Little White Lies Ch. 10

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Chapter 10


“So… tell me what happened last night,” Dexter said as she eagerly took the head of his cock into her mouth. Sucking hard on the crown, she stared up at him, wondering what thoughts were going through his head in that moment. Was he imagining her and Don? Arousal swept through her as the thoughts filled her head and she couldn’t help moaning quietly.

Closing her eyes as she began to make love to his cock with her mouth, she slowly forced him further in, her tongue sliding underneath as she gripped his immensity with both hands and gently squeezed. The great crown hit the back of her throat and she pushed gently, letting the saliva build up and slide out along the shaft to be gathered up by her waiting fingers and spread around as she began to stroke.

Visions of what Don had done drove her excitement higher, and she lost track of time as she stroked, gasping for air after forgetting to take a breath. Dex was groaning in pleasure, his head lolling back. Wanting desperately to continue sucking her beloved’s cock, but needing to tell him the story of what happened, she got up from her knees and straddled him, taking his cock into her without hesitation, the arousal and excitement of the thoughts about the night before having ensured her pussy was nice and soaked.

Whimpers of excitement escaped as she quivered down the length of his cock, her lips finding his neck and nibbling gently. His strong hands came up then, gripping her rump and holding her up, letting her relax her legs as he took over, sliding her up and then letting her impale herself on him again. Groaning, he lifted his head back up and kissed her hard on the lips, sending shivers down her spine and eliciting a quiet moan of pleasure.

“Tell me,” he said quietly, his tone almost sounding like he was begging.

She felt his tongue slide into her mouth, accepting it greedily, slurping on it, then offering her own. Wet smacking sounds filled the room, and she pushed him back to lay on the bed, her hands staying on his chest as she took over again, lifting her hips and sliding slowly back down as she forced his cock deeper into her.

“So…” she whispered as she raised up on him, her back arching as she lifted, then slid slowly back down. “My baby…” she continued, her hips rising as she forced herself to focus on not just driving herself back down on him. Pausing at the crest, she started to make the slow, pleasurable descent, both of them groaning in pleasure.

“My baby…” she started again, sliding completely down.

“…wants to know…” pushing her hands on his chest, she lifted ever so slowly.

“…everything that happened…” she finished, punctuating the entire act by grinding her pussy down on him for a few seconds.

He immediately nodded, his hands reaching up to maul her breasts and roughly pinch her nipples. His intense arousal was obvious, only serving to make her even more excited as she began her tale.

“Well…” she said, sliding back up his cock again and staring down at him with a lustful fire in her eyes. “I’ll be as…” her movements an agonizingly slow ebb, “descriptive,” back up then, “as possible…”


The night before.

“I saw you sucking off Ronnie in the kitchen,” he said.

She’d been confused at first, but then felt him slide a strap of her dress off, followed by the rough treatment he proceeded to give one of her breasts. She couldn’t do anything but look up at him and whimper in growing arousal.

Her shock at Dex’s revelation about watching her suck off Ronnie was exciting, and he’d obviously loved seeing it happen. His words had caused her arousal to surge.

“I saw you swallow his cum, you naughty little slut,” he’d said, causing her to quiver as her pussy throbbed in response to his demeaning tone, and another weak whimper escaped from her lips

He slid her clothes off without asking her for permission, and she felt her pussy growing more wet by the moment, her nipples hardening as Don protested and stared in shock at the two of them.

Dex was being incredibly domineering, and it was extremely arousing to be the subject of his demands.

“I wanted to make you suck another right after I saw that happen, slut,” he whispered, then continued to talk to his dad.

An image of her sucking off the rest of their friends filled her head, and she moaned softly, staring hard at Don and wanting Dex to have his way with her more than she’d ever wanted to before.

A shuddering moan escaped her lips a few seconds later as Dex roughly shoved a finger into her then drew it out after a few seconds to shove the gooey digit into her waiting mouth. Sucking as if it were his cock that he’d shoved in her mouth, she groaned loudly, silently begging him to keep treating her like the slut she truly was.

“Look at me,” he said, his finger sliding from her mouth.

She spun, staring daggers of ecstasy at him.

She spoke, but couldn’t remember what she’d said, only that she would have done whatever he told her to in that Sinop Escort moment. Hearing him tell her to go over to his own father and suck his deliciously huge cock made her nod her head eagerly. He’d said it loud, so Don could hear the words

Arousal pounding in her veins, she felt her legs shaking, and her pussy growing even more soaked.

“Is that understood?” he asked.

“Fuck… yes, baby,” she replied automatically. What she’d thought was, “Abso-fucking-lutely… yes sir.”

He kissed her and whispered that he loved her, then used a strong hand to spin her around toward Don, his own erection enticingly obvious.

Her destination obvious, she walked immediately over and crawled onto the bed. Moving quickly, she lowered her mouth and pulled the covers back in one motion, the head of his cock pushing past her lips as soon as the covers revealed the bulbous mushroom head.

Pre-cum oozed from the pulsing member, and she sucked hard, tasting him as she spread it around with her tongue. She didn’t hear a single word Don was saying, only sensing that he’d fallen quiet as soon as she took him completely into her mouth. Sucking hard, she gripped his shaft with both hands, stroking in time with her bobbing head, her lips sliding tightly down the length of him.

“Don’t finish him,” she heard Dex tell her, drawing a whimper of protest. She’d been building up speed for just that purpose, her desire to taste his cum overwhelming her senses.

“I want you to fuck him,” he said, loudly.

Snapping out of the haze of pure arousal, she slid the cock from her lips as she realized what he’d said. Her eyes, now wide, drifted from Don over to meet Dex’s own gaze.

“Baby, are you sure?” she asked.

The next couple of minutes were a blur. She knew that Dex wanted her to, and she knew that she wanted to. She remembered that Dex was suddenly invisible to her. She felt him in the room with her, watching her, but wasn’t thinking about him anymore. All of her attention was focused on Don.

He was still obviously unsure of what was transpiring, but the moment she moved up to him and kissed him, her arms clutching at his head, she felt his wall of defiance crumble to nothing, and he took over immediately.

Kissing her fiercely, he moved up and forward, his cock brushing her hungry pussy teasingly as she was pushed to her back. Eager to take him inside, she spread her legs wide, desperate to get them out of the way.

Don’s lips moved across her skin as if he’d been her lover a thousand times already. He seemed to know right where she wanted to be kissed, her skin tingling with excitement as he slid them slowly across her neck.

As if it were meant to be, he moved his knees to get into a better position and she felt the head of his cock push gently against the lips of her pussy. That was it for both of them, and he thrust immediately into her, a low rumble of approval falling from his lips.

Her eyes grew wide again as she felt the immensity of him plowing deep into her, but then a calm washed over her, and she sighed in serene happiness as he gently started to fuck her. Catching movement out of the corner of her eye, she looked up and saw Dex, then whispered, “I love you,” and “thank you.”

His satisfied smile was all the confirmation she needed that this was right. She gave him one last glance, then felt Don’s hand on her face, drawing her back to him in a tender kiss. Closing her eyes, she focused on the older man. His thrusts were even, measured. Slow drives deep into her were followed by long, sweetly agonizing withdrawals before another plunge into her depths. He continued to kiss and suck at her neck, his cock sliding in and out, over and over. Her pussy was greedily sucking at him, her lips stretching and pulling around his girth when he retracted.

Don’s hands roughly grabbed her breasts, his mouth moving to join them and draw her taut nipples into his mouth. His shaft pounded into her, building up speed until he was fucking hard at a steady, but brisk pace. He seemed to be in some other state of consciousness as they made love.

Her legs quivering, she felt her orgasm start to crest and whimpered weakly, surrendering to the power of it. Tears of happiness fell from the corners of her eyes, and she smiled widely as she looked up and saw him looking back down at her, his thrusts never slowing.

“Thank you so much, Papa,” she whispered, pulling him down to kiss her passionately.

Contracting down on his cock fiercely, she groaned weakly as her orgasm thundered into her, Don’s weight on top of her serving only to make it that much more pleasurable. His soft, tender kisses on her lips were passionate, but not messy or distracting; his tongue was ready, wet, and affectionately playful, but not intrusive.

Pleasure screamed through her body, filling every pore as she cried out weakly in ecstasy.

“Fuck,” he grunted, thrusting hard, his cock erupting deep inside her.

“Oh my God, yes…” she quietly begged him, clutching at him desperately as he Sinop Escort Bayan stared into her eyes.

“God, that’s so good,” he whispered.

Wetly thrusting into her, he groaned weakly, his eyes briefly rolling back in his head as her pussy continued to contract down on his thrusting shaft fiercely. She could feel the warmth of his seed filling her, spreading around his cock as he kept thrusting, driving her orgasm longer… higher.

“Oh… fuck…” he cried out, squeezing her tits roughly and arching into the final thrust.

She clutched at him desperately, pulling him back down to her and kissing him a thousand times in a thousand different places on his face and neck.

“You… you are incredible,” he groaned, his cock still deeply impaled inside her.

Her legs still spread, she felt him lift up and off of her, his hand going to his cock and squeezing from the base.

“You…” she said weakly. “You see what a mess you made?”

He looked down, groaning in arousal as he ran his hand along his gooey shaft and depositing a large dollop onto her spread pussy lips, cum already oozing from them.

She watched the entire thing, whimpering as she felt the cum slide down into the crevice. With a grunt of pleasure as he watched, he looked back up at her and then shook his head.

For the briefest of moments, she thought he was going to leave, but then he pushed the head of his cock back down and plunged it into her drenched and disgusting pussy again, drawing a cry of pleasure from her lips as he fell back on top of her.

Immediately, her sex responded favorably to his actions, contracting hard again as he forced his shaft deep into her. Groaning long and low, he thrust deeper still, grunting as he started to fuck her faster and faster. Wet, sloppy slaps filled the room as he pounded into her, his chest and face slick with sweat from his efforts.

“Fuck… papa,” she whimpered. “Are you going to cum again?”

He nodded quickly, his eyes locking on hers.

“Oh my fucking God!” she cried out, feeling him thrust harder against her dirty, nasty little pussy, the continued thoughts about her how dirty she was filling her head until he finally cried out in pleasure.

His thrusting cock slowed briefly, and she felt the hot spray of his cum bursting from the head, her yelps of pleasure dancing with his own cries. After another few seconds of thrusts, he finally slowed, his shaft buried completely inside her, her lips finding his as they passionately kissed.

He breathed heavily for several minutes, then gently extricated himself and disappeared into the bathroom for a few seconds. She heard the faucet run briefly, and he reappeared with a wet cloth and a towel.

He started wiping down her sweat soaked face, then slid the cloth down her body and wiped up the oozing, gooey mess that was her pussy. Tossing the rag to the floor, he took the small towel and dried her off, smiling up at her as she watched him silently.

After he finished, she watched him walk over to the other side of the bed and turn out his lamp, then felt him climb into bed with her and pull her close.

“That was incredible,” he whispered quietly.

“It was,” she agreed. “Thank you so much, Don,” she added in the quiet dark of the bedroom.

“I tried… I tried so hard to resist you for so long,” he said. “You’re like… a drug.”

She snickered quietly.

“You’ve got no idea how much I wanted to have you again,” he said. “It’s all I thought about most days.”

She smiled in the dark.

“Believe me, I thought about it too,” she said honestly.

He chuckled, running his fingers along her back and eliciting a happy sigh from her.

A minute of comfortable silence followed before she asked, “So… do you often cum twice?”

“Mmm?” he asked. “No… well… not in a very long time. Sorry if it was too much.”

“What?” she whispered incredulously. “Don, you know that someone like me could never have enough cum.”

“Ha, true enough,” he conceded. “I guess I owe Dex big time,” he said.

She giggled. “I think he was taking care of a problem for both of us,” she said.

A long quiet period followed, though Don eventually broke it.

“Jess, would you mind sleeping here?” he asked. “It’s nice holding someone again.”

Her heart breaking at the possibility of him thinking about what he’d lost when his wife died, she turned and caressed his face softly.

“I’m staying here,” she whispered. “Besides, Dex is probably having sex with someone right now,” she added. She realized then that she’d forgotten about him being in the room earlier, and that he must have left soon after she and Don had started making love. She hoped he was giving Cass all she could take in that very moment.

He chuckled in the darkness. “Well, I appreciate you staying.”

“You’re welcome,” she replied quietly.

After a few minutes, she fell asleep in his arms.


Dex’s cries of pleasure as he filled her pussy were loud and emphatic. Escort Sinop She had just finished telling him her story, and as he recovered, she told him about Don cleaning her up and them falling asleep together.

“Are you sure you’re okay with everything that happened?” she asked, sliding off him and grabbing a discarded towel to put between her legs.

Looking over at her, his face brightened, and he nodded. “For the first time, yes,” he said.

She grinned. “Good,” she told him. “Cuz it was so much fun! I definitely want to repay you for that.”

“Hun, I didn’t do it for kicks,” he told her. “I did it to help both of you.”

She ran a hand along his arm, stroking comfortingly. “I know. I just want you to know that I appreciate it.”

“Well… did you enjoy it?” he asked as he turned onto his side to look at her directly. She raised an eyebrow at him.

“Of course, I did,” she answered.

“Good, because that’s all the thank you I need, my love.”

Leaning in, she kissed him on the lips, sighing softly into him, her body pressed up against him.

“You think he wants some breakfast?” she asked at length.

“Dad?” Dex asked. “I’d guess so.”

She grinned, then kissed him a final time and stood.

“Want me to make you guys something?” she asked.

“I can definitely eat,” he said, accepting her hand and letting her help him up. “You want your clothes?” he asked, reaching over to grab a pair of boxers and slide them on.

She looked over, then thought about it for a second.

“Is anyone else still here?”

He chuckled, then nodded his head. “Donna and John are still asleep in the game room, but since when did you worry about people seeing you naked?”

“Good point! No clothes!” she announced happily, practically bouncing from the room.

She paused just outside the door and grabbed Dex’s hand, then hurried down the stairs with him.

“Sit,” she said, pointing at a chair at the kitchen table.

With an amused look on his face, his kissed her and turned, taking a seat where she’d told him to. Happily humming to herself and feeling absolutely delightful, Jessie set about making breakfast.



Unable to tear his eyes away from Jessie’s ridiculously sexy body dancing around naked in his kitchen, Dex happily resigned himself to watching her being silly as she cooked.

She was a flurry of activity, hurrying around the kitchen, pulling out pans to cook with and food from the fridge. Tossing cheese, a few peppers, an onion, and a tomato on the cabinet, then grabbed some eggs, a package of sausage and some tortillas. Closing the fridge, she looked over at him and winked. Humming a tune, she took the veggies over to the sink and started to scrub them clean.

As he watched her cook, he heard his dad coming down the stairs, then round the corner and pause, seeing Dex and Jessie both in the kitchen.

“Morning Papa!” she said cheerfully. “Coffee?” she asked.

He smiled, nodding. “Thanks,” he said, looking at Dex while he was talking.

Dex grinned, catching the double meaning and nodded.

Jessie brought them both a couple of cups of coffee as they started to talk about everyday things. Donna and John emerged after a few minutes, no doubt ensnared by the delicious smell coming from the kitchen and joined them.

Amazingly, the topic of conversation continued to stay away from sex, and it seemed that Donna and John were none the wiser about what had gone on the night before.

Glad of that, he really didn’t feel like explaining anything to anyone just then. He wasn’t even sure he understood why he did what he did. It had just felt right.

He wasn’t dumb, though. He knew that not everyone would be okay with the idea of him letting his own father fuck his girlfriend. Still, the idea of Jessie and him both enjoying themselves with other people was very appealing.

After a few more minutes, Jessie finished cooking and Donna helped her bring the food over, then everyone dug in. No one seemed to be the least bit talkative about the night before, and even Donna and John weren’t volunteering any info about what happened with them and Erin and Alec.

After finishing breakfast, Jessie shooed everyone out of the kitchen so that she could clean up. John and Donna went to see about cleaning up the backyard, pool area, and the game room, and Don gestured for Dex to follow him, stopping only to grab a t-shirt from his room.

Once they were in his dad’s room, he saw his dad pulling on some clothes, then looking up.

“I just wanted to make sure you know that I really appreciate it. I’m not planning on letting that happen again, of course,” he said.

Dex nodded. “I know. Folks just wouldn’t understand if things like that were to get out.”

“I agree,” his dad said. “I just didn’t want you to think I was going to be expecting something like that again.”

“I won’t,” Dex said, chuckling. “I love you, pop.”

“I love you too, son,” his dad replied, coming over and hugging him tightly. “You’re a good man.”

After a few seconds, the two broke apart and Dex turned, heading for the stairs. Back down in the kitchen, Jessie was just then starting the dishwasher and turned to smile at him. Of course, she was still naked as could be.

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