Lonely College Hearts Pt. 03

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Anissa Kate

Author’s note: If you like this story please leave a comment. I enjoy reading them and I like receiving feedback on my writing. Enjoy the story.


My Uber arrived quickly to the house. It was a nice big house in the suburbs. I got out of the car, into the house and joined the party. It was crowded, but I knew many people there who were Sean’s friends. Inside the hall, I noticed the smell of alcohol and weed. As I entered the living room, I waved at Sean and we talked for a while. He told me he hadn’t seen Aiden yet. Maybe, he wasn’t coming I feared.

I was feeling anxious so I poured myself a drink in a red cup. I sat down on a couch wearing a long sleeved tee, and some dark jeans. My eyes were lost in my drink for a moment, so I didn’t realize a guy had sat down next to me. He was a cute dark-skinned guy with short brown hair. We began talking and then flirting as the alcohol washed away my inhibitions.

He was attractive, I thought, but my mind was somewhere else. He was wearing a tight t-shirt. I noticed he had strong arms, but not as defined as Aiden’s. I kept comparing this random guy to him. We began to dance and I let him grab my body while I drank what was left in my cup. The room was full of people and the music was loud. I looked around feeling the music and the guy’s hands going lower and lower down my back.

Suddenly, I spotted Aiden near the stairs. My eyes were fixated on him. He was wearing a dark blue tee with the sleeves slightly rolled up, hugging his strong hairless arms. The colour suited his fair complexion. A cute girl was next to him and they looked like they were flirting. He was talking closer to her, and caressed the ends of her long dark hair. A feeling of anger and jealousy took over me.

I stopped dancing with the cute guy and told him I was going to the bathroom. Instead, I went to the kitchen and poured myself another drink for courage and went straight to him. Our last interaction replayed my mind and I decided to go get some answers as to why he had stopped talking to me.

He saw me coming and his eyes shied-away from mine.

“Hi” I said to both of them.

“Aiden, I need to talk to you.”

I said almost yelling because the music was too loud.

He ignored me and looked like he couldn’t care less. I was pissed so I looked at the girl and decide to just tell her the truth. In my defence, I guess it was mostly the alcohol talking.

“You’re wasting your time sweetie, he’s not inter…” I was about to finish my sentence when he yanked my arm.

“Shut up!”

He blurted, startling me and the girl next to him.

“Fine… You wanna talk, let’s go.” It was the first time, I’d seeing his angry side.

The girl walked away confused.

At least that got his attention, I thought. We went into one of the rooms in the first floor and closed the door behind us. It was the laundry room, at least no one would bother us there. We got inside and he rested against one of the machines. We could still clearly hear the music and voices outside of the room. He had a strange look on his face that I couldn’t decipher.

“Why did you stop talking to me?”

“I want to know.” I demanded going straight to the point.

“I don’t know, man…”He replied gazing at the tile floor.

“Is it because of what happened in my doom? I told you I was sorry about that…”

I insisted trying to get answers out of him.

“Look, I’m not sure…”

I waited for him to explain himself.

“Maybe this whole thing was a mistake…”He blurted avoiding my eyes the whole time.

He seemed conflicted. I could see it in his expression. He had gone cold feet.

“Aiden…it wasn’t a one-time thing…”

“Don’t you think maybe you are attracted to guys too…?” I explained looking at his bothered face.

“What do you care anyways?”

“I thought I was just one of the many guys you were having sex with…”

“Just like the guy you were dancing with, why don’t you go fuck him?” He said aggressively and I felt my chest getting tight. I was hurt.

“Let me remind you that YOU were the one that came on to ME.”

“Seducing me with your hot body.” I said getting closer and almost poking his chest, with my accusing finger. He just gulped and was speechless.

“You’re right, I could fuck any guy tonight.” I continued.

“But it’s not that simple.”

“Ever since we met, I just.. I couldn’t stop thinking about you.” I admitted looking at his young face.

Leaving my pride aside, I was ready to be rejected or just see what would happen. I had him cornered against the washing machine, he couldn’t avoid me now. I had to end this now.

“Do you like me, Aiden?” I asked gaziantep bayan eskort softly staring at him with my blue eyes.

Our eyes met for a second and then he looked down, silent.

“Say something, please.”

I begged him, not knowing what he would do. He could leave, hit me, or stay I had no idea what to expect. For a moment, I forgot about the background voices and I just looked at his indecisive brown eyes.

All of a sudden, he grabbed me and hugged me tight. His face was buried in my neck. Feeling his warm breath, I noticed he was breathing fast. He didn’t say anything. Aiden was bad with words but his body language was enough for me. He held me tight for a minute, and I smelled his blond hair. I was so happy to feel his body close to me again. Our embrace and the alcohol was turning me on.

“Wait …” he whispered.

He went to the door and locked it. I guess he didn’t want to be seeing by someone like last time. He turned off the light, and I heard his steps slowly getting close to me. It was completely dark.

My heart was beating fast and I couldn’t see anything. I felt his warm breath near my face. Slowly, he grabbed my face and began kissing me almost desperately. I had waited all week to be with him, so my body reacted immediately. His hands caressed my chest and my face. His touch was different than other times, almost like he was intentional, like he stopped doubting so much.

“I really like you Daniel…You’re so beautiful… I… “He kept whispering as we kissed almost like the darkness gave him the confidence to show his true feelings.

“But…I…” He mustered and I could tell he was nervous. Aiden sounded like he was about to cry.

“It’s ok baby…” I said grabbing his face in the dark.

“You can like girls and boys. It’s gonna be fine.”

“It’ll be more competition for me, but I don’t mind…” I said trying to make him relax.

He laughed softly and we continued making out., embracing in the room. Our young bodies craved human touch after being apart from each other.

He then lifted me up and sat me on top of the dryer next to us. I was surprised by his strength. He took off my long-sleeved shirt and began caressing my soft pale chest. With my legs, I was pulling him closer to me. I wanted to feel the heat of his body. Swiftly, I pulled his tee up revealing his muscular chest. I couldn’t see anything, so my hands explored every inch of his ripped body. His scent drove me crazy, unlike any other guy’s before.

He was desperate. His hands pulled my cock out and began stroking me. He was like an animal in heat. Aiden lowered his head and put his cock in my mouth. I jolted immediately and began gently caressing his coarse hair. His warm tongue felt so good against my fat cock. I knew he couldn’t fit everything as he didn’t have that much experience. But just to hear him moan in the dark with his mouth full was taking me to the edge.

“God… I’m so close baby…” I whispered feeling my orgasm getting close.

His grip was strong. His hand was moving up and down in quick strokes, while his mouth sucked on the head of my fat cock. Soon, I shot a big load all over my pale chest. The room filled with our moans. Aiden then grabbed his own cock, and began jerking quickly. He was also close. It took him a minute or two to start shooting cum all over my chest. His warm load felt sticky on me, I ran my hand down my chest and tasted his load. He was panting and I could still feel his body shuddering from the orgasm in the dark.

For some minutes we stayed in there, silent. Just hugging and kissing in the dead of the room. I could hear his heartbeat slowly returning to a normal pace on his chest. I wondered what he was thinking, while I held his muscular back. He kept his arms around me for a long time and I was so grateful that he didn’t reject me.

Slowly, he put his cock back into his pants and I did the same. I put on my shirt and heard him get dressed. I didn’t know what to say, I didn’t want him to leave.

“Uhm… do you wanna go back to the party?” I asked.

“Not really…”

“What do you want to do?” I said as we couldn’t really stay in that laundry room.

“… wanna go to my place?…”

“I mean…uhm… I have some beers…” He offered. His voice seemed a bit anxious.

I knew he didn’t want to sound like he wanted to fuck. But either way I would have accepted his invitation.

“Sure, Aiden…” I said.

“Great.” He said and I could tell he was smiling. His hands grabbed my thighs in the dark and I felt his face reach for a kiss.

I jumped off the dryer and we got out of the room. I knew that people would notice that we were in there for some time and draw their own conclusions. Personally, I didn’t give a damn but I was worried about Aiden. Luckily, he didn’t seem to be bothered. It was almost like a weight had been lifted off his shoulders.

We walked some blocks as his apartment was near the area. As we walked, I couldn’t stop staring at him as he seemed even more attractive that before. It wasn’t just his body, I felt so fortunate to be around him. I was falling for the guy and I couldn’t have been happier.

It only took us like fifteen minutes to get to his place. It was a nice apartment building that he rented with other two college students. He told me that they were out of town that weekend so we had the apartment for ourselves that night. I was getting excited as we got up to the third floor, it was the first time Aiden had invited me over. During the time we hung out, I was always the one calling up and inviting him on dates.

We entered the apartment, I noticed it was small but it was a comfy place to live. Tacky decor pieces, and some beer cans were placed randomly, although it was all clean you could tell young men were living there. The apartment had a small living room and a hall leading to the three bedrooms.

He immediately grabbed my hand and guided me to his room. I couldn’t have been more excited. Even though we had fucked before, this time seemed different. We went inside and I saw his twin size bed, a desk, and some of his trophies on a shelf. I grabbed him by his tee and began kissing him gently. He undressed quickly and I did the same. We had nothing but our underwear on.

Slowly, he began kissing and biting my neck. He got down on his knees and pulled my boxers down. I was surprised he wanted to suck me again. He couldn’t get enough of my cock, apparently. We had a dim light on, so I could still see him looking up with his mouth full. It was so erotic.

Then it was my turn to make him feel good. I told him to get on the bed and whipped out his cock, I was an average size but he had a big pink head. Some of my spit fell on his cock, making him moan.

My lips surrounded his meat and I steadily began to take him in my mouth. I wanted to truly savour him, and make him mine. Soon the whole thing was in and I began sucking him hard. Deep throating his cock over and over.

“God! That feels good…” He whispered pulling his head back.

My mouth was making sloppy sounds and I knew he was loving it. After a while, I took it out and kissed my way to up to his face. He was smiling with those dimples that I loved so much. He held my face in his strong hands and kissed me passionately. Our hands were rubbing our bodies, exploring every muscle and curve. We could have stayed like that for hours. Suddenly, he asked me something.


“Yeah?” I whispered staring at him with my blue eyes.

“Can I ask you something?”

“Sure, babe..”

“Uhm… what does it feel like to be fucked in the ass?” He asked like he probably had that question in his mind for a long time, but he had been too shy to ask.

“It feels incredible. At first it hurts a bit, but then it feels so good. Sometimes you can even cum without touching your cock.”

He looked at me impressed.

“Why do you ask? You wanna fuck me…?” I said with a grin on my face.

“Uhm…well actually…I want to know what it feels like…” He said looking at me with his brown puppy eyes.

“You sure about this?”

I didn’t want him to do something he’ll regret.

“Yeah… I mean… If I want someone to fuck me, I want that person to be you…” He admitted, melting my heart completely.

Right away, I held his face in my hands and kissed him deeply. No one had ever desired me like that, and I wanted to make Aiden feel as good as he made me feel. We made out for some minutes and then he took some lube and condoms from his drawer. I remembered that my first time hurt like hell and I didn’t want him to go through that, so I set my mind into making his first experience great.

I turned him around and put a pillow under his hips, his round ass cheeks were up. Slowly, my lips pecked his defined back, going down to his ass. I caressed his shoulders so he would relax.

Gently, I parted his thighs leaving some space for his cock to hang between them. His body looked delicious, it was perfectly defined and almost hairless, aside from some blond hairs above his cock. With my nimble fingers I separated his ass cheeks revealing a tight pink hole. I couldn’t resist the temptation and began licking his hole. My wet tongue began rimming his ass, going in circles and pushing inside him.

“God… that feels awesome…” He mumbled grasping onto the bed duvet.

With my face buried in his ass, I began making lewd sounds, kissing and licking him. Meanwhile, I jerked him off or spread his ass. After a few minutes, his hole was shiny and wet. I opened the bottle of lube and squirted some on him, massaging his entrance. He was moaning in pleasure.

“Relax baby…” I whispered.

Soon, I was pushing one of my fingers. It felt warm and tight inside him. I could barely move it was his muscles were a bit tense. He was shaking.

“You okay?” I asked.

“Yeah… just go slow please…”

“Of course…”

I began to move my finger inside him, making him pant in pleasure. He was arching his back and shuddering. I put some more lube and a second finger went up, he was slowly loosing up. At the same time, my mouth kissed and licked his ass cheeks. I then grabbed his cock and began sucking him. He was going crazy with my fingers up his ass and my mouth around his cock. Suddenly, I hit his prostate with my fingers.

“…Fuck!! …Oh god!…Daniel…” He moaned in pleasure.

I was delighted to hear him say my name.

I continued fucking him fast with my hand, just to see his body tremble. His moaning was making my hard, and I was already dripping precum. I couldn’t wait to fuck him. Although I was used to being a bottom, I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity to take his cherry ass. Besides, this wasn’t just a fuck I had feelings for Aiden that I couldn’t deny.

I propped his hips up so he would be on a doggy style position. I quickly put on a condom and aimed my cock at his hole. Spreading his cheeks, I pushed the head inside the tight entrance.

“…Fuck!.. It hurts… It’s too big…” He complained right away.

“shh…just breathe and let your body get used to the feeling…” I soothed him caressing his head and shoulders.

He closed his eyes and started breathing slowly, relaxing his muscles. I smeared some more lube on his hole and carefully pushed inside. I could tell his tense body was beginning to give in. I didn’t want to hurt him, so I was taking my time. Soon after some minutes, half of my fat cock was inside him.

I hugged Aiden and reached for his mouth. His blushed face felt hot next to mine as we kissed passionately. I told him to push out, and the last inches of my cock finally entered him. It felt incredible. As I looked into his eyes, I felt completely connected to him.

Slowly, I began to move my cock in and out of him. At first, I could only take out a few inches but then I was leaving just the head inside before thrusting it back in completely. Right away, he buried his head on the pillow, muffling his whimpering. His hand began jerking his cock with quick movements.

“…Feels..amazing..fuck…fuck me…” He was able to muster, with his face on the pillow.

I was grabbing his hips, and my fat cock was moving now easily. The pounding grew steadily harder, I couldn’t control myself really at that point. Our hips were making loud slapping sounds in the room. I was hugging him and kissing his neck, I could feel our orgasms were close.

“Cum for me baby…”

I whispered in his ear, taking him to the edge.

“Agh… fuck!…oh god!…” He was mumbling while stroking his meat.

Soon, I felt his asshole getting tight around my cock as he shot his load.

I kept fucking him relentlessly for a few minutes until I felt my orgasm coming. I pulled out and threw the condom on the floor. I was on my back next to Aiden, jerking my cock rapidly. Our eyes met and he got closer for a kiss. Suddenly, I was cumming all over my chest for the second time that night.

We stared at each other with loving eyes for some minutes, caressing our hot and sweaty bodies. I reached for his soft lips, kissing him softly. I rested my curly head on his chest, feeling tired and satisfied.

He put his strong arms around me, both our cocks were next to each other getting soft now after such an intense fuck. I looked up and caressed his blond hair, I wanted to say something romantic but I didn’t want to ruin the moment. Lucky for me, he said something.

“That was amazing…you are amazing…Daniel…” He said staring at my blue eyes.

“.. I want you to know that…I have never made love like this before.” I admitted smiling back at him.

Our pale bodies felt warm and tired, on the small bed. He asked me to stay the night and I accepted right away. We went under the covers and caressed our bodies, hugging and kissing. I had never spent the night with a guy before, usually, I would leave or they would call an uber.

In his bed, we both felt this warm and peaceful feeling. We had found each other. There was a passion between us, something I had never experienced before. I closed my eyes and relaxed, feeling his warm body next to mine. It was a perfect moment.

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