Like Mother, Like Daughter Ch. 03

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Like mother, like daughter

This is a work of fiction that portraits social and/or racial stereotypes as well as domination among women that may not suit everybody’s taste. If you find this offensive, don’t read further.

Thanks to Eve Ashland for helping with the edition.

Chapter 3

Kayla and Jada Jones spent some time weighing their next move while watching their white and rich counterparts. Allison Montgomery and her daughter Holly remained silent, not wanting to do anything that might upset the black girls.

Jada approached and walked around the blondes to finally stand in front of them. She used both hands to gently stroke their faces and hair and then brought her face close to sniff their necks. Feeling Jada’s breath so close, Allison’s body shuddered and she couldn’t help but groan softly.

“Mom, besides helping with their makeup and hair, we’re going to have to take care of that smell. These rich bitches smell like my dirty underwear.”

“Please, that’s not necessary; maybe it would be better if we did it without your help.”

Kayla really enjoyed putting white people on the defensive. Kayla quickly shot back rebuking Allison’s useless plea.

“I beg your pardon? Do you think that because we are black and poor we’re not qualified to do something as simple as make you up and do your hair?”

“I… I didn’t mean to…”

Jada, who was very close to the blondes, turned her head and again winked at her mother. Aware that something interesting was about to happen, Kayla pointed at them with her phone’s camera. Jada roughly grabbed the lapels of Allison’s jacket and her hands immediately fondled the huge and firm breasts of the white mom.

“Hey Holly, look how I teach your mother to have a little respect.”

“Sorry, I never meant to disrespect you.”

Tugging at the jacket’s lapels, Jada pushed Allison until her butt was leaning against the back of the large living room sofa. The anger on the black girl’s face made the blonde milf gulp and look at Kayla as if begging her to stop Jada.

“Put your hands on your back!”

“P…please you know I never meant to… SMACK!”

The first slap, quite weak, immediately shut her up. With the sole purpose of humiliating her in front of her daughter, Jada carried on slapping her on both cheeks, and each slap was followed by a soft moan from Allison, who seemed completely submissive to the girl. Inexplicably for Holly, seeing her schoolmate dominate her sophisticated mother made her even inexplicably horny .

After a dozen gentle slaps, Jada made Allison bend over and rest her tummy on the back of the sofa, lifting her dress and exposing her beautiful ass to everyone. Jada took off a sneaker, making Allison suck on the sole until it was very wet, and began hitting the blonde’s buttocks with it.

“This is for being a snooty white bitch!”

“SMACK! Ouch! SMACK! Aaagh!”

“This is for trying to get me kicked outta school!”

“SMACK! Oohh, It hurts! SMACK!”

Unlike the previous face slapping, this time Jada didn’t hold back and spanked Allison’s ass with all her might. The blonde mom’s nyloned legs were straight and stiff, with the toes of her Louboutin’s barely touched the floor. Each time the sneaker landed on her buttocks, she flexed one leg lifting the calf and swinging the heel in the air.

“Are you still going to insist that we leave or have you already reconsidered?”

“SMACK! Ouch! No, please…! SMACK! Ouch! Please stay! SMACK! Oohh, Please! SMACK!”

“Say you are a stupid white slut! Say you want me to punish you!”

With her free hand, Jada shoved her fingers into the Allison’s pussy and began roughly fucking her while continuing the relentless punishment of her buttocks.

“SMACK! I’m a stupid… SMACK! Oohh… white slut… SMACK!”

“SMACK! Oh my! I want to be… SMACK! Punished by Miss Jada… SMACK!”

Holly’s pussy dripped as she watched the scene. Jada, who seemed to have absolute control over her mother, was ruthlessly destroying the blonde milf’s beautiful ass with the sneaker. Jada fingered and spanked Allison like a misbehaving spoiled brat until her formerly milky white ass was become redd and sore.

“You are really enjoying that a black girl is spanking and fucking you like the conceited whore you are!”

“SMACK! Oohh! SMACK! Oh God! SMACK!”

While Jada spanked her without pause, and her fingers drilled her pussy frantically, Allison screamed and moaned as her crotch dripped incessantly.

When purple patches appeared at the blonde’s buttocks hardest hit areas, a satisfied Jada put her sneaker back on, leaving Allison panting and moaning while still hanging over the back of the Cebeci Escort couch.

Although no one noticed at the time, Holly’s pussy was dripping from just the sight of her glamorous mother, hanging ass up, over the back of the sofa after being humiliated by that low class black girl.

“Stand up, you lazy bitch!”

Allison awkwardly stood up and gently stroked her ravaged buttocks. Jada stood in front of her and lifting her chin she warned her.

“Next time I won’t be so forgiving… Got it Mrs. Montgomery?”

“Yes Miss Jada.”

“Good girl!”

After Jada patted Allison’s cheek in approval, Kayla approached them and caressed Allison buttocks. The blonde milf moaned when Kayla slid her hand from her ass to her crotch, stroking her wet panties.

“Great work Jada, I think Mrs. Montgomery kinda enjoyed that. .”

“Yeah mom, but if you don’t take your hand from her pussy, the slut will cum again soon.”

“You think? Why don’t you go upstairs with that prissy brat and find something to fix their hair and makeup?

While Jada and Holly went upstairs to get hair and makeup together, Kayla groped Allison for a while longer and only stopped when was on the verge of cumming again.

Allison was moaning with her body wiggling when Kayla made her take off the jacket and dress.

“Please don’t do this, the limo will be here any minute.”

“Don’t be shy. We don’t want to stain this pretty white outfit with makeup or hairspray”

Kayla settled on the couch while Allison took off her jacket and dress. Her mouth watered as she looked at the statuesque blonde mother stripping, and knowing she could do whatever she wanted, she decided to humiliate her a little more.

“On your four Mrs. Montgomery!”

Wearing only her sexy blue lace lingerie, nylons and white heels, Allison hesitated for a moment before bending down and complying as Kayla removed her boots.

“Come here Mrs. Montgomery. Take off my socks and lick my feet clean.”

“This is disgusting! Please don’t make me do this!”

“Disgusting is when an uppity rich bitch tries to get your daughter kicked outta school.”

Kayla enjoyed the prissy blonde mom’s expression of distaste as she crawled up to her and removed her smelly socks. As she noticed some hesitation, Kayla buried one of her feet in Allison’s mouth.

“Better start sucking, unless you want me to leave your face like your ass.”

The threat proved more than effective as Allison began to greedily suck the toes inside her mouth. Shortly, Kayla got tired of keeping her foot in that position, so she made Allison kneel up and hold the foot with her hand. Kneeling like that, the blonde’s pussy was within reach of Kayla’s other foot, so the black mom didn’t hesitate to slide it under her panties and buried her toes inside Allison’s pussy.


Kayla didn’t have to order it as Allison used her free hand not only to hold her foot, but to move it up and down pumping her pussy. When Jada and Holly came back to the living room they came across the scene of the white mom wiggling her hips while fucking and sucking Kayla’s feet.

“Hey mom, I didn’t know you liked that feet thing!” Jada exclaimed.

“Me neither! Just wanted to give it a try…”

Kayla took her foot out of Allison’s mouth and made her lick her sole, while Jada turned her head towards Holly.

“Your mom looks really hot in those undies, let’s see what you’ve got under these fancy clothes.”

Holly took off her jacket and skirt, revealing her slim body wrapped in the sexy white lingerie set. Jada circled around her and groped her buttocks while whispering at her ear.

“I can spank you and destroy your ass like I did to your mommy… Wouldn’t you like?” Jadaer? whispered into the young blonde’s ear.

“N… no… please don’t… Mmmhh!”

When Jada squeezed her buttock harder Holly couldn’t help but moan. Her black schoolmate made her stand looking at the mothers and put her hands behind her head. As Jada bent down to take off his sneaker, Holly´s pussy started dripping again.

“Please don’t hurt me! I’ll do whatever you want!”

“It’s a shame, but what I want to do now, is spank your pretty ass until it is well reddened. I’m sure you’re gonna like it.”

Jada presented the sneaker’s sole in front of her face, and without being asked, Holly licked it thoroughly. When Jada stood behind her, before spanking her with the sneaker she took Holly’s white lace panties and twisted them pulling upwards.

“Please not so hard, you know… Ooohhh! SMACK! Ooohh! SMACK!”

Besides the painful whipping she was receiving Kolej Escort on her buttocks and thanks to the wedgie Jada was giving her, Holly was being fucked by her own panties.

“SMACK! Oh God! SMACK! Oooh! SMACK! Oohh!”

“You really wanted this… Didn’t you?”

“SMACK! Oh yes! SMACK! Oh yes Jada! SMACK! Oohh!”

Holly received the punishment twisting her legs, with her knees touching and the toes of her designer shoes pointing inward.

Meanwhile, Kayla took the foot from Allison’s mouth and used the sole to slap her face. Soon the room was filled by white mom and daughter’s moans, as well as the loud spanks on Holly’s ass.

“Hey Jada! Who would have guessed that these white ladies would turn out to be so slutty??”

“SMACK! Oh my God! SMACK! Oooh! SMACK! Oohh!”

“You’re right mom. This prissy slut is dripping wet again!”

“SMACK! Oh yes! SMACK! Oh, I’m going to… SMACK! Oohh!”

While being spanked by Jada, Holly witnessed how her mother was being foot fucked by Kayla. The black mother was sitting on the couch with the blonde mother kneeling in front of her. As Allison seemed ready to finish, Kayla also began to curl her toes inside the blonde’s pussy. Although her leg had already tired, Kayla kept slapping Allison’s face with her other foot’s sole, until the blonde mom’s body began to shake from another intense orgasm.

“Ooooohhh! Oh! Oh! Ooooh my! Oooohh!”

It seemed that Allison would never finish, she used both hands to shove Kayla’s foot inside her as much as she could while she screamed wildly. Watching her, Kayla still found it hard to believe how she had transformed that ritzy white woman into a submissive slut who let her be fucked like this in her own home.

“Very good, Mrs. Montgomery! It seems you no longer need a dick to get a good fuck.”

Kayla removed her foot from Allison’s pussy and with the sole of her other foot gave one last slap on her face, knocking her to sprawl on the floor.

Meanwhile, Holly kept getting her ass spanked, and as it was already turning from red to purple, she continued to be fucked by her own panties. To speed things up, while still spanking Holly with the sneaker, Jada slid Holly’s panties aside and directly shoved his fingers into her classmate’s pussy, and began to roughly penetrate her with her fingers. Seeing how her sophisticated mother lay sprawled on the floor after being foot fucked by the black mom was the trigger that Holly needed.

“SMACK! Ooohhh! I’m cumming! Ohhh!”

As she kept her hands behind her head, Holly’s body jerked and twisted as she was hit by a wild orgasm. Jada kept fingering her and smacking her buttocks with the sneaker while Holly screamed with pleasure and her inner thighs got wet with the cum dripping from her pussy.

“You seemed to be so prim and you turned out to be such a slut, just like your mommy.”

Jada gave Holly a final swat on the buttocks, and while stomping on the toes of her designer shoes, roughly pushed her forward, making her fall to the floor next to her mother.

“We better do something quick with that hair and makeup or they won’t make it to their precious little event. Don’t you think Jada?”

Jada, who at that time of the afternoon had much more energy than her mother, stood among both panting blondes, and pulling their hair made them stand up. They staggered awkwardly on their stiletto heels, while without letting go of their hair, Jada paraded them in front of her mother.

“What do you think mom?”

Jada walked the Montgomery girls in front of her mother several times. Kayla drooled when she saw those statuesque bodies wrapped in sexy lingerie and ruined stockings parading in front of her, but the most striking thing was how her daughter had left both ladies’ asses shattered and purple.

“Mom, I think for the next few days it’s going to hurt quite a bit when they sit down.”

“Yes hon, you can bet it will. Hey girls! We’d better start fixing that hair, don’t you think?”

“Yes, please Mrs. Jones!”

Although Allison and Holly did not harbor much hope that the Joneses would follow through, they were led into the dining room. After placing two chairs side by side they were cordially invited to sit, and as Jada had anticipated, when they sat down their punished asses were sore beyond measure. .

Jada took everything she and Holly had brought from upstairs to the dining room, and to the Montgomery girls’ surprise, Jada and Kayla started working on their hair.

The mixture of dry hairspray and cum meant that they had to pull the hair quite a bit to style them. Kayla and Jada not only ignored the blonde’s whining, but also took the opportunity Yenimahalle Escort to pull their hair much more than necessary. Allison and Holly, afraid the Joneses would lose their patience, did their best to remain silent, although neither were convinced that the Joneses could pull this off. Kayla and Jada worked enthusiastically and after a few minutes and a couple of cans of hairspray, the Montgomery girls’ hair was more than presentable.

Jada took a hand mirror she’d brought from upstairs and let the blondes see themselves. Allison and Holly sighed in relief when they saw that her hair. Considering what they had endured, they both looked quite nice.

“What do you think mom?” Jada spoke.

“Pretty good for a couple of horny blonde sluts. If they hadn’t tucked their heads under every black cunt they could find, their hair would have been even better.”

“Yes mom, but there is something that really bothers me…”

Kayla did not answer Jada because she sensed her daughter had something evil in mind. Jada put the mirror on the table and stood in front of Allison and Holly.

“Aren’t you girls supposed to say something? Or is it that you are too stuck-up to thank black people?”

The blondes, who remained seated didn’t have time to give a proper answer, were surprised by the sudden barrage of slaps that Jada delivered to both of them.

“SMACK! I really hate… SMACK! Doing something nice… SMACK! To people… SMACK! Who don’t even… SMACK! Bother to say… SMACK! Thank you!”

Their faces grew red and jerked sideways with Jada’s slaps, but none of the Montgomery girls dared to raise their hands to cover their faces. Seeing that her daughter was slapping them savagely, Kayla intervened to make her stop.

“That’s enough hon, we don’t want their pretty faces to end in such a bad shape that we can’t fix them even with makeup.”

“But mom… Ok.”

When Jada reluctantly stopped hitting them for a few seconds, in unison they both rushed to thank the Joneses for fixing their hair.

“T…thanks! Thanks!”

“SMACK! Aaah! SMACK! Aagh!”

With an evil smile, Jada gave each blonde a slap hard enough that their asses were lifted off the seat and they ended up sprawled on the floor.

“You’re welcome!”

Holly and Allison whined softly as they lay stunned on the floor under Jada’s watchful eye. When the black girl realized that her mother was looking at her with a disapproving expression, she reluctantly helped the Montgomery girls sit back down.

“Jada, hadn’t I told you enough was enough?”

“Their faces were too pale, Mom! Now it won’t take too much makeup to get’em pretty again.”

Kayla was going to berate her daughter for not obeying her, but she couldn’t help but laugh at Jada’s answer.

By this time in the afternoon, Allison and Holly, more than intimidated, were outright scared by the unpredictability of Jada’s mean behavior. But still, the pampered ladies who were so used to getting everything they wanted, being at the mercy of such strong and determined women, turned them on in ways they couldn’t explain .

Kayla approached Allison and grabbing her chin turned the blonde’s reddened face to either side.

“Let’s see what we can do with this.”

The Joneses got to work again. After carefully cleaning the Montgomery girls’ faces with makeup remover, they began to put makeup on them. Like her mother (from whom she had learned) Jada was very skillful at the task. So it was no surprise that after a few minutes they had left their faces nicely made up, perhaps with a style a bit overdone, but very well made up at last.

Kayla and Jada did so well, that with the exception that the blonde’s faces were still quite reddened, it was difficult to make out what those faces had endured.

After high-fiving one another, the Joneses made the Montgomery girls see the result in the mirror.

“T…thanks! Thank you very much!”

Although it seemed to Allison that the makeup was a bit heavy, with too much shadow and eyeliner, she feared that if she dared to complain Jada would start slapping them savagely again.

Apparently Holly thought the same as her mother, therefore they didn’t hesitate to properly thank the Joneses, mainly because they didn’t want to provoke Jada’s ire.

“You’re welcome! At least you seem to learn fast!”

As a final touch, Jada sprayed them with an expensive French perfume until the bottle was empty. Now the posh Montgomery girls smelled of a strange mix of sweat, cum, and delicate French perfume.

Done with the perfume, Jada browsed through the things they had brought from upstairs, grabbed two packages of brand new tan stockings, and handed a pair to each of the Montgomery’s.

“You ain’t going out wearing that torn shit, are you?”

“N.. no. T… thanks Jada.”

“It’s Miss Jada to you, Mrs. Montgomery.”

As soon as Allison and Holly took the stockings out of the packages, Kayla made them stand up. Blonde mother and daughter looked at each other wary of what Kayla was up to.

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