Loneliness Ch. 3

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Vanessa’s day did not start out badly the following morning. She was able to do some homework and get her mind off Will. But as the hours trickled down to when she thought he would come around she began lose her focus. He announced his presence with a gentle knock, but her frayed never still made her jump as a frightened child. He seemed entirely normal as he came in, and his kiss calmed her. She decided to take the plunge now. “I need to talk to you.”

“What is bothering my little pet?”

“I can’t keeping doing this.”

“Excuse me?” He chuckled

“I’m sorry, but I’m a top. I know-” He cut her off by grabbing her hair and jerking her head back.

“Let’s makes this clear slut.” He gave her face a long lick. “You are my slave. You are a born submissive, get that in your head cunt.” He grabbed her tits. “These are mine. YOU are mine. Is that clear?”

She struggled a little, she could not believe how powerless she was. And how horny at the rough feel of his hands. “Yes Master.” She finally squeaked.

He loosened his grip, “very good. I don’t want to hear of this again.”

“You won’t Master, I promise.”

He kissed her and she kissed back to show him who was in charge. He released her. “I can understand it is a hard change from you, but I will not have disobedience from my slave.” She was glad she had not dressed down again. She wore a tight black T-shirt, which accentuated her heavy tits, and a gray skirt that met with her black boots at her knees. He walked past her and found the box with the clamps he gave her the evening before on her night stand. “Pull up your shirt.”

“Mercy Master, I-I’m not ready.”

He tugged a little on her nipples which harden under his experienced hands despite her terror. “No my dear, you are far overdue, it is time you learned a woman’s place.” He sounded very calm as he put the clamps on. She whimpered and blinked back tears, she had never experienced pain on her intimates this way before. “Stop your acting, or I’ll tighten them up. Now put your shirt down.”


“I’m done, lets go. Unless you would rather go out as is.”

“People will be able to see.”


She had never exposed her slaves this way. “They’ll know.”

“I don’t mind people knowing I keep a slave.”


“This is not open for discussion.” She put her shirt down and checked the mirror. They looked to be piercings, but there was no missing them. They bit into her cruelly, made even worse by the way she was turned on. She wanted to die as they walked through the halls and everyone looked at her.

It was not as bad at the bar/club they went to for dinner. With the low lighting masses of strangers everywhere she only caught a few people looking at her nipples. One was their waitress. She nearly dropped her pad when Will said “like them?” He chuckled at her panic. “It’s quite alright, they were meant to be admired.” Vanessa starred at the table. “Pretty aren’t they?”

The waitress, a thin blonde girl who did not look a day past eighteen, did not seem to cool about either. “Th-they’re nice.” She tried shrug.

“Would you like to see them?” The girl blushed and looked away. “It’s quite alright, I’m willing to share.” The girl was not able to speak. He put his hand on hers. “Don’t be shy. If you can find us a private place I’ll let you play with her.” The girl jerked and hurried away.

“What are you doing?!” She hissed.

“Giving the girl a thrill.” He tone was conversational, but he was daring her to challenge him. She was yet to get used to not being in charge.

The busboy brought their food out and Vanessa was able to settle down. Their waitress returned with the bill. She put it down and without looking up from the floor said so faintly Vanessa barely heard her, “were you serious?”

“Sure, I’m game if you are.”

“Follow me.” Vanessa had a sinking feeling, but followed as commanded. She was a little turned on that he was making her be so slutty. The girl led them deep into the back, it was clearly storage, and no one was back there, the lights were not even on. She led them to a closet, but inside was a sofa bed stretched out. There was a blanket on top, but the bare light bulb filled Vanessa with a sense of foreboding. “I know it’s not much, but-“

“Nonsense, this is wonderful.” Will locked the door. “What is your name?”


“Well Cassandra, you have lived up to your end of the deal, I guess Vanessa must live up to mine.” He gestured. Vanessa hesitated, but pulled her top up.


“Yes, I like them too.” He pulled on the clamps a little and Vanessa hissed. “Come, feel how soft they are.”

Vanessa almost died when she felt the small, cold, timid hands gently trace the undersides of her tits. “Don’t those clamps hurt?”

“I hope so.” He twisted on and Vanessa yelped, her poor breasts had never had treatment of this type ever before, her slaves had only been allowed to gently lick them. “If not, I’m going to Starzbet go get my money back.”

“Can I taste them?”

Will laughed, “with my compliments. Why don’t you take that shirt off slave.” Vanessa had never done anything with a girl, the idea disgusted her, but she yanked her T-shirt over her head rather than upset him. Cassandra started with a little soft lick, and started kissing around the edges. Vanessa did not enjoy her ministrations but then her eyes locked with Will’s. Lust and power flowed out of him and Vanessa became instantly wet. Cassandra sucked on one of her nipples. It took all of Vanessa’s will not to jerk away. She nuzzled Vanessa’s mounds for a while, the she hugged the new slave and ground her hips into her.

“She’s beautiful.”

“Thank you.” Vanessa remained quiet as they discussed her attributes. “Would you like to see the rest of her?”

“Can I?” Cassandra was excited at her unexpected good fortune.

“Of course, just take her skirt off.”

Probing hands reached around Vanessa’s waist and she wanted to die as she heard the zipper and felt her skirt fall to her knees. “No panties?! Bad girl!!”

“She is a bad girl isn’t she? Maybe you should spank her.” SMACK!! Cassandra did not need to be told twice. Vanessa grunted and jumped while Will chortled. “You have the spirit, but not the leverage. Sit down on the bed and take her over your knee. You will love seeing that voluptuous ass jump.” The blonde girl blushed, but took the slave by the hand and maneuvered her into position.

Vanessa’s heart was racing. When she had been in charge she had never involved a stranger. Mistress/slave secessions were intense, one to one affairs. Will was opening her eyes to a new world. It would be Cassandra’s hand, but he would be spanking her. SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! Cassandra eagerly interrupted her thoughts. Humiliated Vanessa wriggled to ease the sting. Will chuckled. SMACK!! She looked up to stare in her Master’s eyes. He was aroused, relishing his power. His look started to turn her on. SMACK!! She hissed, they were starting to hurt. She had no experience with this and her bum was still sore from Will’s paddling two nights before. “Are you having fun yet?”

Cassandra giggled, “this is wild.” SMACK!! She put more umph into it.

“I knew you would like it. And despite her protestations I expect Vanessa does too.”


“Find out for yourself.” Vanessa died when Cassandra gently pushed a finger in. The slave could not stop herself from groaning.

“The slut’s wet!!” Cassandra exclaimed. SMACK!! SMACK!! The two quick spanks made Vanessa buck. SMACK!! She whimpered. Cassandra responded by playing with her snatch more, jerking on her clit and sticking two fingers in, fucking her with them. Seeing her Master smile evilly got her hot and she started moving around pushing back against the invading hand. She was open with juices flowing when the hand was removed. “Not yet.” Vanessa quivered she was so hot. “I think you boyfriend’s needs should be taken care of first.” The slave rose to attend to her Master.

“Crawl.” Vanessa almost came as his words snapped as though a whip through the room. Naked, humiliated, but so turned on her pussy juices leaked down her legs as she came, she crawled to him on all fours like a dog. She reached up to undo his belt when he just waited. She pulled his pants down and heard Cassandra gasp at seeing his monster. Vanessa did not dawdle, the sooner he was done, the sooner she could get out of here. She started to work her way down his pole. SMACK!! The slave bucked. “What was that!?! That is totally unacceptable!! Get on you feet and offer her your ass.” Vanessa struggled to get to her feet. “Go ahead, make her cheeks burn.” SMACK!! SMACK!! SMACK!! Cassandra got into her work. The slave ignored the growing hurt in her helpless backside to focus on pleasing her Master lest she displease him again. It was awful enough to be in such a slutty situation, no matter how much her pussy raged. “Stand up slave, our friend should have an easy target.” Awkwardly she rose to her feet. SMACK!! He was right, Cassandra could land much sharper blows this way. But Vanessa did not care. She had a real man’s cock in her hands and that deserved all her attention. SMACK!! She could not help her jumping at the blows, but she sucked for all she worth, pausing to clean his balls, before working down on him again. SMACK!! SMACK!! Her ass was really tender now, but she had a job to do. She poured her energy into getting Will off, sucking, licking, nibbling, squeezing, massaging, and rubbing him against her face. His poker face was perfect as he looked down at her, but suddenly as she was sucking him back in he came boiling in her mouth. Frantically she swallowed and ran her tongue over his head before concentrating on the butterfly point to maximize his pleasure. SMACK!! She wanted to scream, but kept slurping until he was empty. SMACK!! Vanessa was drained herself and glad they could go now.

Will Starzbet Giriş waved Cassandra off and stretched. “AHH! That was wonderful, thank you.” He zipped himself back up. “She really is quite talented, but I haven’t really given you a chance to find that out for yourself have I?” Cassandra giggled and brushed her hair behind her ear. “I certainly enjoyed myself, I bet my slave here has too. Why don’t you check?” Vanessa tried to pretend she was somewhere else as the other girl’s hand traced up her leg and invaded her.

“She’s soaked!!”

“I’m sure.” He ran his hand down her back and soon two pairs of fingers where probing her as she had to just stand there. SMACK!!!! Will’s sharp blow was unexpected and she jumped and yelped. “Slut!” She rubbed her bum as she stayed in the corner.

“Poor girl.” Cassandra the slave in her arms and kissed her. Vanessa had never kissed a girl and stood there stunned as the warm squishy tongue swept her mouth. The other girl laughed when she came up. “I can taste your cum on her.” He laughed too, and she wanted to die. “Perhaps I could sample more of her?” Vanessa’s heart stopped.

“Of course, it would be rude not to share.” He gestured. Cassandra took the slave by the hand and led her over to the sofabed. They sat down next to each other and she pulled her shirt over her head to expose a simple white bra. “Wouldn’t you rather have her to that?”

“Okay.” Cassandra giggled.

Vanessa felt as though she was a virgin again. She reached behind the willowy blonde and undid her bra. She reached for her pants. “Not so fast,” her Master said, “where are your manners? Why don’t you return the favors she gave you?” Vanessa wanted to cry, but she did her duty as slave. She would never defy such a man. She reached for the other girl’s tits. They felt odd in her hands, she had only ever touched her own before, this girl’s were much smaller, but very pert. The other girl flopped down on her back. Hesitantly she climbed on top and started to kiss down her neck to her chest. Her nipples were very perky. She licked one and it quivered. “Keep going.” She worked down to her stomach, and realized what he was going to make her do. It was very unnatural for her, but so was submitting and Will had her broken. She started to unbutton Cassandra’s pants and heard a pair of clumps she realized were shoes. She was a slim girl and a natural blonde Vanessa realized as she saw her well-trimmed bush. She had never eaten pussy before, but she had plenty of experience being eaten. All her man-toys had to become experts at it before they would be allowed to do anything other and jerk off in her presence. She blew gently on her slit and was rewarded with a slight whimper. She kissed around her legs and scratched her clit. She knew it was best to slowly bring Cassandra to a boil so her lips would push open on the tiniest pressure. She raked her fingers over Cassandra’s ass, causing her lift her hips in passion. She pressed a finger in and kissed the clit. She had never tasted another woman before, she was not as strong as a man. She ran her tongue over her slit, and was rewarded by a gush of the other girl’s juices. She stuck her tongue in and started to pump.

“Mmm, come over here, let me taste you.” Vanessa would rather not, but by now knew she did not dare to say know to Will, or his friend. She shifted to swing her legs over the blonde’s face. She hated herself for being so submissive as she sank her snatch down. Cassandra did not hesitate as she parted her lips and quickly struck with her tongue. The slave focused on getting her to cum to get it over with as soon as possible. She felt a hand trace its way down her neck and back to her ass. Her body came alive and her pussy gushed. He pressed a finger in, and Vanessa attacked the pussy before her in a frenzy to keep from screaming. “Oh fuck! Keep that up, she seems to like it.” Vanessa blushed at his deep chuckle.

“I bet I can do better.” Vanessa felt his head graze her snatch as he sawed his length along her without entering. She quivered and felt she was going to die, but he finally poked her. She felt Cassanda’s tongue mix in with their coupling. Then she felt something that made her blood freeze. Will parted her still sore cheeks, and traced a finger around the rim of her asshole. She clenched up, but he gave her a smart slap. “Don’t disappoint me.” She kept eating rather then fail this man. But she was terrified, she had never let anyone do anything to her ass. He kept fucking her and she focused on that and the tongue working her rather then what he was doing to her backdoor. He steadily pressed her finger in and scratched himself through her thin membrane. It was a totally new sensation for Vanessa. She could feel the power exuding from Will. She bit Cassandra’s clit and the little girl came. She wallowed in her submissiveness and became incredibly horny, but right as she was about to crash over the wall his cock was suddenly gone. She looked back and saw her Master’s Starzbet Güncel Giriş cock slid out of Cassandra’s mouth. She turned, grabbed Vanessa by her hair, and kissed her deeply. Cassandra forced Will’s cum into her surprised mouth, but some leaked down and splattered on their tits as they pressed against each other. Cassandra worked down licking the dropping off her tits and then went all the way down while she just stood there. Will grabbed her head and jerked it back. “Cum for me.” He whispered to her. She complied and fainted.

The little blonde girl was on her knees cleaning Will off when Vanessa came too. She was surprised to feel a pang of jealously. She stirred and he glanced over at her. “Coming back to us?” Will kissed his finger tips and whipped a few strands of hair from her eyes, it was a loving gesture. He undid her clamps and after the first sting of blood rushing back in they hurt much less.

“Can I try those?” They both looked down in surprise. Cassandra gave a little nervous giggle. “Tonight’s the night to be wild.”

“I guess I can allow it. Stand up.” The slave watched as he rolled Cassandra’s nipples in his hand to get them up and then clamped them. She gasped and her eyes teared up, but she smiled.

“Is there any chance I can get some of that beautiful cock?” Will was sitting so he simply lifted the tight blonde package up and set her down on his pole. She groaned at being filled so much, but started bouncing right away.

When Cassandra started getting a rhythm going he stood up and dumped her on the sofa bed. She looked up confused. “Get on all fours.” She gave a slutty smile, rolled over and put her ass up. She yelled when he speared her and started pumping doggie style.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Oh fuck!!” Vanessa watched Cassandra get slammed. An idea struck and she got up and circled around behind her new master and started cuddling with him, rubbing her tits into his back. She reached around to cup his balls. He took her other hand and used it to finger the girl he was fucking. “Oh my god!”

She started kissing the back of Will’s neck. “Fuck that little cunt,” she whispered. She squeezed his ass. He tugged on her and brought her down to her knees in front of him. She inhaled her balls and swirled them in her mouth. She worked her way back and ran her tongue over his crack. Gently she wormed in shoving her face into his ass to rim him. She scratched his legs and pushed her tongue in.

He went into overdrive forcing Cassandra down on the bed, making her just take his cock. She grunted with each hit. He laughed and slapped her ass. He pinned her down one last time and came. He rolled off her onto his back. Cassandra leaned over and started licking his dick clean, Vanessa joined her.

He stretched and relaxed. “Get the rest of my cum slave.” Both girls looked at him not comprehending.

He patted Cassandra’s pussy. She laughed, “shit you two are a nasty couple.” Vanessa was disgusted too, but knew it was her ass if she resisted. She dove in without much enthusiasm, but he forced her head all the way. He petted her while she worked, and she dug as deeply as she could into Cassandra’s quivering pink flesh. The blonde tossed and turned, mewing as she came. She was getting close again as the Asian girl finishing up. Will was enjoying the view of the brown and pale skin rubbing against each other. He twisted on the clamps and she howled as she came. Vanessa stayed down nuzzling the other girl’s legs. Cassandra pulled her up so they could embrace and kiss. All three were spent and stayed down in bed. “Thank you, this has been the best night of my life.”

“Glad to be of service my dear. You were an inspiration. I hope you have learned to keep an eye out for submissive bitches.” They both laughed.

Vanessa was thrilled the ordeal was over as she dressed. Will gave the waitress the clamps as a remembrance and they left quickly thereafter.

Vanessa was silent as they drove back to campus. She built up all the courage she had left to confront Will at her room. “I’ve never done that before.”

“You did well for the first time.”

Surprisingly her anger melted some at his compliment. “The point is that I didn’t like be put in that situation.”

“Ahh, but I obviously did.”

“I know that, but-“

“What is the first duty of a slave?”

She knew the answer and suppressed her emotions to answer, “to please their Master.”

“Very good. And next to that all else is secondary correct?”

“Yes Master.”

“Very good. I am glad we had this little chat. I will see you tomorrow evening.”

“If you keep treating me like this, I will end it.”

He laughed and opened to door to go. “No you won’t.”

Deep in her heart she knew he was right.


Vanessa reviewed her speech once more sitting on her bed. She smoothed her skirt out to try to ease some of the enormous tension building inside her. She was relieved to hear her boyfriend knock at the door. Come what may, waiting was worse.

“Hello Master,” she purred kittenishly and kissed him.

“Good evening.” His face inscrutable.

“Come in.” She took him by the hand and sat him on the bed. She curled up at his feet and began stroking his legs. “How are you?”

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