Live, Laugh, Locked Ch. 10

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My mind continued to race. For the relatively brief time I’d been wearing my belt, it felt like this had happened constantly — my key being snatched away one way or another when I thought I was just about to indulge myself. Nothing compared to this time though, of course. Before, it had all been more or less my own doing, little misunderstandings that just delayed my key’s return; I’d only have to swallow my pride and ask. This was different, it felt like I was standing with 15 days behind me and my entire lifetime ahead of me without my key.

I knew that this wasn’t entirely true; the belt wasn’t indestructible. It wouldn’t be easy to escape without the key though. I’d sat across the table from Howard just hours earlier as he described all of the advanced materials and all of the things they could resist. With the belt holding its shape pressed firm against my skin, I struggled to think of any ways the belt could be damaged without also damaging me. He’d joked that removing it without a key might require a surgeon’s touch yesterday; turning the problem around in my head today made me wonder if it was really a joke.

Still, after exhausting all hope searching my car, I tried. All of my unrestrained daydreaming earlier in the day was coming back to bite me as my eager anticipation shifted quickly to pure frustration. I remembered the drive home just hours before, picking and choosing the exact details to focus my fantasies around to maximize my excitement. Now, I was trapped by those same images. I fought against the belt with my hands as much as I could to no avail. I experimented with a sturdy pair of scissors, maneuvering them carefully to get the tip between the belt and my skin; they were as useless as my hands.

Eventually, I resorted to trying to pass any sort of sensation straight through the belt, thinking that maybe I could give myself just enough to get some relief. Again, it was no use. I pressed hard against the face of the belt, the strict, exotic fabric yielding to the pressure extremely slowly. Eventually, I felt something, just the dull sensation of my finger pressing down on my clit. I drove my finger hard into the small indentation that it had formed on the surface of the belt, but I could only feel a fraction of that force inside. I bucked my hips aggressively, seeing if I could just wiggle the belt around my body enough to rub myself with the gentle pressure. It started working. If I could keep this motion going, I might eventually get what I wanted. Unfortunately, there was no way I could. After just minutes, I was already sweating. The belt demanded I use my entire body, fighting against it just to get this slow drip of pleasure. There was no way I could keep it up for long enough to get what I needed.

After fully accepting the reality of the situation, I slumped down on the couch, realizing I was nearly out of breath. I knew I’d get out eventually, it was just that it was now entirely out of my control. I checked my phone; Claire had messaged me detailing her own search of her purse and car. She found nothing, but offered to come help me search too. It was kind of her, but I declined. There was nothing she could do that I hadn’t already done.

I was briefly tempted to drive to the hardware store and search for tools that might help my predicament, but I thought better of it. My desperation made me willing to do a lot of things to get out again, but I still had some pride. There was no way I could risk being spotted by someone and end up all over the internet the next day. People would love sharing the covertly captured picture of the girl who locked herself in chastity browsing the selection of bolt-cutters; I couldn’t risk that. At least, I couldn’t risk that yet.

Earlier in the day at our meeting, Howard had said he had spares; that seemed like my only option now. He’d invited me to his house party on Friday; that seemed like my best option. I’d have to wait two more days, but something about it felt better to me than the alternative of izmit seks hikayeleri calling him and asking. I felt like I could almost sneak up on him there, popping in real quick and asking him for it while he was busy. If I called, it felt like he’d have time to prepare as I drove up to him; I was still uneasy enough about him that I didn’t want to give him that opportunity. I’d be at 17 days by then and the next two days wouldn’t be easy, but this felt like the best plan.


Those two days had dragged on just a slowly as I’d anticipated. By now, as I drove north to Ward’s party, I felt almost numb to the feeling of so much frustration. The ebb and flow of desire had become more of a constant ache. It was still just as distracting, but this state of distraction just started to feel almost natural.

I reached his house slightly before sunset. The street was parked full with other guests’ cars, so I had to walk a short distance before I finally went inside. The room was full of people milling around, with music just loud enough to make conversation somewhat difficult without shouting. Much of the usual living room furniture had been replaced with things more suitable for the large crowd. This was clearly an event that Howard took seriously.

I caught the attention of the person closest to me.

“Hey, is Howard here?” I asked

“What? who’s that?” he replied over the noise

“Mr. Whitney? The guy who owns the house?”

“Oh! Honestly, I have no idea. I don’t know the guy, I just came with someone else”

“Oh, Thanks” I said, quickly moving along. I had hoped to be in and out quickly. I’d also hoped that there would be fewer people here, but neither of those hopes seem to be coming true. Not seeing him as I looked over the room, I milled around in the crowd, trying to avoid much attention.

The sun had gone down before I finally spotted him out on the balcony. I rushed out to get his attention, thankful that the balcony was quieter and less crowded than inside; I wouldn’t have to should about my key to be heard over the noise inside.

“I didn’t think you were coming,” He said, walking over to greet me

“Yeah, no, I’m not staying long, I just really need to ask you something”

“Sure you don’t want to hang around?” He pressed

“No, I have a bit of a drive home still, I really just need something real quick”

“Oh, okay. What do you need?” He asked. I knew it was coming, obviously, but even out here away from the crowd, I blushed slightly knowing I had to answer.

“Um… well… you said you had spare keys on Wednesday and I wanted to see if I could get one.”

“Just one to have as a backup? You could have just called and I’d bring it next time I see you” he replied. The look in his eyes showed that he knew.

“No, uh, not quite,” I said, crossing my fingers that he’d let me drop it.

“Oh? If that’s not it, why do you want it?”

“I just need it, okay?”

“Now you have me really intrigued, you’ve gotta tell me”

I took a deep breath, and paused before admitting it to him, “I don’t know where mine is. Claire put it in my car and now it’s gone” Howard smiled wryly, clearly much more amused at my predicament than I was.

“Someone must have stolen it” he replied, taking a casual sip from his drink.

“Wait, did you–“

“No, I didn’t, but I wonder if the thief gave it to one of the guests inside,” he said, gesturing inside the windows, “He probably wants you to go around asking for it.”

“Stop it. This isn’t funny Howard”

“How many days has it been anyway? I hope whoever the thief gave it to is nice, or else they might make you work for it.” He continued.

“It’s been seventeen days, alright. Now, seriously, stop saying this”

“Wow. Seventeen days. Quite an achievement,” He said, taking a pause before continuing, “I bet you’d do almost anything to get it back tonight. Whoever the thief gave the key too will probably want to see the belt himself to find out what the key in his pocket is for. Would you show him?”

“What?! No, I’d never let a stranger see me like that.”

“Are you so sure? You already drove all the way up here. It’d be a shame to drive back home empty handed.”

“Yeah, I’m sure. And yeah, it would be a shame, so just hand it over so I can leave.”

“I already said I don’t have it, we’re just talking about hypotheticals here. Are you really sure you wouldn’t just let him look? I could tell how distracted you were this morning, I’d be impressed if you had the will power to refuse trading one little look to get your key back.” He didn’t seem like he planned on backing down any time soon.

“Okay, whatever,” I said, rolling my eyes, “I’d maybe let him see it in private. Happy?”

“If he likes what he sees, he’ll probably want to see more, you know.”

I didn’t respond, just glaring at him.

“If he likes what he sees, he’d probably want to share the view with others. He’d probably be very popular if he used your key to ‘encourage’ you to be the night’s entertainment.”

I remained silent, getting angrier at him. Above everything, I was afraid that he might be right. With so much desire built up, maybe I really would compromise my morals to anyone who flashed my key in front of me.

Howard continued, “what if he made you unlock in front of everyone, as the entertainment for the night?”

“Howard, seriously, enough already,” I said, reaching the end of my patience.

He kept pressing, “It’s just a hypothetical. Would you strip in front of everyone if it would get you back your key?” This was clearly the question he was building to.

I took a deep breath, staying silent for a few moments, hearing the music from inside. Whatever he was trying to prove, tormenting me like this, he’d succeeded. Letting my breath out, I looked down at the floor, unable to look him in the eye as I replied “Yes, I think I would,” in barely more than a whisper. It was just what he wanted me to say, but it felt like I was telling the truth. I prayed that just saying it would be enough for him.

“What was that? I can’t hear you.”

“I said yes, I probably would!” I snapped, “you win, alright? If that was the only way out, I’d have to do it! are you happy I said it?” I looked back up at him; tears were just starting to form in my eyes, “Now just tell me who I have to strip for, or blow, or humiliate myself beneath to get my key back. I just want to go home.”

Howard softened instantly, drawing back, seeing clearly he’d pushed it over the edge. “Woah, calm down. It’s alright, I was just teasing you. I took it too far,” he said, reaching out to place his hand on my shoulder. I shrugged it away. “You don’t really think I stole it, do you? I shouldn’t have teased about it; you’re clearly not thinking straight after seventeen days.”

“Okay. fine. Now can you please just get me the spare? I’d like to go home.”

“I’m sorry, but I really don’t have it right now. I can get it first thing tomorrow morning, but I don’t keep them here at my house”

“What?! How could you tease me like that if you didn’t even have it?”

“Hey, I already said I took it too far, I’m sorry, alright? You’re clearly very emotional, being so frustrated, and can’t take a joke. I’ll get it first thing in the morning. If you’d like, you can just stay here tonight, I have a spare bedroom, so you won’t have to make the drive again.”

“Okay,” I replied, “just never tease me like that again.” I certainly wasn’t thrilled about staying, but I didn’t have much choice; I couldn’t leave without my key.

After I composed myself, he showed me the spare bedroom and then invited me again to take in the party. I figured that I wouldn’t be able to sleep with the noise on top of the frustration, so I agreed, grabbing a drink and taking up a spot at an empty bar table, hoping to pass the rest of the night with as little attention on me as possible.

To my relief, the other guests didn’t seem to take much note of me. I worried about how many of them knew about my current predicament, but to my relief, they either didn’t know or didn’t much care. Eventually, a man walked up and asked to share the table with me, I said sure and we shared a little awkward small talk He was tall, handsome and seemed to be about my age.

Searching absentmindedly for conversation starters, I asked how he knew Ward. He replied that they were members of the same running club in the area. Too late, I realized that was a stupid thing for me to ask because, naturally, he asked me the same. “Um, we know each other from work,” I replied; it was technically the truth. Still, the reality made me blush.

He gave me a small, mischievous smile, “It’s okay. I heard about it from him. Sorry, I should have said that before I asked. I don’t really understand it, but you don’t have to explain anything to me” Looking in his eyes, I felt warmth and sincerity in his statement.

After so much of my past few weeks spent looking over my shoulder, wondering who knew my open secret, he was the first real stranger I’d encountered who knew. I was relieved to break the ice with someone so immediately accepting. He introduced himself; his name was Sean. I shared my name, Holly, with him.

We remained at the table together for the rest of the night. Even after the day I’d had, I still felt relaxed talking with him. As the crowd started to die down, he reached across the table to take my hand, drawing lazy circles on the back of it with his thumb as we continued to talk. From time to time, my thoughts drifted to him using those hands to, instead, punch Howard in the face, magically producing my key from thin air in the process.

When most of the crowd had left, he asked what kept me around so late; I confided my situation with him, saying that I’d be staying the night to get my key back in the morning.

“You don’t look overly happy about that,” he stated, seeing the discomfort on my face

“Yeah, it’s fine, it just feels weird” I replied, after how he tormented me outside earlier, I really wasn’t overly thrilled about the idea.

“Would you be more comfortable if I stayed with you?” He asked. The truth was that it would, but it still felt like a bad idea to me. Sharing a bed with someone after 17 days of straight denial seemed like it wouldn’t work out well. I didn’t know how my body could withstand that new temptation. Again, I told him the truth. He understood.

“If you don’t want to stay here, my place is just down the hill, you’re welcome to sleep on my couch if you’d rather keep your distance from Howard,” he responded. I paused for a moment before accepting, smiling up at him, thankful.

His home was close enough that we walked there together directly. It was late enough that I fell asleep almost immediately after Sean gathered pillows and blankets for me. In the morning, he made me breakfast before I left to walk back up the hill.

We exchanged numbers before I finally left. I told him that I’d probably be up this way pretty often and I’d love to grab coffee with him one of those times. He smiled and said that sounded great. Hugging him tightly, I thanked him for his hospitality. I left unsaid exactly how much it meant to me after the day I’d had; the look in his eyes as we broke our embrace, his finger tips lingering at my waist for just one extra moment, said I didn’t have to.

I thought about him more as I made my way up the sidewalk, imagining returning back down the hill to him after getting the replacement key. In my mind, I knocked at his door, saying just, “hey,” when he opened it and saw me there. He’d understand.

Getting near Howard’s house, I thought maybe that’s actually what I’d do. The past few days had been so stressful, I figured that I couldn’t really blame myself that much if I allowed this one, wild indulgence. Once my key was back in my hand, I could let Sean unlock me and reward him handsomely for liberating me. Maybe I’d be a slut, just this once, just for him. Probably not, but I still held on to the thought, savoring the flavor of imagining myself as that different person.

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