Living with Lauren Ch. 01

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I was wary of the living conditions I was about to put myself in. The girl who was to be my roommate was only a friend of a friend and she had a sketchy reputation. The thing was, her sexuality was up for debate, and at a school like ours, a small, Christian one, this was quite scandalous.

My situation unfolded thusly: I came to this school because they offered me an excellent scholarship. Furthermore, living on campus was quite expensive and my financial aid did not cover it. Indeed, room fees were how the college drew most of its revenue, and I was forced to find room and board off campus, seeing as how it was considerably cheaper. I saw an ad for a fellow student seeking a roommate for her two bedroom/one bath apartment. That was how I met Lauren, whose refusal of the college’s boys, and rumors of escapades with other women from other schools, formed the notion in our heads that she was a lesbian.

I pride myself on not being the judgmental type, as the instances surrounding Lauren and members of the same sex were only hearsay, and wariness was my only feeling as I was thrown into this living situation due to economic reasons. See, I really had no inkling of who lesbians were, or what that title even entailed, as I grew up in a small town in the Bible Belt of Demetevler Rus Escort America and my parents heavily sheltered my sister and me. We didn’t have television, if that gives you any clue. We had a single TV, on which we would watch movies together (Ten Commandments, of course),but it wasn’t connected to a cable box, or anything. Truth be told, I didn’t get on the internet until I was in college, and this made doing my schoolwork difficult – I was both in lacking research skills and easily distracted by Youtube.

Until I met Lauren I couldn’t connect the term “lesbian” and the act of sex with other women. She made that connection clear enough for me. I had just finished moving my stuff in –

“Judy,” she said to me, “I’m a lesbo. That means I like other women. Sexually. I’m gonna dump a lot on you right now. I admit that I asked around, and heard about your background, and figured you wouldn’t have any preconceived notions about gays, and that’s why I wanted you as my roommate. Sorry.”

“Uh…that’s ok…” I said, but was kind of freaked out. Maybe this wasn’t a good idea after all.

“My girlfriend isn’t here that often, and I promise we won’t be too loud and we’ll keep everything Otele Gelen Rus Escort in my bedroom. No PDA, ok?”

“That’s cool, I guess.” I actually wasn’t sure if it was cool or not. I kind of had no opinion on the matter. But maybe I felt that just because I had only seen intimate interactions between men and women I wouldn’t necessarily be disgusted by witnessing those some interactions between two women. Or two men, for that matter. I think I was intrigued, actually. Maybe I even wanted to see two women interact in that way, since I had never seen it before. Only then could I form an opinion.

Things went smoothly. School wasn’t that hard, I went to some parties (the ones on campus were drug and alcohol free), and I was making some friends. Lauren and I were becoming steadfast buddies, and we quickly bonded over the fact that we wore the same size and style of clothing; we traded jeans and shirts often. One time Lauren even borrowed one of my bras (34C). We were pretty much the same person, both physically and personality wise. We both loved to go running, we were both tall and skinny. Lauren had short, black hair, though, and mine was long and auburn. She wore glasses (they had those Balgat Rus Escort trendy, plastic frames) and I had contacts. We would often talk about the role Jesus Christ played on our lives, which was a pretty big role. We were both fairly laid back, and would often just hang out and watch documentaries together. She was just a normal girl. Who happened to be attracted to other girls.

Lauren’s girlfriend, Alice, was pretty cool, too. She was basically the complete opposite of Lauren, which is to say the opposite of me as well. Alice was short and quirky, very energetic and had tan skin (Lauren and I were quite pale), I think she’s Greek. She was quite the snazzy dresser, always wearing revealing skirts and blouses that showed off her generous cleavage. Lauren and I preferred jeans and t-shirts.

And then something happened. I guess Alice had stayed over one night, and she is apparently an early morning person like me. I rolled out of bed, took off my panties and shirt, put my robe on and walked to the bathroom to take a shower. I reached to open the door, and before I could grab the knob, it turned and the door swung open on its own. And there stood Alice. Naked. But I was also not really clothed, either; I hadn’t cinched my robe completely shut because I figured no one would be up.

Alice’s head was level with my breasts, and I guess those were the first thing she saw when she groggily opened the bathroom door at 5:30 in the morning. And I can tell you she quickly became ungroggy; she scanned up and down my body (which was frozen, I was unable to cover myself) her eyes lingering on my unshaven but trimmed, reddish pubic hair.

to be continued

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