Life on the Ranch Ch. 05

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This will be the last part of Life on the Ranch I will post to the public forums. Like always, all characters are over the age of 18. My characters and stories are protected under the rights of copyright law. I hope you enjoy. Please feel free to leave any comments in the feedback section below and give it an honest rating.


The next day I found out that Steph was going into town. She needed some extra help for the Auction. So it was going to be just Amanda and me…

I kissed Steph goodbye before she drove off. Amanda was out checking on the herd at the time. It’s only a matter of time before she comes back to use me for her own twisted pleasure.

I put on some shorts and a t-shirt and go to make breakfast. A package was sitting on the counter and it’s made out to me. I tore it open like it was Christmas.

It’s all the clothes I ordered. The thigh highs and underwear. The sexy women’s lace robe. The mini skirt. And of course the beautiful dresses. After dinner, I’m definitely going to try on the white dress, maybe with these cute underwear. Screw it… I’m going to put the underwear on now. Oh.. I didn’t realize these Calvin Klein’s were actually thongs… Screw it. I took off my pants and underwear. I slid the thong down over my feet and slowly pulled them up. The thong itself slipped in between my butt cheeks, hugging my crack nice and tight. Wow. To be honest, they aren’t that bad. Should I try on a skirt? I really don’t want to get them stained while I’m cooking. I’ll save them for later. I put on a pair of shorts instead.

After I finished cooking a large skillet, I went out to fetch Amanda. “Hey, Amanda… Breakfast is ready.”

I found her feeding the cattle at the pasture, she took one look at me and I could see the frustration on her face. “Why aren’t you wearing the clothes you just ordered?”

“Please… Don’t make me do this…”

“And here I thought you were ready to commit… What do I gotta do to get through that thick skull of yours that you are better off being my girl?” She took a moment’s pause and then a devious smirk appeared on her face.

“I guess I’m just going to have to teach you the hard way…” She grabbed a robe and came at me. Fear gripped me like a vice. I backed up as she came at me.

She grabbed me by the arm and threw me to the ground. Then she ripped my shirt off, shredding it in half. Struggling against her was like trying to fight a bear… It was hopeless. I couldn’t escape as she tore my shorts off, leaving me completely naked, lying on my stomach against the wet grass from the morning dew.

She had me pinned as she sat on my thighs. Twisting my arms behind my back, Ataşehir Yabancı Escort she tied them up tightly and then tied my ankles together. I was hogtied…

I sobbed as she started to lay down a few blows against my ass.

“Now let this be a reminder whenever you want to disobey me. Got it?” She got up and stood in front of me.

“Yes… I won’t disobey you ever again,” I cry.

“Now… Are you going to be my good little girl from now on, Kylie?” she asks me.

“Yes, I’ll be your good girl, I promise!” I couldn’t stop sobbing. Not only was this humiliating and degrading… I was wet from the dew and cold. My ass stung. As fucked up as it all is, part of me wants more. The way Amanda looks at me. The way she talks to me. The fact she desires me. It all deep down excites me.

Being owned and desired, even though it was so degrading and humiliating being treated like a pet or even worse, an object to her desire. At least she desired me… No one else even batted an eye in my direction. To everyone else, I was some kind of freak or queer… I’ve heard a slew of names used at me… But no one actually wanted me… Not like Amanda does. To her, I was a treasure. To her, I was something she’ll fight for, even if it is only in a purely instinctual and in a sexual way. At least it’s something.

Looking up at her, as she stripped off her clothes, revealing a body worthy of a goddess and a cock… A cock any king would covet.

I won’t lie, I am so scared and afraid of her… But I can’t deny that… deep down… I want to be used by her. I want that cock… Deep down I love hers. If wearing women’s clothing and becoming her good little girl was what it took…

She got down on her knees in front of me… with that fat cock only inches away from my mouth…

I opened up my mouth for her without being told. “I see you’re finally learning… “

She scooted forward, and the tip of her cock slides into my mouth…

I get to work right away, swirling my tongue around the head of her dick as I wrap my lips, around the shaft, making an airtight seal.

“Good girl,” she says as she pushes her cock in a little more. I suck, collapsing my cheeks as I inhale that cock. “You’re becoming quite the cocksucker, aye.”

Her accent… Every now and then her accent wavers… Her normal southern raspy voice sometimes has a Hispanic undertone… As if the entire cowgirl presence she puts on is just an act… Who is she!?

Her skin is rather dark, not quite ebony, but it’s got a caramel tone to it… And those tattoos… “Urrrggghhh…” She plunges her cock deep down my throat, interrupting my Ataşehir Yeni Escort thoughts… I gag and choke on it.

She starts hammering away, giving me a good face fuck. I try my best to breathe through my nose.

Her dick stretches out my throat like a latex glove. I can only breath as she pulls out, only to plunge it back to the depths of my esophagus. In and out, she throttles my throat, giving it a good fucking.

Finally, she pulls out, leaving me in a coughing fit. Then she pushes my bound arms apart which pulls my legs up, practically bending me further in half. She slides her hips in between my arms and I can feel her fat cock slide down my back until it lays between my ass cheeks.

“Who do you belong to, girl?” she asks in a commanding voice as she grabs a handful of hair and yanks my head back. My arms strain against her body as she rubs the head of her cock up and down the ass of my crack.

“You!” I scream out as she plunges her dick into my little asshole.

“You know… Steph said the same thing when I was balls deep inside her thick ass. And now she begs for my cock.” She pushes her cock deeper into me making me squeal like a little girl.

“No! She’d never… Urrrgghh.” I feel her balls slap against mine as she pushes the rest of that mammoth inside me.

“Oh… You didn’t know?” she asks. “Cats out of the bag…”

She slowly pulls out a few inches before slamming back into me. “I told her I was going to turn you into my little slutty girlfriend… She couldn’t deny it. She wanted the same thing. Of course, she’d probably would have said anything with my dick impaled in her ass.”

“I remember the first time we met… It was at that bar with what’s her name… That waitress you like.”

“Debby!?” I moan out as her cock continues to rub up against that sweet spot inside my ass.

“Yeah… that’s the one! I was gonna take that hussy to pound town before Steph walked in…” The sound of her hips slapping against my ass fills the air as she begins to get into a rhythm. “I gotta say… Steph has one of the best asses I’ve ever seen… But your ass is by far the tightest.”

“Why!?” I whimper.

“Because I’m the only one who’s had the pleasure of using it… That’s why it’s so tight, I assume…” She laughs as she slumps down on top of me, pressing those breasts up against my back. She still has my hair in a vice grip as she licks up my neck. “Oh…You mean why am I doing all this?”

“Yeeesss!” I moan out…

“Because I can’t help myself… As soon as I laid eyes on you, I knew I had to have ya.” Her thrusts become harder as her other hand grabs my throat. Ataşehir Masaj Salonu “I also couldn’t resist fucking Steph’s ass. I love making a hard woman like that beg for my cock.”

I was now lost, as the pleasure became too much. I’m consumed by the feeling of her cock pounding my ass. At this point, I’d do anything to keep her dick inside me. I can’t help but moan uncontrollably. “Urrrhhh Urrggghhh!”

“That’s it my little slut… Moan for me,” she whispers in my ear as her thrust becomes harder.

“Uhhh, fuck me harder!” I scream out, my voice becomes all high pitched.

“Let’s face it, Kylie…You were meant to be a girl… My girl.” Her thrusts become primal and wild, pummeling my ass with a pure animalistic urge.

“Urgghh Yesss… I’m yoour girl… Make me your slut!” I moan out, lost in it all. My mind is in a complete haze.

Finally, she hilts herself inside me, I can feel her balls on mine. A warmth fills my bowels as she deposits her load inside me.

After another spurt, she pulls out and unwraps herself from me. She walks in front of me, getting down on her knees. “Clean my cock off, slut.”

Without even a moment’s hesitation, I get to work sucking her cock clean. The taste of my asshole lingers on that dick along with her tasty cum. I slurp and suck on her pole as a few more ropes of cum fill my mouth. Swallowing every last drop, she pats me on the head. “Good girl.”

She finally unties my bindings. My arms and legs collapse onto the ground. “Now go get yourself cleaned up and all pretty. I expect you to be wearing one of those outfits you’ve ordered…”

With that being said she heads inside. I find her chowing down on breakfast as I walk inside, still completely naked. I’m filled with shame and humiliation as cum leaks out of my ass. But yet… I feel empty without Amanda’s cock inside me… And the things she said about Steph… That can’t be true!

As Amanda finishes eating, she gives me a smack on the ass, sliding her finger in my cum filled asshole before shoving it in my mouth. “Make this easier on yourself and just become my little cum slut.”

Sucking the cum off her finger, I turn around to face her. “If I become your girl, will you treat me better?”

The look in her eye changes… As if guilt crept in. “I… Maybe…”

“Why are you so mean to me?” I ask. She looks at me and I can see a sadness in her eyes.

I flinch as her hand comes up and touches my face. Her thumb slowly strokes my cheek. “I… I don’t know…”

Before I can say anything, she pulls me into a kiss. A deep intimate kiss. The likes I’ve never experienced before.

“A fire burns inside me whenever I’m around you… Makes me do crazy shit.” She says as she kisses me once more. Without another word, she walks out the door.


I hope you enjoyed the story, please feel free to leave any comments down below in the comment section. Also, please check out my profile for more!

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