Lock the Door Ch. 02

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I heard the door open and he walked in. I did not look over at him but when I heard it close I said, “Lock the door.”

I had prepared for him, had been waiting for him and he was right on time. I was glad he hadn’t chickened out because I wanted, no I needed, what he had for me.

He and I had exchanged a flurry of e-mails that had now resulted in this meeting in my motel room. The room was mostly dark, except for where the partly opened drapes were allowing some bright sunshine to fall onto the bed.

Feeling him walk over to me, I could only hope that my preparations were enough and that he would like what I had ready for him.

For I knelt naked on the bed, the sunlight falling on my upturned butt. My legs were spread widely as I pushed my ass even farther backwards, hoping he would be able to see my fully lubricated asshole, exposed in the sunlight.

I had posted an ad looking for some cock. In our e-mails we had agreed that I would be ready for him when he arrived and that he would fuck me however he wanted. I wanted a pump and dump.

Now this stranger was standing behind my naked body. My erection was dripping pre-cum just from knowing that I was exposed to his gaze and to his lust. The knowledge that I would soon feel his cock entering me was so arousing.

It happened, the first touch. I felt him fondle my bare ass cheek. I could not have stopped my responding moan had I wanted to. He pulled my cheek further open and I knew he was looking right at my hole. Already we were so intimate; I had no secrets from him.

He whispered, “What a beautiful little hole. You are so hot baby; I can’t wait to fuck this sweet little pussy.”

I giggled at that thought and said, “This pussy is all yours stud. Use it however you want. Just give me a good hard fucking. Then cum in my cunt or pull the rubber off and cum down my throat…shoot it on me Escort Maltepe if you want… I want just want you to have a great cum!”

I heard his clothes rustling as he removed them. Then he said, “I’m going to open you up and then drive you through this bed. You are going to be one well-fucked little girl when I am done with you!”

That made me giggle more, and I began chanting, “Fuck my cunt, fuck my cunt.”

He walked up the side of the bed and simply said, “Suck my cock!”

I turned my head and gazed at his cock. It was mostly erect, circumcised, pointing right at me. Opening my mouth, I took it in to the root. He gasped as I squeezed my lips around his base and sucked, collapsing my cheeks along his shaft. After only a stroke or two I could feel him hardening and lengthening.

He began shoving forward as I took him in. Soon his lengthening cock made me gag and he pulled back briefly, apologetically. I just told him to keep going and then slurped him back into my mouth.

He moved around in front so that I was facing his cock and I heard him say, “”Then take it, bitch! I’m going to fuck your mouth before I fuck that sweet looking cunt of yours.”

Holding my head in place, he started to fuck my mouth hard. I gagged and choked some but never pulled away from his fuck-stick as he used my mouth.

I was beginning to wonder if he was going to blow his load in my mouth instead of my asshole when he suddenly pulled away, leaving me gasping.

I watched him put a condom on then heard him say, “Time to fuck you.”

I wasn’t backing off now so just replied, “I’m ready, put that in me.”

Soon the bed moved as he knelt behind me. I felt one hand on my hip and then felt his cockhead touch my opening. With a slight push, it entered me.

After a second, he shoved more in, hard. I screamed as pain lanced through me. I starting doubting if I could handle this man’s lust when I felt him grab my other hip, and then bury his cock all the way inside me.

I screamed again and tried to lurch forward, away from him but he had me in an iron grip and stayed fully inside my sheath. He immediately began fucking me using full strokes, pulling out until just the head remained in me, then forcing his entire shaft back in.

Even though the tears were streaming down my face, I tried to hold my asshole up for him to use. In less than a dozen or so strokes, the pain began to fade, and I started trying to meet his thrusts.

Without warning, he slapped my ass cheek, then the other – hard. I jerked in surprise both times but didn’t stop fucking myself on his cock. Over the next couple of minutes he beat my ass raw while fucking it raw. My cheeks were stinging, I knew they must be bright red by now, but still, I kept fucking myself on that wonderful shaft.

Giving up on spanking me, he began to jackhammer my man pussy, ramming me harder and harder. Despite my efforts to keep shoving my asshole back on him, he began to push me forward. Soon my face and chest were down on the bed as he pounded me. Suddenly, he pushed hard enough that I fell flat on the bed; he followed me down, his cock stayed embedded in me as I felt his weight land on me.

All I could do was try to keep my ass up high enough for him to keep fucking me as he grabbed on to my shoulders while wrapping his legs around mine. Locked together, we fucked for a long time and it was wonderful.

Without warning, he jammed it home and then yanked us over on our sides. I moved quickly to adjust our angle so he could keep stroking. Then I felt him wrap his arms around me and latch on to my nipples. The stimulation from them and from my asshole was incredible and I could hear myself moaning. It intensified when one hand slide lower to grasp my cock. I moaned loudly and involuntarily squeezed my pussy on his cock. He pulled a nipple with one hand and my erect cock with the other as he steadily used my hole.

Then his hands slipped around me, holding me, and he began fucking towards his climax. It felt wonderful, but all too soon, he reached it. Jamming in me and holding still, I heard him moan and knew that his sperm was pumping into me. I wished we weren’t using a condom. He thrust a second and then a third time, each pumping more as he rode his orgasm to completion.

And then he collapsed behind me, his cock still buried fully inside me. We lay still; both panting from our fucking. It felt good to have him holding me from behind, his cock still in me, his hands gripping me hard.

After a bit, he relaxed his grip on my hips and I could feel his meat softening. I whispered, “What a great pounding you gave me. It felt wonderful.”

He squeezed my hip and replied, “You are a great fuck, and your pussy felt like velvet; tight, hot, slippery velvet. I really came hard inside you.”

I felt his dick slip partly out; it hurt so much going in, yet it felt so terrible leaving me. I said,” I glad you didn’t just pull out, I like feeling you in me while you recover.”

“After the treatment your asshole gave me, I am too tired to move,” he replied. We both giggled and our movement caused the rest of his cock to slide out of me.

As he got up to dress, I rolled onto my stomach and sighed contentedly. I felt so very well fucked.

He asked me if he could take some pictures of what he had just fucked, I said, “Sure lover, how do you want me?” He replied, “Just like that for a start! You look so hot!”

Then he asked me to reach back to spread myself for him, then finally had me kneel on my hands and knees, the way he had first taken me, for a couple more pictures.

He promised to send me copies, and then he headed towards the door. As he opened it I said, “Lock the door.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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