Lighting Her Fire Ch. 03

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Oh My God! You are Disgusting! – 17/05/20

Our sex life has been good lately. The last time we had sex she’d said she wasn’t up for it and just offered doggystyle. She never cums doggystyle. She just uses it, when she isn’t in the mood. To get me off as quickly as possible so that she can get some sleep. I took it slow and gentle. I gradually got her worked up. I reached around and gently massaged her clitoris. I told some her dirty stuff. I said the kind of things that I sometimes say. ‘You have best ass in the world.’ ‘Your body is so tight.’ And then I said things that I never say. ‘I want to bury my cock deep in your ass.’ ‘I’m going to shoot my hot cum right into you.’ Soon she pulled away and rolled onto her back. I started fucking her missionary. She didn’t seem all that responsive to a few sensual things that I tried. So I put my arm under her leg and pinned her knee up level with her chest. Then I fucked I her as hard as I could. She came for ages.

She seemed really happy the next morning. She said something about me being more ‘enthusiastic’. I guess that translates as more dominant. She said I’d been assertive and that I told her what I wanted to do. So I guess maybe that was ‘bury my cock deep in your ass’. Perhaps this is how I man up and be the real man that she wants. I think I need to.

Today as I wake she opens the curtains. She’s already half dressed. She’s wearing those leggings again. The ones that she’d been worried were ‘indecent’ when I gave them to her. She went cycling with the kids in them during the week. Today she’s got them on first thing. The weather is great again. The sunlight streaming through the window has me squinting to see her. She has her hands behind her head. Posing topless in those leggings. Teasing. I say: ‘I think you should come back here.’

‘In your dreams. The kids are both up. You’ll just have to look.’

‘Yeah well I’m struggling with that at the moment.’

‘Get up and get some life into yourself. I’m going to make another picnic and take the kids out again. You can get that patio cleaned!’ She pulls a figure hugging top over herself.

I pull the duvet up over my eyes muttering ‘I can’t wait.’

She’s actually loving this lockdown. She’s got this beautiful area all to herself. It’s normally full of walkers at this time of year. She’s been out practically every evening. She’s often taken the kids climbing. Yesterday she made up an amazing picnic and spent the day with them at the lake. They all enjoyed themselves so much that they’re doing the same again today. I drag myself out of bed and make it downstairs in time to join them for breakfast. Sarah’s baked croissants again. She always does at the weekend. The kids love it. I sit looking at her over the breakfast table, as she laughs and jokes with the kids, I’m thinking ‘What women bake their own croissants?… What women look like that?… Earn as much as their husbands?… .Keep themselves practically as fit as a professional athlete?… Radiate positivity and playfulness that raises the spirits of everyone around them?’ The last four attributes… yes. I’m sure there are such women. Probably many even. But they don’t bake their own croissants.

When they leave to spend the day at the lake I’m a bit down. As she kisses me goodbye I tell her: ‘I want to come with you.’

‘There’s a global pandemic honey. You’re high risk. And it’s not as if hygiene is one of your strong points is it? I’d be more worried about you than I am about the kids.’

‘But I won’t touch anything…’

‘You are the most precious thing in the world to us.’ She smiles. ‘ The last thing we need is you getting ill because you’ve climbed over a style, or opened a gate, and then picked your nose and eaten it.’ She grabs my crotch and kisses me. Then she throws her arms around me and starts dry humping me in the doorway. Saying almost aggressively: ‘We’ll do a bit of this later if you behave yourself while we’re out.’

I smile and wave them goodbye. I’m sure I’m not really high risk. I had a bruised lung from my fall, which has left me with low oxygen levels in my blood, but I’ve not had a letter telling me to completely isolate. I go and make myself another coffee before embarking upon cleaning up all of the cooking utensils that she’s left all over the kitchen. She seems to have used every possible receptacle and implement. Then I clearing away and cleaning the plates, mugs, and cutlery on the breakfast table. Then I put some music on and clean the bathroom. After that I make a start on the patio.

When they come back in the late afternoon they just dump all of their gear and the picnic basket. I clear it all up after them. I put their swimming costumes on to wash. Move their shoes, from where ever they’re been randomly discarded, into the shoe cupboard. They’ve clearly had a fantastic day. The kids are effervescent. Telling me about their swim games. Sarah’s had another mindful afternoon reading a novel in the sunshine. She’s mightily pleased with the revitalized patio. She sets about making a fantastic family dinner using even more equipment (and making even more mess) than in the morning. I Kadıköy Escort swear I spend more of my spare time washing dishes and cleaning the kitchen than anything else.

Through the evening she gives me further indications of being up for sex tonight. Grabbing my cock and whispering: ‘I want to suck your cock right off!’ She’s never exactly been subtle. Nevertheless at bedtime I’m not sure if she is up for it. We hug and kiss. But her mind seems to be dragging up anything that she can think of that I’ve done to annoy her. I’ve let Katie leave her jumper in school on the last day before lock down closed it. I’ve not noticed that the tread on one of the car tyres is below legal limit. Every time she seems to be getting into it there is something that causes her to pull away and chide me. I gently finger her. Eventually getting her to forget it all and working her up good. It takes a lots of snogging. I mount her missionary and give her the full length to grind on just for a few moments. She groans ‘Ohh… that is so good!’

Then I take it away and keep it on the edge of her vagina whilst I gently massage her clitoris with a finger wet from her juices running beneath my cock. Occasionally I push her the full pole again and let her bend it deep inside her with her hips. ‘Ohhh God!’ But then I retract it again and go back to teasing and massaging. Eventually she looks me in the eyes and begs: ‘Let me ride you.’ I climb off her and lay back. She rides like a porn star. Bringing herself near to orgasm a few times in different positions. Each time I stop her just short. Eventually I have mercy on her. I pull her body down onto me and she locks her legs around mine. I put one hand on her ass and grab her hair with the other. She cums like crazy. I keep her going for as long as I can. Afterwards, as she climbs off me, she asks, grinning: ‘Do you want to suck your cum back out of me?’

It’s the second time she has asked me that. The first time I just ignored it. This time I grab her and pull her hips towards my face. She struggles free and falls beside me.

‘Oh my God! You are disgusting!’

‘You asked me to do it! I’ll do anything you want.’

‘I wasn’t serious.’

‘That’s what you said last time.’

‘What fucking last time?’

‘You asked me the same thing a couple of months ago. I didn’t try to do it. But I told you later that I will if you want. You said that you were only joking and that you can’t think of anything more disgusting.’

‘Did I?’

‘Yes… but you did think of it though. Twice.’

‘As if!… You are just making things up now.’

‘I am not.’

‘Fucking dream on.’

Soon we are falling asleep in each others arms. I’m just drifting off when she says: ‘Would you really do that?’

‘Anything you want baby… Anything you want.’

Spring Bank Holiday – 25/05/20

It’s been idyllic long weekend. On Friday I’d woken and she was already up and making those croissants. She had the day off work. I found her in the kitchen wearing some new ear rings that I gave her the day before. I told her how adorable she looked. Hugged and kissed her. She was looking really sexy in a short denim skirt. She had her anklet on. She took the kids out for the day while I cleaned bathrooms, mopped floors, washed up, and changed the beds. In the evening I gave her my bank card to go and buy wine. She cooked a fantastic meal and we ate outside on the patio. After I washed up and put the kids to bed I found her still out there. She’d got the fire pit out. She had a fire going with some logs she’d bought. We spent the evening on the patio romantically drinking wine beside the fire pit and making small talk.

When it got cold she led me indoors and kissed me in the kitchen. We carried on kissing through the house, and up the stairs, taking items of clothing off as we moved. When we got to the bedroom she flung herself onto her back on the bed. I crouched over her and I began kissing her passionately. I slipped two fingers into her already wet pussy. She was gagging for it. So was I. But there was nothing going on with my cock. She told me: ‘Come on! I need a real man to fuck me.’ I went down on her. Still nothing but a limp dick. I tried for over half an hour before we both got frustrated and gave up. She was so wet that the bed sheets were damp.

She said: ‘It’s all in your head Paul.’ She fell asleep in my arms, frustrated. I couldn’t sleep. I was livid with myself. My fat floppy twat of a cock. I’ve been having this problem for a while. I stopped looking at porn thinking that might help. I’ve also tried to drop the whole Hotwife thing. I suspect that might have something to do with it. My subconscious mind is probably convinced that it’s good if I don’t fuck her because then maybe someone else will. That is not good. I’ve started to realize that the whole Hotwife thing isn’t real. It’s just bullshit peddled by the porn industry. And now it’s adversely affecting my sex life. It’s got to stop. I didn’t sleep well. Disturbed by how turned on she had been and how badly I had let her down.

When we woke on Saturday she’d mocked me lovingly about Ataşehir Escort not sleeping. She’d hugged me, kissed me, and told me that I ought not to get upset just because it didn’t work out. In the day she’d made a fantastic picnic again and spent the day out at the lake with the kids. She did the same on Sunday. The weather was amazing all weekend.

Today is Bank Holiday Monday. We wake in each others arms and she tells me of a dream that she’s had. Apparently I’d had sold the house, without involving her, and bought a new one which was totally unsuitable and in such a state of disrepair that had to be condemned. I tell her. ‘That’s your subconscious. It’s trying to deal with the fear you have that I just set off on things without thinking the consequences through properly.’

‘No shit! Of course it is. You fucking don’t!’

‘I think I do…’

She laughs ‘Do you ever the fuck!’

She gets up and puts on a pair of red Brazilians with skin tight jeans. The panties stick up over the waistband of the jeans. I knew they’d ride higher than her jeans. That’s why I bought them. I also knew the slim fit T-shirt that she’s picked out to wear, won’t reach down to cover the exposed panty waistband. That’s why I bought that too. And she says that I don’t think things through properly. She climbs back onto the bed topless and lays on top of me. She pins my arms by my sides. ‘Come on Beta Boy. Grow a pair of balls!’

I’m tired and still half asleep. I think ‘Oh god not this.’ I try to move my arms and wrestle out of her grip but she’s strong. ‘Watch my back. You’re going to hurt me.’ I complain.

‘Ahhh… are you going to complain about being bullied.’

‘Who to?’

‘Your mummy… oh Mummy… Sarah has been mean to me.’ Still holding my arms at my side, she sits up, shuffles forward, and pushes her pussy into my face. It would be nice if she didn’t have the jeans on. ‘Maybe I’ll fart in your face.’

‘Oh please!… Get off…’ I wrestle free and fall off the side of the bed.

She laughs ‘Hahahaha Ha… You are such a man!’

I pick myself up and get a shower while she finishes dressing and goes downstairs to make breakfast. After breakfast I’m washing and cleaning when she comes in from the garden. She’s been getting everything together to take the kids out again. She sidles past me and reaches into a kitchen cupboard. She’s singing a song that she’s made up to the tune of ‘I Try’ by Macy Gray.

‘I tried to get it up / but I failed. / Tried to shag my wife / but I couldn’t. / Though I seduced her / in the yard. / My little cock / just won’t get hard.’

‘Er… I don’t have a little cock.’

‘Well it wasn’t big the other night!’ She kisses me. ‘Don’t make it a big deal. It’s all in your head. I’m just making light of it.’ She skips off back outside.

They’re back by lunchtime. She puts pork on slow roast and goes for an afternoon walk up the hill to meet Kelly (one of her girlfriends). I’ve got the kids at home. I told her that I’ll take care of everything and she should go enjoy herself. I vacuum and tidy and sort out the kids gear. When she comes back she seems to be angry with me from the moment that she walks through the door. It’s all about me me not listening. Because days ago she’d told me about a problem with our cancelled summer holiday and I’d suggested a solution. She says I should have just listened and prompted her to come up with a solution herself by saying things like ‘oh… and what do you think of that’. It’s all a bit prescriptive. I really have no idea what she’s on about. It all seems a bit mad. I tell her: ‘I listened… I tried to help… I don’t understand.’

‘Exactly! You never understand… Just forget it.’

I decide it’s best to do just that. I leave it for a bit and then take her into the living room where I’ve set up the new TV that she has been angling for. The kids come in and join us. They helped me set it up. They’re exited to show her. Whatever was eating at her is quickly forgotten. Everything’s great and I’m pure gold again. She grabs my balls through my shorts and whispers in my ear. ‘If this thing works tonight I’m going to ride really hard.’ I give her my bank card to go to the shop and get us a bottle of wine.

All evening she’s on at me to get it hard and be ready. She’s not going to start anything unless it’s already hard. As it gets nearer to bedtime I’m surreptitiously fluffing myself up. I make sure that I’m in bed before her. When she comes to bed she throws off the duvet and jumps on top of me naked. She grabs my cock and pushes it straight into her. As quick as that. She doesn’t want foreplay. There’s no tit licking or clit rubbing. She jokes and laughs whilst she grinds on my throbbing cock. I always find it hard to joke around and laugh during sex. It’s not funny, Not to me. But I make sure to laugh with her. Albeit that my laughter is forced. Eventually she squats over me and works her tight ass so vigorously that she’s literally milking my cock and I cum really hard.

Yes Daddy… All the time. – 06/06/20

It’s a beautiful summer afternoon. This lock down is a pleasure here. Maltepe Escort The kids have been playing in the garden in the sunshine. Sarah and I have been gardening and drinking wine. I love this family. I love this place. There are butterflies everywhere. A huge, pretty, red one lands on Sarah’s hair. She is as enchanting as the weather. She shines. She sparkles. They all do. We have dinner out in the garden. Everyone is happy and smiling. Chatting. Laughing. The kids talk exuberantly about flying their kite out by the lake. Sarah took them out there again this morning. It sounds like they had a typically fantastic time.

All of a sudden Little Katie falls silent… thinking. Then: ‘Mummy!… You really like talking to that man don’t you?’

There is silence. The whole mood has changed. I hold my tongue. Sarah is deep in thought. The laughter has all stopped. ‘Steve…’ Sarah eventually says. ‘Yes Katie I do.’ The radiance and jollity has faded from her. She talks slowly and calmy. Looking down at her plate as she speaks. Pushing her food with her fork. ‘He’s always charming and friendly… He’s not like the other people. Everyone else moans about lock down… Or unloads their problems onto me… Or moans about that new housing estate… Or tries to convert me to their political views… it’s so depressing.’

‘You talk to him for a long time Mummy.’

‘I like talking to him. It’s actually a pleasure. He’s like… the only person who it’s actually a pleasure to talk to. He’s always happy.’ She’s still talking slowly and avoiding any eye contact. ‘He’s so laid back and chilled out. He’s funny. He makes me laugh. He… ‘ she pauses for a few seconds ‘…understands me.’

Suddenly it feels like I am in the wrong movie or something. I can’t believe this conversation is even happening. I’m silent. Shocked. It feels like my stomach is stuck in my throat.

‘What does Steve talk about Mummy?’

‘Just nice things…’ Sarah continues. He talks about climbing. He’s so into it. You can really tell how much he loves it.’ She’s looking up from her food now. There’s vibrancy in her voice that was missing before. ‘It sounds so amazing being up there. So liberating. The thrill… the views… the freedom. It all comes across so vividly when he talks about it. He talks about his house. It’s amazing what he’s doing with it! And he’s not big headed about it. He just has these fantastic ideas and he goes for it… and he makes it happen…’

Everyone is quiet for a few moments as they all get on with eating. It’s one of those pick and mix meals that they all love. Where Sarah spreads cheeses, cold meats, olives, salad, bread, and more, across the table and everyone just dives in. If you snooze you lose. I’m losing right now. I’m not eating any of it. I feel like I’ve been punched in the chest. Was this just today? I have to know. I have to ask someone… something. I try to sound jaunty. Smiling, I direct the question to Katie. ‘Do you often meet Steve?’

‘Yes Daddy… All the time.’

It feels like every internal organ in my chest has just dropped into my stomach. Sarah hadn’t mentioned that she had met Steve. She mentioned meeting various characters who get on her nerves or bore her to death. She hasn’t mentioned Steve since she saw him climbing a month ago. During April she often bumped into him. She talked about him a lot. About the work that he had going on at his big house. About the travels that he told her he is planning. About the fantastic gardens that he’s putting in. But then it stopped. For a month she hasn’t mentioned him at all. I had blithely thought that she hadn’t seen him. But there it is. From the mouth of an innocent child. ‘Yes daddy. All the time.’ I feel like I need to vomit. I think I’m actually in shock.

I wanted her to be a Hotwife. I really did. It was a silly obsession inspired by pornography. I knew that. It felt like a dangerous game that was fun to play. I’d kind of subliminally persuade her to lead me where ever she wanted to go. Which was never going to be cuckoldry. I knew I couldn’t make her do anything. I know I can’t control her. I wouldn’t want to. I couldn’t just come out and ask her to be a Hotwife. She would balk at it. It would scare her. Probably upset her and damage our relationship. So I slowly and subtly suggested and encouraged her. Small step by small step. But steps she wanted to take. To wherever she wanted to go. I worked on removing barriers in her mind. And wherever she wants to go, at whatever speed, then that’s where we go. If it’s nowhere… that’s fine.

Whatever she wants… I am happy with. Well… I was… until Steve ‘really came out of himself’ at Christmas. Franky, now, this conversation has got me terrified. I started out with an end game vision of another guy fucking her. Not understanding her! And certainly not a guy we’ve both known since childhood. A guy who told me that he liked her right when we first got together. The Hotwife Sarah that I had in mind would maybe pull a guy in a bar. We would take him back to a cheap hotel. She’d fuck some stranger in front of me in a Premier Inn and then we’d all go home get on with life like it never happened. We’d never see the guy again. ‘Stevie’, (I can still hear the tone change in her voice,) understanding her, is not something that ever occurred to me. My mind was awash with porn industry bullshit. Meanwhile in the real world…

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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