Let it Rain – 1

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Let it Rain – 1

I was on my way home from a three day weekend ride on my motorcycle when I stopped about 90 miles from home to get something for lunch. They had the news on and when the weather came up they said a front was coming thru and we were in for thunderstorms and a temperature drop of around 20 degrees. I finished eating and pulled back on the road looking at some angry dark clouds off in the distance. I decided to hurry like hell and see if there was a chance of getting home before it hit. About 20 miles down the road the front must have passed because the wind picked up and the temperature dropped. I stopped long enough to put on my leathers and took off again. I made about 30 miles before the sky opened up and it rained like someone had a fire hose on me and visibility was almost zero.

I took an off ramp that let me put under the hi-way overpass and stopped out of the rain and wind. It wasn’t really that cold but when you’re soaked it feels a lot worse. I got a towel that I used on the bike out of a saddlebag and was wiping my face and goggles when a big Ford dually with a flat bed trailer pulled in from the direction I had come. It pulled up next to me and the window rolled down. A feminine voice asked if I needed help. I told her I was waiting out the rain and she told me that the latest weather report said I would probably be raining for at least the next twelve hours.

“How far is it to a motel?”

“At least 40 miles, my place is a couple of miles down the road. I have some tie downs, we can put your bike on the trailer and you can wait there while I take care of my horses.” I figured why not. It sounded a lot better than sitting under a cold overpass. She got out to help me get the bike on the trailer and told me her name was Mona. I told her I was Bill. I tried to get a look at her body but in her big rain slicker and floppy wet cowboy hat, all I could see was her face and wet blonde hair. If I had to guess, she was about 5’10” in her boots and maybe my age, about 30-32 years old.

We got the bike loaded and she headed to what she called her place. She stopped at a big iron gate, got out unlocked it and pushed it open. After we pulled thru I jumped out as soon as she stopped. “I’ll get it.” I closed the gate and put the padlock back on it and jumped back in.

“Wow, a gentleman. I don’t run across many of you anymore.” She drove up the road about half a mile until we went over a rise and pulled up to a two story brick house that I could only describe as huge. She drove around back and pulled the truck and trailer into a large metal barn. “You can go inside and warm up while I check on my horses.”

“Do you need any help? It’s the least I can do after you brought me in out of the rain.”

“Sure, if you want to. Come on.” We ran thru the rain to another building. When we got inside I saw it was full of stalls on both side. “This was my father’s horse farm. I inherited it when he and my mother were killed in a plane crash 5 years ago. I work 24/7 to keep it going. I had to let my help go during the drought. I could barely pay the bills after buying feed. Now we’re getting rain and the pastures are green again and I can’t find any decent help.” I cleaned out stalls and carried grain while she checked each of the horses. When we had checked the other barns and she was satisfied everything was in order we ran thru the rain back to the house.

The back door opened in to a combination mudroom/laundry room. I watched as she took off the slicker and hung it up to dry, then pulled off her boots and the heavy flannel shirt she had on. She had her back to me but I could see she had a decent figure. She grabbed a couple of towels from a closet and threw one my way. “Throw your clothes in the dryer and wrap up in this.” She stood with her back to me as I stripped and put my stuff in. I wrapped the towel around my waist and turned around. She was standing in her bra and panties drying her hair with her towel.

She had an athletic build. You would never mistake her for one of those skinny runway models. She looked to be about a 34D-26-36 and her dark areolas were visible thru the thin material of her bra. When she turned towards me I could see she was not shaved and obviously a natural blonde. My eyes must have lingered to long. “Do you see something you like?” All I could do was stutter. She picked up her clothes and handed them to me. “Put these in the dryer.” I turned and threw them in and when I turned back she had her bra off and was sliding her panties down. She stepped past me and bent down to throw them in the dryer giving me a close up view of her puckered brown butt hole and her pink lips peeking out of her slit.

She turned back to me and pointed at the tent my dick had created in the towel. “Looks like you’re little friend is impressed.” She kissed me on the cheek as she squeezed my dick thru the towel. “Come with me.” Naked, she took me on a quick tour of the ground floor. My apartment would have fit in the dining room. We hit the staircase and started up with her in the lead. Her butt was round, firm and wiggled perfectly as she walked. I wanted to reach up and put my hands on it but we reached the top before I worked up the nerve.

“If you go to the left there are 5 bedrooms that share 3 bathrooms. They haven’t been used in a while. Since my parents died I haven’t had many people out here.” We turned to the left but instead of a hallway there was a set of large double oak doors. When she pushed them open we walked into the master bedroom. I thought the dining room was large but this was the size of two of my one bedroom apartment. She walked thru to a door on the other side that opened into the largest bathroom I had ever seen. On one wall was a Jacuzzi tub that could hold at least three and next to it was an open shower that was the size of my living room. One wall had a granite counter with two raised wash bowls and the rest of the room was taken up by a divan and dressing area.

She walked over to the tub and turned on the water. “Care to join me in a hot bath?” She stepped into the tub and beckoned me with her finger. I dropped my towel as I stepped in. “Oh my. That’s an impressive member you have there.” It had been called a lot of things in my life but impressive was not something I heard often. Most of the time women were fascinated at first with a dick that was 9 ½” long and 2” wide but soon complained it was too much. That’s the reason at 35 I was still single.

I sat down in the tub facing her with my legs outside hers. And she started asking me questions. “What do you do for a living when you’re not riding around in the rain?”

“I work in construction when it’s not raining. If this keeps up it will probably take three or four days of sunshine before we start back up.”

“That must play hell with your bills.” She moved her feet up to my crotch and was wiggling her toes on my balls and shaft.

“I get the bills paid but sometimes, like when it rains every other day for a couple of weeks, I get real tired of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches.” She had started rubbing her feet up and down my shaft. It felt amazingly good.

“Have you thought about finding work doing something that the weather doesn’t interfere with?” We soaked for a while before she got up and stepped out of the tub. She held out a hand to me so I got up and let her towel me dry. She led me to her king sized bed and sat down with me standing before her. She cupped my balls with one hand as she tried to wrap the other one around my shaft. “I’ve never held one this big before. I hope your patient because it’s been over a year since I’ve had a man. I’m usually too tired after working to keep this place running to go into town.” She slowly and gently ran her hand up and down my shaft like she was unsure what to do next. When a drop of pre-cum appeared on the tip of my shaft she put the tip of her tongue to it. “Mmmmm, a little salty but it tastes better than I remembered. I hope you have a lot more for me.”

I pushed her back on the bed, bent over her and kissed her on her luscious lips. She pulled my head to her and returned the kiss like the love starved woman she was. I rose up and looked in her brilliant blue eyes. “Don’t be selfish. Let me make you feel good to.” I kissed her neck as I moved down to put my hands on her tender, firm breasts. As I kneaded those round globes, I licked and sucked on each dime sized nipple in turn. She was moaning softly as I moved down to her love mound. I moved around so my knees were on either side of her head before I pulled her legs back under my arms giving me unlimited access to her now parted slit and the little crinkled ring of her ass.

I put my mouth over her slit and teased her clit with my tongue. She jerked her hips up and groaned. “It’s been too long, I wasn’t ready for that.” I kept on teasing her nub as she put her lips to my Glans and probed the tip with her tongue. I spread her wet slit and slipped my tongue across the entrance to her love hole as she stretched her lips over my Glans taking several inches into her warm mouth. I sucked one of her inner lips between my lips massaging it as I sucked on it and flicked my tongue on it. She had begun bobbing her mouth on my shaft as she stroked what she couldn’t get in with her hand. I worked over both of her lips before I stabbed my tongue into her hot hole.

As I pushed my tongue as far as it would go she tried to yell around my shaft and was hunching her mound to my face. As her body trembled her nectar began to flow into my mouth. It was hot, musky and tart. It was delicious. As she came down from her orgasm I rose up to move off of her. My dick came out of her mouth but she held on tight with her hand. I rolled on to my back next to her. “Where do you think you’re going? You can’t give me an orgasm like that and just roll away. I’m not done with your wonderful cock.”

She sat up and moved between my legs and sucked my dick back into her mouth. As her head bobbed on my dick she played with my balls, rubbing, squeezing and holding one in each hand spreading the as far apart as she could. At one point she wrapped them around my shaft making them touch on the other side. She looked up at me smiling down at her and pulled her mouth off my shaft. “Are you laughing at me?”

“No, not at all, I just realized how much you look like a kid with a new toy.”

“A damn big new toy!” She went back to stroking my dick with her mouth. I could feel the tip hitting the back of her mouth on each stroke. Every few times she held it as she pushed it harder and I could feel her trying to swallow. I took her head in my hands and pulled her off of me. “I’m sorry. I just can’t get it to go down.”

“Don’t be. You wouldn’t be the first who couldn’t but right now I want to feel your hot pussy riding my dick.” She slid up my body pressing my shaft against my belly with her mound. She sat up with her hands on my chest and slid her mound back and forth on my dick letting it slip into her wet slit. After a few moments she rose up just enough to let her grab my dick and line it up with the entrance to her vagina. She lowered herself down until the head entered her. “Oh god I don’t know if I can get it all in.” She was not moving lower and she was starting to tremble. I tried to push into her. “STOP, let me do this please.” She rose up just a little the lowered herself down taking several more inches into her tight velvet sleeve. She was so tight if felt like we were trying to fit a 2” peg in a 1 ½” hole. I just wanted to get it all in before I blew my load. At the rate she was going that wasn’t going to happen.

“Oh damn, I already feel full and it’s not even half way in.” She rose up again and this time she was able to get half way down. She was breathing rapidly and I could feel her heartbeat where her sleeve was clenching my shaft. She rose up and made several slow short strokes before saying, “Oh fuck let’s get this done.” She rose up until just the head was inside her them dropped down driving all 9 ½” deep into her womb. “OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD.” Then she collapsed on my chest. Five minutes later she raised her head and looked at me.

“I’m so sorry. I don’t know what happened.”

“Don’t be sorry, I hope I can do that for you several more times.” She sat back up and cautiously made a couple of short strokes. As she gained confidence she took longer strokes until she was rising up until just the tip was in her hole then slamming back down. She was riding my shaft like a mad woman as I mauled her firm tits with my hands. I was finally able to pull her down so I could suck on her swollen, rock hard nipples as she continued to drive herself onto my shaft. I could feel my cum start as she started yelling. “FUCK ME. FILL ME WITH YOUR SPERM. FUCK ME, FUCK ME. OH GOD JUST FUCK ME.” I started blasting ropes of my sticky goo into her. When gaziantep lezbiyen she drove down the last time my dick shot the last directly into her womb. She was shaking hard and gasping as she lowered her self and laid on me with my softening dick still in her pussy. She kissed me all over my face then rose up to look at me. “That was so amazing. That is the best orgasm I have ever had. Please tell me there’s more where that came from.”

“It’s all yours but right now I think we should rest awhile before we continue.”

“Whatever you want.” She got up and ran into the bathroom and came back with a warm washrag and cleaned up both of us. She pulled the covers back on the bed, climbed in and pulled me to her. She pulled the covers back over us and snuggled up to me with one leg between my legs, her breast pressing into my side and her head on my shoulder. “I hope you don’t mind. This is a lot better than the pillow I usually hold.” I lay there listening to her breathing slow as she relaxed and drifted off to sleep. She was pretty, sexy, self sufficient and was like a teenager when it came to sex. I could get used to this. That was my last thought as sleep overtook me.

I woke up to Mona’s mouth on my dick. I rose up on my elbows to watch. She took my dick out and smiled. “I woke up hungry and decided I wanted a snack before dinner.” She was stoking me with her hand as she talked. When she sucked me back into her mouth my head was hitting the back of her mouth again and she was still trying to force more in. while she was trying to get more down she was using one hand to stroke the rest of my shaft rapidly with a tight grip. Her other hand was between her legs rubbing her clit. It was only a few minutes before I felt my cum starting to boil up. I wrapped my fingers in her hair and was stroking my dick with her mouth. I was forcing her down and holding her while I enjoyed the opening of her throat trying to work around the tip of my shaft. It might be some time before she could swallow my dick but for now her throat felt like a pair of lips teasing the head of my shaft.

Cum blasted out of my shaft, hitting the back of her mouth. It startled her and more shot out before she could swallow. Soon she had more than her mouth could hold and it leaked out round my dick and ran down to my balls. When my dick quit twitching she pulled my dick out with a pop, swallowed and licked her lips. “Next time let me know your gonna come so I don’t waste any.”

“Don’t waste it, lick it up.” she cupped my balls with one hand and began gobbling up the goo that had leaked out then licked my shaft clean.

“Better?” She crawled up next to me and kissed my chest. “Anything special you want for supper. Don’t say me, that’s for desert.” When I told her I wasn’t particular, she grinned and pulled me out of bed. “Come on then you can help.” We went downstairs to a kitchen that looked like I belonged in a small café. She had me peeling and slicing potatoes while she marinated a couple of steaks and made a salad. When the potatoes were fried and the steaks came off the grill we piled food on our plates and she said to follow her. We walked thru the house until she led me out onto a glassed in patio with a glass overhead. The thunderstorm was still dropping buckets of rain and we could see lightning in the distance as she sat down on the couch next to me.

“This is my favorite room in the house. I like to sit out here and watch the lightning or look at the stars on clear nights.”
We sat and ate as the rain poured and the lightning drew closer. When we finished she gathered up the dishes and left. “I’ll be right back.” She returned with a beer in each hand and sat down in my lap. “A good steak deserves a good beer.” We sat there watching the storm and drinking. We talked and I found out she was 40 years old, never married, didn’t want kids and had lived out here alone since her folks died. The only family she had was a sister two years older than her that lived in Kentucky. They talked on the phone 3-4 times a year but she hadn’t seen her since the funeral.

I told her I was thirty five, no kids, never married, been working I construction since I got out of high school. When she asked why I stayed single I told her. “What has you excited now usually becomes a problem later. Most women talk a mean game about wanting a man with a big dick but after while they decide they don’t like sex with something the size of a salami 2-3 times a day.” She reached down and rubbed my half hard dick.

“What woman I her right mind wouldn’t want to have you around. I can’t wait for you to fill me again with that gorgeous piece of man meat. If you stick around I want to get it down my throat and up my ass. When you can do them each every day I’ll be the happiest woman around. But I do want you to fill me again, right now.” My dick was hard again with her stroking it and talking about deep throating and anal. I stood up with her and had her put her knees on the couch and bend over, with her arms on the back of the couch. I stood behind her and put my dick at the entrance to her pussy.

“Are you ready to be filled?” She just nodded yes and laid her head on her arms. I held her hips and pushed until the Glans entered her hot sleeve. She trembled. “Oh god it still feels too big, but don’t stop I want it all inside me.” I kept pushing until my balls were against her mound. She groaned louder and her body shook like she was standing naked in the cold. I held my dick deep in her to give her time to adjust. I could feel the muscles in her clenching my shaft like they were trying to expel the oversized intruder.

I pulled back until only the head remained and pushed back in again. She grunted each time the head of my shaft hit her womb. I picked up the pace as I felt her reach between her legs and touch my dick before beginning to rub her clit. My dick was wet with her juices so I pulled out for a moment and inserted my fingers to make them slick. I put my dick back in her and as I pumped in her, I rubbed my cum slickened fingers over her asshole, making her moan more. I pushed my index finger against her little brown ring and it popped in to the first knuckle. “What are you doing?”

“You said you wanted me to fuck your ass so I’m getting you ready.”

“You don’t think you’re going to put that big thing in my ass tonight do you?”

“Not until you ask me to but you have to start small.” I moved the tip of my finger around waiting for her sphincter to relax. When it did I slipped it in another knuckle and then stroked her ass as I stroked her pussy.

“Mmmmmmm, a big dick in my pussy and a finger in my ass, Yesterday I would have thought it would never happen.” I pushed my finger as deep as it would go and as I stroked it more I pulled to each side to relax it more. When I put the second finger in she pushed back against my hand and cried out. “Oh fuck, finger my ass. Fuck me I want it all. Fuck my holes.” I put the third finger in and as I drove them in her ass and my dick in her pussy. Her back arched and her head flew up. “I’M CCUUMMMMING. FUCK ME. PUT YOUR DICK DEEP IN MY PUSSY.” I drove my dick and fingers deep into her and held them there. Her body shook like she was having a seizure and her wobbly legs barely held her. I pulled my fingers from her ass and watched it slowly constrict. When I pulled my still hard shaft from her she said, “God I feel so empty now.

I eased her down on her side on the couch and lay down next to her, wrapping my arms around her. She felt my shaft poking her between her butt cheeks and jumped. “You’re still hard. Are you up for some more?”

“I’m ready the question is can you handle it.”

“Get up for a minute and we’ll see.” She got up and pulled me to my feet. She threw all the cushions off the couch then folded it out to a queen sized bed. She went and got sheets and blankets and I helped her make it up. When we were done she hopped up in the middle on all fours facing the foot of it and the windows. “Since this is a horse ranch, why don’t you jump up here and do me pony style. After all you’re built for it.” I got up on the bed behind her but she turned around. “Let me lick it slick first.” She licked the length of it and spit on it until it was well coated and slick. She turned around and reached between her legs to guide my shaft as she moved back to me. She shivered as she rubbed the head thru her slit, stopping with the tip against her tunnel.

I took hold of her waist and pushed the head into her. She put her head on the bed and started groaning as I slowly filled her with my shaft. When it was fully in her she reached back and rubbed my testicles with one hand as she rubbed her clit with the other. “Oh damn it feels even bigger. Do me slow and hold it in. Every time you fill me my body tingles.” I made the long slow strokes she wanted and listened to her low moaning as I held it deep every few strokes and she teased my sack. “Baby do if faster, please.” I sped up my strokes and pushed harder. She grunted each time my balls slapped her mound. Soon she cried “More. Give me more.”

I pushed her down flat on the bed and moved her right leg from between mine. I rolled her onto her left side and pulled her right leg straight up in front of me. I went back to driving into her with my balls rubbing along her inner thigh. I went an extra ½” into her and she yelled as more of her stretched inside. “Oh my god, where did that come from? Is it growing as you fuck me?” I just smiled at her and drove into her again. As I pounded into her I felt my balls tighten. Just as her body spasmed, I pushed deep and hard and held it as I unloaded more of my sperm deep in her. “OOOHHHH FFFFUUUUUCCCCKKK MMMMEEEE” and she passed out.

I lowered her leg and collapsed next to her. I lay there watching the lightning and rain for a few minutes before I pulled the covers over us and fell asleep holding her in my arms. We were both startled awake by thunder that shook the house and sounded like it was directly overhead. She had jumped back into my arms but started laughing. “Guess I’m being silly.” Just as she started to let go another one shook the house. She grabbed me tighter. “You don’t mind if I’m silly for a little longer do you?” We lay back down and held each other as we watched the lightning show and laughed between booms. It was only 3am so we dozed off again and the next time I woke it was 5:30 and she was getting out of bed. “I need to check the barns. You can go back to sleep.”

“Can I tag along and help?”

“Sure, Lets go.” She headed for the back door still naked.

“Are you going to get dressed?”

“Rubber boots and a slicker! Why get more clothes wet? The wind has died down so it won’t be bad out and the rain is just a heavy drizzle now.” We grabbed the stuff from the mud room and headed out to the first barn. All the animals were calm so we check their feed then moved on to the two other barns. We found some tack had shaken off the walls but everything else looked ok. “I really should go check the other property. You want to help me unhook the trailer so I can make a quick run over there.

“You get dressed and I’ll be done by the time you get back.”

“What is it with you and clothes? Don’t you like me naked?”

I thought you would want to put something on if you’re going down the road.”

I’m not going to a party. Christ the horses don’t care. My license and keys were still in my slicker. Now are you going with me or are you going to wimp out?” 5 minutes later the trailer was unhooked and we were headed to the other property. On the way she told this one had more acreage because it was divided up to keep breeding pairs separate. Right now she was just keeping the guys from the girls, in her words ‘Because you know how you guys get around a hot girl.’

Everything looked ok. We checked the breeding barn last. When she showed me the area where she did her breeding I told her to not move and took off. I dragged two square bales into the area and ran off again. I came back with a saddle blanket, stacked the bales and covered them with the blanket. “What do you have on your mind?” I pulled her over to the end of the bales, pulled off her slicker and pushed her forward over them.

“You know how us guys get around a hot girl.” I dropped my slicker to the floor and drove my dick into her hot tunnel.

“Oh God, breed me like a mare, ram that big cock in me.” I pulled out just long enough to wet my fingers in her dripping pussy. Then I drove my shaft back in and rubbed the lube across her virgin asshole before plunging one finger in her ass. “Finger my ass and stretch it so you can fuck it with your cock.” She was pushing back to meet my strokes and when I put the second finger in she trembled and pushed harder. I put another finger in and all she said was “OOOOOOOHHHHHH.” I was spreading my fingers and feeling her anus relax when she cried out.

“Fuck my virgin ass and fill it with man meat. Put it all in me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes damn it, fuck my ass.” I pulled out of the heat of her clenching pussy and put the tip to her ass.

“Your choice fast or slow, either way will probably hurt.”

“Do it now all at once I want it all in me.” I grabbed her hips again and lunged forward. She had no way to get away. Her mound was against the hay bales with only the material of the blanket to protect her tender flesh from the rough straw. I doubt she would have felt it as she screamed. “EEEEEEEIIIIIIIIIIIIYYYYYYYYHHHHHHH. STOP. STOP. STOP. My ass feels like it’s on fire. Oh god please don’t move.” She was gasping for air as I stood there waiting for her to relax. Her sphincter was tight around the base of my dick like a super cock ring and she could feel it twitch with my heart beat. After a few minutes she moved back from the bales. Let me do it lover, Please?”

She moved forward about an inch and stopped. “Oh damn this is going to take a while.” She waited a minute and pushed it back in with a loud groan. After 5 minutes she was sliding half of my shaft in and out of her ass. The next stroke she backed me up and moved forward until only the head was still inside. “Fuck my ass now lover. Make me cum.” As I drove into her I pushed her against the bales and continued until my balls hit her pussy. I was trying to make it last but all this time with her anal cock ring on my shaft made it impossible. Just as I buried my shaft in her bowels and sprayed her insides with cum, she shuddered and started gasping and yelling again. “I…OH…..GOD….I…..CAN FEEL……YOU’RE…HOT CUM……INSIDE ME….PLEASE….KEEP……FUCKING ME.” My knees were getting weak but I pulled back and drove into her a few more times, prolonging her orgasm until I couldn’t hold myself up. I fell forward laying on top of her. I was breathing as hard as she was.

My dick was going soft but her sphincter was still holding me tight. When our breathing slowed, I pulled out and helped her up. She stood there rubbing her ass cheeks. “Damn you’re going to have to do a lot of ass kissing mister.” She kicked her boots off and walked to a sink and grabbed a bar of soap. “When was the last time you stood in the rain and took a shower?” I kicked off my boots and followed her out the door. It was raining harder and beginning to get light out. She turned to me and rubbed the soap on me creating a good lather. She washed me from head to toe making sure she touched every inch of my flesh, paying extra attention to my dick and balls.

When she had used the rain to clean all the soap off she handed me the soap. “Your turn.” I started with her shoulder length blonde hair. As I rinsed it clean it felt silky. I did her back then reached around soaping and rubbing her breasts as she leaned back against me. I washed down across her stomach and soaped between her legs then rinsing her as I slipped two fingers thru her slit. She moaned as I made her stand alone and got on my knees to scrub her legs. I was still behind her so I held one hand on her waist, using the other hand to bend her over until she could put her hands on the ground.

I soaped up one hand and as I continued to keep one on her waist I rubbed my hand thru her cheeks and over her tender anus. I rinsed her off while she was still bent over then I spread her cheeks slightly and ran my tongue over and around the little crinkled pucker. I put my lips on it and kissed it several times before pushing my tongue in and moving it around. I pulled it out as she moaned happily. When I kissed it again and pulled away she went to her knees and turned around to face me and gave me a long passionate kiss.

“I hope I don’t scare you away but I was serious when I asked you about changing jobs. Why don’t you stay here with me and help me with the farm? Now that the pastures are getting green I won’t have to spend as much time and money taking care of the horses and I can board more animals. You don’t have to decide right now. Please think about it.” We finally stood up and went back in the barn. There was a closet with some big clean towels they used on the horses that we took with us so we could dry off in the truck. We just carried the slickers and boots and tossed them in the back seat. She asked me to drive back and after we got in and toweled dry she threw the towels in the back seat also and slid over next to me.

We drove the 15 miles back in the nude with her snuggled up next to me and holding my shaft in her hand. She didn’t hesitate to jump out opening and closing the gates in the buff. “You do this often?”

“As a matter of fact when I picked you up I was only wearing clothes because I had to go to the feed store for the supplies I had just dropped off. Probably a good thing for you, if I had been naked like usual there was no way I would have stopped.”

“Yeah and look what you would have missed.” It was after eight when we got back to her house. While she threw together some breakfast I called my boss to check in. He said I would take 2-3 days for the job site to dry out once the rain stopped and the weather guessers said the rain could last another week. He said he would call me when we could go back to work.

The rain had started pouring again and we sat on the fold out sofa watching the lightning in the distance as we ate. She looked at me smiling at her. “So what’s with the ‘Cat that ate the Canary’ grin?”

“That was my boss earlier and was wondering if you were still looking to hire a new hand?”

Her chin dropped, “Are you serious?” I nodded yes. She dropped her plate on the wood floor and jumped on me knocking my plate down there also. She was covering me with kissed as she said, “We’re….going…..to be…..so happy…..I just know it.” She laid her head on my chest and was holding tight as we drifted off to sleep again.

I was awakened by cold water. I opened my eyes to find Mona squatting over my legs water dripping from her wet hair. “Did you take a shower without me?”

“No I had to make a run to the barns.” She held out a jar of Vaseline. She took some on her fingers and coated my dick with it stroking it hard again. She reached between her legs and put it on and in her ass. She put the container on the table next to the couch and moved up to straddle my dick. She put it to her anus and pushed down. As it slid in it felt, even with the lube, like my skin was stretching like a rubber band. She had her hands on my chest, her fingers digging into my flesh as she got it half way in before raising back up. As she slid back down again her teeth were clenched as she said “OOOOOHHHHHHH” all the way down. When she was sitting all the way down, she took a couple of deep breathes and looked down at me smile. “I did it. I got your dick all the way in my ass all by myself. I hurt’s a little but nothing like this morning.”

She rocked forward slowly until only the head was in her. She still had her teeth clinched as she moved but the look on her face as she slid up and down slowly became one of pleasure. I was squeezing and rubbing her breasts and rolling her nipples with my fingers when I pulled her down to me and put my mouth on one of her swollen nipples. I sucked on it as I ran my tongue across the tip of it. “Mmmmm, you can do that any time you want. Just keep fucking me while you do.”

I put my arms around her and held her to me as I rolled us together so she was on her back. I pulled my knees under me then pushed her legs back to her sides. She moved her arms so they were over her legs and grabbed her ankles. I put my hands on her thighs to steady myself and went back to stroking in her ass. She was watching my shaft disappearing into her ass and licked her lips. “Let me suck it. Bring it up here and put it between my lips.” I pulled out slowly and moved up squatting over her and put the tip to her lips. She kissed it, then sucked on it as I slipped it into her mouth. I put half of it in her mouth and hit the opening to her throat. I pulled back to keep her from gagging. I was stroking her mouth being careful not to choke her.

She let go of her ankles and pulled me down until I was pushing at her throat. Again her throat felt like lips kissing the head of me dick. Every time I pulled out she pulled me back down and held me trying to swallow my dick. She just couldn’t get it down. I wasn’t ready to try and force it. The rest of the sex was too good to throw away. I pulled out of her mouth to move back to her ass but she didn’t want that yet. “One more time, let me try one more time.”

I put my dick back in her mouth and as I pushed in she pulled hard on me and I fell forward. She was swallowing as I fell and the head of my dick went into her throat. I was trying to get up but she was pulling harder and 2 more inches went in her throat. I pulled up a little but she pulled me back down with almost my entire shaft in her. She let me up and when my dick came out she gasped for air. “Oh God I did it. I got most of it in my throat. Now put it back in my ass and fuck me.” I moved back, squatted down and put my dick at her ass again. “Fuck me baby. Fuck my ass. I want your dick in me.”

I pushed in watching her face. She had her eyes closed, moaning until I was all the way in. She grunted each time my hips hit hers. She was trying to rock her hips up to meet me as she pulled me down to her. She kissed my cheeks and lips then held my face as she smiled. “I’m ready baby cum with me.” she threw her head back as nectar flowed from her pussy. “CUM WITH ME, FUCK MY ASS AND COME WITH ME.” I pumped into her ass. I again sprayed her bowels with my seed. When she stopped shaking and my dick went flaccid I pulled out and lay down next to her. She rolled to her side putting one leg over me with a breast on my chest and her head on my shoulder. ”Well, how did you like your signing bonus?”

“That was damn fine. Now how much do I get paid?”

“As much as you want, every day and every way.” As we lay there together my stomach decided to grumble. “And now you’re hungry?”

“I think our breakfast is on the floor still and yes I’ve worked up an appetite taking care of the stock.” She smacked my chest and laughed.

“You calling me stock?”

“Let’s see what was it you said this morning? ‘Oh God breed me like a mare’ or something like that.” She was still laughing as she hit me again.

“So what did you have in mind?”

“Well if you have a dress I thought we might go into town and have Italian.”

“Dresses, Dresses, Oh I think I know what you mean.” She dragged me out of bed and upstairs to the master bedroom. When she opened the walk-in closet it was full of women’s clothes. She pulled down a hanger with a strapless red dress that didn’t look like it would cover much. “Is this what your had in mind?”

“Damn lady you wore that?” She pulled it off the hanger, unzipped the back and stepped into it. She turned her back to me. “Zip me.” I zipped the dress then she stepped away and turned around.

All I could say was “Holy shit. Your hot.” The material was stretchy and clung to her like paint. The top came barely above her areolas and the hem barely made it below her ass.

“Does that mean you’ll take me to dinner?”

“Only if I can carry a big stick to beat the guys away.” She slipped the dress off so we could go check the barns one more time before dark. We didn’t bother with the raincoats. We just put on the rubber boots and walked out thru the rain. Two days ago I didn’t even have a girlfriend and here I was now getting ready to move in with a good looking blonde that would rather be nude than be bothered with clothes and she loved sex. When we finished checking everything we went to the big metal garage where my bike was and I grabbed my bags to take in. I had some slacks in one of the bags but they were wrinkled pretty badly. She took them and my shirts and got out an iron.

“I’ll take care of these real quick if you’ll go fill the tub so we can soak a while.” Just as I turned the tap off on the tub she walked into the bedroom with my pants and a shirt freshly pressed. I climbed in the tub and she followed. This time she sat between my legs and leaned back against me. “A week ago if someone had said I would be relaxing in a tub with the man who had screwed me in all three holes in one day, I would have laughed myself silly. It doesn’t seem so silly now.”

I put my arms around her and cupped her breasts. She put her hands over mine and held them tight. We sat in the tub just talking about the rain and how it seemed to have been good luck for us until the water got cold. We drained some out, added more hot water and just relaxed some more. When the water cooled this time we got out. It was after 6pm so we got ready to go to dinner. She came out of the bathroom with her hair and makeup done but not a stitch on. She got a pair of 4” red heels from the closet, put them on and did a little spin for me.

“Well what do you think? Dress or no dress?”

“My vote is for no dress but we probably won’t get to eat.” She went to the bed and picked up the red dress and stepped into it. “No panties or bra?”

“I will if you want me to. Do you want me to?” I shook my head no and stepped over to zip her up. When I was done she turned around and put her arms around my neck. She pressed her lips to mine then pulled back. “Usually a girl gets dinner and a movie before she gets laid. But I’ll make an exception for you. I pulled the truck around front so she wouldn’t have to get her shoes muddy going out the back. It looked like the rain gods were on our side. It stopped just as I pulled up and not a drop fell as we drove into town.

She gave me directions to a little place just off the highway. When we went in it was about half full and it seemed like most of the people knew Mona. Some said they were glad to see her getting out but most just wanted to know who I was. She kept telling everyone I was the new foreman and was getting things straightened out. Then she would look at me and giggle. I knew what was getting straightened out even if they didn’t. We sat at a little both with the typical red table cloth you see in the small Italian restaurants.

After we ordered dinner and a bottle of wine the waiter left. Mona took my hand and put it in her lap against the bare flesh of her thigh. She made sure the table cloth covered her lap then slid my hand up her leg until my fingers touched her wet slit. I put one finger in her slit and slowly rubbed it up and down the length of it. I looked down and saw her nipples were now prominent under the material of her dress. She gripped my wrist tight as she gave a little shiver and moaned into my shoulder.

She pulled my hand away and brought it to her lips. She gave a quick lick then let me have it. As I inhaled her aroma then quickly licked it before the waiter returned. She looked at me. “I was going to ask you to leave your hand there thru dinner but if I did my dress would have a big wet spot in the back when I got up. What have you done to me? Now just your touch makes me wet.”

“It’s not me, you’re just trying to make up for lost time.” After dinner was brought, every now and then she would put her hand on my bulge. When she did I would put my hand on her thigh and slide it up her leg. Instantly she would take her hand off me to pull my hand away and hold it on the table. The wife of one of her customers came over to say hi. She was a brunette, about 35 and 5’ 9” in heels. Her white blouse was stretched over a nice set of enhanced 34DD’s, probably one of those trophy wives. While she talked I slipped my hand under the table and slid it up to Mona’s slit. This time I slipped one finger in her hole while she was talking. She stuttered a moment and the woman asked if she was ok. She looked flushed. Mona said “I think something went in the wrong hole.” “Will you be ok?” “I think so. If not Bill will take care of me.” She had a hand on mine trying to make me stop working my finger in her hole as the woman turned to leave. I pushed my digit in as deep as I could and she yelped. The woman turned back around and asked if see was sure. “I was just clearing my throat.” ‘Well be careful.’ “I try but sometimes things don’t go the way you planned.

After the woman walked away she slapped my hand but that pushed my finger back in and she jumped. “Ok I’ll be good until we leave.”

“But will you be good after we leave?” She just gave me a sly smile and turned back to her dinner. When we left and were outside she stopped and turned to me.

“Damn it, I’m 40 years old. I shouldn’t be feeling like a school girl on her first date. It’s all your fault. Why didn’t we meet a long time ago?” she took my hand as we walked back to her truck. When I opened her door she stepped up on the running board, turned to me and pulled her dress above her waist. She put a hand to her mound and slipped two fingers in her pussy then pulled them out and put them in my mouth. “See what you do to me?” She sat on the edge of the seat and put her left foot on the door frame. Her slit was open and her wet, shiny, inner lips were showing like flower petals.

Before she could say anything else I reached down and spread her outer lips then put my tongue where she had just removed her fingers.”Mmmmm, work your tongue in my pussy. God I’ve been so Horney all thru dinner. I wanted to pull out your dick while we were in there and suck you off. I’m going to suck your cum out before we get home.” My face was still buried in her crotch and I was sucking on her clit to her soft moans when we heard a voice.

“Damn you two look hot.” I jumped up to see the brunette that had been at the table earlier.”Don’t stop on my account. I’ll just stand here and watch.” I looked at Mona. She was beyond caring and just pulled my head back to her pussy. I played with her clit, rolling and pinching it with my fingers as I rand my tongue over it.

“Oh God Bill put your dick in me and fuck me.” I stood up to open my pants and saw the brunette with her dress pulled up and her hand inside her blue lace thing rubbing herself. When I pulled my dick out her eyes grew.

“Damn Mona, you’re getting screwed with that. No wonder you looked so happy tonight. Can I hold it, please?”

“Not now, I need it.” She put her legs around me and slit down as I guided the tip to her pussy. As it entered her and she slid down it her eyes were closed and she was moaning, “Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh.” The brunette watched in awe.

“You got it all in?” she was rubbing herself faster now as I held Mona’s waist and stroked in and out. It was only a couple of minutes before she pulled her arms tight around my next and groaned.

“That was so good. Now I want to get us home and pay you back.” I heard the brunette moaning and turned to see her standing with her legs tight together clamping on her hand. I raised Mona up, pulling my shaft from her and let her stand on the ground. When the brunette relaxed and pulled her hand out of her panties Mona took hold of it and brought it to her lips. “I always wondered how you tasted Janis.” After she tasted her fingers she put them to my lips. “She’s delicious, isn’t she?” she was right. Janis had a wonderfully sweet/tart, musky taste.

Janis looked ay Mona then my dick. “Now?” Mona looked at me standing with a grin on my face then said ok to Janis. She put both hands on my shaft. Then bent down and ran her tongue over the head. She sucked several inches in and held it as she cleaned it with her tongue. She pulled it out and looked up at Mona and me. “If you invited me to spend the night I would say yes.”

Mona said, “What about your husband?”

I was here with friends. He flew out to see some prince or something about buying a horse. He won’t be home until this weekend.” Mona leaned to me and whispered in my ear.

“For me, please.” I pulled Janis to me and pressed her hard very firm enhanced tits to my chest.

“Would you like to spend the night with me and Mona and get all of your holes fucked?”

“Oh god I’m already wet. Yes, yes. Can we go now?” I tucked my shaft back in my pants and zipped up before walking her to her car. I asked if she knew the way and she said she would just follow us. When I go back to the truck, Mona had her dress off waiting for me. I got in but before I could get the key in the ignition she unfastened my pants and had me rise up so she could slide them off. She put her head in my lap holding my dick.

“Drive, we need to get home.”I had the seat all the way back as I drove back to her house. I was rubbing her breasts with one hand as she lay there with the end of my dick in her mouth and rubbing the rest with her hand. When I stopped for the gate she said she would get it and ride in with Janis. I pulled in and waited until she got in the car before driving up the road and into the metal building. It started to pour down rain as we pulled in the building. When Janis got out of her car Mona and I were nude so I asked if she really wanted to run thru the rain in her nice dress.

“You just want to see me naked.” But she was pulling it over her head as she said it. She was standing there now in her blue lace thong and a matching ½ bra. “Would you like to finish undressing me?”I stepped up to her and opened the front clasp on her bra, freeing her large melons. Without the bra they still stood out straight and proud. She let the bra fall to the floor as I sucked on each nipple in turn. I dropped to my knees and looked at the large wet spot on her blue thong. I hooked my thumbs in the waist band and pulled them down as I inhaled her lusty scent. I lowered them and admired her shaved mound as she stepped out of them.

I pulled her close, by her hips, and raised one leg over my shoulder as I kissed her mound, sliding my tongue over her clit. She had her hands in my hair moaning as Mona stood behind me pressing her crotch to the back of my head as she took Janis’s face in her hands and kissed her. The leg Janis was standing on was shaking as Mona said “We need to go inside before someone falls down.”I put her leg down the walked hand in hand, thru the rain, with Mona and Janis into the house.

We went to the master bedroom and I got towels to dry the ladies off. Mona asked me what I wanted. “I want to watch two hot women do each other? Know where I can see that?” They climbed up in the middle of the bed in a 69 position with Janis on top. I sat on the bed and watched a little while before I kneeled in front of Janis and put my dick to her mouth as I held the back of her head. I pushed in until I hit the back of her mouth and pushed a bit more until I felt her start to gag then pulled out.

“You don’t expect me to take all that do you? I can barely get my lips around it.”

“Mona does it and damn good to if I do say so.” I pushed it back in to the back of her mouth and held it to her throat feeling her trying to swallow. Each time as she started to gag I pulled out. After a half dozen failed attempts I pulled out of her mouth and put it to Mona’s pussy. Before I entered her I pushed Janis’ head back down to lick her clit and my dick as I pushed in. Mona was groaning as I stroked her with my dick and Janis licked her. Soon she gave a little shudder and moaned into Janis’s slit. Her tunnel got slicker as her juices lubricated my shaft. I pulled out and moved behind Janis.

I put my dick to her warm, pink hole and pushed the head in.”Oh my God that’s big.” I pushed several more inches in and her breathing was coming in gasps. I pushed halfway in and stopped. “Fuck, give me a chance to get used to that thing.” Just as she took a normal breath I pushed the rest in. “OOOHHH DDDAAMMMNNN, STOP, PLEASE STOP.”

“That’s all there is. It’s all in your hot little pussy. Now get ready to be fucked.” I pulled half way out and drove right back in. She started to raise her head but I pushed it back down in Mona’s crotch.

She was trying to yell but all that came out was “MMMMNNNNFFFFFTTTTTT.” I pulled back until only the tip was still in and drove the entire length back in and kept making deep strokes. She kept trying to yell as each stroke went in. “MMMMNNNNFFFFFTTTTTT, MMMMNNNNFFFFFTTTTTT, MMMMNNNNFFFFFTTTTTT, MMMMNNNNFFFFFTTTTTT.” I pulled all the way out and let her raise her head. She was gasping and taking deep breaths. “Oh fuck, my pussy feels like I’ve been fucked with a baseball bat.” I pushed in and all the way to my balls in one stroke. “Oh Christ” was all she got out before I pushed her back down to Mona’s crotch.

I pounded her hot tunnel for 5 minutes and she was pushing back against my thrusts before she arched her back and her body shuddered. I drove into her one more time before unleashing a torrent of cum into her. I released her head and she rose up. “Fuck it feels like you just put a gallon of sperm in me.” I pulled my dick out and gobs of our mixed fluids ran out onto Mona’s face. When it stopped I pulled Janis back until she was face to face with Mona.

“Don’t you want to clean our come off her?” She started licking it off and dropped some into Mona’s mouth and swallowed the rest. When she was done they crawled up to lay on either side of me.

Janis said “I’ve never been so thoroughly fucked and filled. When can we do it again?” Mona said if she was spending the night. “I can stay all week if you want me to.” They looked at me and as soon as I nodded yes they hugged me and squealed like little girls.

“Now are we going to stay up here or the glass patio?” Mona and Janis looked at each other and the next thing I knew they were leading me down stairs to the patio bed. The rain was coming down in buckets and there was lightning all around. We went to sleep under a wonderful light show.

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