Letters From A Traveller Ch. 1

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Allie Haze

Dear John

I had a bit of an adventure in Vanuatu three or four weeks ago. I was staying at the La Lagon resort (thank god the company pays!) and was having a quiet drink by the pool and watching a wedding down on the beach. It must be a popular thing – lots of Aussies apparently come over to get married there. It was only a small wedding party – you know how it goes, the bride and groom, the best man and his partner, the best girl and her partner, and the parents and grandparents (well, three of them). In this case, the bride’s parents were split, the father had his second wife, the mother was by herself.

After the ceremony they all came up and had a few drinks by the pool, then went off to get changed and came back for the feast (at which stage I left for a dinner in Vila) and then went back to drinking by the pool again. When I came back at around 11pm having been bored out of my mind by Melanesian politics, they were still going – the grandparents had departed, one set of parents had gone, and the father of the bride was just going. The rest of the group were now in swimming costumes and playing around in the pool. The brides mother was sitting up by the bar, watching everything.

I actually went to the bar to get a bottle of water, but stopped to exchange pleasantries with the mother (Jane). She reminded me of those women you see in English TV programmes set in the late 1800 – early 1900 period. Erect carriage, slim build, pale face etc – elegant I think is the right word. She was around fifty and carried her age well, and she spoke in those nice rounded tones that people who have had expensive schooling and genteel lives use.

When you are alone for a while, you tend to take any opportunity for a chat with someone who is interesting. We discussed Australia, the pacific, racism (Australians, in general, are quite racist and don’t know it), sexism (same comment), big brother attitudes of NZ and Australia to the islands and all sorts of things. Eventually, we started to get into personal things, about being away from home and friends and family. We got onto her marriages and divorces (the first one – the father here – had been quite bitter because he played around while never completely satisfying her – and of course, I couldn’t let an opportunity like that go by – and made some comment about satisfying a partners need was gratifying in itself). Long story cut short – we ended up in my room together.

I was moving down her body, using my mouth to tease and lick and got to her nipples and I bit one of them, pulling it up at the same time – and got a really good groan out of her. At the same time she dug her nails into my sides, where before Escort Bayan she had been stroking me. I moved a knee up into her crotch, pushing it up against her, and bit a little harder – again the groan, and she forced herself hard against my leg. I put my hand on her other breast (quite small, so not too saggy with age, but with big nipples) and squeezed. She started really forcing herself against my leg. I moved my mouth over her breast, and sucking as much of it up as I could I bit hard. Same reaction. One of her hands had found my nipples and was working hard on it, all the time she was humping my leg, I could feel the wetness on me.

It is my experience that, if someone does something to you, it is probably something they like done to them. I went to work on her nipples, torturing them with teeth and fingers. Soon she was leaving me alone and just going crazy against my leg.

I wasn’t rude enough to ask when the last time she had had sex was, but it seemed like there was an awful lot stored up. After the first time she came, I went back to moving down her body – mouth and hands stuff, and she came again almost as soon as I started teasing her inner thighs. When I went to work with fingers and tongue on her clit, she was away again, I think I am lucky she didn’t break my nose. By this time I had been rock hard for fifteen or twenty minutes and was dripping pre-cum all over the place.

I thought it was about time that I let some of the pressure out, and moved up so I could insert myself. I kissed her, and was surprised by how hard she came back at me, really hard bruising kisses, nails digging into my back and side. But as I manoeuvred to enter her, she kept it away from me, twisting, moving a leg up, bumping me up with her chest and stomach. I wasn’t quite sure what was going on – perhaps she just didn’t want me in her.

Then she broke the kiss, smiled and said that if I wanted to get in, I would have to make her. I thought, OK, she’s fifty, I’m a male in good shape, not a problem. I said she was slim, but the truth is that after she divorced she must have spent every hour in the gym. All the time up to now I could have been with a thirty year old, she didn’t have much sag or fat anywhere, and she was quite toned in her muscle development. She was quite strong. I thought I would force a knee between her thighs, spread her and be in. Wrong. She twisted out from under me quite easily. We were both sweating, and she was slippery. I was going to have to take a different approach.

I came back at her, we were both smiling, me kneeling on the bed, she starting to sit up. As I grabbed for her she rolled off the bed and stood beside Bayan Escort it. She put a finger between her legs and then up to her lips – I just about came on the spot. She put it back between her legs and then offered it out to me. As I went forward for it she leaned forward and whacked me across my erection with her other hand. God that hurt. It stopped thoughts of coming though!

I went back across the bed to the wall side of it. She was on the open side, and now I had a plan. I walked around the end of the bed, so she went back on it. As I got on the end of the bed, she went across to the other, wall, side.

I kept going across the bed and so I had her trapped in the corner of the room. I put my hand out like I was going to touch her pubic hair, and as her hands came down I grabbed both her wrists and pulled her onto the bed. She squirmed and fought, but I managed to get her face down on the bed with both arms behind her. I didn’t have anything to tie them with, so I had to hold them. I got them both in one hand and squeezed tight – which must of hurt but her moans weren’t wholly about pain.

I moved back and tried to force my knee between the back of her legs – but she twisted and wriggled. I slapped her arse quite hard. She wriggled some more so I slapped it harder. My knee found it’s way through, then the second one and I used my legs to force hers apart. But she was on her front and was pressing her stomach down, denying me access to her. I reached under her and lifted her up, pulling her back so her body came up on my upper thighs as I sat back on my heels. She twisted and wriggled so I slapped her arse again for a couple of times.

She was face down on the bed, thighs either side of my middle, stomach on my thighs. I reached down and forced my cock into the space between us and between her lips and into her. I thrust forward and went all the way in. I took a wrist in each of my hands and pulled back, so she was impaled against me. She wasn’t wriggling now, just grinding. But I had no purchase, and even though I was in her, it wasn’t a great position, and she really didn’t have much to grind on. I slapped her arse again and told her to get on her knees. She just forced herself further back, so I slapped it again, hard, and she started to come again, I could feel her rippling against my cock.

I waited until she subsided then twisted her arm and told her to get on her knees. I waited until she had her weight on them before I stopped twisting. I took both wrists in one hand and re-entered her, one full thrust. I put my other hand under her, down her stomach and found her clit. It was quite swollen from my sucking Escort and her excitement, I could squeeze it between my fingers. I rubbed it, hard, as I pulled her back against me. I let go her wrists and slapped her arse again. I let my hand stay on her and then my finger found her arse, and I started playing with that. She put her hands on the bed and went doggie style, then tried to pull away. I squeezed her clit, really hard, and told her to stay still like a good girl.

By now I was very close to exploding. I rubbed her clit, forced a finger into her arse, and held my cock all the way in her, not daring to move around in her too much. Her head started shaking as she reacted to my fingers, I could feel her getting sweatier and could feel her tremors and she started really groaning. I could feel those internal ripples again as she came again. I started pumping in and out as hard as I could, slamming into her, reaching around and grabbing her breasts and pulling her to me. Wow.

We spent two more nights together. Her daughter wasn’t too shocked, but she did get to the ex-husband though. The crowning glory for her was when we met him one of the few times we went out of the room together. I love sailing, so we took one of the cats for a run round the lagoon. He was out there (by himself) and as we floated by (very little wind), she started giving me a blow job as I sat there. I pulled her on top of me and she sat facing me, pulled her swimsuit aside and mounted me, and attached herself to my mouth with one of her hard kisses. I will always remember his open mouthed look of amazement. She later told me that it was the sweetest revenge she could have thought of.

The whole time we were there I didn’t do any bondage, but she liked the rape game, we even did it with us both fully dressed, which ruined a couple of shirts and was really quite hard work. The last time we did it, she was trying to knee me in the groin and all sorts of things. She really liked getting and giving pain. I have only just got rid of a set of teeth marks on the inside of my thigh – now there is something that hurts! She had never had anal play before and got quite excited by it. For her first time I let her sit on me but didn’t play an anal rape game, explaining that she could really damage herself and she needed to be in control for this. When we did the clothed game, I made her suck me until I was hard again, and forced her to lie flat on her stomach and took her anally, clothed, her hands trapped underneath her (I suspect playing with herself).

I don’t know what it is, but there is something really erotic about being taken anally, face down, clothed. Perhaps I was influenced by Last Tango in Paris? I have had it a couple of times from male partners and it really gets me hot. She found it the same way.

Must away – time to pack and think about tomorrow.

Let me know how things are.

erectly yours,


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