Like a Natural Man Ch. 02

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Chapter 2

Maribel: Origins

Maribel lay in the bathtub. She had made the water so hot that steam filled the bathroom. She had enough hot water to fill up an entire bathtub for just herself. In her bathroom, she mused. Sure, it was tiny – the bathtub took up nearly half the space of the room, but it adjoined her own private bedroom that she didn’t have to share with anyone. Such luxury. Not like back home.

Just the mere thought of home made her throat tighten up. She missed her family, especially her seven siblings. Their family of ten squeezed into a tiny house with a tiny water heater (when it worked) and a tiny bathroom they all shared. But it was a happy home, Maribel reflected. They didn’t feel as if they were missing anything. They had a maid, too. Labor was so cheap that even they could afford household help.

Maribel could see the maid, Loli, as she bustled through the house, carrying laundry, folding clothes, straightening the rooms, cutting vegetables, cooking. Maribel’s duties of looking after a single married couple with no children were nothing compared to Loli’s daily workload. One thing that they both did as part of their jobs though, was exactly the same. Maribel had learned what tasks a maid was obligated to perform at a pretty early age. Maybe 9 or 10 years old. She allowed the memory to replay in her mind:

She’d had a fever and had stayed home in bed while her siblings went to school. Her mother had taken her temperature that morning. It had been 101. Maribel slept the morning away. Her dreams were strange, disconnected, feverish. They evolved into a nightmare – she was being chased through a jungle. She ran, terrified, fearing the tribal warriors in pursuit. She looked behind her, but did not see them. She could hear the dram beat that accompanied their hunt. It had started off slowly and evenly, but the tempo had increased. And it seemed louder. And closer. Maribel ran faster, trying to escape the drum beat and the hunters. She turned to look over her shoulder and could see the first few tribesmen gaining on her. The jungle ended, and she was running on grass. She faced forward, but the grass had ended. She had run off the edge of a cliff. She tried to scream, but could not. She was momentarily suspended in mid-air, like in those Bostancı escort old cartoons, and then began to plummet straight down.

She’d woken up, the nightmare had left her panicked and disoriented. And even as she realized she was safe in her own bedroom, she was still scared. Because, although she was awake and not running from a horde of blood thirsty hunters, she could still hear the thumping of their drums. She did not know where the drumming was coming from or why, but she was determined to find out.

She slipped out of bed, and stood up. She was dizzy. With slow steps, she made her way out into the hallway. The house was deserted. She looked into the bedrooms – they were empty. There was a boiling pot of soup on the stove, but nobody was in the kitchen, either. She followed the drumming noise out to the garage. They were much louder, and Maribel thought she could hear crying or something that was in perfect sync with the thumping. It was coming from the tiny room that was used to fold the laundry. She walked quietly toward the half-opened door to the laundry room. Abruptly, the thumping stopped, but she could still hear someone crying. Maribel peered in.

At first, Maribel did not see anyone. She looked closer. Loli was bent over the folding table, her upper body on top of the pile of laundry she had removed from the clothesline. Her arms were stretched out on each side of her body; her reddened, chapped hands were gripping both sides of the table, tightly. The bottom half of her was concealed by the large laundry barrel. Loli’s face was turned the other way, but Maribel could hear the keening noises were coming from her. Concerned, Maribel started toward the maid to check if she was okay.

As she drew closer, Maribel glanced behind the barrel. Her eyes widened, and she stepped backwards to the doorway. She knew what she’d just seen; she just didn’t understand it. She continued staring at the scene before her. Her father’s black wavy hair was visible, now, and Maribel could see that his face was almost pressed against Loli’s butt. He was kissing her butt! Or maybe her “thing,” she ventured. She looked closer. Yes, definitely her “thing.” He was making her cry even louder. Maribel snuck out the doorway but continued to watch, Anadolu Yakası Escort transfixed. Her father stood up behind the maid. His pants were around his ankles. He pushed his pelvis into her butt and starting jerking back and forth. The front of the table banged loudly against the wall, slowly at first, then faster and faster. Maribel recognized the drum beats from her nightmare. Within a few minutes, her father threw his head back and roared loudly for several seconds. Then, he collapsed onto Loli’s back, breathing heavily. With one last look, Maribel slipped back to her bedroom.

It did not take Maribel long to find out what she had witnessed. Her best friend, Lucita, was quick to let her in on the secret of sex, or “fucking,” as her friend called it, giggling. Maribel became obsessed with trying to catch her father and Loli “doing it.” She spied upon them constantly. She stayed awake late at night, listening for the sound of his footsteps heading toward Loli’s tiny room. She would wait until he shut the door behind him and quickly tip toe after him. She kept a cup handy so she could listen through the door for the now-familiar thumping, creaking and moaning of their fucking. There were a couple of times she peeked in on her father eating lunch at the kitchen table with Loli kneeling between his legs, sucking on his thing.

Even when Loli moved away, her father continued his activities with the new maid, Tessie. She wasn’t as pretty as Loli, but he still must have liked her enough to fuck her at least once a day. When they’d hired a second girl to help Tessie out, Maribel watched him take her out to the laundry room on her first day. She came back, almost at a run, and Maribel could see she’d been crying. Her father came in a few minutes later, scowling.

When her mother returned home that evening, her father brought her into their room to talk. Within minutes, her mother strode into the kitchen and yelled for the new girl. Maribel hid herself in the hallway, but was able to make out some of her mother’s words: “…you should have been happy to be able to bring some money home to your family. It’s not for you to decide what your duties are…”

The girl left, crying once more.

The next day, a different girl was there Kadıköy Escort to take her place. Her father gave the girl, Laarni, her tour of the house, stopping in the kitchen to list her cooking and cleaning duties. He led her to the open doorway to the small space where her cot was. Maribel followed behind, silently, as her father led the maid toward the laundry room.

“This is where you will wash our — ” he was saying as he shut the door firmly behind them. Maribel heard him slide the lock closed.

Quickly, she retrieved the cup she’d kept hidden nearby. Pressing it against the wall, Maribel strained to make out any noises. All she heard was the indistinct, low rumblings of her father talking. Then a long silence. Mirabel waited for several minutes before she could hear the slow, rhythmic banging as the table was slammed against the far wall. Maribel nodded, satisfied, as the sounds of the girl’s moans rose above the ever-increasing thumps.

? ? ? ?

Maribel lay back in her bathtub, thinking about her mother’s complicity in her husband’s extramarital sex. Like her new boss, Nina. It was Nina who encouraged Tony to enjoy himself with “the help.” Maribel didn’t think she’d have a problem if her future husband was fucking the maid. Or the maids, for that matter. It was much better that he fuck at home than go out and have a mistress, she reasoned. Anyway, isn’t that what maids are for?

She heard the hinges on her bathroom door squeak quietly. Mirabel knew he’d show up. She kept her eyes shut, but listened to his footsteps approach the edge of the tub and stop. She could feel the warmth of his body as he stood over her. She could hear him unzipping his pants. She could feel the taut flesh of the head of his cock as he slowly forced it between her lips. His fingers gripped the hair on the back of her head painfully as thrust his hips forward. He sank his cock deep into her tender throat, choking her. Tears slipped down the sides of her face as he fucked her upturned face, brutal in his need, choking her, cutting off her cries. His thrusts seemed to last forever; then mercifully,he pulled his cock out with a loud groan and began rubbing the head on her cheeks and forehead and Mirabel felt his hot seed pulsing onto her skin.

“Good girl,” he murmured, using the tip of his cock to smear the thick cum over her nose and gasping mouth.

Mirabel finally opened her eyes to watch him revel in his possession of her. Tony’s eyes bored into hers as the realization struck her: her homesickness had receded.

She WAS home.

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