess in their midst.

It took a few days for Maggie to acclimate herself to college life and find her way around campus, but in no time she felt quite at home.

She did remember the Dean of Students at the Freshmen-orientation ask them to look to their right and then to their left. He then told them a foreboding truism, “Of each set of three, only one of you will make it through the first semester.” That was a chilling prognostication to hear at the very beginning of the term.

“Maybe the Dean said that to encourage everyone to work extra hard in order to be that ‘one’ who made it through her or his Freshmen-year,” Maggie thought. “Besides, I graduated high school with Honors, so I should be able to continue doing well in my classes and get good grades.”

In the weeks to follow Maggie got into her regiment of what was needed for her to do at the university. This included working to help pay her tuition as well as room-and-board since she received no help from her mom and That man. She was lucky though because the gardener/groundskeeper of the university needed help, and since she was a Biology major that included both Botany and Zoology, she was placed into the hands of a young, kind man who was from Germany. However, Maggie still found time to have fun with her roommates and friends.

On one particular day, one of her Eryaman Rus Escort floor-mates whose name was Nancy came to Maggie’s room and asked her if she would like to go with her to meet her cousin who had an apartment right across the street from the campus. Nancy told Maggie her cousin was quite a few years older than she, twenty-six to be exact, and was a nurse who worked in one of the hospitals in the city. She shared the apartment with her roommate Kathy.

“Sure, I’d love to meet your cousin, Nancy. I like to meet new people and get to know them. Do you think she’ll mind our barging in on her?” Maggie asked.

“My, gosh, no! I’ve taken a number of girls over to see her,” Nancy answered.

When Nancy told her she took a number of girls over to see her cousin, she wondered why they were just girls and no boys.

“Oh, well, what does it matter to me,” Maggie thought while her mind raced with anxious anticipation of meeting Nancy’s cousin.

It took about ten minutes for Maggie and Nancy to walk slowly across campus to Nancy’s cousin’s second floor apartment where they climbed the stairs that led to her door. Nancy knocked on the door and the two waited.

Maggie heard the turning of the doorknob and then saw the door opening. Nancy’s cousin stood before them, and when Maggie saw her, she gulped as her heart beat faster and she felt butterflies flitting around in her stomach. She was taller than most girls, close to six feet, making her about three inches taller than Maggie. She couldn’t help starring at her large breasts that thrust outwards from under her cut-off, loosely fitting T-Shirt that hung on her right shoulder, exposing the very top of her cleavage. Her abdomen was exposed from where the cut-off T-Shirt stopped to her blue, hip-hugger shorts that seemed to be just above her pubic line.

“Well, hi, Nancy, good to see you. It’s been several weeks since you were over here, and it’s also been several weeks since you’ve written home to your folks. Ma asked me the next time I saw you to tell you to write home.”

“Okay. It’s just that I’m so busy with my classes and homework. We were told that for every hour of class we should spend at least two hours on homework. That’s six hours of study if we have three classes the same day!” Nancy half groaned.

Nancy’s cousin grinned and said, “I know what you mean. It hasn’t been that long since I was in the same place you are now, but hey, come on inside. No sense standing out in the hallway. And who is this lovely girl you brought with you?”

As Nancy led Maggie into the living room, she said, “Oh, I’m sorry. Maggie, this is my cousin Francine, but she prefers to be called by her nickname Flip.” And pointing to Maggie, she continued, “And this is one of my floor-mates, Maggie.”

Flip offered her hand to Maggie, and when their hands touched, Maggie felt an instant sensation and a source of unknown energy pass through her body. This sensual energy caused her nipples become instantly hard and erect that Flip noticed immediately. And Maggie felt light-headed and wet between her legs that she squeezed together as if trying to hold the urge to pee.

Still holding hands, Maggie wondered if Flip felt the sensual energy, too. She looked up and Flip captured Maggie’s green eyes with hers, and Maggie thought she was looking beyond her body into her soul. Maggie felt tingling energy flow between her and Flip, and Flip, too, felt that instant response of their touching hands and felt sexually aroused by it.

“Oh, my, what am I doing? I’m getting turned-on by an eighteen-year old girl? But I can’t help it. It wasn’t planned, but in that instant when our hands touched sensual energy passed between us as if it had a mind of its own,” Flip thought as she looked for answers deep within herself.

Regaining her composure, Flip reluctantly slipped her hand away from Maggie’s and invited Nancy and Maggie to have a seat, making sure Maggie sat beside her on the sofa while Nancy sat in a soft chair opposite it with a coffee table in between.

“I’m so glad you brought Maggie to meet me. I like meeting your friends, especially when they are as beautiful as Maggie,” Flip said as she turned her head and looked at Maggie who was looking at her.

Neither one could deny the instant connection they felt when they touched hands, and neither one could deny how sexually stimulated their touch had been. Flip’s nipples had become instantly hard and erect as had Maggie’s, and both were obvious beneath their T-Shirts. Maggie wondered if Nancy could see both of their erect nipples.

Nancy began talking to Flip, but Flip found it difficult to take her eyes off Maggie. She was absolutely mesmerized by her beauty.

“Hey, remember me? Your cousin Nancy?” Nancy broke into Flip’s and Maggie’s connection.

Nancy’s voice brought her back into reality as she turned her head towards her cousin.

“Why, of course, I remember you, Squirt,” Flip Sincan Rus Escort said jokingly. “How could I forget the little girl who followed me around just about everywhere when she was ten? I couldn’t loose you if I tried. And I didn’t until I went to college and nursing school.”

“Well, I’m not ten anymore, and even though you are eight years older than I, in a way I’ve caught up to you,” said Nancy. “Maggie is just eighteen, too, so you are eight years older than she.”

Flip looked back at Maggie, not having considered the age difference between them. She just knew she was so beautiful and how instantly attracted she was to her. Their first touch was electrifying, and her new feelings for Maggie ignored their age difference.

“Well, Maggie, tell me about yourself,” Flip asked.

Maggie briefly told Flip things about herself, but she left out all the bad things that had happened to her and concentrated on the good such as having good friends while she was in high school and her very best friend Jackie. The rest was obvious. She decided to go to college and major in English since she had a desire to become a teacher and writer.

“I guess that’s about it, Flip. Not very interesting. Is it?”

“On the contrary, I enjoyed hearing about you, Maggie,” Flip assured her.

Maggie smiled and looked deeply into Flip’s hazel eyes.

“Well, what about you, Flip?” asked Maggie. “I told you my life story. Now you tell me yours. Fair is fair.”

“Hey, what about me?” asked Nancy.

“Oh, we already know about you, Squirt,” Flip answered.

“Stop calling me Squirt! I’m no longer young and short,” Nancy said somewhat defensively.

Flip smiled at Nancy and said, “You’re right, Nancy, but I’d like to share some things about me with your friend Maggie that you already know. As she said, ‘Fair is fair.'”

“Well, Maggie, there’s not much to tell. I led a pretty normal life growing up on a small farm outside Marysville, Ohio, and doing the usual. After graduating from high school, I went to college and studied to become a nurse, and now I work as a floor nurse in a hospital in the city. That’s about it, Maggie,” said Flip.

The one thing Maggie wanted to know about Flip was whether she had any really close friends, boyfriend’s or girlfriends…hoping she liked girls rather than boys. In other words Maggie was hoping Flip was a lesbian as she was. She really hoped so, and she thought she might be from the unspoken connection between them when they shook hands. It was not the usual handshake between strangers.

This gave her hope.

“Maggie, what I’m about to tell you I don’t try to hide, so I’ll be truthful with you,” Flip, said, hoping Maggie was a lesbian or at least bi-curious or bi-sexual. “I’ve been in a relationship with a senior college girl for some time now, and we get along fairly well, but it isn’t one of those everlasting relationships.”

Maggie looked over at Nancy to get her reaction.

“Oh, don’t worry about Nancy. She has known for some time I’m a lesbian,” Flip assured Maggie. “Haven’t you?”

“Yes, a long time. Ever since I was a young girl and accidentally caught Flip in bed with one of her college roommates she had invited to spend Thanksgiving vacation on the farm,” Nancy answered.

Maggie quietly breathed a sigh of relief now knowing Flip was a lesbian and that maybe, just maybe, she had a chance making love with her. She already had created mental pictures of them together in bed.

“Oh, Maggie, look at the time. We’d better get going. It’s about dinner time, and you know how packed the Student Union gets,” said Nancy in a nearly frantic voice.

Maggie looked at her watch, and it was 4:45 PM, and the Student Union opened its lines at 5:00 PM.

“All right, Nancy. Let’s go. We want to miss the crowds,” Maggie replied reluctantly.

Maggie started to get up from the sofa and Flip stood up, too, offering her hand to Maggie. Maggie stared at Flip and exchanged deep looks as she put her hand into hers, wondering if she would have the same sensual experience. Yes, she hadn’t been mistaken by what had happened before. There was definitely an instant connection between them.

Her hand trembling as she held Maggie’s hand in hers, Flip turned her gaze on her cousin and said, “Nancy, why don’t you and Maggie come over Friday evening. I’ll make us dinner, and if you don’t tell the house mother, I’ll have a bottle of wine, too.”

“Oh, golly, Flip, we’d love to come over, but I already have a date for Friday,” Nancy said.

Flip’s heart skipped a beat with anticipation as she worked to control her breathing.

“I’m sorry you won’t be able to come, but that doesn’t mean Maggie can’t come by herself,” said Flip. “Would you like to come over, Maggie? There would just be the two of us since my roommate Kathy will be going home for the weekend.”

Flip held her breath as she waited for Maggie’s answer, hoping it Etlik Rus Escort would be “yes.”

Maggie went flush before she said anything. She didn’t want to seem too obvious, so with knees atremble, she looked at Flip and said, “Why, that would be wonderful, Flip. Even though my other two roommates and I get along quite well, I enjoy getting out of the dorm on my own. But, I don’t want to put you out just for me.”

Flip’s voice quivered slightly when she said, “Oh, it’s no bother, Maggie. I’d enjoy your company. And we can get to know one another even better.”

“Then, okay,” said Maggie, smiling with joy.

“Good. I’ll see you Friday. Seven o’clock all right with you?” Flip asked.

“Any time is fine for me,” responded Maggie enthusiastically as visions of their being alone together filled her mind and made her quite wet between the legs.

Friday came none too soon for Maggie. All she had been able to think about the rest of the week was going to Flip’s apartment and being with her…alone.

“I wonder what will happen,” Maggie pondered. “Probably nothing but eat and talk. What would an experienced, beautiful, twenty-six year old lesbian want with a nearly inexperienced young girl of eighteen like me? Oh, well, I’ll soon find out.”

Maggie crossed Main Street at Drexel Avenue and climbed the stairs that brought her to Flip’s second floor apartment. She took several deep breaths to calm herself before she knocked on the door, feeling as if her insides were mush. With hand shaking Maggie knocked on the door and waited.

Flip opened the door, having a big, warm smile on her face, and invited Maggie inside. I’m glad you dressed casually, Maggie, since I did, too. After being in a nurse’s uniform all day, it’s good to get into something loose and comfortable, and what’s better is the fact I’m off tomorrow, so I can sleep in with no alarm clock going off.

Maggie wore a pair of purple shorts and a white T-Shirt that had the school’s logo on it, the university’s colors being purple and white. It was somewhat tight, making her nipples obvious through the cotton material. On her feet were white socks and walking shoes.

She had taken special care applying the little make-up she used and fixed her long, curly, orange hair into a single, French braid that hung down to the middle of her back. Her hair was so orange that she was called “carrot top” when she was growing up, both in and out of school. Her fair complexion with a few freckles on the tip of her nose set off her brilliant green eyes. Anyone looking at Maggie would know she was Irish, and, of course, her name Maggie for whom she was named after her great-great-grandmother Maggie who had come over to the US during the Great Potato Famine clinched it.

“Come on in, Maggie. No sense standing in the hallway.”

Maggie walked into the living room as Flip closed the door, locked it, and joined her. As Flip followed Maggie, she took in every detail of her…her body as well as the way she walked.

Flip was wearing blue shorts that were quite loose at the bottom and went up just above her pubic line. She had a very loose-fitting white top cut off just enough to cover her breasts with short sleeves. This revealed Flip’s lower abdomen in a most sexy way, and Maggie saw she was not wearing a bra underneath her T-Shirt because her nipples were quite visible pressing against the cotton fabric. She even saw the faint silhouettes of her areolas. Maggie wondered what caused Flip’s nipples become hard and erect since she had come into her apartment. Was her arousal mental, sexual, or both?

Flip, too, had taken special care with her make-up to make sure it all came together, and she had brushed her short, auburn hair back on top and to the sides, but loosely done so that it had body and looked natural. Short hair was good when dealing with patients. She didn’t have to mess around fixing her nurse’s cap.

Maggie was spell bound by Flip’s eyes and by her lips covered with a seductive, red lip-gloss that made them look like a woman’s pussy lips.

Maggie seldom wore make-up because her cheeks had a natural flush to them, and her lips were soft red like wild cherries.

“My, you are beautiful, Maggie, even in casual clothes, but then, I’m sure you’ve been told that many times,” Flip said.

Maggie blushed, and her cheeks became even more flushed.

“Well, I don’t know about that, Flip. I’ve always considered myself as being plain, and I could do without my freckles,” Maggie said.

“No, no!” said Flip. “You have a natural beauty, and your freckles are a part of you. Believe me you are most assuredly beautiful.”

“And I think you are stunningly gorgeous, Flip. You are very sexy and desirable,” Maggie sighed.

“Well, enough of praising one another’s beauty. Come sit down on the sofa so we can talk and get to know one another better,” said Flip as she sat down and patted the cushion close to her. “Supper will be a few minutes. I’m baking lasagna. Hope you like Italian.”

“I love Italian,” answered Maggie.

While the lasagna was in the oven, Flip and Maggie shared small talk about their pasts, and each felt the palpable, aroused tension between them. They were both excited to be together, and yet they skirted around the issue of their being attracted to one another, neither one wanting to be the one to make the first move.

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