Little Sister Ch. 02

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She stood up and followed us into Julie’s room.

As we stepped in, Julie dropped her robe, exposing herself; ass just a little bit round, beautiful back, then, as she turned, her round breasts and gently full belly. Leah looked at her, glanced at me, and dropped hers. She stood there, slender and dark, with wavy black hair to her shoulders, small conical breasts with dark puffy nipples, a slender waist and a belly so flat it was almost hollow over her pubic bone, amplified by the prominent black curls of her pubic triangle.

They looked at each other and then at me.

I stripped off my shirt and undid my pants. My cock was half-hard. I was excited, but really unsure of what was about to happen.

Julie pushed Leah forward. “You want her?” And Leah reached back and pulled Julie forward. “Her first. I want to watch.”

Julie smiled — almost a smirk — and stepped up to me. I whispered to her “Is this OK?”

She grabbed my cock and caressed it. “A little late to ask…but sure. Let’s have some fun,” and leaned up to kiss me.

She rubbed my swelling cockhead against her belly and the top of her bush, sliding her tongue over my morning-furry teeth. In a moment I was hard, and she smiled as she stuck her tongue deep into my mouth.

Stepping away, she pulled me by the hand as she stepped toward the bed. She turned and knelt on the edge of the bed, spreading her knees and looking back over her shoulder at me. I looked at Leah, who was massaging one breast and watching as intently as a peregrine falcon watches a meal.

I stepped behind her and took my cock in my hand. Looking at Leah, I slipped the head of my cock up and down her slit and slowly slid in. She was warm and sticky and slippery and tight and for a moment I forgot we had an audience as I closed my eyes and took in the pleasure.

I slid out a little, then in, then pressed myself deep into her and opened my eyes.

Julie’s head was down and there were already beads of sweat on her back. And we’d barely started. I wondered if the audience had aroused her and looked over at Leah.

She was sitting on the corner of the bed, leaning on one arm, the other between her legs. I desperately wanted to see her fingers and her pussy, so I said “Can I watch?”

She turned toward me, and I saw the pink lips dividing the black curly hair, her fingers running between them.

My cock swelled inside Julie and she moaned. I slid in and slid out, feeling the thickness of her juices. The tightness of her cunt, the texture of her internal landscape. I tried to remember what her sister Claire felt like, how she felt when we fucked.

I watched Leah’s fingers and looked up to see her hard nipples and flushed chest and wondered who’d come first.

“If I pull out and come on Julie’s ass, will you lick it off?” I asked Leah.

“No. I’m not gay.” She stopped touching herself. “Is this what you think this is about?”

“No!” I answered. “I just thought…”

“Look, if you and jacket downstairs were both fucking me, would Gaziantep Konak Escort you suck his cock?”

She smiled as she said it, though, and her fingers started moving again.

Julie’s pussy was contracting as she laughed.

My head rolled back as I shook it and I said “OK, you’ve got me.”

Julie looked back. “We’re not here to fuck each other for you. We’re here to fuck you. Now fuck me.”

“Fuck her,” Leah said. “Then … if you can, you can fuck me.” She slid one finger into her pussy and drew it out, glistening in the light.

I grabbed Julie’s hips and started driving into her as she started pushing back.

Suddenly Leah was behind me. Then she was running her hands down my back and over my ass, and then down to my balls. The touch started a tingle and that started to run down into the base of my cock. I drove in and out of Julie and felt the bright line of pleasure moving up my cock and as it reached the tip, I felt the rush of orgasm and spurted deep into Julie. I held myself deep in her and kept pushing as the pulses died down.

As they did, I slid in and out of her slightly, still mostly hard and took my finger and pressed it into her asshole. Suddenly she arched her back and gasped as I felt her shudder around me and then relax as her orgasm washed over her.

I leaned over her and kissed her between the shoulder blades. “Ohhh, that was good,” I murmured.

Leah ran her hands over my back and said “Not bad. Not too bad at all.” I slid back out of Julie and turned to Leah. She pushed me back.

“Julie, lick this off him.”

I stood there, surprised.

Leah went on, “I don’t think I want both of your juices inside me.”

Julie rolled onto her side, and scooted over. She took me in her mouth, starting with just the tip, and then slowly – looking up at Leah the whole time — took me into her mouth to the base. She slowly slid my hardening cock out of her mouth, smiled up at me, and then licked the droplets of come and juice from the base of my cock.

She ran her tongue up the underside of my cock and smiled at me.

Leah sat on the bed next to Julie. She rubbed her clit and then grabbed her knees and pulled them up. “Come. Here.” she said.

I moved over and stood in front of her, holding my cock to keep it hard.

She was slender, not muscular, with olive skin and the barest shadow of a bikini laying pales triangles over her groin and breasts.

Her breasts were just bigger than hand-sized, very conical, with dark nipples that had hardened the tips into flat circles with eraser-sized nubs sticking up. Her groin was covered by wild, dark pubic hair, just trimmed away from the slit of her pussy, where her inner lips just peeked out through her reddened outer ones, drops of clear juice lining the edges.

I took my thumb and ran it between her lips, watching them wrap around the knuckle.

The pink inner lips opened up around my thumb and the glistening juices clung to my thumb and her pussy. I pulled my thumb out and licked it. She tasted sweeter than I expected from the way she smelled.

I moved right up to her. My balls hung against her crotch. I moved down and the base of my cock was against the wetness of her cunt. I slid it down, then up, and then a little more. I was running the ridge at the bottom of my cock against the opening of her cunt, and the tip of her clit.

Leah pulled on her knees, and tilted her pelvis up to me.

I slid my cock all the way up until she was pressed wetly against the base of my cock. I breathed hard and held my hands on her thighs, as she bit her tongue and looked at me. I looked over at Julie, and saw her finger dipping into the swollen pink lips of her pussy. Her other hand cupped her breast.

I slid my cock down over Leah’s clit and then a little further until the tip was at her opening. She pushed herself toward me, and I slid the head of my cock into her.

I slowly slid deeper into her as she moaned, and suddenly I was at the back of her cunt. Maybe 2/3 of my cock was in her. I pushed a little more and she let go of her knees and moaned louder.

I slid out. She made a noise from the pit of her stomach. My tip was barely in her.

I slowly slid in and the noises she made got stronger. Again, I bottomed out well before my whole cock was in her. I suddenly felt like a porn star. This woman was making noises out of a 70’s sex film, and my cock was too long to fit into her pussy.

As I was deep in her she started humping up against me, her eyes open but unseeing, her hands caressing her breasts. I leaned down and kissed her, and she suddenly reached up and pulled my head to her and drove her body closer to me. I felt the mouth of her pussy around the shaft of my penis, and pushed it harder into her.

She reacted with a guttural moan, and gripped the back of my head harder.

I slid in and out as she got louder and more vocal. Her pussy accepted my cock, but I still was a long way from being completely buried in her. I leaned down and took one of her nipples in my mouth, gently sucking it in as I slid in and out.

In a moment, she flipped me over, and suddenly I was on my back as she straddled me. Her breasts hung down and I rubbed the hard nipples with my fingers as she arched her back and closed her eyes. I looked over and Julie was rubbing her clit rapidly with her forefinger. I started driving up into Leah, feeling myself push into the bottom of her cunt each time, and listening to her sound off louder and louder with each push.

Suddenly, my orgasm started and I felt the pressure in the base of my cock building. I tried to hold it back, but the come rushed along my cock and out into Leah, pulsing out into her. After two or three spurts, I felt drops running down the base of my cock and onto my balls. I kept pushing into her as my orgasm resolved and then stopped for a moment to catch my breath.

Leah didn’t like that and kept driving down onto me. I grabbed her hips and held her.

“Just a second. Wait.”

I’d softened just a little inside her and didn’t want to come out. I moved back and forth a bit, waiting to see if my half-hard cock would come back or if I’d deflate inside her.

I kissed her and massaged her nipples, and as I did, we heard Julie next to us on the bed.

“Fuck fuck oh fuck it’s so hot watching you ahhh ahh I’m coming!” she growled as we felt her hump her hips up and down on the bed.

The energy from her orgasm transferred directly though the bed into my penis, and suddenly I was fully hard and pushed into Leah’s cervix and the little space just past it. I slid slowly out of her and she pushed down, following me and keeping me buried in her. Then I pushed up and pulled her body to me, holding myself buried as deeply as I could into her and kissing her, in a moment, her arms and legs started to shiver as she pulled her face away and gasped. The shaking got stronger and suddenly she was humping me and her walls were twitching around my cock. As they did, I somehow slid deeper into her until I was completely sheathed.

Her pussy kept twitching and she kept gasping and I drove myself into her again and again until she pushed down on my chest and said “Now you wait,” and put her head down and panted.

I kissed her and rolled her onto her back.

I looked at her and asked if she was OK. “Yeah, really OK,” she replied. “I love it when I open up and feel someone so deep in me.”

I was still buried to the base of my cock in her, and I started to slowly move in and out.

She moved under me, her body reacting to the pleasure she felt, and as I looked down at her, I saw the wobble of the hard nipples as her breasts moved on her chest and suddenly I felt the electric tension in my back move between my legs and into my cock. I tried to hold it again, but the instant it reached the tip of my cock I was moaning and thrusting into her and shooting my come into the furthest part of her womb.

I fell onto my elbows on either side of her and collapsed onto her chest and neck, and we breathed together for a minute.

Julie started laughing and talking to us. “Fuck, that was hot. I’ve never actually watched people fuck before. Damn, that’s amazing. And can you smell this room?”

Leah squirmed under my weight and I tipped off her, pulling my soft cock out with a wet pop.

I lay back between them, Julie sitting up on the bed, and Leah lying back, and suddenly realized it was bright morning. I looked at my watch.

Leah say up and started licking my cock, taking her juices and my come into her lips and making a valiant effort to clean me off.

“No more,” I said. “I have to get to work at some point. Shower and grab breakfast?”

“The shower is common. Probably a bad idea,” Julie said.

“Then let’s just get dressed and grab breakfast,” I answered.

We dressed, and walked into the Village for food. When we got to Norm’s, I went to the bathroom and trued to get the smell of pussy and come off my face and hands. I was going to teach today, and I needed to be a respectable adult again.

We walked out into the world after breakfast, promising that we’d see each other again soon.

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