Life with Josie and Callie Ch. 01

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It all started out innocent enough, here I was at 51, and helping a friend who hit some hard times I had my share and was back on my feet. My friends helped when I needed, and I thought I would return the favor. Josie had lost her job and was struggling. Her and her 20 yr old daughter wanted me to move in and help them out with bills and such. So, after figuring out the money amounts, I packed up and relocated there.

Now Josie is 48, and around 5’2″ with a body that most 20 yr olds would envy. Large tits for her frame, a nice tight ass and creamy legs. I had the hots for her for years. We dated, but nothing really happened. Her daughter was a 5’9″ beauty who got the hereditary blessing of 34D tits, and a slim, trim body with a great ass and legs…

I had been there a few weeks, and while there had a lot of flirting going on with both women, I never really pursued it. Major wood occurred time and time again as I saw them move about the house. Callie seemed to push the limits on what her mom deemed “allowable” clothing. As time went by, I found myself constantly hard around Callie. And I saw her looking more than once.

So, with the screwed up schedule Josie had with work, there were a lot of times Callie and I were alone. While the thoughts became more foremost in my mind, I never imagined things would progress how they did. She and I talked about everything. From her relationship with her mom and her dad (her parents have been divorced for years), and her boyfriends and how they only wanted one thing from her.

Like I mentioned, there was a ton of flirting. But that one day, I never imagined it would happen like it did.

It was Saturday and I had no plans. The first time I had a free weekend in a very long time. A few days before, I was in taking a shower before work and thought I heard the bathroom door creak. It only did it the one time, and when I looked out, I didn’t see anyone and the door was closed. So, I forgot all about it. The house was an older one, and the doors did not close just right. If you wanted it locked, you had to basically lean against it and turn the lock. I never really locked it, as trust and privacy was something I promised the girls. And I had hoped that respect would be returned.

Anyway Josie was at work and it was around 9am. I made a pot of coffee and grabbed a cup and went outside to have a cigarette. While I was sitting on the porch- I was in a tank top and a pair of old gym shorts, Callie came out. She was in not more than a spaghetti strapped top and bikini bottoms. She had spent most of the summer at the pool Escort Bayan and her skin had that great 20 yr old tan- being a really creamy brown that just begged you to kiss and caress it. She sat in the next chair and was slowly waking up. I could tell she didn’t have a bra on and lord she did not need one either. Her breasts were firm and did not droop at all. There was a slight chill from the morning breeze and I could not help but notice her nipples looked like little erasers under her top.

When she sat down. I could see very defined tan lines on what skin was exposed. To say my cock was waking up would be an understatement. Here I was with a very desirable 20 yr old, and had a hard on you could hang a huge flag from. Like steel. I was wondering how I would get up to go shower without her noticing. After a few minutes I felt it subside, but then she put her hands over her head and stretched. That made my cock stir again.

Now I am not a huge guy, but I am of above average length and girth. I mean it doesn’t hang to my knees, but I have been told it is bigger than most. I keep the area shaved bare and the balls smooth as a babies bottom. That makes it look a bit larger when I am naked.

As we sat there, she had her legs tucked up with her knees at her chin. She was sitting in a way I could see the out line of her pussy lips, and when she shifted, the thin area of her bottoms shifted to show me she was shaved bare. At this point I can’t stand it any more, and decide the hell with it, I needed a cold shower. As I got up, my dick was at about half mast, and when Callie saw it her eyes widened and she sucked in her breath. I told her I was going to shower and then we could go get some breakfast.

I proceed to turn on the shower, and heard the TV turn on in the living room. I climbed under the shower sporting one of the hardest, most massive hard ons I have ever had. The cool water was not helping, so I warmed it up and proceeded to shower. I was under the water facing away from the sprayer, and thought I felt a breeze. I was rising out my hair so didn’t bother to look. All of a sudden I felt two hands stroking my cock. I wiped the water from my eyes and looked to see Callie with my massive hard on in her hands and a big smile on her face. I stammered “What the …..” but by then it was too late. She dropped to her knees and took about half of my cock in her mouth, all the while looking into my eyes. As she slowly slid back up to the tip, I could not help but lean my head back and moan. She was struggling with the girth, but she seemed to be a real trooper Çankaya Escort and then slowly slid all the way down until her nose was against my hips. I could feel the head of my cock against the back of her throat, and she was making swallowing movements and it was rubbing the head. I didn’t think it could get any harder but it did.

She kept this up for a few minutes and was teasing my balls with one hand. I slightly spread my legs and my knees so I would slip and fall. She took this as a sign to reach around and tease my asshole with her other hand. Once she figured I didn’t mind that and started to slip the tip of one finger into my ass just a bit. That sent me over the edge. She felt my balls tighten, and made sure she took my cock into her mouth and far as she could. I started to pump out one of the biggest loads I have ever shot. She didn’t spill a drop. After I stopped spurting, she slowly and gently eased back off my cock until just the head remained in her mouth. With just the head in her mouth, she opened slightly and slid the tongue down the length. I have never felt anything like this before. It got what was a shrinking cock hard again.

After she was sure she got it all, she came off my cock, and stood up with a huge smile and leaned over to kiss me. She was stroking it all the time, then backed off and turned around. She bent slightly and spread her pussy lips apart. It was gorgeous. I moved a bit and my cock slid into one of the tightest pussy I have ever had the pleasure of being in. She was so tight and even with all the wetness she was creaming on my cock, it took a while before I was buried up to the end. She was tight and wet and moaning like she had never felt it before. I pumped about 3-4 times and she cried out “OH MY FUCKING GOD” and started to shake. She started to slam back against me, and I grabbed her hips and pounded away. After what seemed like forever, she finally slowed down some. She slid off my cock, but was still shaking.

At this point we proceeded to wash each other and not missing a spot. I was looking over her body, and seeing her tan lines kept me semi hard ( hey I did just unload a massive gob of spunk.).

Once the water started turning cold we decided to take it to my room. Once there I pushed her back on the bed. I leaned forward to kiss her and our tongues danced in each others mouths. I was kissing down her neck and when I reached her tits, they were like globes from heaven. Nice quarter sized aereolas with nipples about a half inch long just begging to be nibbled on.

As I was worshiping those Ankara Escort tits, I reached down and found her so wet the sheets were getting soaked. Her pussy was soft and smooth without any hint of hair. After I had her close to the edge a few times just sucking on her nipples, I slid down and started to trace her bikini tan line with my tongue, teasing her. She kept spreading her legs every time I got near her hard as a rock clit. It must have stood out a ¼ inch and was saying “LICK ME”. I finally gave her what she wanted and when I did lick her clit lightly the 1st time, she clamped her legs around my head and screamed and shook hard.

After she let up on my head, I lightly licked all around the pussy. I went from bottom to top, spending a lot of time licking each individual lip and the slowly licked up and folded her hood back and lightly sucked her clit into my mouth. As the suction held it there, I started light butterfly licks across it. Her head was shaking from side to side and she had a hold of my ears and would not let go. As she came, my mouth was greeted with some of the finest nectar of the gods I have ever tasted. The sheets were done by now. You could hear the squishing from how wet they were.

After another orgasm from my mouth she pulled me up and said “Fuck me”. I slowly slid the head into her gorgeous cunt. It was still tight but the juices helped. I would only give her an inch or two with each stroke and she got tired of the teasing and reached around and grabbed my ass and pulled me all the way in. At this point when she felt it bottom out, she screamed again, threw her head back and shuddered. I started pumping in and out, and evidently she wanted it harder.

So revving into high gear, I started hammering her so hard she slid up the bed until her head was against the wall. I looked down at this young, magnificent body beneath me, saw the nipples as hard as rocks, the well defined tan lines and her long silky smooth legs wrapped around my ass and started to feel my balls tighten. I told Callie this and she reached around and played with my balls. That signaled blast off. I came in buckets in her young tight pussy. I could feel her coming on my cock. She contracted so tight that it was hard to move in and out and I thought her pussy would cut my cock in two. At this point, with numerous orgasms by her and 2 massive loads by me, we lay our sweaty bodies against one another. We decided we needed to shower before Josie came home and agreed to do this again and never mention or act like anything happened.

I found myself hard all the time the next few days when I thought about that Saturday shower. This would be the beginning of what would prove to be an idea living arrangement, and there are more chapters to come. So stay tuned…..I have to go shower just remembering this awesome event…

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