Lisa, My Loving Wife

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Once again this is for those readers that enjoy a nice, hard, swollen juicy cock to suck, while sharing it with the love of their life, their Loving Wives.


I had been engaged to Lisa for a year. I felt that I had the most beautiful wife in the world. In reality, and to be completely honest, She was what most men would call mousey. Lisa was twenty two. She was a virgin and still was. I know that sounds crazy, a twenty two year old virgin. You noticed that I didn’t mention that she had jerked off many cocks in college and high school. Lisa was one of those women that preserved her virginity for her husband. She was old fashioned that way.

Before Lisa and I could be married, I got a job with an international company. I had to go to Saudi Arabia for my internship. That meant that Lisa and I would have to wait to get married. I missed Lisa very much in Saudi. There was another guy my same age named Tom Jenkins that was roomed with me. He was married only six months when he had to go also, or pass up the job of a lifetime. He talked to her by Phone a lot as I did to Lisa. When I left I had told Lisa that I wouldn’t be angry or jealous if she dated some while I was gone. After all a year is a long time and being a college senior is something that happens once in a lifetime.

One night I came in and caught Tom, laying naked on his bed, jerking off a very large cock. It was larger than mine by half as much. He was talking to his wife Mary. The conversation was been hot. He had it on the speaker on the phone as he jerked. I heard Mary’s voice saying “…and he had a very large cock baby. I only wished that you could be here sharing it with me.” I stopped dead. I listened to Tom’s wife talk. I could hear the sounds as she told him that she was sucking the man’s cock.

I had developed a very hard cock. What really caught my eye was the swollen cock that Tom was fisting. It looked to be a couple of inches longer than my seven plus inches. It was also thicker. I could see where his precum had ran over the head, and onto his hand which was gripping the fat cock. Then Mary made a choking sound. The sound of her gagging on the man’s load lasted a few minutes. Tom began to get faster and faster as he stroked his cock. I knew the signs that he was ready to cum. Then he noticed me. He looked at the tent of my hard cock in my pants, and motioned me forward. Like in a trance I moved to besides his bed. He took his hand from his cock and unzipped my pants. In a short time my pants and undershorts fell down my legs.

I was still mesmerized at hearing his wife sucking the cock that when I felt his mouth on my cock, I just let him suck it. After so long at not feeling another human touching my cock, I felt great. I shuck off my shirt and the next thing I know was that I was laying beside him, on his bed, sucking his cock. “Oh Tom…Tom I wish you could see how much cum he shot…God It’s still leaking out.” Then there were sounds of slurping. I would imagine that she was lapping up the dredges of the man’s cum. I had reversed myself in the bed so he could keep my cock in his mouth while I sucked him. I was taking it all the way down my throat. I was starved for sex. After two months in Saudi.

Let me regress many years to a bunch of boys having a circle jerk in the woods. Somehow we had started to jerk the guy off on either side of us. There were six of us but the guys on the end only had one hand on their cock. I was in the middle so I had my hand around a cock on either side. I also had two of my buddies hands jerking me off. Tom and I were in a similar position. We were in the middle of a lot of sand and only our own hands. Now we were sucking each others cock while we listened to his wife suck a cock five thousand miles away.

Then I began to feel my cock jerk and my climax was near. I think he felt it because his cock began to swell. I felt the hot semi sweet, salty liquid hit my mouth. I began to swallow it like it was the elixir of life. My own orgasm took me and I felt my cock blasting into his sucking mouth. “Homey…Tom…Mary calling Tom.” Mary’s voice was saying. She had finished sucking the cock she had with her. Tom licked up all my cum before he answered her. He told her that he couldn’t speak because he was swallowing my cum and I was doing the same to his,

Mary was like a little kid asking him to describe me and my cock. I spoke and told her hello. The next fifteen minutes were spent with the three of us talking through the cell’s speaker. She stopped talking long enough to tell someone that she would see him later. There were some kissing sounds. What I learned was that Tom and Mary were, not necessarily swingers, but both of them loved finding a guy and sucking him together. Mary said that if she were with us that she could suck me with him. I wished more than anything that Lisa was with me, and right now I also wished that Mary was with us. “Would Lisa suck my cock with you Roger?” Tom asked a simple question, and it really made me do some thinking.

That night I lay awake and thought of Lisa and what Gaziantep Kavaklık Escort she was doing at that moment. Tom knew what his wife was doing, she was sucking a friend’s cock. Tom and I had been working the graveyard shift in the tracking station. The time was in the very early morning, meaning that it was late at night in America. I had gotten my wits about me after the impromptu blow job. I told Tom to keep quite and I would call Lisa. On the wall behind our beds we had pictures of Lisa and Mary. His were completely naked ones of Mary. In a couple she had her leg’s spread. Mine of Lisa were of her in skimpy lingerie. We both felt that we knew the others woman. I really knew Mary now

The phone rang several times when a breathless Lisa answered. “Oh Roger honey…I’m sorry but I was kind of tied up when the phone rang.” She was breathing hard as we talked about what she had been doing. Before I left Lisa I agreed that she would still date others till I got back. It’s hell for a young woman in her final year of college not to be able to go out to events. She had told me before that an old boyfriend from before we met had taken her to a couple of dances and the theater a couple of times. She said that Jim had taken her to the movies with three of her friends and their guys. I casually asked her what she had been doing when the phone rang and she was silent for a little time. Then she spoke. “Rog…do you remember what I did to you after we dated a few times.” How could I ever forget. She had jerked my cock off. I was amazed when she lifted her hand, covered with my sperm, to her mouth and licked it clean.

She said that she had done that with a few others in college. A total of four guys. Jim had been one of the first that she had fisted. “You are the only one that I let watch me what I do afterward.” She had jerked the other guys off in their cars and then hurried inside and licked their cum off her hand’s. When she did me it was on her bed in her room. We had graduated to full blown blow jobs while I ate her cunt. I had fingered her, as deep as her hymen allowed me too. She started to let me cum in her mouth by then. She no longer jerked the others off. Lisa had become my woman. we talked about marriage but I never made it official till just before I left for Saudi.

After the first month I was talking to her and she asked me if I would be upset if she gave the guys that she dated a hand job. I told her that she probably should because the guys could simply date another girl that would give them a lot more. If that were the case then Lisa would remain a pariah till I returned. I didn’t want to make her have to pass up things because we were engaged. She said that she would let the guys know that she was taken. I told her that it was up to her what she did. I told her that she had to tell me what she did. “Ok honey but you also have to tell me what you do.” She laughed at that an so did I. What the hell could I do.

I had just found out but I was real mixed up about telling her. I wasn’t quite sure how she would take it. I listened as she told me about Jim taking her to the movie that night. “Well honey I had played with Jim’s cock a few times before I met you and he wanted something …so I let his pull his pants down and I jerked him off. He had just cum when the phone rang. I knew that it was you and ran him off.” I asked her if she had a chance to wash her hands off. She was silent for a few seconds. “Not really…I have a real slimy hand right now and I’m just rubbing it with my fingers. Want to hear?” I told her I did and she must have put her hand next to the mouth piece cause I could hear slippery sounds.

What I told her to do next surprised me and her as well. “Are you sure you want me to do that…I mean if you want me to I’d like it…that is if you did want me too.” She was stammering now.

“Lisa,” I told her, “Lick Jim’s cum off your hands…” My voice quivered in excitement.

The phone was filled with licking sounds and my cock got harder. About then I shot off from fisting my own cock while I talked to her. I told her that my own cum was running all over my hand right then. “Oh Roger baby…lick all your cum up for me…I wont feel so guilty then.” I let her hear me swallowing my own cum. “I wish I was there to do it for you…hell I’d do more than just lick your cum off…I would want your cock in me.” we talked more and I found that she was really thinking about when we were married and she could take my cock all the way in her.

“Well don’t let anyone else do it till I get back.”

“Oh does that mean I can let other guy’s fuck me then.”

“If that’s what you want…then I guess you can.” She said that she didn’t want anyone but me then. She wanted to know what brought all this talk on and I told her about Tom and Mary. She was quite for a minute, then she asked if he had sucked my cock.

I told her that it had happened. her next question threw me, “Have you sucked his cock Roger?” Now I was the quite one. I finally said that I had sucked his cock while we listened to Mary suck a guy off. “How did you like sucking his cock Roger?” I found myself telling her about all the emotions. I had told her what I did with my buddies in the circle jerks. That was after she told me that her and friend had sucked each others cunts during her first year of high school. The girl had moved away but her and Lisa had a chance to repeat it a few times. Lisa had laughed and told me that if the girl hadn’t moved then she might have became a lesbian. She had told me that she loved the way her friend had tasted.

Then Lisa asked the question that I had dreaded. “Roger would you let me suck Jim’s cum from my hands in front of him.” I was silent for a while.

“Would you like to let him see you do it Lisa?”

She said that she would like to only if I let her. I told her that she either wanted to suck it or not. I asked her which it was. She finally said, “Honey I got used to sucking you and swallowing your cum and I would like to as least do that. I went with Jim for almost a year and I have made him cum with my hand a lot of times.” I interrupted her long enough to say that she had also swallowed his cum and that she must like the taste. “Ok then love if you put it that way then yes…yes I’d like to suck Jim’s cock.” There was a moment of silence then till she finally said, “And let him cum in my mouth.”

“Ok in that case you have my blessing to suck Jim’s cock…and any other cock you want to…as long as I know about it.

“Are you kidding…of course I’ll tell you…I want to tell you while you jerk off. I wish I could suck you too. Tell you what love…Tom can suck your cock all he wants to and…and,” she had trouble saying the rest. Finally in a cracked voice she said, “And you can suck him too Roger.” About then Roger walked in. He had heard Lisa say that I could suck him off. He grinned and began to undress. I told Lisa that Tom had just came in. I had to describe how he looked as he undressed. I had to tell her just how big his cock was. We heard her moan.

“I wish I was there to suck it with you baby…suck it for me now and let me hear it. Tom held the phone up to my mouth as I sucked him. We could heard Lisa moaning on the speaker and a slapping sound that we later found was her masturbating. While I sucked him he was dialing Mary. He told Mary that I was sucking his cock so my Lisa could hear. Mary loved it and she said that she had her big dildo and was facing herself with it. It was more than either of us could stand. We all wanted to be with the one we loved so badly that it hurt. We had another nine months to go.

Lisa and Mary were able to speak to each other through our speakers. It was Mary that made the suggestion that if we set up a cam system then we could see each other. About then Tom came in my mouth and the only way the women knew was by our sounds. Later Lisa said that it was very erotic listening to me suck Tom’s cock. The very next day Tom and I got Mary on his phone. Then we got Lisa on the phone. Lisa was in her room in the dorm and she wasn’t alone. Jim was there. Jim and I spoke. We were never what you would call close buddies. I had seen him, mostly because Lisa had gone with him. he had seen me for the same reason. he still had the hots for Lisa in the worse way. I could understand that. Once you got past knowing the mousey Lisa you found yourself confronted with one hell of a woman.

“Look Rog…this is weird,” he said, “I want Lisa very badly and you’ve known that for a long time…Lisa just decided that you are the guy she wants to marry. I’m not. I mean I’m not that guy…it’s not me but that don’t mean that I don’t want her.” Then he added ” I understands that she wants to be a virgin when she marries you I really would love get my cock in her cunt then.”

I had to laugh. I knew where he was coming from. Mary and Tom had heard him too. Tom laughed with me. Mary said that she had decided to go stay with her parents till Tom came back. It was only two hundred miles from Lisa’s university. “Jim, if you are nice to my friend Lisa then I’ll come fuck you,ok…is that alright Tom?”

Tom told Jim that Mary would fuck him when she came to see Lisa. “He don’t have to wait for everything cause tonight I’m going to play with his cock and let him shoot it all over my hand. Then I’m going to let him watch me lick his cum off.” That got to me I grabbed Tom’s cock and went down on it. Jim said that he could tell by our sounds, what we were doing. Then he added that he had done the same thing a couple of times.

“Feel his cock Lisa,” I almost yelled then stuffed Tom’s cock back in. I heard Lisa say that she would just as soon as she got his pants down. “I have never did this before,” she was interrupted by Jim then, “Oh yes Jim you are really nice and here I was thinking that it was just something that stuck out your pants.” She giggled then. “Roger…I mean it. I’ve never seen his cock like this. You would really love it…” Then she realized what she had said. “Well you would love it too wouldn’t you?”

Tom said,”He really loves mine.”

OK Roger…here’s what I am going to do…,I am going to tell you every thing I do…ok…hey take that cock out of your mouth and answer me. I jerked my mouth off Tom’s cock and said that was fine. “OK Roger I love you baby.” Lisa spoke about every thing she did. “Oh Jim’s naked and laying on my bed…damn his cock and balls look good. You know much I like your balls don’t you Rog baby?” I said that I sure did. When she finally started to suck me, she would spend a long time sucking and licking my ball’s. I told her that she might enjoy playing with Jim’s. “Thanks Roger…thank you.”

“Thanks Roger,” that was Jim.

“Oh honey his cock feels so hard and hot. Ok sweetheart I’ve got a handful of his balls…oops…they keep slipping away…oh hell they’re moving around like your do Roger.” I heard some whispering. It was Jim whispering to Lisa. I couldn’t tell what was being said. Then I heard Lisa’s voice whispering back.

I was straining my ears to hear what they were saying. “He asked Lisa if he could kiss her.” Tom said that she had real good hearing. “Is Jim wanting to kiss you Lisa?”

“Yes he wants to kiss me.”

“Do you want him to kiss you Lisa…you know like you two used to?”

“Yes Roger I do want him to kiss me like he used to do. I really want it to be you that I’m kissing but he’s the next best think.”

“Hey Jim…plant a good one on her.”

No one had to have good hearing to tell what was being done next. they were kissing and it got hotter and hotter as they spent more time at it. It was a breathless Lisa that came on the speaker. “Oh God baby…oh God that was great.” Then I could hear the sounds of her crying. I could just picture a confused Jim watching her thousands of miles away. “Oh God baby I miss you…I miss you so much.” I said that I understood. I would have cried with her but my mouth was full of cock.

“Hey Jim how about you suck her pussy…keep your fucking fingers out of it..I mean it, I’ll kill you if you break that thing.” I still heard Lisa’s sobs along with sounds of Jim asking her to lift her butt up. Then I heard her sigh as I guess his mouth engulfed her cunt.

“He’s sucking my pussy baby…I love that…thank you…thank you.”

“Thank him…he’s the one doing it baby.”

That night I listened as Jim grunted out his cum as Lisa’s soft hand’s caressed his cock to release it. Then I heard Lisa say, “Ok baby…I’m going to suck his cum off my hand’s…watch this Jim.” I heard her slurps as she told me how good it was. “It’s almost as good as your’s honey.” That was it. I shot in tom’s mouth then as if he were waiting for me let go in my mouth. Lisa ran Jim off so she could have an intimate conversation.

“Hell isn’t jerking my cock off and me eating your cunt intimate enough.” Lisa laughed at him and you could hear the door close and then clicked locked. Lisa said that she knew the guy that was in charge of the computer lab and would try and get a setup from him for the cam. Mary told Lisa that she was going to leave as soon as she could get packed. She had originally planned on waiting till after Thanksgiving to go but she would leave right away. She said that she wanted to see Lisa real bad. She asked Lisa if she also liked women.

Three days later I called Lisa. She said that she had the cam ready and asked if Tom and I had our setup ready. I flicked the computer on and it booted up with Lisa’s web cam on the startup page. There was lisa smiling at me as if she were in the next room. I talked to her and I got our camera on so she could see me. She did something with her computer till she started to crying again. “Oh roger baby…it’s so good to see you.” We had a real reunion. Then Tom came in and Lisa whistled…”Roger didn’t tell me you were so good looking.” I told Lisa I hadn’t looked past his cock.

Tom suggested that we get naked so she can see it. If I had a big cock like his I’d be proud of it too. He started so Lisa could see. I looked to see her also stripping naked. I started ripping at my cloths to catch up. Then we stood naked before the cameras. Lisa in America and Tom and I in Saudi Arabia. I could tell that her eyes were on Tom’s cock. “Oh Roger …it’s beautiful. I see why you like sucking it…If I were there I would fuck you and suck his cock.” She started blushing. Her face was red. I thought it was the camera till Tom told Lisa that it was ok…he would be more than happy to fuck her with it after Roger took her cherry. I looked at Tom and realized right then that there were many things that I would never know about my Lisa. Other me might be able to see one or two subtle things but no one would ever know a woman fully.

Lisa had stripped completely and for the first time since I left I saw Lisa’s hairy pussy as it was right now. The only difference was that I was seeing it from thousands of miles away and another man was enjoying the sight with me. “Roger, let me see you and Tom suck each others cocks right now…ohhh I have waited for this moment.” She was thrusting her finger in her pussy. “Go baby suck Tom…suck that beautiful cock. I have thought of nothing but my husband sucking another man’s cock.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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