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The rest of us sat around the fire awkwardly as Annie and Blake argued loud enough for us to hear it around the corner of the house. They had been going at it for a solid five minutes now, and it was really killing the party mood.

“Fuck it, if you’re going to be like this, I’m going home. I’ll see you at the house,” Blake said as he came storming around the corner. He marched straight to his car without so much as waving goodbye and drove off without a word. Annie rejoined the party, and we all pretended not to have noticed the argument or Blake’s departure.

The party continued around her, a few games of beer pong got started and the s’mores got toasted. Annie didn’t seem to care. She sat in front of the fire, just staring into it and drinking beer after beer for a solid ten or fifteen minutes without being disturbed. Finally, Lynn talked to her and convinced her to have some fun with us, and she did get up and play a game or two with us. Once she was up, her mood improved pretty quick, and before long you wouldn’t have been able to tell the argument had happened in the first place.

I didn’t really know Annie all that well, she was a collateral friend by way of several mutual friends, including Lynn. She was in her mid-twenties, a year or two older than me, and attractive. I know she worked at a hospital but she wasn’t a doctor or nurse. Other than that, and of course the fact that she was dating Blake, I really didn’t know anything else about her.

Annie paired up with me for some beer pong and we made a surprisingly good team. An hour and a dozen beers later, we were undefeated in six straight games, and well on the way to a seventh. We knocked out 6 cups to the other team’s 2 in the first part of the game. And then, one of the other team hit his stride. First, they both landed a cup, then the hotshot landed a second on the buyback. He called heating up, and we took our turn, Annie getting another cup while I missed. On their turn, the hotshot landed his third cup. On fire, and now only one cup behind. Hotshot sank the last four cups in a row in the most amazing streak I think I’ve ever Escort Bayan seen. We had a chance to rebuttal, but Annie and I both choked. We had finally been knocked off the table after almost an hour and half or domination.

Having bonded over our shared victory for the last 80 minutes, Annie and I sat down next to the fire together, laughing and drinking and getting to know each other better. The party started to wind down, those who were going home went home, and those who were spending the night started to find couches or guest beds to pass out on. I decided it was time for me to pass out too, so I said good night to Annie and found a guest bed to pass out in.

I was scrolling through social media for a few minutes before I actually went to sleep, when the door to the room opened. I looked up to see Annie in the doorway. She stepped into the room and closed the door behind her. I could tell two things from the look in her eye: first, that it wasn’t an accident she was in my room, she was up to something, and second, she was very, very drunk. Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on how you want to look at it, I was also very, very drunk, which is the only excuse I have for my part in this.

Annie kicked off her shoes and started strutting toward. I could tell she was doing her best to be sultry, but she kept staggering and losing her balance. She did more walking to the left and right than she did forward, but as drunk as she had to be to walk like that, I was drunk enough to fall for it anyway. I set my phone down as Annie started peeling off her clothes. I undid my pants and tugged them down as she crawled up onto the bed. She took my cock in her hand, and began to stroke it.

She brought herself up to me and kissed me. I brought a hand up to her face, holding her to me as I kissed her back. We kissed each other for several minutes before she broke it off and returned her attention to my cock. She lowered herself to it and brought it into her mouth.

I was very drunk, so I honestly can’t tell you how good the blowjob was, but I did enjoy it a great deal. Her head Sincan Escort bobbed up and down on my cock, taking it as deep as she could before coming up again. She came up to catch her breath, looking at me as she ran her tongue over my head. I caressed her face, tucking a stray strand of her dark hair behind her ear.

She gave one last deep dive before bringing herself up again, sitting up so she was straddling me. She sat down on my cock, trapping it between my stomach and her panties. She leaned down to kiss me again as she started to grind. I could feel how wet she was through her panties, and I throbbed at the prospect. I wrapped my arms around her, reaching for the clasp of her bra. I fumbled with it for a few seconds while she ran her hands over my chest.

She got as frustrated as I did by my drunken ineptitude, so she reached back to undo the bra clasp herself. She sat up to let the bra fall away, tossing it off the bed in the general direction of the rest of her clothes. I looked up at her and she looked down at me for a second of intense anticipation. She took my hands in hers and guided them to her breasts, then reached down to her crotch. She sat up slightly, slid her panties to the side, then took hold of my dick one more time.

She pointed it up at herself and nestled the head in her entrance. Our eyes met again and she let her weight fall, plunging me into her depths. We both caught our breath at the sudden but pleasurable sensation. I stared into her soft hazel eyes as we started to breathe again. She lifted herself up slowly, and then sank back down, causing us both to take another breath.

Annie started to ride me in earnest then. Once she was in her rhythm, she brought her hands back up to mine, which were still cupping her breasts. She I had begun to fondle her as she was riding, but now she gave me direction, showing me how to touch her the way she liked. It took a little while to get going in our drunken state, but we were able to figure it out, and soon we were going at it just as easily as if we were sober.

After a few minutes, I was ready for Ankara Escort a change of pace. I sat up, taking Annie with me, then turned around, tossing her down onto the bed. I gave her another kiss, then rolled her onto her stomach. I grabbed her panties and yanked them off while Annie squirmed underneath, half to help and half to tease me. I threw the panties off the bed, I don’t even know where. I pulled her ass up into the air and she got her knees under her, knowing what I wanted. She arched her back to give me the best possible access, and I knelt behind her.

I took her slim waist in one hand and my cock in the other, lining up. I got my head nuzzled into her entrance again, then wrapped my other hand around her waist. I took a breath, then pulled her onto my cock as I pushed forward. There was a wet squish as I pushed in and a split second later a slap as my hips and hers collided. Annie moaned into the bed, her face and chest still pressed to the sheets. I pulled back, then rammed into her again with another slap and another moan. I did it again, and again for good measure.

I looked down at Annie, the way she gripped the sheets and smiled up at me. I smiled back at her and then started to fuck her. She writhed and moaned under me as I gave her everything I had. I leaned forward, hovering over her to get some extra power in my thrusts. Sweat beaded my body as I pounded into her again and again. My breath came in bursts at the impromptu workout, especially while drunk. In hindsight, it’s amazing I didn’t make myself sick.

After several minutes, I could finally feel orgasm building up in me. I reached down and grabbed a fistful of raven hair, giving a light tug to bring Annie up on all fours. Her moans increased as I began my final assault, grasping for all the leverage I could to push as hard and fast into her as possible. With one last push I slammed into her, releasing my load as deep as I could reach. I leaned down over Annie, putting my arms on either side of her to support myself. I kissed her shoulder as my cock throbbed, and I gave a few more slow strokes as the last of my orgasm receded like the tide.

Annie and I slowly lowered ourselves to the bed. She turned back and kissed me over her shoulder. Then we rolled onto our sides and fell asleep spooning. Needless to say, we woke up the next morning with more than one kind of headache.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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