Life Saved, Innocence Lost

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As they have been doing for the last 20 years, the St. Margaret’s Girls Choir was giving their annual Spring Jubilee Concert in the Grand Hall at Shoreside Resort. After a brilliant performance, the girls spent the night partying at the resort and executing their traditional hazing rituals on the first year members. Many of their antics involved humiliating the girls in public or some form of intoxicated sexual conquest with boys from the Grant Military Academy, also performing that evening. While the choir was out enjoying themselves, Justine, the quietest of the Seniors retired to her room as she told the rest of the choir she was “not feeling well”. In reality, Justine was also probably the purest of the Seniors, and somewhat embarrassed about her lack of experience. She was just days over 18, and although she was absolutely gorgeous, she was just one of those reserved kind of girls, that never really got around to boys. Shy of an innocent kiss that was more of a dare than anything during her “first year” in the choir, that was the limit to her experience with boys.

Justine took advantage of her roommate’s absence and was drawing herself a bath when someone downstairs, most likely one of the girls or cadets, activated the hotel fire alarm. Startled by the alarm, Justine stood up and slipped on the wet bathroom floor striking her head on the tile, knocking her out cold.

As the hotel was cleared out and checked room for room, a firefighter made his way to Justine’s room, entering with the Concierge Master Key. Finding Justine still laying unconscious on the floor, he immediately checked her vital signs and saw they were well within normal rates. Seeing the puddle of water near her and the bruise on her head, he realized the nature of her accident. He lifted her up off the floor using a fireman’s carry and took her out to the main bedroom laying her gently on the bed. Just as he was reaching down to wake her up, he received a buzz on his vibrating pager stating “building all clear”. He responded to the call with his own personal vehicle, and did not need to return to station with the truck as he was off duty. He simply went to the corner of the room where the signal was best and radioed into the Chief stating “10-14b all clear”.

Just as he did that, he looked back at Justine lying on the bed still completely dressed in her concert outfit, the traditional “school-girl” uniform for St. Margaret’s. Before going back to revive her, he saw Justine’s wallet (quite the “girlish”) wallet lying on the counter. Going through it, he saw all the makings of quite the innocent Catholic School girl… a religious card or two, pictures of grandparents, her school id, library card and of course her driver’s license. Looking at the date, he realized that right in front of him was this innocent looking “school-girl” sound asleep in front of him, just days away from “womanhood”… In essence, every man’s fantasy.

Not able to resist the temptation, as NO human male, young, old or otherwise could in this scenario, he opened up his jacket and approached the peacefully resting Justine and began admiring her from head to toe. Her hair was done up in the pigtails, tied with cute bows and all. She had a gentle grin on her face, almost like she was in the middle of a wonderful dream. One thing for sure was the fireman was living every man’s dream. Her white dress shirt was all buttoned up, still kept well together by the necktie showing the St. Margaret’s blue and white. The only revealing spot was the right sleeve rolled up, more than likely to draw the bath. Her shirt was not tucked in, as she was probably just about to take it off before her fall. The shirt was draped over her plaid kilt covering only half the legs, while the bottom half revealed a most beautiful pair of smooth, strong legs representing obvious athleticism. This would be appropriate as Justine was captain of the Soccer and Lacrosse teams. Of course the feet were covered with the typical dress shoes, completing the “school-girl” look, and the fireman’s every fantasy.

Not sure how long Justine had been unconscious, he took his chances at an opportunity for a quick peek. He gently took her ankles and slowly positioned the motionless legs apart, just enough to avail himself a perfect view of the simple, yet cute, white underwear she was wearing. He was already completely erect, but at this point, he could feel, even through his heavy bunker gear that he was getting dripping wet. He sat back for just a moment to enjoy the view, and unbuttoned the top of his pants so he could reach down and adjust his now swollen and throbbing penis. Mere contact with it almost made him climax, but he waited, cause he had to see what was under that shirt.

He knew this was so wrong, but sometimes there are just urges a man cannot overcome, and this girl was so gorgeous he was willing to take on any consequences, this was just too much for any man to handle. Knowing time was now of the essence, he undid her necktie enough to get to the buttons and quickly popped the top buttons unleashing her large breasts, protected by her Şirinevler escort bra, all be it cute, at this point an inconvenience. With the shirt open and panties showing, this would be enough for any man, but at this point he was so entranced that he needed to see those breasts, if only just one, before he could pleasure himself.

Greediness took its toll, and at the very moment he revealed her first nipple, Justine took a deep breath and awoke. Still not completely coherent, the fireman had time to pull his hand out of her bra, but she quickly came to and assessed her situation. Unaware of her surrounding, looking down at her open shirt and her legs spread apart, and a strange man standing over her (now completely frozen in shock); she opened her mouth to scream. The fireman’s only response, the only movement his frozen body could make at this point was to put his hand on her mouth and try to calm her down. Rightfully startled and hysterical, she stirred quite a bit and her strength was somewhat of a challenge to keep under control. The fireman kept saying, “Shh. Shh. Shh. Please let me explain, Please let me explain… Please, Shh. I am so sorry, I am sorry.. You are just so beautiful, I am sorry, I could not resist…” She put up a fight, but at the moment she heard “beautiful”, she calmed for a second. She reached over his hand, taking it off her mouth, and said, ever so quietly, “did you say I was, was… beautiful?” Still in complete and utter shock, he was still saying “I am sorry, I am so sorry, please, please, I am sorry”… She hushed him and put her finger on his lips, repeating, “did you say I was, beautiful?” The fireman somewhat calmed now, said, “Are you kidding me? You are without a doubt the most beautiful thing I have ever seen”… Even though she should have been on the phone to the police at this point, she instead smiled. He quickly got up, putting his gear back together and said, “I am so sorry I will turn myself in, just please forgive me.” A soft “No one has ever told me I am beautiful before” came from Justine’s nervous lips. Realizing that she was no longer hysterical and was actually making conversation, the fireman slowly approached her again and sat at the edge of the bed, by her feet, creating a safe distance.

“What makes me beautiful?” she said. Still in a daze and in shock, he squeaked out, “Well…”, she interjected, “Listen, I am not gonna say anything, just be honest with me…” “Well, umm, before it was just your body, and your outfit, but now that your eyes are open and you are speaking, I see this most beautiful girl, with perfect teeth, and gorgeous eyes.” At this point she smiled ear to ear, and he said “It’s that smile, it just makes it all come together”. “But you said you were looking at my body too…” “Well, yes, I am a fireman, obviously a strong girl is gonna be attractive, please like no one has ever drooled over you before”. “No, not really, or at least no one has ever told me”.

“Listen I should really go, I am sorry.”

“No, please don’t go, tell me, what were you going to do if I did not wake up?”…

“Oh please, don’t hate me, I would have never touched you or violated you are anything, I was just looking”.

“And all you were going to do was look at me?”.

“Yes, I feel so bad about this, please, don’t make me feel worse.”

“Well, what were you looking at? You were just gonna look and that’s all?”…

“Well, no, um.. I was gonna, umm, oh god I can’t say it”.

“What, tell me, I think I have a right to know!”.

“Well, um.. I was gonna, umm.. uhh… pleasure myself”.

“You mean…”.

“Yeah that.. I am really sorry, please let me go…”

“No, please don’t go… Listen, if I let you see what you wanted to see, would you show me what you do?”

“Oh my god, I really don’t know about this now, I am really in a lot of trouble as it is…”

“No, please, I am serious, what were you looking at, I will show you, if you let me see how you do it.”

“Umm… What, you have never seen a guy before?”

“Look at me, do I look that experienced? The most I have done is barely kiss a guy on a dare”.

“That is crazy, you are so hot… Oh my god.” She smiles again and blushes.

“Whatever, you’re just saying that”.

“Umm, do you think I would have risked my career if I didn’t find you overwhelmingly desirable?”

“Well I guess not”. At this point Justine lay back down and assumed the position she was in when she woke up, even to the point of opening her legs again. Of course, the fireman glimpsed real quick, it’s just one of those things you can’t resist looking if even for a second, but then he turned his head away to the wall and again said, “I am so sorry.”. “No, you looked, you want to look, go ahead, it’s ok”.

Justine did not seem to pose much of a threat at this point, so he looked and she opened and closed her legs a bit, sending him through the roof. “I don’t understand what the big fascination is, it’s just my underwear.” “You’re just not a guy, you wouldn’t understand”… “Well, explain it to me”. Somehow diverting Şirinevler escort bayan his attention away from her creamy thighs, he began to explain the male fascination with “upskirt” shots and how they are “taboo”, that’s why they are a turn on. If it’s not meant to happen or “naughty”, then it’s erotic, plain and simple. She asked, “well whatever, I mean, people see my underwear all the time when I play lacrosse or tennis, so I don’t really get how it’s bad.” .. “Well it’s not really the same thing, it’s hard to explain, but invading someone’s, a girl’s privacy can be somewhat erotic, cause you’re seeing something no one else gets to see, it’s special”. “Well, OK I guess, I still don’t get it, but go ahead here’s what you are looking for”, as she spread her legs open and closed again. At this point she wasn’t even nervous anymore and she knew that even though she had no experience whatsoever, she was completely in control here, and did not feel threatened at all. Furthermore, she knew she had this guy by the balls, and he would do anything to stay out of trouble.

“OK.. So you’re back to where you were, but my shirt is open, and I don’t remember doing that…By the way.. What did happen?” .. He explained how he found her and what the cause of her black out was. “OK, so anyway, my shirt is open, now I may be inexperienced, but I know boys, I know you weren’t just looking at my bra, you can see that through my shirt anyway. He swallowed the large lump in his throat and said, “Well, yeah, you got me there, but I swear I wasn’t gonna touch, I was just looking.” She loosened the necktie enough to get it over her head took and unbuttoned her shirt all the way and pushed it apart showing those magnificent breasts still supported by the white bra. “OK, here’s the deal, I will show them to you, but I want to see yours too… You have to be hot in that jacket, take it off”. He took off the jacket, now standing there in his bunker gear, with the thick black suspenders holding up the heavy pants. Strangely enough, he had no shirt under the gear. When she asked, he explained how he lives right near resort, and responded from home, right from the shower, and figured, it would just be a quick call, so he didn’t bother with pants or shirt. So standing there, in suspenders with no shirt, and his large chest and big arms he was now beginning to get a bit relaxed too. The helmet finally came off, and he slowly and nervously took down the suspenders, dropping his gear, revealing his tight fitting boxer briefs, boasting an impressive bulge and an obvious wet spot. Justine, in a somewhat girlish manner, said, “OK, you ready, on 3, I am gonna show you mine, you better show me yours…”. He just nodded, he had nothing to hide, nor did he worry about appearance, but he was concerned about climaxing the second he touched his penis, so he made sure not to pull his brief down by the sides to release his member. “One… Two… Three…”. Indeed, Justine held her end of the bargain and unleashed a pair of picture perfect breasts, and the fireman followed in suit and showed his package.

“So that’s what all the girls talk about huh? I don’t see the big deal, no pun intended, I am sure you’re big, but it’s just another body part.” He just smiled, he was far more than average, and seeing her made him harder and larger than he had ever been before. “So, how does this work, you just rub it?” “Yup, pretty much”. “Well, let me see this up close, come over.” As he stepped out of the boots and walked over, she undid her bra completely and took her bra all the way off. Standing right next her at this point, she took a look and said, “well, do whatever is you do, you got the visual you’re looking for!”. He tried to stall for a moment, cause he knew one stroke would finish him. Right then, she began to reach out, and said, “Let me touch it, is it actually hard?” Collecting enough self-control to let her touch it, she reached out poked it once, then took a hold. Interestingly enough, when she took a grip it was like she done it a million times, like it was completely natural for her. “So what do you do just go up and down like this?” After like 3 strokes, he was twitching, “Umm.. Yeah, that’s one way”. With an incredible amount of confidence, he had the balls to suggest a blow job. “Eww, are you saying what I think your are saying? I mean, I am probably the only girl in my choir who hasn’t done it, but still, I am not sure about that yet, this is crazy enough as it is… Then again, I am this far, mine as well figure it all out.” She asked about the act, and he gave her a finger to suck on as a starter to show her the motions. “Are you sure about this he asked”, he was already in deep, but as soon as those lips made contact, there was no turning back. “Well, not really, but I guess it’s time for me to learn”.

So she made first contact with the lips like a gentle kiss. Comfortable with the contact, she moved on to same motions she made with his finger. Again, it was like she was a natural, but he didn’t dare ask, he didn’t even want to know, cause as far as he was concerned he was escort şirinevler on his way to deflowering an honest to God virgin. He couldn’t take much of this and definitely did not want to shoot his load in her mouth on the first time. So he backed her off. “What’s the matter am I doing it right?” “Yes that’s my problem, you’re doing it TOO right, I can’t hold in anymore.” “Well, why hold it in? I mean, that’s what I want to see anyway.” The fireman was in absolute heaven, he still could not believe this was happening. Going with the flow, he asked, “Well what about you? Don’t you want to feel any pleasure, I wouldn’t want to be the only one here.” Justine, put her head down out of embarrassment, and said, “Umm… Well, I am not sure about that one”. She was feeling a little tingle, but in honesty, she had no clue what to do about it, again, just one of those things she never got around to.

She didn’t mind showing her breasts, but her “special place” was a little different. He quickly realized her dilemma, and said, “Hey, do not tell me you have never done that before.” “OK. So I am a little behind the times, sorry”. “Don’t be sorry cutie, here, this is what you need to do, are you up for it?” “Well, I do feel a little tingle.” He took her hand and cupped it around her breast, and helped her squeeze it to the nipple, and then rolled the nipple in her fingertips.” She took a huge breath and almost giggled, but was speechless, just opened her mouth. When he saw she had the motion down he removed his hand and let her continue. He then took the other hand, and placed it the same way, this time he didn’t have to show her; she was a quick learner. “Do this for a little while and you should really feel good.” Completely turned on by the sight he stepped back to get a better view and in doing so, saw that her underwear was getting just a bit moist. He asked her if she felt anything anywhere else, she said she felt it all over, but she announced the tingle in her “special spot”. He took one hand from a breast, and with his free hand he pulled one knee to the side, and then the other. She was incredibly nervous at this point, and hesitated with the hand he was guiding. He looked at her, smiled, and with her hand still in grasp, he kissed her gently on the lips, and when she gave way, he kissed her passionately. While kissing her, and distracting her with that, he guided her free hand down to that moist mound under the white cotton, and took her finger and placed it right on her clitoris. She jumped, but he made her keep contact, and then began a circular motion, until she was educated enough to do it on her own.

With one hand on her nipple and one on her cotton covered clitoris, she was now feeling things she had never felt before, and it showed in her priceless facial expressions, and the cute little noises she was making. “You know, it feels a lot better with the underwear out of the way.” At this point she was so damn engrossed in what she was doing, she didn’t even notice that the slick guy had pushed her underwear to the side, and put her finger on the raw soaking wet clitoris. When she made contact though, she knew exactly what happened, and jumped again but this time instead of resisting, she actually started rocking her hips with the finger motion. Realizing he could do anything at this point, he took one of his fingers and slowly mirrored her motions giving her the impression he was just assisting her, then he ever so slowly and cleverly slid his finger right into her vagina. She was so wet, she did not even notice it until he was all the way in. He figured that all her athletics somewhere along the line led to her cherry being absent. Surprisingly the slow rocking of the hips turned into an all out humping of his finger, which had now become “fingers” plural. “This is the most incredible thing I have ever felt.. OH MY GOD.. Don’t stop.” Face to face with that dripping clitoris, he was about to prove her wrong, and gave her something even better, as the tip of his tongue touched the fingers she was using to rub her clit. Before he moved on with the oral gratification though, he reached under the skirt, up to her hips and peeled off her now completely soaked underwear. She had to stop touching herself for a second so he could get them off, but at that point, she needed the break, cause she was still in shock over the pleasure she was feeling. Before she could come to her senses he went full speed into that honey pot and gave her the most incredible oral a woman could imagine, virgin or not.

And here it was, it was coming, and she did not even know it, her first orgasm. “Oh my god, Oh my god, Oh my god…” was about the only thing able to come out of her mouth, but when that wave started to build, she crushed her legs around his shaved head, and he knew it was time. “Oh my god, this feels.. I think.. Oh MY GOOOOOODDDDD!!!!” When she climaxed, she put the pillow over her head and screamed. And that was that, so he thought… So he slowly removed his head and stood up. At this point while he was going down on her had pulled his shaft out and was now completely exposed. He knew it would only take a few seconds, so he stood up and just asked her not to move, so he could enjoy it. To his surprise however, instead of just sitting there, Justine said, “Um.. I don’t think so fireman, we have come this far, and I am gonna learn it all, and you’re gonna show me, now!”.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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