Lonesome at College

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Sarah groggily fought her way back from a deep sleep and found herself on her bed naked from the middle down.

She had fallen asleep after a frustrating and unfruitful afternoon masturbation session. Her boyfriend attended school 400 miles away and there were precious few opportunities to have her pussy serviced by him.

She masturbated a lot. Initially, it was very fruitful. Eventually, she bought a big dildo and a vibrator. The toys hyped her up with some big orgasms for a while but they were rarely enough to get her off these days.

Sarah was so horny that she ached. It didn’t help that her roommate Shelby and her boyfriend, Jared, were fucking all of the time. She could hear them extremely well through the thin wall separating their bedroom. They were having the time of their lives as they moaned and cursed and urged each other to new heights. From the sound of things, there wasn’t much that they didn’t try. She had even heard Shelby begging Jared to fuck her in the ass. So nasty, yet, so arousing to their neglected and horny roommate.

Sarah was so frustrated. She was now resorting to rubbing it out as she listened to their incessant fucking.

She needed it sooo much! And yet, she didn’t want to become a slut and fuck around on her absent boyfriend with random guys like some other girls that she knew. She was regularly tempted by the thought, though, as her aching, oozing pussy constantly reminded her of her need for satisfaction.

Sarah gave herself a pep talk and rolled out of bed after her nap. She would spruce up a little and make some dinner for her and Jared because her roommate, Shelby, went home for the weekend. She was naked under her long t-shirt and started to slip on a bra and panties when she had the idea to leave them off. Maybe the risky thrill of doing something naughty could hype her up and help to get off later.

Her t-shirt was relatively modest, covering her pretty well unless she bent over or something. It was a garment that she wore around the apartment all of the time. Except that she usually wore a bra and panties with it. Well, panties at least. Jared probably wouldn’t even notice that she was naked underneath.

Sarah looked at herself in the mirror. She still hadn’t lost her freshman 15 but it certainly had beefed up her tits, ass, and thighs. Yes, there was a little belly too, but only just a tiny bit. She was proud of the sexy and voluptuous woman that she saw looking back at her. She had D boobs while her roommate had C’s. She was curvier, while Shelby was a little more streamlined. Sarah stuck her finger in her pussy and quickly fantasized about her boyfriend fucking as she teased her clit lightly before heading off to the kitchen.

Jared came home from class and changed into a t-shirt and lightweight athletic shorts. He was fit, with a soccer player’s legs and a six-pack.

He came out and volunteered to help with dinner. Jared liked cooking with Sarah. As he entered the kitchen, he saw Sarah at the sink and enjoyed the lovely curves of her ample ass moving around as she worked. They made dinner together a couple of times a week when Shelby was working so eating together this weekend was nothing new to them. Jared was making salads while Sarah fixed spaghetti. She decided to set the table and reached up to get the plates. Her t-shirt pulled up, giving him a quick view of about half of her bare ass.

Jared was used to being around both women and being flashed occasionally, but almost always they were wearing panties or a thong. He was only glancing her way so her flash didn’t fully register. Yet, he sure had the impression that her bare ass had just been revealed. Maybe Sarah was wearing a floss thong or something and he just didn’t see it. Surely she wouldn’t be bare down there with him around.

They decided to eat at the coffee table in the living room and watch some TV. As usual, she plopped on one end of the couch and he plopped on the other. Sarah’s plates rattled together as she sat down and he looked up to see her juggling them back into control. It was nothing really but it gave him a good view of her liberated tits as they jiggled while she tried to rescue one of the plates from falling.

Looks like a no-bra night he thought. He liked those nights because he got to admire her sweet melons and big stubby nipples that often tented out of her t-shirt.

At least he wouldn’t have to rely solely on the TV for entertainment tonight.

Sarah was a good roommate and had a lot of personality and spunk to her. Jared enjoyed being around her and he loved to ogle her body. Sarah’s body type was closer to that of his fantasy girl than his girlfriend Shelby. That was a minor deal to him because Shelby was the best girlfriend that he ever had and the sex that they had was fantastic.

Sarah was Shelby’s best friend and had developed a friendship with Jared since they all started living together. Jared enjoyed being around these two smart, confident, and fun young women. And Keçiören Escort they were both very good-looking but in different ways. He enjoyed being with them either together or individually.

Instead of being just like roommates, Jared and Sarah got along together more like cousins or brother and sister while he and Shelby were doing the boyfriend/girlfriend thing. Jared and Sarah loved to tease, taunt and challenge each other just like close siblings or cousins do.

Sarah was not entirely immune to Jared’s charms. Just as she caught him periodically perving on her body, she was doing the same to his, admiring his rugged good looks, his soccer player’s body, and speculating about the bulge in his jeans.

She felt close to Jared in a non-threatening way and enjoyed talking with him as well as teasing him about all kinds of things, even sexual ones. They had developed a competitive, bantering style where they would tease and zing each other. On the sexual side, she loved to play the role of the naughty sister who teased just enough to give her brother blue balls.

Jared was very close to Shelby and he was getting way too much pussy from her to be seriously attracted to Sarah. So what was the harm in it? The teasing gave them both a thrill. Sarah did things like leave her door open a crack when she undressed at night. She rubbed up against him when they were cooking in the kitchen.

Sometimes, she would slide past his backside in the bathroom when he was shaving and let her big tits graze his back.

When her roommate wasn’t around and he was in the shower she would open the door to the bathroom and holler in that she desperately needed to pee and ask him not to look. She would go in and pee like a racehorse making sure that he could hear the splashing in the toilet. At night while Shelby was working, she would occasionally shoot him a glimpse of her panties while sitting on the couch. Often she wore a thong for the max effect but any panties would do when the mood struck her.

At other times, she would wear a thin, scooped undershirt that fit her loosely and gapped at the side. It made it easy to see her cleavage. It was not quite see-through but her hard dark, hard nipples showed through nicely and she could also give him a lot of shots of side boob if she moved just right.

Sarah did other things too like rubbing his leg when they were watching TV or sitting down on his lap after she returned from the kitchen. Other times she would sit at the other end of the couch and lightly caress her legs with her fingers or shift around and lift a leg to give him a suggestive view of her crotch. She always wore panties and he had never seen her completely naked but she gave him plenty of suggestions.

Sometimes Sarah would unload too much teasing on Jared in a short amount of time and he felt the need to retaliate. He knew that she liked his body because she was always making little comments. He tried to do relatively subtle yet suggestive things when Shelby was working like walking around the apartment with his shirt off, walking through the living room in tight briefs that showed off his cock, and paying her back for the bathroom interruptions by doing the same thing to her.

A couple of times he left the door cracked while he was toweling off. When they were cooking, he would sometimes bump against her or put his hand on her ample ass to move her to the side. He also took the opportunity to give her plenty of close hugs but only when they were fully clothed.

Only rarely did he allow Sarah to see the hint of a boner for her efforts. As far as she could tell, Jared was mostly immune to her teasing. Why not? He was already being well taken care of by Shelby. Sarah considered her antics to be quite safe but they gave her a needed outlet for her frustrations.

Yet, there was a certain special chemistry between them that had sexual undertones. For both of them, it was a nagging, tiny little itch that constantly begged to be scratched. Neither one of them spoke of it but they both thought about it. And that electricity also edged its way into their midnight fantasies. On the surface, they denied it to themselves but each of them knew it was there.

On the night in question, they cleared their plates and settled down to watch TV. They started on a reality show but quickly became bored. Sarah had an inspiration. “What would you think about watching some porn just for grins?” she asked.

“Fine with me,” he replied. “You like lesbians or what?” he asked grinning.

“No way! I like big dicks and hard fucking,” a grinning Sarah challenged as she upped the ante between them.

“OK, fine with me,” he said. “You pick. You probably have a subscription to Big Dick TV or something to keep you happy in between visits with your boyfriend.”

“Damn right,’ she said and leaned over to grab the remote while flashing Jared some cleavage.

They started watching, having a Etimesgut Escort great time bantering about the participants and what they were doing. However, porn was having its effect on them. Sarah’s pussy was getting wet and Jared was at least at half chub.

Sarah made the opening move as she snuggled up to Jared, putting her hand on his thigh. She looked down at his half-chub and decided that she would try to tease him to full mast. She gradually started sexily touching his thigh. She lightly ran her fingers over the hairs of his leg causing him to shift a bit. She noticed that his dick was getting harder now. She got a subtle impish grin on her face.

Sarah subjected Jared to a good bit of sexual teasing but normally, it was pretty harmless. Sometimes she honestly didn’t realize it, but, other times like tonight, she was doing it intentionally. Jared was mostly able to shrug it off but he loved the look of her body and sometimes it was difficult for him to allow it to completely bounce off of him.

Jared knew that this was the beginning of another one of Sarah’s teasing sessions so he met her challenge with a bit of his own as he moved his hand to her leg and started running his fingers over her lower thigh. They continued to watch porn and he gradually worked his way up her thigh.

Sarah could feel herself break out in goosebumps from the thrill of a man’s touch. Her pussy was getting moist. Suddenly, she remembered that she was completely bare down there. She didn’t dare to spread her legs or Jared would certainly see her charms. She suddenly realized that Jared’s caresses were causing her to squeeze her thighs together to exert some needed pressure on her pussy.

Jared noticed her goosebumps and decided that this was absolutely the night to pay Sarah back for her teasing. He was going to tease her thigh clear up to her panty line and then lightly caress her along her pussy just beside her panty.

Sarah felt his fingers caressing higher and higher. What was she going to do? It felt like Jared was going to continue to ease up her leg. She supposed he intended to take most of the way up and then back off.

She realized her strategic error. She wasn’t wearing panties to keep him out of her pussy. Damn! She could be in trouble if he didn’t stop.

Sarah surmised Jared’s plan correctly. His fingers continued to creep up to where her panties were supposed to be. In fact, they were inching up to the point where her legs joined her crotch. She didn’t know what to do. She couldn’t let him reach her horny pussy but how could she stop him without letting him win their teasing contest?

Jared wanted to up the ante so, with his other hand, he reached down and rearranged his cock and balls making sure to call attention to his semi. Sarah couldn’t help but see his movement and she looked down to see his cock tenting in his shorts. Shelby had told her that it was pretty big and she could see that for herself now.

Jared wasn’t sure what to do. Sarah’s legs were closed but he wanted to slide his fingers up to her panties. Her t-shirt was covering her crotch so he just decided to go for it. He slid his fingers up under the side of her shirt without causing her panties to show. His fingers grazed the cleft between her leg and her abdomen expecting to be greeted by her panties. All his fingers found was skin. It couldn’t be! Maybe it was a skimpy string thong. He would run his fingers up and find the string near her hip. His fingers gingerly ventured north but could’n’t find a string there either.

Could it be??? Surely Sarah wouldn’t dare to sit next to him watching porn with a bare pussy. Yes, they loved to tease each other but that would just be taking things way too far. It was a tease of the nth degree. This girl had balls. She could get a degree in brinksmanship.

Well, two could play this game. If her store was open for business, then Jared decided he was going to go shopping and see how Sarah would react. His fingers gently moved up and surveyed the area over her abdomen, It was all skin.

Sarah was amazed by his boldness. Jared must be thinking of this as the ultimate tease challenge between them. His fingers began to inch down the center of her abdomen toward her pussy where he encountered her pubic hair. It felt nicely trimmed based on his quick touch. He backed away quickly, not wanting to alarm her. He traced back up her abdomen and moved his hand ever so lightly tracing over the fine hairs running up the center of her tummy all of the while pretending to watch the porno.

Sarah was relieved that Jared had moved his hand to a safer spot. He was now just rubbing over her tummy with a feather-like touch. She knew that she had to think quickly and come up with something that would recapture her momentum.

She glanced down at his shorts to see what was happening with his dick. The lump in his shorts had grown longer and much firmer. God, it seemed that he Demetevler Escort had quite a dick on him. Now she knew that it was more than a good technique that was making her roommate scream at night.

Her eyes drifted up to Jared’s face where she detected a slight smirk as he continued to deliver his tummy challenge. It seemed that his fingers were drifting higher on her abdomen, approaching her breasts. She knew that she had to do something quickly.

Sarah decided on a counteraction. She let her hand drift up his leg under those loose shorts. She continued to tease the hairs on his thigh while moving higher and slightly inward. She found his crease and grazed his pubic hair trying not to touch his dick or his balls. Jared moved slightly and she thought she heard just the hint of a groan. She ventured down his leg and back up. This time, she upped the ante and lightly grazed the edge of his scrotum.

Sarah’s hand retreated from under his shorts and echoed his tactics by moving her hand under his t-shirt and onto his lower belly. She could feel that track of hair that comes down a guy’s belly from his chest to join his pubic hair. She concentrated on the lower part and traced her fingers up and down and into the top of his pubic hair. She had done this to guys before and it seemed to drive them crazy. Jared loved it but he gritted his teeth and forced himself to stay mum, willing himself not to react.

Sarah felt pretty good about her moves. Jared seemed to have been neutralized, at least temporarily. She looked up at the porno. A woman was getting her pussy eaten. As the camera panned in, she could tell that the guy had at least his master’s degree in pussy eating if not his doctorate. She could feel herself getting wetter imagining how good it would feel. God, she was so horny that her drooling pussy ached. Sarah knew that she had to shake off her horniness and get back in the game before Jared made another move.

Unfortunately, she was too late. Jared continued to move higher under her shirt. Because of her ample tits, his fingers were now touching the underside of her boob as he rubbed. Oh God!!!

Jared looked up at the TV. The girl was jerking the guy’s cock. Seeing that made his own cock lurch up and tent higher in his shorts. He looked down and he could see it throbbing. Sarah quickly noticed it. She was so horny that she was making frequent glances at his package.

Jared was now lightly feeling the lower portions of Sarah’s boob to the point that his fingers would move up and over her sensitive areole. They may have touched a nipple but he was trying to steer clear. Surely she was going to say uncle as he was threatening her nipples.

Sarah felt how hard her nipples were as they longingly demanded to be touched. Sucking and nibbling would be even better but she hoped that Jared wouldn’t dare to go that far.

Jared changed up and backed off of her breast moving his hand back down to the top of her pubic thatch. He had claimed a lot of her territory before but now he was just gingerly letting his fingers run suggestively through the top half of her pubes in a random fashion.

The anticipation of all the things that he might do was driving Sarah insane. Her whole body ached for more attention as Jared caressed her pubes. He started to move lower and now was touching the bare skin under her pubic hair. He moved his fingers slowly over this new territory and soon she could feel his fingers move down to find her cleft. He lightly caressed back and forth over her warm slit adding just enough pressure to give the hint of a tease to her clit as he moved slowly up and down. Sarah felt little electric shocks and wanted to scream. She could feel the juice oozing out of her pussy and down her taint. She was hella turned on!!! She felt flushed and could feel that her pussy had plumped up in anticipation of what might happen next.

Jared had something that was swelled too. In teasing Sarah, he had taken himself almost to the breaking point. He wanted her body in the worst way. He couldn’t give in. He had to win the game they were playing.

He slightly increased the pressure of his slit massage and dragged his finger over her clit causing her pussy to throb. Sarah couldn’t stand it any longer and gave in.


Jared looked deep into her eyes with an expression that was somewhere between raw lust and victory, then he tweaked her nipple hard causing her whole body to convulse in a giant shudder that was just short of an orgasm.

“Sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander,” said Jared.

“You have been waging a cold war of sexual teasing against me for quite a while. I can’t believe how big of a slut you are being naked under your t-shirt and contriving to get me to watch porn with you! Now you have backed yourself into a corner. Do you concede?”

Sarah hesitated, struggling mightily with what she desperately wanted to do versus what she should do.


“WELL, THERE’S SOMETHING THAT I WANT TOO,” he said staring deeply into her eyes.


Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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