Ling , University Wrestler Pt. 04

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Eating Pussy

Ling (20 yrs.) is a Chinese American beauty (35-24-32) who stands naked in front of the Hotel bathroom mirror. Her long, black hair is wrapped up in a towel after a hot shower. Her hands cup both of her tits as she looks over her incredible body.

She says, “Another wrestling meet, another wrestling cock.”

It’s Friday evening at the university gym. Cruz (19 yrs.) stands at 5’9″ who weighs 149 lbs. He’s a good-looking Latino wrestler who is a ladies-man. Several girls watch him compete on the gym floor. He’s a champion from a visiting team who wins his match easily. He unstraps his head gear and steps next to the referee. His hand is raised as the winner and the girls in the audience applaud loudly. Cruz waves at them while stepping off of the floor.

Inside the locker-room. Cruz had already stripped naked who stands on the weight machine with his hands raised in the air. His weight is recorded and he steps off that machine. Coach Sam throws him a towel as he walks toward the showers.

Cruz stands under the hot water facing the wall. His black hair falls over his eyes as the water splashes over his smooth, brown skin. He lathers up the body-wash over his muscular chest, abs and black crotch. Coach Sam walks up to the showers carrying a back-pack full of Sinop Escort flowers and cards.

Coach yells, “Hey Cruz!”

“Yeah” Cruz answers as he turns around toward Sam.

Coach lifts up the back pack and smiles. He says, “More of this from the girls. iPhone numbers too.”

Cruz nods his head, “Okay, put it near my locker.” Coach turns and walks toward the lockers.

15 minutes later. Cruz sits in the bleachers surrounded by girls as they watch the heavy-weight competition. His jet-black hair is combed neatly from his beautiful face. He’s also wearing tight jeans and a university t-shirt.

It only takes a look or a stare. Ling has been sitting in the bleachers and watching Cruz closely. Her eyes never leave him even as he sits there with all those girls. The wrestling meet comes to a close and Cruz finally looks left in Ling’s direction. He does a double-take and realizes that she’s been staring at him. She waves at him and he “nods” in her direction.

It’s late Friday night inside the casino Hotel hallway. Cruz is searching for room 110. He reaches the door and knocks. Ling opens the door wearing a white “see-through” nightie. His eyes grow wide as he looks down from her pert nipples to that heavy black pussy.

She smiles, Sinop Escort Bayan “Hi Cruz. Didn’t think you were gonna make it.”

“Well baby, I had to get away from those girls. Look, I gotta make an excuse to my new girlfriend. I can come tomorrow night” he says with a smile.

Ling replies, “I’ll be waiting.” She steps forward and French-kisses him. She then quickly turns and walks back into the room. He looks down at her beautiful buttocks through that nightie.

Cruz whispers, “Ho-ly fuck.”

24 hours later on Saturday night inside Ling’s Hotel room. The big screen TV plays ESPN with the volume turned down low. All the lights are turned on.

Ling and Cruz are naked on the couch. Their bodies are wrapped around each other. She is on her back with both legs spread open and lifted into the air. Her buttocks are on the edge of that couch. He is standing and leaning over her with his hands placed under her arms.

His hair falls over his eyes, but watches his 8-inch cock. It’s buried halfway inside of her hot cunt. He’s too thick to go all the way in. The condom is rolled halfway up too. His thrusts are powerful as his body weight slams down upon her black pussy.

She reacts loudly, “Hunh.! Hunnh.! Gawd.! Hunh.! Cruz.!”

Her Escort Sinop eyes quickly glance over his beautiful brown skin and down to his thick dark crotch.

“Gawd.! Gawd.! Hunnh.! Hunh.! Hunh.!” she says.

Ling’s buttocks lift off the couch too.

He watches her heavy, black pussy as his hard shaft pushes in as far as it can.

Cruz grunts, “Hot.. Shit.! Shit.!”

She yells, “Gawd.! Cruz.! FEELS.! GOOD.! Hunh.! Hunh.!”

His right hand reaches up to wipe the small sweat from his forehead. He keeps watching his cock push in and out.

She also looks at his thrusting cock and responds, “Hunnh.! Hunh.! Unnh.! Uh-Unnh.!”

He says, “Gonna Cum.. Shit.! Gonna Cum.!”

She watches him thrust in a few more times as his 6-pack abdominals clench.

He stops and explodes, “Uuuuuuuuuhh!”

His cock is still inside of her as they both breathe hard. Her left hand reaches up and runs down his chest and abs.

She then looks into his eyes, “God Cruz. I came t-twice.”

A smile comes across his face and slowly pulls out his cock. He drops to his knees as her legs fall open on the couch. He raises up his hands and they rest on both of her inner-thighs.

He whispers, “You’re fucking hot baby.”

She smiles down at him, “So are you.”

“To hell with my new girlfriend” he says.

Ling laughs at him, “Yeah, right. You ladies-man, you.”

He laughs too, staggers up and pulls off the condom. She watches him stride into the bathroom.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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