Long Arm (Pits) of the Law Ch. 4

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Rahul walked into the office and said the draft had been finalized. He had a satisfied look on his face and I told him that it appeared to be a little in favor of Jane and that I would rework on the draft. Jane called me and asked me to meet me at the Sheraton at Room 151. I went there and she was sitting with a friend whom she introduced as Sharon. She whispered to me “I know you like hairy armpits Sharon my friend has the hairiest of them all”. She then said “Sharon darling show him your armpits” She raised her arms over her head and took of her top and she stood in all her glory. I swear it was a wig in her underarms there was so much hair that would I was immediately hard. Her armpits were crawling with jet-black hair and even if she had worn a sleeved shirt her armpit hair would have spilled out.

I undid her top and exposed her tits, which were slightly larger than I had imagined, but with very nice sized nipples. As I licked each tit, I began to rub her pussy through her shorts. She was beginning to moan with pleasure. I soon moved down to kiss the navel that I had been staring at all night. I finally raised my head and put it in the coarse hair in her armpits. “Aaaaaahhhhhhh” I groaned as my tongue touched the long bushy hair in her underarms. I licked at the long hair in her untrimmed bushy armpits. It tasted tangy as the heady aroma wafted into my nostrils. I was drunk with passion as I parted the long thatches in her unshaven underarms.

I repositioned myself to the floor, on my knees in front of her. She sat up slightly so we could kiss each other and give me a little more room to slide her shorts and panties off. After I got them canlı bahis over her hips, she laid back and threw her legs up so I could easily get them the rest of way off. After they were off, I paused for a second to look at her. She looked like the girl that I had fucked in my dreams, with one exception. Her pussy was groomed to perfection. Long jet-black bushy hair adorned proudly her pubic mound. I slowly kissed my way down her legs. When I got to her pussy, I teased it slightly with a few short kisses and licks all the way around it before I put my mouth completely around her moist hairy pussy.

With that she got up and sat me down on the couch. She positioned herself in front of me and had my shirt off before I knew it. She was kissing my hairy chest and slowly massaging my raging hard-on through my shorts. She unbuttoned my shorts and slid them off. She obviously had seen larger cocks and she said something about the girth of my cock and then began to lick the length of it. I could tell she liked my hairy balls, because she spent a lot of time with them in her mouth as her hand stroked my cock. She even raised my balls and licked at the hair above my anus. It felt great. Soon she was back at the top of my dick and began to suck on it. She seemed very experienced as she took my entire cock in her mouth. She did not disappoint when she swallowed every drop as I came in her mouth.

Jane got on my lap, impaling herself on my still hard cock. Her hairy pussy was a nice fit for my cock. “Was she hairy enough did you like her extremely bushy armpits. I once measured it and it grew almost 12 inches from her breasts upwards,” she betwoon whispered in my ear. Within a few minutes, we were fucking in rhythm. As we fucked, I kissed her, her tits, and her bushy armpits. It tasted different from the coarser hairier pits of Sharon. Both of our hands were exploring each other’s body as well. She had one of the most intense orgasms I had ever experienced a woman having. Her whole body shook and goose pimples covered her whole body as she went limp in my arms.

I moved her onto her back on the couch since she was still trying to mentally recover from her orgasm. I entered Sharon missionary style. I moved back and forth in her very slowly. She had tucked her arms behind her head and I was face to face with the 12 inches of jet-black hair in her bushy pits. It was like lush carpet as hair sprouted all over her glistening underarms. It was difficult to hide the long tresses of hair in her underarms and it grew up a full six inches almost to my lips as I pulled the long hair in her armpits. Soon we were back into a rhythm.

I turned her around. She was lying on her stomach with her pussy pointed in the air. I straddled her legs and entered her from behind. When I entered her, she closed her legs to make her pussy unbelievably tight. As I was fucking her, I lowered myself onto her back and began to kiss her hairy underarms. From behind her armpit hair seemed to hang down and looked like overgrown shrubs. I began to fuck her as fast as I could move my hips. Her hips were moving to meet my every thrust.

Jane was masturbating watching us fuck. One of her arms were raised showing her unshaven betwild pits while with the other she rubbed herself a bit more firmly, and then her hips arched up, demanding more. She rubbed even harder, and her orgasm began, not a big one, but a solid, satisfying one. It rippled through her loins, gripping and releasing her, a firm, relaxing release. She stopped rubbing and cupped her sex with her hand, trying to hold on to the last moments of her orgasm as her hips relaxed down onto the bed.

Jane pulled out a double-shafted vibrator and leaned back and began to caress herself with the toy, rubbing it over her breasts, and then down over her stomach and across her mound. Sharon and I continued fucking.

Seeing Jane fucking herself and my eyes peeled to Sharon’s armpit nest I was ready to explode. I thrust hard into her wet hairy pussy and shuddered to another climax.
“Jane I have to say that Sharon has the hairiest blackest bushiest nicest pits in the world”. Sharon looked pleased as punch as I removed my limp dick from her pussy.
“Jane I have to get back to work and look at the draft Rahul has got,” I said and she smiled after all the draft made by Rahul had her consent. I went back to the office and called Tom. I told him that Jane was not asking for 50% of his state anymore and she would be satisfied with the house and a million dollars. I expected Tom to protest but he nodded in agreement. “I was actually ready to give her more after all she was my wife through my hard times. You really have done a great deal for me I want to give her 2 million dollars” I almost jumped with joy. Not only was he agreeing to the terms, which Jane had put forth, he was willing to better it. I had not only satisfied my client but even Jane his to be divorced wife would be grateful to me for doubling what she expected. Sometime the LONG ARM (PITS) OF THE LAW could work it for all including me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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