Libertine Adventures Ch. 04 – Anger

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If you have not read the previous chapters here is a short summary of what happened. Anna and Olivia are twins, Anna lived in London and Olivia in Vienna when their mother died. After the funeral Olivia went back home while Anna discovered that her mother had a secret life and was a libertine, meaning that she loved sharing sex with a lot of people. Anna decides to follow in her footsteps and begins to explore her bisexual side with Ella, her mother’s friend and former lover. (chapter 1) Later on she goes to Vienna where she meets Laura, her sister’s roommate and introduces her to lesbian sex. (ch 2) Her sister discovers that Anna likes women too and is confused and hurt. Meanwhile she texts with Emily, a flight attendant she met on her way to Vienna, that seems to be quite dominant and Alex, a waiter with whom she ends up having sex and receiving her first anal penetration, then shares Alex’s company with Laura that is introduced too to anal pleasure. (Ch 3) This chapter has less sex than the others, it focuses more on character development and storyline.

When I got back home, I thought about the events of the night before, and a big smile came across my face. Then I heard my phone buzzing. I was sure it was either Alex or Laura, but it was Emily.

I am back in town, and would love to see you again

My heart skipped a beat.

Ever since I came to Vienna I was exploring my lesbian side without really understanding what was happening to me. I mean, discovering you are bisexual is one thing, but admitting it and knowing how to flirt with girls is an entirely different endeavour. With boys I had no problems, knew their codes and all the society around me told me how to flirt with boys.

Also generally it didn’t take much as most of them are led by their penis. But the lesbian world? I had no clue. My first experience with Ella was served to me on a silver plate, and with I had the help of liquid courage. I mean we were both quite drunk and in her bed which made it way easier for me to be bolder. But sober? No bloody way!

I needed to answer to Emily, breathed deeply and took my phone.

I would love to as well! When and where?

Frauenzentrum Bar, at 9, tomorrow?

Sounds like a plan! I’ll be there I typed almost shaking from the excitement.

I noted the date on my calendar and began browsing the internet looking for jobs. Olivia and Laura were kind enough to host me for the month, but I would have needed to find my own place soon. And I thought I wanted to stay in Vienna, at least for the time being. I though that maybe getting a roommate would have been nice. Alex? No. I didn’t want to. I probably would have preferred to live alone. I began looking for studios but didn’t know how the price compared to the salaries existing in Vienna, so I began looking for jobs, and soon got lost in a circle of procrastination, ending up on youtube watching videos of a guy making ocarinas out of vegetables.

That’s when Olivia asked me if everything was okay, and I jumped from the fear. I hadn’t heard her come in.

“I got lost on the internet.” I said laughing.

She smiled. We still hadn’t talked about her discovering me and Laura.

“So, tomorrow how about we ice skate? It’s Christmas month, we might as well do winter and Christmas things.” She said all happy. Her smile faded when she saw me turn white.

“What’s wrong?” She asked.

“I… I have a date tomorrow…” I said shyly.

“You forgot about our night…” I could see I had hurt her. Her expression changed into one of anger. It hadn’t be the first time I hadn’t made her my priority.

“I… I can explain, can we do it maybe tonight?”

“Tonight I have my dance class, I told you about it five times.”

“I know I just…” I tried.

“What the fuck has gotten into you?” She asked really pissed. “You don’t even talk to me anymore. I feel like I don’t even know you!” She paused. “And what’s up with Laura? I’m your sister, your TWIN and she is my roommate and friend, why the hell should I find out about you two by running into you?”

She then shook her head disapprovingly and went in her room shutting the door.

“Olivia, wait!” I said, knowing full well that it wouldn’t have solved anything. I stayed in Laura’s room, the veggies ocarinas playing in the background, with tears forming in my eyes, unable to understand how to repair things with Olivia.

I stayed therefore two more hours, googling “how to come out to your family” and being overwhelmed by an immense amount of articles that could be read, I saved some of them for later, not to have too much on my hands.

Laura came just when I was going through the fifth existential crisis since Olivia had stormed out. I told her everything. She said that I should have thought about Olivia indeed and that a date was probably not worth it. She didn’t understand though. I needed to find myself, when she told me bursa evi olan escort that I needed to get my priorities straight. I pushed her away saying that she didn’t get it, and that she probably didn’t care anyway.

“I’m going to Alex’s place.” She then said. She quietly picked up some clothes from her wardrobe and got out without even saying goodbye.

I collapsed on the bed and yelled into a pillow all my frustration, and heard the door shut a few minutes later when Olivia left for her dance course. The house was empty and I hadn’t felt so alone since before the send-off of my mother. All of the events of the past few weeks coming back on me in one piece and almost crushing me. I put my pyjamas and went to bed even though it was early. I left my laptop on and put a stupid Christmas movie on Netflix to numb my mind, and dozed off to the sound of the Christmas miracle dialogue.

The morning after I saw Olivia in the kitchen that coldly stared at me when I entered.

“Hey.” She said blankly.

“I’m sorry.” I just said.

Her features softened. She exhaled. “For what?”

“For not telling you about me and Laura, for trying to go through mom’s loss alone…”

“I really miss her, you know?” She said, tears forming in her eyes.

“Me too… She was great.” I answered. “Can I hug you?” I asked.

“Come here, you dork…” Olivia answered opening her arms.

I went to her and held her tight. “I’m not ready to talk about me yet… But I love you, know that, okay?”

“Okay…” She said, obviously wanting me to open up. “Whenever you are ready.” She looked at me and smiled. “I love you too, sis.”

I smiled as well, and looked into her deep green eyes, realising that I wanted to tell her everything. But deep down I wasn’t ready.

She broke off the hug, and deeply breathed again. “All right, have fun tonight, I got to go to class.” She headed out of the kitchen, and this time I felt more tranquil about our relationship, I just needed not to fuck it up with my newly acquired self-destructive behaviour.

When the evening came, I wondered how to dress. I went with the garter belt, black thigh highs and a cute red dress. As a top I had a beige cashmere over an isolating shirt that helped me be warm in this cold time in Vienna, a heavy scarf and of course my heavy coat. I was ready to go out, I looked in the mirror before leaving, adjusted my makeup, put some bright red lipstick and headed out. I wanted to look the best possible way for the date.

When I opened the door to get out, I found myself face to face with Olivia, and felt a twinge of guilt since I knew I had cancelled our night together for this date.

Her face got a bit red and her mouth opened.

“You look stunning…” She then said with a sad smile. I could tell she wanted to spend time with me and was upset about how the events had turned out. About how I made the events turn out. Another twinge of guilt tightened my stomach.

“Thanks.” I answered shyly. And I hugged her tentatively, and then headed out. Even after our conversation that morning I still had no idea how to behave around her, and had no control over that relationship. Just the thought made me panic, so I buried that emotion deep down, thinking that it wouldn’t resurface again.

When I got to the bar, I saw Emily waiting for me in front of it, when she saw me a beaming smile appeared on her face, and she leaned in to kiss me on the cheek. Her makeup was perfect, her hair was braided and she was wearing a long black coat. When we entered, she took it off and I could see that she was wearing leather shorts, black heels and pantyhose, as a top she had a kind of corset that was over a white shirt, giving her the looks of a pirate. She was beautiful. The bar was full of women, and I understood then that she had brought me to a lesbian bar.

I was suddenly intimidated to be there, not really knowing why but I couldn’t shake off that feeling.. Emily saw my unease and reassured my putting a hand on my shoulder, and guiding me to sit at a table.

“I’m offering the first, round.” She said, “What do you drink?”

“A black Russian?” I said.

“Coming right up!” she answered, leaving me at the table and going to talk with the barmaiden. Everyone seemed relaxed inside, and I began to see the appeal of this place. Slowly my limbs recovered a bit of the sensitivity they had lost to the cold, and I began to breathe steadily, getting accustomed to the music and the ambiance.

“Here you go.” Said Emily handing me my cocktail.

“How did you know I was into women?” I blurted out.

Emily laughed, likely taken aback by my candour.

“The way you looked at me on the plane, when I flirted with you, you weren’t uncomfortable but seemed to enjoy it, and when I gave you my number you send me a text.

“I’m that obvious huh?” I laughed.

“Let’s just say I have a good gaydar.” Answered Emily winking at me.

“I’m altıparmak escort not a lesbian…” I said a bit too defensively.

“Then why are you here?” She asked.

“I think I’m bi.”

“That’s also okay” She said with a smile. “By the way, you should know, I’m in an open relationship, so not looking for anything more than friendship or fun.” She specified. A lot of questions stormed in my head but I could only express one.

“Does she know you have a date?” I asked.

“Who said this is a date?” She answered.

I stammered and got completely red. I was mortified.

“Honey it’s fine, it’s a date, I’m just messing with you.” She laughed. “But just to let you know, I’m not into commitments, is that fine?”

“Yeah, I’m not either, even though I like going with the flow and seeing how it goes.” I said. She then told me that in open relationships clearness and honesty were essential and that she was past the time where limits were blurry. I could get that, even though I wasn’t sure it was what I wanted right now.

We began to talk, and I kind of told her about my mom, and Ella, and what happened with my sister and Laura. She seemed a bit overwhelmed at times but overall she was very nice and understanding, gave me plenty of advice. I also learned more about the lesbian world, apparently many women were shy around other women and had a hard time making the first step. I felt suddenly less alone.

After the second cocktail, I began to approach her, but she seemed to keep her distance.

“Don’t you like me?” I then asked quite bluntly.

“I do, more than you know, you are a beautiful young woman and having you in my bed would be a fantastic treat, but I fear that you may still be figuring a lot of stuff out, and I prefer to have relationships with people that are clear with themselves, and you look very confused.”

“I shouldn’t have talked to you about all those things.” I said pouting.

“No on the contrary, I love your honestly and appreciate all of this. This is not a definitive no, it’s just a ‘I prefer to wait until you are clearer with yourself’, because until you aren’t you can just end up hurting yourself, and I don’t want to be involved in that.” She saw that I wasn’t answering. “Don’t take it badly, just figure your stuff out, and when you have call me, and we will have plenty of fun.” She winked again. But this time I was mad at her. I felt as if I shouldn’t have talked, but another side of me knew that she was right. And I was mad at that too. How was I supposed to figure my stuff out? She answered that as well.

“Look, there is an LGBT centre in town, they can help you talk with someone, go there for me, will you? I really would love to see you again.” Saying this we ended up agreeing to see each other soon but I was left with my disappointment in how the evening turned out. She left the bar and I decided to stay a bit more.

I was ruminating the things I had learned as well as the fact that I just had been rejected. I was mad, at everyone but mostly at myself, and a tiny voice inside me urged me to just give in to chaos and be over with it. I headed to the bar and asked for four shots.

“You got ditched by your date or trying to forget an ex?”

I turned to see a young woman with short blue hair. She must have been 25 at most and she looked at me smiling.

“Got ditched by a date. You?”

“Trying to forget an ex.” She said laughing.

“Wanna share?” I asked her pointing at the shots.

“With pleasure, I’ll buy you the next round.” She sat next to me and we began to talk and drink. This time I left out my mother’s death and the confusion going on inside me, just letting the alcohol speak for me and give me confidence. After the fourth short my head was spinning a little and I was laughing loudly at every one of the woman’s joke.

“Maybe another round is a bit much.” She said. “Want to head out?” She winked. I knew where this was going.

“Yes.” I said without thinking too much about it.

“I gotta go to the bathroom first she said.”

“Me too.” I answered, just remembering that I needed to empty my bladder from all the alcohol of the night.

We went in two different stalls, I finished first and began to wash my hands. She opened the door to her stall, still trying to close her trousers.

“Bloody pants…” She said, “I never seem to get where the fucking button is.” I noticed then that her voice was raspy.

“Let me help you out.” I said entering in her stall. I got on my knees, paying attention to the floor that fortunately was clean, and tried to look at her trousers. The button seemed indeed complicated to close, but I tried nonetheless. I approached my face to see better and my lean fingers began trying to close the pants.

I could see her panties from where I was and instantly wondered what it would be like to lick her. My mouth watered and when I managed to close the pants I got gemlik escort up and saw her staring at me in the stall.

“I know this isn’t very romantic, but I really want to kiss you, would that be something you’d like?” She asked.

“Yeah it is.” I said, just before she pressed her lips against mine. She tasted like cigarettes and alcohol. I decided that I didn’t mind, and wrapped my arms around her. I could feel the muscles of her back clenching when she took my petite frame in her arms and squeezed my hip to signify to me her desire. I softly moaned into her mouth, and felt her hand on my thigh beginning to rise towards my crotch.

“Is this okay?” She asked.

“mhh mhh!” I answered now completely excited. I felt her fingers slightly brush my pussy over my panties and let a soft moan escape again. She cupped one of my small breasts with her other hand and began to kiss my neck.

I abandoned myself in the arms of this beautiful blue haired woman, completely losing my sense of self. The alcohol going to my head helped a lot with that as well. My hypnotic trance was disturbed when I heard the door of the bathroom opening. My blue haired partner smiled at me and opened the door of the stall, inviting me to get out so we could find a more comfortable place.

I took my coat and purse and followed her into the cold of the night, and to her doorstep, where she opened her door and invited me in. I entered in what appeared to be a small studio, a cat leaped in front of me and there were rainbow goodies everywhere.

The woman switched on the light and the heating, and began undressing, before coming back to me.

“I’ll take your coat.” She said softly. Then she took my hand in hers and guided me to the bed, where she made me sit, and then lay down. She began to kiss me again, then slowly descended towards my pussy. I began to pant heavily. She lifted my dress, revealing my wet panties. She passed her fingers on them a few times, making me mean with anticipation, before taking them off. The next thing I felt was her cold tongue exploring the folds of my cunt.

I breathed heavily again, my eyes opened. I was now more awake than ever, all the sexual energy of the evening coming back to me. I put a hand on her shoulder, that she redirected to her head. I pressed her against me wanting her to go harder and deeper with her tongue.

God she was beautiful. We were both still dressed and she was eating me out. I could feel my orgasm slowly rising, and the vision of her blue haired head between my legs just contributed more to the excitement I was feeling. I began to moan more and more strongly, until my orgasm hit me and I let out a powerful groan of satisfaction.

She then looked at me with a smirk, my juices all over her face asking me if I was ready for more. I nodded.

I began to undress and so did she, revealing a body with a lot of tattoos. She had one of a snake around her waist that ended with the head between her beautiful breasts. I wanted to taste her too and told her. She smiled, straddled me to the bed, and lowered her pussy on my face. Unlike Laura, hers was hairy, but I also liked it. I began to lick her tentatively at first, and then lapped her cunt with abandon, as if it was the best thing I had ever taster in my life. I put my hands around her thighs, pulling her to me and making her understand that she could use my mouth to make herself come. On of my hands cupped her breasts, and I felt her hard nipple below my fingers.

I began to pinch it and she let out moans of approval, while the rhythm of her grinding on my face intensified. I stuck out my tongue, letting her move. After some more thrusts I could feel more juices coming from her and I knew she was about to come. Right then I pinched her nipple harder and began sucking at her clit, sending her over the edge, and resulting in my face being coated with her juices.

“Damn you are good.” She said. I felt a rush of pride. This wasn’t an ingenue like Laura, she was a real lesbian telling me I was good. I stayed on the bed laying down for a few minutes, and I heard her rustling through her things, and coming back. When I lifted my head, I saw her wearing a strap-on.

The silicon purple dick was all smooth, quite big, and made my mouth water again in anticipation.

“Let me take care of you.” She said. I nodded again smiling.

She indicated me to turn around, which I did, staying on my hands and knees.

“You’re beautiful.” She simply said. I looked back at her smiling again, and felt her hands on my hips. My pussy was wetter than it was before, and I felt her position her cock at the entrance of my cunt. I pushed back, letting her enter me. I moaned loudly this time. I felt her hand reach of my clit, and then began pushing inside me over and over again, sending waves of pleasure both from her fingers on my clit and her strap-on buried inside of me. I began to loudly scream, the dizziness from the shots enhancing everything.

“Yes, YES! Harder!” I began to scream. She began to moan, clearly turned on by my words. She accelerated her pace and I could feel myself getting over the edge, I rose up on my knees and she pressed herself against me and pinched my clit while slamming into me one last time, as I came harder than even with Alex and Laura.

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