Lolita Livingstone Ch. 01

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Lolita Livingstone opened up a bottle of firewhiskey and pressing it to her lips tilted her head back gently, she closed her eyes as the hot liquid warmed her throat and the heat spread through her body.

“To the end of exams,” she toasted, clinking her bottle against a similar one held by Athena Zijarda.

The English born witches had been sent to Goseaton Academy to escape the low standards which their families thought had blighted English magical collages in recent years. Such pure bloods should be given a better education in the dark arts and Goseaton Academy was famous for it. At Goseaton Academy you didn’t graduate until age 19, by which time the students were skilled in dueling, curses and hexes.

Lolita, eighteen, had long, dark, thick curly hair that cascaded playfully down her back and bounced with each movement. She was slim and as pale as porcelain. Athena, whilst just as slim and pale as Lolita, had poker straight light blonde hair that reached her waist.

The two girls spent the evening in their dormitory getting tipsy on the firewhisky, which they had charmed a caretaker in to purchasing for them as although they were old enough to drink, alcohol was not allowed in school grounds. They gossiped tirelessly about the boys they liked and giggled endlessly about which teacher was hottest, soon they would graduate and the ban on student-teacher relationships would no longer apply.

Lolita took another sip of the firewhiskey, hiccupped and lay on the bed next to Athena. She rolled on to her side and stroked her long blonde hair before gently kissing her pouted lips.

“Mmm,” moaned Athena softly, “I always loved how you kissed me.”

“Good, because I can’t help myself, you’re so beautiful, like a doll.”

Lolita kissed her again, then moved her lips to Athena’s neck, softly caressing her skin with gentle kisses. Athena’s chest rose and fell with deep breathes as her excitement mounted.

“Tell me again which teacher you like best,” teased Lolita.

“Mmm Darenski’s got nothing deneme bonusu veren siteler on you Lolly.”

“Good answer.” giggled Lolita, now playing with the buttons on Athena’s blouse.

Suddenly Athena pulled away, she buttoned up her top and stared at the floor.

“What’s wrong Athena? This happens every time, we kiss, you seem to enjoy it, I move to your breasts and you freeze up.”

“I just…I just don’t like them ok.” Tears welled up in Athena’s eyes.

“You don’t like your breasts?”

“No, how could I? They’re tiny, no wonder the boys don’t notice me.”

“The boys notice you plenty.” smiled Lolita. “I’m serious, I see them staring, I certainly stare and I like every last bit of you.”

She put her arms around Athena reassuringly.

“I just wished they were bigger,” said Athena sulking, “I’d give anything to just be even a B cup like you.”

“So let’s make them bigger then.”

Athena’s eyes met Lolita’s, “Erm..How? I’m not going to one of those non magical plastic surgery death traps.”

Lolita rolled her eyes and sat Athena back down in front of her. Gently, but with a sort of dominance she began to undo Athena’s blouse buttons once more. This time Athena didn’t move.

“The Engorgement Charm doesn’t just work on inanimate objects you know.”

“Are you serious?”

“Absolutely, honestly Athena you really should pay attention in class.”

Lolita dropped her eyes to Athena’s chest, a heat burned inside her as she reached once more for the breasts, which were always pulled away from her, which she desired so much. Slowly her soft nibble fingers cupped under each of Athena’s breasts. She wore a pretty white lace bra, you could just make out the darker flesh of her nipples.

“Are you sure you want this?” asked Lolita, rubbing a thumb over a nipple, “I really do like them just as they are.”

“I’m sure,” smiled Athena.

“Engorgeo,” whispered Lolita, flicking her wand softly at the small but perfectly formed A cups. gerçek para ile slot oyunları “How do they feel?”

“Warm,” answered Athena “Really warm.”

Both girls sat transfixed as Athena’s breasts began to swell, slowly growing to a full B cup and stretching the material of the bra.

Athena threw her arms around Lolita and kissed her so passionately, it was all Lolita could do to control herself and not strip her naked in an instant. Tentatively she whispered, “Can I touch them?”

Athena bit her lip for a second and then met Lolita with a mischievous stare “You can touch mine if I can touch yours.”

The next half hour flew in a blur, Lolita had blasted away Athena’s clothes with a single flick of her wand milliseconds before Athena had returned the favor. The shredded clothes lay on the floor as they romped in one of the dorm beds. Athena seemed possessed with more confidence, moaning loudly as Lolita kissed her from head to foot, spending what seemed like a heavenly eternity licking a nipple. Occasionally they paused to take on more firewhiskey and giggle about how tipsy they were getting until finally Athena broke the silence.

“Do it again Lolly, I want to be a C cup.”

“Are you sure?” Hiccup, “You’ll be bigger than me.”

“OK…you do me, then I’ll do you.”

Athena lay her naked body back on the bed and Lolita climbed up on top of her, straddling her. She kissed her hard once more then made the same flicking motion and muttered “Engorgeo.”

“Oh wow!”

“I love watching them grow.”

“It’s so sexy.”

Lolita held them in her hands as they grew, squeezing the new C cups, pressing them together. “It’s the graduation ball tomorrow night, every senior in this place will find it impossible to keep their eyes off you.”

Still on her back, Athena raised her wand and pressed the end against Lolita’s chest. “Engorgeo” she whispered and much quicker than Athena’s had, Lolita’s breasts popped up a size instantly. mobil slot siteleri Lolita grabbed her own breasts and played with them in her hands as Athena watched, licking her lips before descending into another half hour of naked fun.

Most of the time was spent focusing on their new swollen chests but Lolita, feeling adventurous had let her hands wander further over Athena’s body, finding her clit and gently rubbing it until Athena’s moans got so loud that Lolita had to press her hand over her mouth to keep her quiet as her body shook with pleasure and experienced her first orgasm before slipping off into the sexiest dream she’d ever experienced.

* * *

When dawn came and light began to flow through the stained glass windows of Goseaton Academy’s dormitory windows. Lolita stirred, her head was nestled lovingly into the neck of Athena. She’d had the best nights sleep she could remember and wondered if it was due to the firewhiskey or the wonderful adventures she’d experienced with her fellow eight year. Smiling as the memories filtered back to her she became aware of the cool air on her skin, they’s slept naked above the covers, goodness knows what the other girls had thought when they’d returned to their beds that night to find Lolita and Athena there.

Lolita reluctantly opened one eye, expecting to see many pairs of accusing and judgmental eyes starting back at her. Luckily the dorm was deserted, everyone must have left to watch the final broom hockey match of the season. They’d have to face the gossip and teasing sooner or later but for now they could rest in each other’s arms.

Arms…Lolita gazed lovingly over Athena’s soft, eighteen year old arms, there, scrawled in black ink was the word ?????, Russian for Slut. Bitches thought Lolita as she examined her own body, the same word had been inked onto her leg.

“Don’t worry about it Lolly,” purred Athena who had awoken and caught up with the situation quickly. “They’re just jealous they can’t work that Engorgement Charm on themselves, besides if I know you, and I do, you’ll hex the hell out of them later.”

Lolita shrugged, Athena was right, she would definitely come up with a suitable revenge, even if it was something non-magical and as simple as seducing one of their boyfriends at the ball that evening.

“By the way,” grinned Athena, “Let’s be D cups by tonight.”

* * *

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