Lingerie Shopping

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The feelings that flood my senses when my nipples are touched, sucked, pinched, pulled, or bitten, are enough to set off an orgasm unlike any other I am able to explain. I never tire of my partner playing with them, attaching nipple clamps, suction devices or even clothes pins. If he isn’t around, I continue where he left off. My nipples beg me for attention and at times beg me even for pain. I am able to wrap my nipples with soft yarn, making them stick out half an inch. Doing this makes them hurt and ache, but I also feel so sexy and sensual, my clothing unable to hide something so large and protruding.

Now, for some unknown reason, my breasts have begun producing milk. I’m not on any medication that would cause this, nor am I pregnant. Perhaps it is due to the constant stimulation I give my nipples, similar to a mother feeding her infant. Wanting easy access to my nipples and excited by the thought of offering my breasts for suckling, I think how convenient it would be to wear a nursing bra. On a whim, I decide to go out to the shops to look for something sexy that suits my taste.

I go straight to a chic lingerie shop, expensive, but carrying styles that say more about a woman than words. There is one clerk working, a man in his late 20’s, very smartly dressed in a suit, very professional. I stifle a gasp as I drink in his good looks and sensual demeanour. He asks how he can help me and I tell him I would like to look at the selection of nursing bras. With a slight smile and a subtle glance at my breasts, he leads me to the section I want and invites me to look around for what I might like. I thank him and turn to look at the selection. Instinctively I feel his presence near me, his gaze penetrating me. A smile, hidden from him, crosses my face and I realize the instant attraction I had to him is mutual.

After picking out several tasteful but alluring bras in what I think are my size, I ask to use the changing room to try them on. He leads me to a private area in the rear of the store with several well-furnished rooms. He holds the door for me to enter one, and I thank him and turn to pull the door shut. My slight hesitation gives him the opportunity to slip through the door with me. I give him a questioning look and can’t hold back a little laugh, asking if it’s customary for employees to give such personal attention to all of the clients.

Raising his eyebrows and flashing a seductive smile, he produces a tape measure and asks if I am sure of the size. A familiar tingling sensation in my nipples that leads to a yearning ache between my legs forces me to lie. No, I tell him. I’m not sure at all. He asks if he could be allowed to measure me, saving both time and trouble. My heart skips a beat, thinking of his hands lightly brushing my skin, his piercing brown eyes falling on my full breasts. I’m quite sure he has seen the lust in my eyes, something that has always been difficult for me to hide. My answer slips through my lips in a husky whisper, “Yes, I think you should take my measurements.”

Nodding, he asks me politely to remove my shirt, which I do, slowly undoing the buttons as he watches. Taking my blouse, touching my hand not entirely by accident, he hangs it up carefully. “It will be necessary to remove your bra as well”, he says softly. I feel myself blush. His strong hands reach for my shoulders, turning me gently away from him. He adeptly unhooks the back, his hands returning to my shoulders to slide the straps down my arms, letting the bra fall away from my breasts, then taking it and placing it on a small table. casino siteleri

My hands move to my breasts, cupping them as I return to face him. Taking my hands in his, he guides them until my arms are perpendicular to my body. Expertly, his arms reach around me for the end of the tape measure, pulling it to meet under my full breasts at my breastbone. As he does so, I catch a hint of his cologne, my nose and cheek dangerously close to him, the smooth material of his jacket rubbing against my bare nipples. Looking directly into my eyes, he says, “38” and moves the tape measure up to cross over my nipples to meet once again in the centre of my chest. My already hard nipples tighten and the skin around them puckers as the tape measure falls away from them.

Drops of milk begin to emerge, travelling along the undersides of my breasts. As my fingers wipe away the drops, he surprises me by producing his own soft handkerchief, dabbing at my leaking breasts. His free hand pulls my fingers to his mouth to lick away the sweet drops and suck my fingers. My desire to be satisfied sexually overflows and I ask him, almost beg him, to please suck on my breasts.

The boyish grin combined with the desire in his eyes say more to me than words. “I would be honoured to suckle your beautiful breasts”, he whispers, waving a hand toward the couch, inviting me to sit. I sit on one end, watching him as he removes his suit jacket and hangs it carefully on a hanger. He comes to the couch and lies down with his head in the crook of my arm, his hand gently stroking the top of one breast, looking at my large, leaking nipple. His tongue passes through his lips to lick off a drop of the sweet liquid. His mouth opens wide to take in a large amount of my breast, my nipple halfway back on his tongue. The suction is immediate and makes me gasp. His eyes move to my face, but seeing my eyes close and a look of contentment, he continues to suck. I feel my milk gushing into his mouth, his hand gently squeezing the top of my breast, my nipple being pressed against his rough, hot tongue. My hand goes to his head to stroke his hair as he sucks, waves of intense pleasure washing over me, moistness gathering between my legs. I relax with him on the couch as he finishes the milk in the first breast. When he lets the nipple free from his mouth I am aroused by its beautiful long shape and darker colour.

He admires my nipple as well and moves to my other breast, sucking hungrily. My hand goes back to his head to stroke his hair as he starts to suck, the same gushing of milk in his mouth, the same strong sucking. My head leans back on the couch and I close my eyes and relax. The man’s body stirring in my arms brings me back to reality from my blissful trance. My eyes travel along his body and I notice the bulge in his trousers. Sighing at his sign of arousal, I move my hand from his hair and reach to stroke the bulge that is so urgently beckoning my hand. Gently moving my fingers over him I hear and feel him let out a soft groan. The sucking suddenly is harder and faster, causing me to gasp, my hand pressing harder on his bulge, gripping it with my fingers. I stroke gently while he finishes my milk. The suction breaks and my nipple falls from his mouth. My breasts are now an exquisite sight, being admired by both of us, grins on our faces.

He smiles at me in a suggestive manner as he gets up from his position in my arms. Leaning over, one hand on the back of the couch, the other caressing my breast, he whispers breathily into my ear, “Sucking is such a comforting yüksek bahisli casinolar activity, my darling. It’s your turn for sucking now.” The words whispered into my ear send a pang of excitement rushing between my legs. As he pushes himself to a standing position, I wink and whisper back, “You have no idea how happy I would be to do that for you.”

Standing in front of me, his handsome bulge is at eye level. I scoot my bottom to the edge of the couch and reach to open his trousers, looking up into his eyes, my expression promising something remarkable is in store. He smiles down at me, one hand brushing my hair from my face, back over my shoulder. I open his trousers and they fall to the floor, crumpled around his ankles. His black cotton boxers are tight around his athletic body, his bulge straining the material.

I trace the outline of his hardness with my forefinger, able to make out the curves and ridges through the soft cotton. My fingers tremble as I slip them into the waistband, gently pulling down, tingling with the anticipation of his manhood appearing only inches from my eyes. As the beauty of his hard body hits my senses, I gasp in delight, savouring the sight of his handsome twitching cock, his scent…musky, but fresh and intoxicating, a long sigh slipping from his lips. My hands reach around to feel his muscular buttocks, perfectly shaped and hard as granite, while my lips pass over the front of his hips with little butterfly kisses, causing a quiver to pass through his body. My hands move from his lovely rear, my long painted fingernails grazing his tender skin, tracing lines of excitement back around to the front of his legs, ending up on his inner thighs, urging his legs to part for me as my nails run down his tender skin.

His hands reach out to steady himself, resting on my head, his fingers tangling themselves in my soft red hair, making our connection even more intimate. I move my head between his slightly open legs, kissing the tender skin of his inner thighs, my soft hair brushing against him, nuzzling his balls and inhaling deeply to take in his fragrance. Hands wandering back to his tight ass, my wet tongue slips out to taste the skin between his hole and his balls. The grip on my hair tightens and I can’t help but smile slightly. I lick there several times, give a gentle suck and move my mouth to breathe heavily on his balls, my hands kneading his ass all the while.

My tongue travelling over his soft sack, shaved clean and smooth, I open wide to engulf it in my warm, wet mouth, causing him to groan and shudder. Sucking gently, I roll his balls around in my mouth, playing with them, teasing them. After a minute or two, I carefully let him slip from my mouth and move my tongue to the base of his quivering cock. Not having touched him yet, his body tenses with anticipation. I tip my head to look up at his smiling face, his eyes clouded over with lust and desire. He whispers huskily, “You are such a tease”. I wink and whisper back, “You have no idea”.

A strong feeling of satisfaction washes over me as I move the tip of my wet tongue up the back of his shaft, leaving a light trail of saliva. I blow gently, my hot breath causing a conflict of feelings on his tender skin, a cool line surrounded by heat. His fingers tighten once again in my hair, his hips push toward me, he moans, a shudder passing through his tense body. For the first time I take his cock in my soft hand, pulling his swollen tip down to my mouth, the end of my tongue tracing the mobil casino ridge, flicking the special spot on the back, making him jerk and gasp.

My eyes take in the glistening drops of precum forming in his little slit, overflowing and starting to roll down his slick skin. My tongue is eager to take his clear, silky drops, dipping carefully into his slit to pull out the last of the precious treat. Hungry to taste the twitching hardness so close to me, I engulf his mushrooming head in my hot, wet mouth, my lips coming to rest on his shaft just below the ridge, my tongue moving back and forth, sucking gently but firmly. The sudden rush of feeling elicits a loud groan, causing me to send vibrations into his cock with my own moan of delight.

My hands tighten on his ass as I begin to push my mouth down on his cock, taking in a little more with each stroke. His skin is tight and delicious against my tongue, lying rough and flat against the bottom of his shaft. The heat of his desire causes the fragrance of his sex to grow strong and permeate my senses, clouding my mind. I reach for his balls which are tightening and pulling up close to his body. I grip them firmly, squeezing and pulling them down until I hear him moan again.

My mouth is full of his delicious cock. It pushes at the back of my throat as I force my mouth down to the base, wanting to have it all. I move up and down on him, slowly at first, my lips pressing hard against his shaft, my tongue sliding to and fro, sending sensations through him that I hope he has never experienced before. His breathing becomes fast and shallow as he attempts to push himself into my mouth faster and harder. I oblige him by moving my mouth to his quicker rhythm, feeling his hardness throbbing against my lips, his cock swelling slightly. I moan and squeeze his balls, pull them, massage them; my hand on his ass pulling his body towards me. I am totally caught up in the passion of the moment.

The fingers in my hair pull hard and my face is mashed against his hard body as he holds my head still and pumps himself into me with increasing vigour. The cock pushing hard into the back of my throat causes me to gag, but his stroking is unrelenting, his soft groans growing louder. I sense his orgasm is ready to rip through him and give a good squeeze and pull on his balls, my fingernails digging into the hard cheek of his ass. He lets out a mighty cry and a rush of hot, sweet, creamy cum spurts hard into the back of my throat. Over and over, the spurts continue, covering my tongue, filling my mouth as I attempt to swallow his entire precious load.

His stroking slows and my lips tighten each time he withdraws to his tip, allowing me to milk the last drops of cum from his jerking and twitching cock. I gently take him into my hand, removing my mouth from him slowly, licking his sensitive head tenderly. When I have finished caring for him, my lips leave a line of butterfly kisses along his shaft, still firm and twitching from his explosive orgasm. I reach down to help him pull up the soft cotton boxers, once again hiding his stunningly hard body.

His strong hands straighten my hair and brush against my cheeks as he tilts my head back to look into my eyes, smiling. His hands take mine and he pulls me to my feet, brushing his lips lightly against mine, sending a shiver through me. Hands on either side of my head, his tongue reaches out to trace my lips, tasting his salty sweet cum before plunging into my mouth to kiss me deeply and passionately, sharing the taste of his sex with me. He pulls away from our kiss and looks into my eyes before releasing me and stooping to retrieve his trousers from around his ankles. He silently helps me to dress, caressing my shoulders, arranging my hair. When we both look presentable again, he picks up the bras that were never tried on and we head for the cashiers counter.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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