Long Overdue

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I had been gone almost three weeks before I was able to get to you again. I longed for your hot, deep, passionate kisses. I yearned for your hands touching my body, holding me close to you. I ached for your tongue between the lips of my wet pussy; feeling the warmth of your breath as you expertly punish my clit. I need you so much, even the drive to get here didn’t tire me out, all I thought about was the promise you made to me, of a night of surprises, when I finally arrive to be in your arms again. I tried to imagine what you had in store for me as I drove the miles to Seattle. Thinking about it just made me want you more. I imagined every possible scenario and finally decided to focus on one in particular.

I arrive to meet you at the designated place and time. You are there waiting for me, gently pulling me into your arms, you hug me and hold me so tightly against you and you kiss me so deeply that I feel the fiery passion build up between us. I fold you into my arms and hungrily kiss you back. I tell you about all of the excitement and anticipation of what I imagined the surprise would be as I crossed the miles to get here to you, and you just smile at me, holding me closer, whispering in my ear just how much you want me all the while pressing your hard cock against me. I want to unzip your pants and take it out right here to hold it in my hands, gently and yet firmly stroking you, increasing your desire to the point you want to cum right here in my hands. A couple walks by and smiles at us, never guessing what I have in my hand!

I lean in to you, stand up on my tiptoes to whisper in your ear how turned on I am by almost getting caught in public, holding your cock in my hands! I whisper to you, I want that cock buried deep inside me and I would do just about anything to make that happen. I long to drop to my knees at this very moment to take you into my mouth, pleasuring you while feeling the feelings of anxiety and passion, the element of being seen in such a public place being foremost in our minds.

Tucking your hard cock away in your pants you take my hand and lead me into the room you have prepared for us to share for the evening. I happen to notice a bottle of water on ice you indicate that is just for me and the bottle of champagne for us both. You are so thoughtful and the room is perfect.

As you slowly begin to remove my clothing and place me softly on the bed; you make me watch as you remove your own clothes, slowly, piece by piece, revealing your very sexy body to me. I feel shy watching you, but my pussy is telling me something entirely different. I am so wet with desire watching you strip before me; I ache for your touch. The passionate feelings of longing and hunger cause my juices to flow freely, emitting the scent of lust throughout the room.

You walk over to the table, your hard Sivas Escort cock bulging out before you and reach to open the champagne bottle, pouring a small amount into the glasses that are setting to the side. You strut over teasingly to the side of the bed, offering me a glass with no words needed and we toast to experiencing one another all over again, a repeat of the first time with even more time to share with one another.

We slowly sip the champagne each of lost in thoughts of what lies ahead, I unconsciously begin to play with the stem of my glass, slowly running my fingers up and down just enjoying the moments we have and I am lost in thoughts of the moments to come.

You lean over and whisper in my ear telling me that if my fingers need something to rub and play with, you have the perfect thing! You gently remove my fingers from the stem of the glass and place my hand on your swollen cock. I snap back into the here and now and rub my hand up and down the shaft, stroking your cock, feeling the silkiness of the stretched skin and the hardness of you, looking deeply into your eyes telling you without words how much I long for you. I unconsciously moan as I feel the thickness of you in my hand.

I slide down on to the floor kneeling in front of you and kiss the tip of your cock. I taste your pre-cum as I slip the tip of my tongue across the bulging dark purple head, over and over, slowly teasing and licking you. I glance up noticing your head is thrown back, your eyes closed, I hear you moan under your breath, baby, baby please don’t stop. You whisper to me how much you are really enjoying my mouth. I slide my mouth over your hardness taking you deep into my throat, pressing my lips around the base of the shaft firmly, and ever so slowly pulling upward. I begin slowly moving up and down your cock with my mouth, you gently place your hands on the sides of my head, as your passion builds and you begin fucking my mouth like it was my pussy. Gently grasping my hair in your fingers.

I feel you grow harder, thicker and longer as I work my mouth on your cock, feeling the grip of your hands firmly on my head, fingers tangled in my hair. I suck you harder and harder and tease with my tongue as I take you deep into my mouth. You don’t want to cum just yet and you’re on the edge, pulling out of my mouth you reach down and guide me to the bed.

We lie beside one another for a while wrapped in one another’s arms, cuddling and touching, feeling every inch of each other. I kiss your chest as you gently stroke my hair. I reach up to kiss your mouth again, so passionately and the fire builds again. I love the way you kiss me; how you explore my mouth, I adore the taste of you and the way our mouths belong together. I have missed you terribly.

You rise up on your elbow and look into my Sivas Escort Bayan eyes, I meet your gaze, no words are needed we both feel the eagerness and we both want more. You lean down over my face and kiss me briefly, moving down my neck, sucking, nibbling, and listening to my extended moans of pleasure. You instinctively know all of the right places to make my body dance for you. You lift one of my breasts into your hand, squeezing it, rolling my nipple between your thumb and first finger as your mouth devours the other. My nipples are hard as pebbles, as you crush my breasts much more firmly in your hands, knowing I love the intense squeezing.

You reach across me and dip your fingers into my ice water, dripping the cold water over my nipples then sucking on them. I love that new feeling, you dip and spill more and lap it up. I shiver with the excitement and the cool droplets of water on my skin. I treasure the feeling of your mouth as you lick the droplets from my body.

You slide your fingers to my pussy and the feeling is excruciating. I let you know how much I need you and you position yourself over top of me, my legs spread wide reaching for the ceiling, I need to feel you fill my dripping wet pussy with everything you have; and as you dive deep into me with one stroke, I scream out all the pent up pleasures you release from in me.

The sensation of your cock, with the heat from my pussy is more than I can stand, you hold your cock deeply inside me without moving after that initial stroke, as you feel the lips of my wet pussy tightly wrap around the base of your cock like a vise, gripping you, feeling my body quake under you, hips bucking, jutting forward to keep that beautiful cock lodged so very deep within me, I explode with my orgasm, squirting out all over us. I beg you, please, please don’t stop I need to feel you fuck me with those hard, deep intentional strokes that only you know, then make me cum again and again.

You lower your mouth and suck my hard nipple into your mouth as you plunge your cock as far as it will go inside of me; slapping my ass with your balls on every down stroke, demanding me to cum for you again. As you slow your pace and allow me to relax my body, you, intentionally and ever so slowly grind your cock deeply against the back of my tunnel, you entice me to cum once again, that deep volcanic orgasm.

As we both catch our breath, you ease your cock out of my pussy and roll on to your back. I move above you, gently running my tongue over your nipples sucking each one until it juts out for my mouth, at the same time I am feeling every texture of your skin against my hands and my body. I look deep into your eyes capturing your soul, knowing you adore the way I make you feel.

I lean down and kiss you intensely, that deep soulful Escort Sivas kiss, the way I know you like it, I swing my leg over your body and now I’m straddling you, I slide myself down your body pushing your legs apart with my knees, finding your cock with my mouth, tasting my juices mixed with yours, and I slowly lick, suck and kiss that tool which brings me to heights of ecstasy never experienced before.

I suck you to the edge of orgasm and slowly slither up your body until my pussy is centered over the head of your cock. I reach down and guide the head up and down the lips of my hot wet pussy allowing you to feel the soft folds of the inner lips before I impale myself on you. Back and forth I tease my lips feeling the silkiness of your cock head. My breathing shallow and fast, then gasping, as I am on the edge, knowing the second you enter me I will explode on you.

I take just the head of your raging hard on into my pussy squeezing it tight with my love grip clutching it by the head. I hear a gasp escape from deep within you, as I allow your cock to slip from my grip. I listen for your breathing to slow and I brush my nipples over your chest. I slip the head of your cock in and I slowly take you a fraction of an inch deeper inside me, ever so slowly I take you deeper only an eighth of an inch at a time, your breathing becomes a series of short gasps, your hips rising upward in an attempt to have me increase my pace, but I want to take you deep inside me just as slowly as I possibly can, for the first time I’m on top.

I want to hear you tell me to take you, to fuck you, to give you my pussy. Almost completely filled by your cock now, I plunge down on the last inch and you cry out my name in intense pleasure. I rise and plunge again faster this time, building a rhythm as I fuck you up and down, faster and harder, feeling you swell harder as I ride your cock. Your breathing becomes shallow and fast, I feel your hips reaching up to meet my every downward plunge. I listen as you tell me again to fuck you, harder, deeper, and faster, to take you to the stars and back. I love to hear you moan out loud, hearing your delectable sighs and panting as I take your breath away, causing your cock to become harder and harder, bigger than ever, taking your balls in my hand, feeling them tighten knowing that you will explode with so much force deep inside of me, and I want it all.

Your cock stretches me even more as your cum moves to the head, you are taking deep breaths, as you stiffen beneath me and fill me with more cum than you ever expelled before, violently you shoot deeply inside as my pussy constricts around you and I explode all over you, blending our juices together as I rock back and forth to milk every drop from you. I feel you begin to relax under me and I collapse down on your chest.

I slide off to your side and you hold me tightly as we pleasantly lie with one another, sweating from the passionate heat we built, slowly catching our breath and enjoying the musky scent emanating around us. We drift off into a restful sleep only to awaken and make love over and over again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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