Letter Between Friends Ch. 01: Joe

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Letters between Friends

I have a friend I adore. I would do anything for her. I guess you could say Bea is a friend with some benefits. I am a gay woman, Bea is straight and now married. Our friendship was always unconventional and very open to whatever came our way.

About six years ago, I started writing about my naughty exploits to Bea because I knew it would make her giggle and turn her on at the same time. She would tell me how she and her husband would read my stories and she would end up bent over a chair getting fucked long and hard by his massive cock. I have seen his cock (that’s a whole other story) it is a massive 9 inches and thick. I know it may sound strange but reading about straight couple sex is a total turn on, especially when I know the couple, I have a crystal clear vision of every touch, taste and smell.

When I have sex with men it feels erotic and taboo. Writing about it, would turn me on all over again. The story A Guy Named Joe is a real story I wrote to Bea while I was staying at a friend’s apartment in NYC. It is actually one of many true stories I wrote over the years.


A Guy Named Joe

Joe is a guy I have known from the tea store I own. He comes in occasionally to buy tea and chat. To be honest I wasn’t sure is he was gay or straight. He is a single guy, about 6 feet, wavy brown hair, handsome with bright blue eyes. He has no kids, takes ballroom dancing, plays volleyball, goes to Fire Island, loves to cook and drink wine, very fit at 47. He must be gay, right?

Joe came in the store a few months ago and we were chatting about life and its ups and downs. I told him I would not be open the usual days this summer due to a side job I had in the city which led the conversation to living in the city and where. His ballroom class is around the block from my friend Amy’s place where I am staying.

I said “when you are around give me a call if you want to get together for a drink, I really like our chats.”

For most of the summer we have been texting and email but haven’t gotten together. When Joe has a few drinks his text messages become more provocative. I thought it was funny and harmless, but also realized he is straight by his comments.

He said “why can’t I find a smart, funny woman that’s into sex?”

I replied “when you do I hope she’s gay…and send her my way.” This led to when we go out…who will be wing man.

We planned to meet on Sunday and go out somewhere casual, have some fun. I had low expectations since he seems to change plans at the last minute, but this time he didn’t.

Joe said “I will bring wine…I hope you are naked in bed with the door unlocked.”

Mm…that’s really unsafe leaving the door unlocked.

“No,” was my reply, with a “ha.”

Eight o’clock rolls around, he sends a text “I’m a few minutes away.”

I text back “great.”

He knocks on my friend’s apartment door and I walk down the long hall to open it. His expression was disappointment.

I said “what?”

“I thought maybe you would be somewhat undressed.”


The thought of fooling around did cross my mind over the past few months but I kept saying no to myself.

We sat outside on the terrace overlooking Madison Square Garden on a beautiful clear night, candles lit, talking about his work with fiber optics. I changed the riveting conversation to the dinner party I went recently, many of the guests were publishers.

He asked “why didn’t you go for it with her?”

“She is straight as it turns out, she just likes to cause trouble when she drinks.”

He still didn’t see how that was a problem, of course. He then started to give advice on how I can sex it up with my looks…lovely.

“You know that Seinfeld episode when Elaine thinks she can dance…that’s me trying to sex it up. It doesn’t work.”

We killed a bottle of wine while discussing our past loves. If we only knew than, what we know now conversation. I was a little Escort Bayan buzzed. We both announce we have to use the bathroom.

I brought the empty bottle inside with me and said “We should go out somewhere to find you a woman.”

I went into the kitchen placing the empty wine bottle in the recyclable bin as he went into the bedroom bathroom. I headed to the guest bathroom in the hallway at the other end of the apartment.

I came out of the bathroom and walked back to the terrace but as I walked past the bedroom I hear Joe say “I’m in here.”

The bedroom was dark. All I could see was a silhouette of Joe laying across the queen bed. I hesitate a bit asking myself if I should go in. He is naked, stomach down posing like a centerfold.

I laugh that you must to be kidding me kind of laugh and said “What are you doing?”

“Well if you wouldn’t get naked for me, I will get naked for you.”

“I don’t recall ever requesting that,” I said, hovering in the doorway.

I stood there for what seemed minutes. “You know, I’m just not feeling good about myself so this probably isn’t a good idea.”

He said “I can make you feel real good.”

I thought to myself, really, how?

“Take your clothes off and just lie here, we don’t have to do anything if you don’t’ want too.” He said as he pat the bed for me to come to him.

I did, slowly, feeling his stare and hoping he couldn’t see any details in the gray darkness. There was only a bit of moonlight coming through the doorway into the bedroom.

He shimmied over on the bed, still on his stomach to make room for me.

He said “You seem uncomfortable.” That was a correct observation.

He touched me with just a finger gliding up my body while he still lay on his stomach. I did the same to him, starting at his neck and down the center of his back and over his ass. Seriously, he has one tight ass! He moved to his side facing me and I still could not see ALL of him in the darkness. He leaned in and kissed me soft and gentle. He licked his fingers then played with my nipples, making them erect.

I could feel my heart rate rise, breathing a little faster. I let my hand glide down his chest noticing he didn’t have a lot of chest hair and then over to his hip, avoiding touching and looking at his cock. He played with my nipples between his fingers and his warm tongue as his hand moved slowly over my stomach and rested on my mound.

Joe’s fingers lightly touched the outside of my just shaved pussy lips. I wanted him to touch me more. I wanted to feel the roughness of his fingers inside me, sliding in and out.

He said “I was once a masseuse, would you like a massage?”

“NO,” is what I think I said, followed by “thank you but that kind of touching isn’t for me.” I didn’t finish that sentence as his hand ran down my inner right thigh and with a sudden deliberate motion he took my right leg and pulled it over his hip while he was on his side.

I felt his fingers lightly stroke the outside of my pussy, around my mound and back down between my legs. I spread a little wider, welcoming his touch.

I took his hand, guiding his fingers to part my pussy lips. I could hear him control his breathing and felt his warm breath on my neck. I guided his fingers, sliding gently around my slickness. Dipping one finger, then two fingers slowly in and out. I was so wet. He started to finger fuck me harder while kissing my neck. I wanted more.

I thought this may be the time to explore what he has to offer. While his fingers were stroking my throbbing clit, my hand went to feel for what I hoped to be his hardness, in the darkness.

He was hard all right. Like steel. His erection was against his stomach, big, thick and rock hard. He sucked in air while I touched his shaft, lightly stroking it up and down. His fingers teasing my clit with light tickles.

“I will be right back,” he said as he hopped off the bed.

I watched his tight ass as he Ankara Escort walked out of the room. He came back with a condom, I guess he did have high hopes for this evening. He stood over the bed and took my hand to his cock. I think I was holding his cock like an umbrella someone handed to me.

“Can you stroke it?” he asked while tearing the wrapper with his teeth.

I said “sorry, forgot what I’m supposed to do.”

He slide the condom on as I removed my hand and thought he was going to get back on the bed.

Without a word he quickly turned me in a sixty nine position while he still stood on the side of the bed. My head now looking at his balls and cock from below. He spread my legs and leaned over me, I could feel his hot breath and then his tongue gently licking my clit slowly up and down, not missing a spot.

I could hear him moan, his full mouth on me, licking up every drop of wetness. I reached up and stroked his cock while taking his ball in my mouth, lightly sucking. He too had recently shaved.

He took his tongue away from my clit to say breathlessly “You are so wet.”

This is when I got man handled! He grabbed my hips and leg and swung me around again to the edge of the bed. I was caught off guard since it all had been mostly gentle up to this point. I could feel his cock against my pussy, like a hot dog in a bun, he was ready but was I?

In a commanding voice, Joe said “Say you want my cock.” I thought really? What’s up with men needing this reassurance?

I said “You want me to say it?” He looked very serious and so I said “I want your cock?” Note to self, don’t say it like a question and try to emote.

“Say it again! I want your cock!”

“OK! I want your cock! Was that better?”

I should have kept my mouth shut. He then thrust hard and deep, holding me up from under my ass, as he thrust again. FUCK! That hurt.

“Slow down,” I said with a wince of pain in my voice.

“You like my cock deep in you?”

I found myself saying “yes,” then arching up more “please.”

We found a better rhythm, not too deep. I reached down to rub my clit while he fucked me slower. He was over the moon turned “Oh Jesus, that’s fucking hot.”

I could feel an orgasm rising, I arched my back while he drove his cock deep, filling me. I could feel him cum, spurting pops inside me. I started to cum with this new sensation, digging my nails into his back.

He was having little after tremors as he held onto me. He said he was too sensitive to pull out yet. I waited, staring at Amy’s clock that projects foot high numbers in red onto the ceiling. She’s blind as a bat without her contacts. It was almost 10:40PM now…I’ve got to get up at 5:30AM.Ugh.

He went to the bathroom again and came back condom free. Laid next to me and started massaging my breasts, the sucking one tit then the other. I could feel his cock against my leg getting hard again. I put my fingers between my legs and could feel just how wet I still was.

“I want to watch,” he said as he slid down the bed for a worms eye view.

He started doing pressure points on the sides of my pussy while my finger slid up and down. He pressed my vein on and off and I could feel a different sensation that was increasing the intensity for another huge orgasm. He maneuvered around in almost a sixty nine position, so I could stroke his cock up and down and he could magically manipulate my pussy with pressure points.

“Cum baby, cum hard,” he ordered, which I knew I was about too.

He moved closer, his cock now over my stomach, his hand now over mine, our fingers sliding in my pussy together and his other hand over mine on his thick shaft, showing me a faster rhythm, his cock was rock fucking hard again.

I started to say “fuck yes!” pushing his fingers in deeper as we rubbed my throbbing hot clit together. I kept thinking how much I wanted to taste your sweet pussy Bea, which brought me to an explosive orgasm.

He Ankara Escort Bayan said “Yes! Keep coming.” His fingers fucking me and thumb rubbing my clit. I came so hard, and so did Joe.

He shot his cum all over my stomach. His fingers in me, synchronize with each tremor more cum on his fingers and more on my stomach.

Spent, he collapsed onto his back, chest heaving up and down. His fingers still in me which gave me twitches. He pulled his fingers out and rubbed them together, feeling my warm juices, bringing his fingers to his lips and to taste it.

I was still so turned on, rubbing my fingers through Joe’s cream on my stomach, like finger painting and then bringing a finger to my lips to taste it as he watched.

He said “you like that.”

“I love it,” I replied. “Watching you cum on me seriously turns me on.”

His cock started to twitch with this news. He sat between my legs and started to help me rub his cum on my mound, fingers sliding down my pussy. Joe used one hand to hold my pussy lips open while he slide his fingers in and out of me. I was getting so fucking wet again, throbbing with the anticipation. He started to lick me, cum swirled together on my stomach and pussy.

“Don’t stop,” my hands grabbed his head pushing his mouth harder between my legs.

I wanted to be fucked hard again, so I sat up and pushed him off and onto his back. This fast and aggressive move sparked a light in his eyes and wide smile across his face.

I straddled Joe just below his balls, with his cock against my stomach. I was marveling at how thick/ big and hard it was. It was like past my belly button. I was stroking it like a pet.

“Put your mouth on my cock.”

I dropped my head to take him in my mouth. I tried but I’m just not good at it of which I told him.

“I love cum but not much in my mouth.” I just had this fear he would let go with my mouth on him and I would have to go throw up. That would not be too cool.

Next best thing, I got on all fours straddling his body while he lay on his back, positioned his cock and lowered my hips down on him. It was not an easy descent. I was sore from the first round.

He gave little upward thrusts while I pushed down. Once again, my pussy full of cock. My lesbian card should be revoked.

He sat up, pulling in my lower back and started sucking my tits, he sucked one tit while tweaking my other nipple with his fingers, then switch tits. I started to kiss him softly which was very different feeling to the rock hard shaft buried in me.

He asked breathless “do you like my cock deep in you?”

I nodded yes and let me lips and tongue glide over his lips…hovering, barely touching. I would rather him feel my hot breath on his lips then my tongue thrusting.

He was moaning and put his mouth on my nipples again, tugging more gently this time. I was so wet and turned on I pushed down on him harder. I tore a bit from his girth. Yep, I lifted up not sure at the time what that pain was.

I said “I’m sore so don’t go so deep,” he nodded yes.

He fingered my clit as I rode the top half of his cock to another very big orgasm. I lifted off…my fingers in a V, spreading my pussy lips wide, in time to see his cum hit my clit. The turn on sent tremors through me. I leaned back on my left arm, spreading my pussy wider as he took hold of his cock and shot another big warm load between my legs.

We laid there catching our breath. “You are deliciously naughty, are you sure you are gay? You don’t fuck like you are.”

“How many gay woman have you fucked?” I rest my case.

During this intermission he asked more about why I would want sex with a man. I should just get the white board and markers out for the women’s sexuality 101 course. I explained about the fluidity women have with sex and the spectrum of attractions.

He said he tried talking his wife into a threesome.

I said “why don’t you find things you both want to do. I’m sure there has to be something that would turn her on, maybe a sex club?”

He wanted to know more about my sexual past which I thought, well he’s earned it.


Hope you enjoyed this story Bea. If you have anything to share feel free my love. Xo

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