Lost and Found

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I guess the roots of this story goes back many years, but most good stories do don’t they? In our case it certainly does. My wife and I divorced about 17 years ago, and to tell this story I have to tell a little bit of that story as well.

My marriage was not always bad. There was a time when my wife Linda and I got on famously, even after our daughter Lynn was born things were still going good. However over time like many relationships do, the spark seem to fade away. Pet peeves and aggravation took the place of cuddles and kisses, and after awhile I could not take it anymore. So I just left. Lynn was 11 or 12 back then, and she wanted to stay with her mom, I was not happy about that, but I respected her wishes.

After the divorce my life became somewhat of a train wreck. I started drinking a lot more, made a lot of bad decisions, paid dearly for them and was pretty much in a dark place. At first I would see Lynn about every other weekend, but though nobody’s fault but my own, the visitation slowed to a trickle. It was about that time I got a job working out of state so I was gone all the time. I never saw much of my daughter during her teens or her twenty’s for that matter. Finally after many years Lynn and I were able to reconnect with one another via social media.

It was then I discovered that the years had not been very kind to my daughter either. Turns out she could not put up with her mothers shit any more than I could and left home at sixteen. Evidently she had tried to track me down a few times, but back then I was still in a dark place and did not want to be found. My ex-wife even tried to contact me, and she did, but I thought it was just more of her lies so I ignored her. When I found out the truth it made me feel like shit, but back then I was barely able to take care of myself, much less anyone else.

But back to Lynn. She ended up living in the streets for many years. Did some time in jail on a few occasions on charges ranging from simple possession to prostitution. But she did what she had to do to survive. Finally though she met someone who treated her right, who was taking care of her. He was able to pull her out of her life on the streets and give her a better one.

Things for Lynn were definitely looking up, then all of a sudden tragedy struck. The man she was seeing passed away from a sudden illness and she was once again on her own. She struggled to walk the straight and narrow, but as the pressures of life built up she slowly slipped back into the only other life she had ever known. It was about a year or so after that when I finally got up the courage to seek her out, and I found her on social media. Where she told me all of this and more.

It was however, through social media that we both started building a bridge. We began to talk more. we talked about real things and real issues going on in our lives, not just the usual polite chit chat. One afternoon we were messaging one another back and forth and I could tell that she was stressing over something. I pressed the issue and she finally said she needed some money to pay a bill. It was not a huge amount, but on account of her lifestyle no one would help her out. They just automatically assumed that she would use the money for drugs and whatnot.

Well like I said it was not a huge amount and I decided to help her. She was still living on her own, as was I, so we set up a time and place to meet so I could hook her up with some cash. I guess now would be a good time to mention that through all of our early correspondence we had yet to meet one another face to face. I had not seen her in person since she was maybe 12 or 13.

So there I was sitting at an old gas station waiting for my daughter to arrive. I had seen several recent pictures of her through social media so I had a good idea of what she looked like, and when the old white mini van rolled onto the lot I knew instantly that it was Lynn behind the wheel. I nervously climbed out of my old pickup and walked towards her. Lynn had gotten out of her van as well and to my surprise and relief she greeted me with a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. I was glad for that, I had no idea how this encounter was going to go. I even considered backing out at the last minute, but I really did want to help her. We chatted for a bit there in person. I could not help but marvel at the woman she had become in spite of all the obstacles life had thrown at her. She was thin, but not too thin, her big blue eyes were as bright an shiny as ever and her hair, wow. She had long sandy blonde hair that she like to pull into a pony tail onto the side, Which made her long flowing locks lay over her right shoulder. It was a very good look for her.

Well that meeting graduated into more meetings. şişli escort bayan Then we decided to do lunch, and that went well so we would have dinner together on occasion. Sometimes we would even take in dinner and a movie together. All of this led up to the real story that I am about to tell you now.

It was the middle of summer and the 4th of July fell on a Friday so that meant a long weekend for me. I knew I wanted to do something with Lynn, but I was not sure what then it occurred to me, the boat, yea the boat, why not. The boat was really just an old pontoon boat I had purchased a few years back. I used it mainly as just a party barge back then and the novelty of it all wore off pretty quick. So for the most part it just sat there out at the lake all year round and it was looking a bit neglected. It was a really nice boat back in the day, but I had bought it second hand and so it was a little rough for the wear. It did however have a decent sized enclosed cabin area, and a small deck around it, as well as an upper deck on the roof. So I set about cleaning it up and airing it out to make it presentable and after a few days and a little bit of paint and a lot of elbow grease she was looking pretty good. I knew that there would be a fireworks show at lake and I imagined it would look pretty awesome from the water so I decided to ask Lynn if she would like to join me. I remember thinking as I called her that she would decline. Telling me how she had plans herself, but to my surprise she said yes she would love too. I also told here that it would be best if we stayed the night on the boat on account I knew I would be drinking and probably her as well, and there was no since in either one of us getting into anymore trouble trying to drive back home after the show. She agreed to that as well, and with that I said my goodbye’s and went about planning what to bring along.

Lynn arrived early Friday afternoon at the marina looking pretty as a picture as always. She was wearing shorts and a tank top and it looked as though she may have even had a swim suit on underneath. I watched her from the observation deck of the boat as she walked down the dock. She saw me and I must admit I admired the way she strutted towards the boat like a queen.

She greeted me with a hug as always. “Dad this thing is awesome. I had no idea it was this nice.” Lynn said as she looked around.

“Well I was kind of a mess when I first saw it, but turns out it cleans up pretty nice once it got a second chance in life. Kinda like some people I know.” I winked at her as I said the last part and she smiled that huge infectious smile of hers.

Once she was settled in, I cast off the lines and motored out to the main channel, Lynn stood next to me, the breeze flowing through her hair. She walked over to the cooler and grabbed two beers, handed one to me and opened one for herself.

She reached up and kissed me on the cheek as I put my arm around her, “Thank you for this dad, this is great. Way better than fighting the crowds downtown and watching fireworks alone.”

I gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze pulling her in a little closer to me. “I thought so to sweetie. I figured we could both use the getaway, even if it is only for a day or two.”

I motored around the channel a bit more till I found a likely spot away from the other boaters but would still offer us a splendid view of the upcoming firework show. Shortly after I dropped the anchor Lynn said that she wanted to take a swim and I watched as she peeled off her top layer of clothes to her bikini underneath. I must confess I admired my 31 year old daughters body as she stripped down. The bikini was nothing over the top mind you, but it was the most I had seen of her since she was a little girl. Her breasts were small but shapely, her waist thin but her ass was very nice. It still had a nice teardrop shape to it and I could not help but gawk at it.

After a bit I decided to join her in the water. I too stripped down to my swim trunks and into the water I went. The water was cool and refreshing. The lake was mostly spring fed and there were a few spots where the water could be down right cold if you hit the current just right. We splashed and played around a bit in the water. I was admiring Lynn even more now with her hair wet as for it had take on a very wonderful auburn color to it. A couple of times I even took her by the waist and tossed her up and back into the water, she would giggle and splash water back at me when I did, and I must confess my hands seemed to fit perfectly around her waist.

As the afternoon faded into evening and the sun had already started setting I told Lynn that I was going to start grilling our dinner. As I stood on deck grilling, escort mecidiyeköy I watched as she swam to the ladder on the side of the boat right next to me and climbed aboard. A cool breeze had kicked up and it felt good against the heat of the day, and as she came up the ladder I noticed that her nipples where poking through her bikini top. I smiled as she walked past, then I instinctively turned my head to watch her as she walked passed me. My eyes instantly falling to her ass but my view was cut short as she wrapped herself up in a huge beach towel and then came over to join me at the grill.

“Steaks will be ready soon.” I said as fussed over the grill.

“Good, I am starving.” Lynn said as she produced two more beers from the cooler.

I had timed it about right as dusk was settling in just as the food was ready. As the last few long shadows of daylight faded into night I lit a couple of tiki torches filled with scented oil to keep insects away while we enjoyed our dinner. I liked the way the dancing fire light played against Lynn’s face as we ate. As we finished up eating I asked her.

“So, still no man in your life I am guessing?” I said off handedly

“No, not really. Just you dad.” there was that infectious smile again, and those deep blue eyes reflecting the fire light so well.

I laughed, “I feel you there, you seem to be the only woman in my life that will have anything to with me these days.” I looked off into the distance. “I guess I have burned most of my bridges.”

“I totally get that dad, I am in the same boat as you are now, literally.” Lynn said as she made a grand gesture to the boat and all of its surroundings.

Her little joke reeled me back in from my own thoughts and I laughed slightly. “Fair enough.” I said as I lifted my bottle of beer in a mock toast. “But hey I at lest got one good date in this summer.” I said with a wink as I turned up the bottle and finished it off.

Lynn was about to say something where there was a loud woosh then a giant boom followed by a bright light. The fireworks had begun. Turns out my spot was almost directly underneath where the fireworks were exploding and we were both straining our necks to see.

“Hey Lynn, over there.” I pointed to two folding lounge chairs sitting right beside one another, “It will be more comfortable than breaking our necks like this.”

We both climbed into the lounge chairs and laid back to watch the show. We lay there in silence for awhile just taking it all in when Lynn turned her head to me.


“Yes sweetie?”

“Is that what all this feels like to you? I mean does this feel more like a date?”

I turned my head to face her and I looked into her eyes, not sure how to respond for a moment. Then finally I spoke. “To be honest Lynn honey, It kinda does. I hope my saying this does not ruin it for you.”

“No dad, your fine.” She said as she slipped her hand into mine. “I think it’s kinda cool.”

Nothing more was said until the last of the fireworks faded away, leaving only the dancing fire light of the torches. We still laid there side by side, hand in hand then Lynn spoke again.


“Yes sweetie?”

“Does it feel weird to you that we are on a date together?”

I turned to face her again, the firelight again dancing in those big blue eyes. “No sweetie, it doesn’t.” I squeezed her hand gently. “In fact to be perfectly honest, it almost feels like we have been dating for awhile. I just wouldn’t admit it to myself or you for that matter until now.” Lynn’s deep blue eyes now seemed to be peering into my very soul. “I hope that does not seem weird to you.”

Lynn smiled, “No dad it doesn’t. I kinda feel the same way.”

I gave her hand another gentle squeeze. “That’s good to know sweetie.”

Right then Lynn leaned over and kissed me softly on the lips. Not a thank you kiss but a slow lingering soft kiss. I felt a jolt of electricity run through my veins and I kissed her back just as softly. As she pulled away she smiled again.

“I hope that did not feel weird either dad.” Her eyes switching back and forth between my eyes and my lips.

“No sweetie it did not, in fact it felt pretty damn good.”

“That’s good to know.” Lynn whispered with a wry grin as she leaned into me again for another kiss. Only this time as we kissed our mouths opened, our tongues met one another and we were soon embroiled in a long slow deep lustful passionate kiss. The longer we kissed the more I pulled her close to me and her lounge chair was starting to tip over. We ended our embrace and the chair plopped back down on all fours and Lynn giggled.

“Let’s go inside.” Lynn said as she took me by the hand again and pulled at merter escort me playfully until I rose up out of the lounge chair.

We had no sooner got inside the cabin when I spun her around and kissed her deeply again. Her lips were soft and wet and wanting. I ran may hand down the small of her back as we embraced. Then I slid it down to her ass cheeks, the very same ass cheeks I had been admiring all day and I gave them a firm squeeze. Lynn moaned and kissed me harder as I did. I placed my hands under her arms then and picked her up off the floor and gently walked her backwards to the edge of the bed, still kissing her the entire time. I laid her down on the bed gently, my body following close behind. I was on top of her now still kissing her deeply.

As we continued to make out on the small bed, Lynn spread her legs apart and my rock hard cock was now pressing up against her. I began to grind my hips against hers, Lynn pushed back in kind.

Lynn broke off our deep kissing and pulled her head back just enough to whisper to me. “Fuck me Daddy, please.”

I reached down for the waistband of her bottoms and started to pull them. Lynn arched her back and raised her ass up off the bed slightly so I could pull them the rest of the way off of her. She then began pushing on my bottoms and they slid down enough to allow my hard cock to spring to life. It mashed up against her wet pussy as I pulled them the rest of the way off. I placed the head of my cock at my daughters pussy lips and applied pressure. They responded by parting and allowing my member to probe deep inside of her. Lynn gasped as the walls of her vagina smothered my shaft as I pushed deeper inside her. I moaned too as I went into her wet pussy all the way to the hilt.

“Oh God.” I let go with a breathy moan as I began to pump her slowly at first.

She responded by wrapping her legs around me as I found a rhythm. In and out slowly I fucked her. Somehow she had managed to get her top off as well and I began feasting your her small but oh so soft tits. I continued to pump into her as we kissed and groped one another. Both of us moaning and gasping as the intensity of the moment overtook us.

Suddenly Lynn rolled me over onto my back, as she straddled me she whipped her head around, her long ponytail finding it’s way over her right shoulder, the tip of it dangling just above her nipple.

“I want to ride you daddy.” she said with a huge grin as she began to grind her hips back and forth over my cock.

“Ohhh fuck yes baby. Ride it, ride daddy good.” I said as my hands firmly clenched her ass cheeks. I resisted the urge to pull her tightly against me and I let her have control. her hips bucked wildly as she thrust herself again and again over my cock, all I could do was moan and hang on as my daughter fucked me as hard as she could.

I could feel her pussy muscles tighten, her finger tips dug deep into my shoulders she leaned forward but threw her head back.

“Oh God daddy, I am gonna cum!” She screamed as she thrust her hips into me even harder, almost like she had found a new gear.

I was in ecstasy, all I could manage was to hang on to her hips and say, “Ohhh fuck yes, cum with me baby!”

She thrust hard one final time against me and held it there. Her head flew back, legs began to quiver and her body shook.

“Ohhhhh…OHHHH…OHHHH!” Lynn howled. Her voice getting louder as a powerful orgasm wracked her body. He fingernails dug into my flesh hard. I could no longer hold it myself and my cock exploded inside of her. She felt me cumming and thrust against me a few more times as I shot again and again inside her.

After a moment she collapsed on top of me and I held her nude body next to mine until we fell asleep. I awoke during the night and I just laid there admiring Lynn’s body as she slept next to me. I could not believe what had happened between us, nor did I regret it, I only hope that she did not have second thoughts either in the morning.

I awoke the next morning to an empty bed. I must confess I started to panic a little, have expecting to find Lynn up on deck and ready to go home, ashamed of what had happened between us the night before. To my surprise and satisfaction though I looked around and she was in the kitchenette fixing coffee, wearing my favorite baseball jersey. I was several sizes too big for her and fit her almost like a mini dress. I walked up behind her and put my arms around her waist. I felt her push back into me and that is when I realized that my Jersey was the only thing she had on.

I pulled her in close to me, her bare ass pressing up against me as I did.

“Baby, I don’t want to go home just yet, how about you.” I said as I kissed her gently on the neck.

“Ohhh hell no.” She said as she dropped her hands over mine and pulled herself even closer to me. Then she spun around and kissed me.

“We have all weekend dad,” The she wrapped on leg around me while still standing on the other, “and a lot of catching up to do.”

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