Lessons Learned (Part One)

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When the call came you didn’t know what to think. You had told your friend Kim that you had been at the bookstore last weekend and had come upon the erotica section, quite by mistake. You had fun browsing all the titles but for some reason when you spotted this particular book, you felt, well you felt quite aroused. “Woman by Day, Dominatrix by Night” was the title and according to the picture on the back of it the author was a Mistress “M”. You had quickly glanced around to see if anyone was looking and opened the book. There were pictures, drawings and quite a bit of text and you felt your eyes widen as you scanned one of the pages. Placing the book under the magazines you had found you quickly made your way to the check out area.

As the woman behind the counter scanned the magazines and then picked up the book, she looked at the cover and then turned it over to see the woman clad in black leather on the back. Slowly her eyes lifted from it to take you in. You could feel the heat actually rush to your face as you quickly turned scarlet red. If she had not have had your credit card you certainly would have fled the store. When you got to your car, you had sat there and your curiosity piqued had read the entire book, cover to cover. Over drinks that evening you had told her, “Kim, it’s amazing, men who actually want a woman who is powerful, sexual, who takes from them instead of the other way around.” She had simply smiled at you, a slight grin on her face like the cat that ate the canary.

You had regaled her with what you had read and when you were parting company she had casually asked “Can you see yourself being like that, like that dominatrix?”

“Me?” you replied, “I, I don’t know. I think I’d love it if a man would look at me that way.” She smiled again, wished you a good night and you had gone your separate ways. You really hadn’t given the conversation much thought until the phone call. “Is this Suzie?”

“Yes, who’s calling please?”

“Suzie, listen very closely. I do not repeat myself and I will only make this call once. Do you understand?” You feel as if you’re back in grade school again and can’t help but answer meekly, “yes ma’am.”

“Good, my name is Beth. A mutual friend of ours, Kim, called me and suggested I might contact you. She said that you’ve shown an interest in the world of bondage Starzbet and discipline is that correct?” You feel that same tingle in your stomach just like the time you had first picked up that book. “Please don’t make me repeat myself again, is that correct?”

“Yes, yes that’s correct, uh, Beth.”

“Good, then I will expect you tonight at 8 p.m. at my home. My address is 5037 Lakeland Drive. I will see you then.”

Eight p.m. and you found yourself in a sitting parlor awaiting your hostess. You looked around at all the fine antiques and paintings and couldn’t help but think surely this didn’t come from….and then she was there. A statuesque woman, about 5′ 8″ with long black hair and emerald green eyes. She didn’t look like the woman on the back of the book. She was dressed in a business suit, red with gold buttons on the jacket and a pair of low heels. “Surprised my dear?” as your face must have given you away. “Did you expect me to come out wearing a black mask carrying whips and chains?”

“No, I mean I didn’t really but I…”

“It’s quite alright Suzie, most people don’t know what to expect when they first meet me. Here, have a seat and we’ll talk about things. You see, I provide a service to select individuals and according to your friend Kim who is in my employ, you didn’t know that did you? Well, she said that you’ve shown quite an interest in the service that I provide. I can teach you more than you can ever dream of reading about if you would like. Would you like that? Good.”

“You will be in training for the next thirty days. You will watch, you will listen and you will learn. After that thirty days we will talk and if you decide that this is the path that you wish to follow we will sign our agreement. You will provide me with your services for one year’s time and then you are free to go or to stay. Is that understood?” You nod your head and she favors you with a smile. “At the end of your thirty days you, I and one of the others will go and you will pick an individual that you will train as your first. I don’t want someone who is into the craft shall we say, it’s better if we find someone who will need your firm hand to show them the way.”

And so for the next thirty days you did just that. You watched session after session behind a two way mirror, listened as each of the dominatrix Starzbet Giriş used their voice and their bodies to insure their success and learned just how to carry yourself in a manner that the more you watched became more intoxicating. You learned that it was not just men who used the “services”, women also were in need of the afore mentioned firm hand. Each night when you would return home you could barely contain yourself, the night’s proceedings driving you to find your own pleasure as best you could. Finally, thirty days had passed and you sat once again in the parlor. “Well, what is your answer my dear.”

“Yes, Mistress Beth, please.” The smile filled her face, “Good, we will go out tonight.”

Your friend Kim entered the room and Beth instructed her to help you prepare for the evening ahead. “Yes ma’am” she meekly said and with that took your hand in hers and lead you down the hallway. You had not seen her since your last dinner together, contact having been forbidden since you began your training. “I’m so happy for you Cheryl, I think you’re going to be wonderful.” You expressed your pleasure at seeing her again but mentioned you were surprised that you had not seen her during your time here. She smiled shyly and said, “That’s because I’m a submissive.”

“You seem surprised Cheryl.” You couldn’t help but be, Kim had always seemed so full of life, so sure of herself and so in control, or at least you thought so. She must have seen your face and laughed saying, “I work for Mistress, she uses me when she has dominants in from out of town. I provide a service just like you will. It’s kind of like night and day, during the day I’m Kim but at night I’m well, you know. Better get used to it, there may come a time when we’ll have to play together” and Kim’s familiar smile came back and you rewarded her with a swift slap to the fanny. “Ummm, more Mistress Cheryl and you both laughed.

“Here we are” she announced as you came to the end of the hallway and entered a room filled with rack after rack of clothes, shoes and jewelry. “Now, what do we want you to look like for your first night?” Fifteen minutes later that question had been answered. There in the full length mirror stood a beautiful woman, a long black leather skirt slit much higher than she’d ever dare worn before with a tight white knit Starzbet Güncel Giriş top that left her shoulders bare. Black fishnet stockings encased in knee length black leather boots and a black lace choker finished off the look. “You look magnificent Mistress Cheryl” and when you turned to thank your friend you found that you weren’t alone.

“She’s right, you do look magnificent, I feel pity for whomever you pick tonight. They just may be in for more than they can handle”

“Thank you Mistress Beth.”

“This is Jade, she will be accompanying us this evening.” You look to see a woman you had viewed many times before behind the mirror. Kim was on her knees and the shorthaired blonde woman was stroking her hair gently, until grabbing it and jerking Kim’s head back. “You do not speak to the Mistress unless you are spoken too. Have you not learned that lesson yet?” Before the kneeling girl could answer she was jerked to her feet by her hair, her face drawn inches from Jade’s who said, “I will deal with you when I return”, and with that she sent Kim sprawling out the door.

Silence filled the room for a moment or two, long enough for you to remember back, seeing Jade and the trail of devastation she had left wherever and whenever she had taken part in a session. At first you had thought she was quite the actress, filled with fury towards her subject but you came to realize that this person simply enjoyed the pain and suffering that she could admonish upon others. As she turned and looked you directly in your eyes you had to physically make yourself keep your gaze upon hers to show no fear. This was a woman who was pure evil.

“Let us be off” said Beth and with that you followed with Jade behind you back down the hallway and out the front door where a waiting long black sedan was waiting. You were instructed to get in the back, while Beth sat up front with Jade driving. Thirty minutes later she pulled up to a sign, The Club and parked the car near the back of the almost full lot. “Jade will accompany you. I will wait here. When you find a suitable individual excuse yourself to use the ladies room and she will meet you there. She will know how to handle things.”

“Yes ma’am” and with that you got out of the car and started walking towards the entrance with Jade following close behind. As you went to open the door, her hand came flying forward, shutting it quickly. You turn to see her smiling at you as she says, “Pick one with some life, there the most fun to break” and with that she stepped in front of you and into the club.

To Be Continued…

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