Long Awaited First Time

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First off, let me begin by saying that this is my first story that I’ve ever written. It is a true story of how me and my long time girlfriend finally lost our virginity to each other. Please leave comments and/or criticism.

My name is Brad. I am 5’9″ and weigh about 150 lbs. Not the biggest guy by no means, but I’m happy to walk around with my 7 1/2″ cock. My girlfriend and high school sweetheart of three years, Kay, was a very small girl. She was exactly five feet tall and didn’t even weigh 100 lbs. Although she was small, she had a great body. She has a pair of great looking 36B boobs and a perfect round ass.

We have been dating for over three years and it has been the best time of our lives. We are both 19 year old freshmen in the same college.

As far as sex goes, we are both still virgins, but we have had our fair share of “fun” without having sex. Kay wanted to save herself until marriage, and I respected her for that decision. (It helped that we were still having other forms of fun.) There have been plenty nights caped off with a mutual masturbation session, a hand job, a finger fuck, a blowjob, or a nice stern licking.

One Friday night Kay and I were in her dorm room and her roommate was gone for the weekend. It was storming very badly outside and Kay asked if I just wanted to spend the night in her dorm. I said yes and we both got ready for bed. Since I was in her room and didn’t have anything else to sleep in, I took off my jeans and my t-shirt and laid down in my boxers. Kay had taken Anadolu Yakası Escort off her jeans, shirt, and bra and put on a tight tank top. She didn’t put any pants or anything on and jumped in the bed next to me.

We laid in the bed together watching TV for a little bit. We laid there with her ass ground back into my cock and my arm around her waist. After a while, I started rubbing on her stomach a little and pulling up her tank top. As I pulled her tank top up over her sexy, flat, smooth stomach, I started rubbing on. In response to this, her nipples started poking through her tank top and she let out a very soft, barely audible moan. This was more than enough encouragement for me. I slowly started pushing her tank top to free her tits from the fabric.

After her nice tits had escaped from their temporary jail, Kay turned around and we started kissing. We started slowly and gradually picked up the pace. She started sucking on my lips and moaning even more while I playing with her tits and nipples. I started rolling her nipples around between my thumb and forefinger while wrestling with her tongue. By this time, I was hard as a rock, and Kay felt my hard dick pressing against her leg. I took her tank top off the rest of the way.

After taking her tank top off, I started kissing and sucking on Kay’s neck and slowly inching my way down to her tits. As I’m doing this, Kay is moaning more and more further encouraging me more. When I finally reached her tits, I started kissing around the outside Bostancı Escort of them just teasing her a bit.

After being teased for longer than she could stand, Kay said, “Brad, please just suck my tits.”

That’s all i needed to hear. I enveloped her right nipple with my mouth and I’m playing with her left with my hand. I’m sitting there licking back and forth on her nipple and sucking on it; then I switched my mouth over to her left tit replaced my hand on where my mouth used to be on her right.

While I’m leaning across Kay sucking on her other tit, she reaches down and starts rubbing on my rock hard cock through my boxers. This encouraged me to reach down and rub on her pussy through her panties.

As I reached down to her panties and started rubbing on her pussy, I was met by a flood of wetness that had developed on her panties.

After rubbing on each other for a little, we completely stripped down and continued on with our fun. We started kissing again and she reached down and started tugging on my dick while I am rubbing my finger around her pussy collecting her juices. Then I put two fingers into wanting pussy. I’m inserting my fingers into her hungry pussy to the sound of of moans. She picked up the pace of her stroking and in response I started rubbing her clit with my thumb while continuing to shove my fingers deep into her.

We do this for a few minutes when Kay looks at me with hungry, wanting eyes and says, “Brad, I want you to fuck me. Now. I’m ready babe, I need you Ümraniye Escort so badly.”

I look into her eyes and say, “I’ve waited so long for you to say those words. Tell me if I’ve gone too far or if you need me to stop or anything.”

I climbed on top of her and she grabbed my cock and directed it to her pussy lips. I pushed it in and was met by her resistance. I looked Kay in the eyes and said, “This will hurt a little, but it won’t last long. Tell me if it’s too much for you.” She says okay and tells me to go on.

Obeying her commands, I push my cock through and resistance and I’m met with a scream and a moan. I lay on top of her for a few minutes with my cock in her no longer virgin pussy will I wait for her to recover. After a few seconds, Kay gives me the nod to continue on. I start again by pushing my cock into pussy slowly.

As I continue, I start pushing in further and picking up the speed. The further I push and the faster I go, the deeper and louder Kay’s moans get. After a few minutes, I’m shoving my dick deep into Kay’s pussy and she’s moaning uncontrollably. She’s taking my full length as her tight cunt squeezes against my hard member.

She’s moaning more and more and I can feel her pussy tightening around my cock. I begin to feel the familiar tingle in my balls and know that I will not last much longer. Her pussy gets even tighter and then I feel her erupt on my cock with a loud scream. This sends me over the edge as I shoot 5 strong loads of cum into now flooded pussy.

I climb off of her and we start kissing again as we recover from our first intercourse caused orgasms.

Once we are fully recovered, Kay stands up with our mixed cum starts dripping out of her pussy. She goes to clean herself and then comes back to bed to fall asleep in my arms.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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