Lisa and David Pt. 02

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Over the next few days, Lisa’s mind toyed with the idea of having Mark fuck her, without letting her boyfriend know about it. What could she do, to get Mark to do her, and yet, not have it feel like she was cheating on David? She knew that Mark would be all over her, the “casual” mention of a three-way by David had not gone unnoticed, she knew who had originally brought up that question.

After a couple of days of running it over in her mind, she had it. She thought carefully about it, yes, that would satisfy both her lustful desire and yet, in her mind, make it less like cheating. David had to go out of town for the weekend. Her Aunt and Uncle, although they liked David, would not allow an unmarried 18-year-old girl to go out of town with her 18-year-old boyfriend. Lisa set Friday night at the time, she could make the move on Mark then.

Her body was feeling the surge, her 12th-grade classes on Friday just seemed to drag on.


Mark was horny as hell that Friday morning. He’d awakened late, and hadn’t been able to enjoy his morning stroke session. He could feel the cum filled balls, his cock aching for the usual morning “happy ending.” His second morning period was a spare, thank god, he’d duck into the restroom, and stroke it out there.

Heading down the back stairwell to his locker, he bumped into one of the school’s bookworms, Sarah Masterson. He’d noticed her in just a passing manner, straight hair parted in the middle, big glasses, a plain face that you wouldn’t remember, a real school nerd look. He stepped back a pace, was getting set to mumble a quick pardon me, then he felt her hand reach down, and caress the bulge of his cock through his jeans. He was momentarily struck dumb, but his cock did all the talking, iron-hard, his balls full, needing release.

“I may be a nerd, but I know how to fuck. Wanna find out right now, big boy? I’ll give you the best fuck you ever had if you can keep your mouth shut about it.”

He’d looked into her face, the big glasses were gone, replaced with contact lenses. Her hair had been styled into a bob, instead of just straight and long, it really suited her face. Seeing the changes, and the hungry lust in her eyes, the face fired up with a glow of passion, all of a sudden, she didn’t look so unremarkable. He’d nodded, and she led him into the school auditorium, up on the stage, and behind the curtains.

There was a pile of gym mats against the back wall, she led him over and stripped naked while he watched. Mark noticed how nice she was put together. Orange-sized boobs, a nice curvy waist, a sparse, wispy bush of pubic hair the same Eryaman Rus Escort chestnut color as her head, and long, shapely legs. She quickly stripped Mark and pushed him gently back onto the mats.

“I love riding, just like a cowgirl, let me mount up, and ride your nice, big cock!”

Mark stretched out, and enjoyed the view of her swinging into position, ready to mount him. She squatted over him, her hands around his cock, sliding her pussy lips slowly up and down his length, his cock felt like an iron bar. She moved up a little further, and Mark felt her lining up the head of his prick with the soft, buttery folds of her pussy.

“Oh, yeah, let me have it, I’m going to fuck you good, I want you to fill my burning cunt, I want to feel your prick exploding and squirting wildly inside me, filling my horny cunt with a huge load of hot spunk! Fuck me NOW!”

Mark was amazed, the buttoned-down high school nerd was actually a horny high school slut in heat, he grunted with pleasure, as Sarah, with a smile of desire, then mounted him, sliding her tight pussy down the length of his cock. She groaned with pleasure as she impaled herself, taking him in balls deep. Mark groaned with pleasure also, from the snug feel, god, she was so wet, furnace hot with a grip that was out of the world. Her walls wrapped around his cock like a tight velvet-lined glove. Fired up, she rode him hard, Mark did his best to make it last, but he couldn’t hold out against that throbbing, milking pull. The tight grip of her inner sheath sucked at him, urging him to shoot deep into her. Mark gamely held out for 2 minutes, then he couldn’t hold back any longer.

Mark grunted, “Oh fuck yeah, I’m cumming!” and he bucked up hard into her, his cock squirting inside her fiery hot tunnel, pumping a fountain of thick, hot spunk upwards into her eager teen cunt, the milking action sucking up every drop his cock could pump into her. Exhausted for the moment, she lay forward onto him.

Mark had been hoping he would have been able to last, make it as good for her as it was for him, so she would be able to cum too, he didn’t want to leave her unsatisfied. Fortunately, Sarah was ready, she lifted herself up back up, still squatting over him, and smiled down at him.

“Umm, that was a nice warm-up, but I’m not done with you yet, Mark Whitcomb!”

She lifted her pelvis up until just his head was in, then she turned around, and slid back down. Now with Sarah in a reverse cowgirl position, Mark felt the pronounced ridges of her pussy and suddenly they started to ripple, Sincan Rus Escort as she began a rhythmic squeezing action in her cunt, stroking his cock. His erection, which had just started to abate, quickly took notice and surged back. Mark was amazed, he’d had sex with 6 girls, and none of them had shown this kind of hot, pussy stroking action. He wondered if all women could do it, or was it just certain girls.

Sarah smiled, she’d learned this from her Mom. Her Mom’s sex talk was very informative, no holds barred. Knowing that her daughter would sooner or later be having sex, her Mom explained how to make her pussy ripple and stroke, and she’d never be left with a limp cock, leaving her unsatisfied. Sarah had learned well, so far, 4 guys had enjoyed the stroking grip, her hungry pussy had gotten the hot orgasms she needed, it certainly worked well on horny teenage boys. She loved the fact that she could bring a cock back up without even having him pull out, and she could get her satisfaction. She began to undulate, her body swaying back and forth, then forward and backward, side to side, then circling her hips.

Mmmm, oh yes, she could feel the renewed hardness lodged against her cervix, ready for a second go-round. She began to raise her hips up and down, slowly fucking his cock, ohhh, that felt so good.

Mark looked at her naked back, riding him in a reverse cowgirl. He could see the sexy moons of that ass, going up and down, mmmm, her school clothes had kept it hidden, but damn, now he could see what a hot shapely ass she had. He looked closer, she had a tattoo on her left ass cheek, damn. It was Tinkerbell, but not Disney’s style of Tinkerbell. This was one hot version, the tattoo was squatting, her ass to his view clad in a tight green thong. Above the waist, the tattoo turned towards him, her naked breasts bare and perky, and the classic Tinkerbell head. The expression of lust that the tattoo artist had inked his creation with was amazing, it looked like Tinkerbell as an overheated slut. Damn, the 12th-grade nerd was full of hot, horny surprises.

The hot, juicy tightness of Sarah’s pussy swallowed his cock over and over, and he felt his cum pouring out between thrusts, holy fuck, he’d really filled her up, as he felt the mingled juices soaking his prick, his balls were coated with a thick wet blanket of cum, her moans, and cries of pleasure reaching his ears.

“Fuck me, oh yes fuck me, damn it feels so good, fuck, fuck, fuck!” she gasped. “Yes, oh fuck yes, I’m gonna cum, fuck, I’m cumming, fuck, oh yes, YES!”

Mark Etlik Rus Escort felt the ridges stroking at him, again with those rippling milking waves. He was building up a load, and Sarah was glad to take advantage of it. She quickly crested to a second orgasm, the backstage was filled with her crying out that she was cumming, and for Mark to keep fucking her, as her pussy scrubbed eagerly at him in the grip of a third orgasm.

Mark felt his cum rise up, as Sarah crested to a fourth orgasm, she reached down, grabbed his cum coated nuts, and grunted, “Oh yeah, cum with me baby, cum inside me, cream my horny cunt!”

The feel of her hands on his balls took him over, he growled, “Oh fuck, I’m gonna blow, FUCK!”

His prick exploded, and as Sarah’s cries and howls of orgasm surrounded them, he bucked up hard, burying his prick, squirting a fresh load of hot, thick cream upwards, the hungry milking again sucking every drop out of him.

She turned around, keeping his cock inside her, then dropped forwards onto him, her pussy still pulsing, and they lay quietly together for a few minutes. His fresh load drained out of her and added to the huge load all over his cock and balls. When they uncoupled, Mark used his undershirt to mop away all the cum, god, what an embarrassment that would be if it showed through his jeans, wet and sticky as hell. He rolled it up and stashed it in an empty pocket of his backpack. He watched as Sarah took a towel from her backpack, and mopped away all the mess between her thighs, then slid a tampon between her pussy lips.

Sarah saw him watching, gave him a horny grin, and wiggled her hips as she pulled up her panties. His eyes took it in, she purred as she felt the thong nestle tightly against the tight rim of her ass hole. Having the thin strip of her thong between her cheeks made her ass hole all tight and twitchy, and it made her hot as hell.

“Isn’t it nice, that we both have the second period as a spare? Umm, you are a great fuck Mark, would you like to do this regularly? Like every school day?” she finished with a giggle.

Mark replied, “Oh yeah Sarah, god, you certainly did give me the best fuck of my life!”

They left backstage, and Sarah cooed, “Same time Monday, stud!”

Mark watched the awesome ass cheeks wiggling as she walked away. Back at his locker, he plucked out the T-shirt and hung it up between the hooks, so it could air dry. He made a mental note to bring a towel in his backpack every day, and to not stoke off the meat on a school-day morning. Having a hot, horny 18-year-old who knows how to throw a fine fuck like that sure topped the ”right-handed mistress.” He had a huge smile on his face, all of a sudden, there was an excellent reason to look forward to a school day. Just remembering the hot way his cock had been ridden, was going to be awesome masturbatory fodder for the non-school days.

He got his stuff ready for the next class, not knowing that his day of hot fucking was not done yet

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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