Lost in the Wind Ch. 03

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This is the story of how Cassy met her Master and the events that led to him to send her to the clinic in the series “Finding Home.” If you have not already read “Finding Home”, I would encourage you to read those stories as well. Enjoy. Xantu.

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“Child you work very hard to do things exactly as I tell you. Obedience suits you.” Cassy stared up at him her eyes huge. “Where is my smile?” Cassy’s lips quivered and she buried her face on his knees. He gently stroked her hair. “What is the matter child?”

Cassy lifted her head. Her voice a breathless whisper. “I… I…” She stopped and swallowed, forcing down the whisper, “sorry, I guess I am not very used to feeling happy, Sir.”

“Child it is my hope that we both be happy here. Now lets go downstairs I want see what you can do.”

“Yes Sir.” Cassy heard the curiosity in her voice. What did he mean?

In the basement he pulled out a gym mat. “Kneel like I told you upstairs.”

“Yes Sir.”

He opened a closet door under the stairs and pulled out some chains and bars. Cassy watched him, her eyes curious and wary. He took two chains and hung a bar like a trapeze from some hooks in the ceiling. “Come here child, lets check out your upper body strength.”

“Yes Sir.” She stood and walked to stand in front of him.

“Lets see how long you can hang. I will lift you up and you just hold on. Do not let go.” He put his hands on her waist and lifted her. Cassy grabbed the bar. He kept her supported, “Ready?”

“Yes Sir.”

He gradually let her take her weight. Cassy was light but she had not exercised much, ever. Her knuckles were white and her arms quivering. She kept a feverish grip on the bar but after just a couple minutes she could feel her hands being forced open, her fingers slipping. She gritted her teeth and pulled herself up and tried to force her fingers back around, a tiny grunt squeaked between her teeth. She managed another sixty seconds and as her fingertips slipped from the bar she let out a frustrated wail. She stood there glaring up at the bar flexing her hands.

“Not very long. But you never gave up. Good attempt. You will get stronger.”

He had a clipboard and made notes. He tested her strength. Measuring how much she could lift, how many repetitions of various exercises like sit ups and leg lifts. He tested her endurance for simple things like holding her legs up or standing on her tip toes. He never criticized just measured. He would keep a hand on her shoulder and when she would start to tremble with pending failure he would tell her to release.

By the time he was finished Cassy was dripping with sweat and her muscles where quaking with fatigue. He gently pushed her damp hair away from her face. “You are amazingly out of shape child. A life of books and Ramen has not prepared you for this. But you have a good spirit, you never give up. We can work with that.”

Cassy winced as one of her calves tried to spasm and stretched bending over and rubbing her leg. “Thank you Sir.”

He laughed, “You are a natural nudist little girl.”

Cassy turned and looked at him, a quizzical look on her face.

“You say you have never been naked around anyone, yet all day, not once have you seemed to be aware of your nudity. You neither show off or try to hide your charms. You seem completely unconscious of your body.”

Cassy looked down at herself and shrugged. “Sometimes its a little cold, Sir.”

He laughed, “You are delightful. Now go take a shower. You are all sweaty. We will do some reading and then I will cook something. Come up to the library when you are all washed off.” Once more he gave her a little swat to send her on her way.

“Yes Sir.”

Cassy’s hair was still wet and smelling sweet from the shampoo when she walked into the library. The lights were already dimmed and he was sitting at the piano, very softly picking out a light series of notes. He looked up and pointed at the pillow next to his chair and turned back to the piano. Cassy gave the pillow a little push with her foot, shifting it a few inches so that when she knelt she could still see him.

His head slightly tipped to one side he gently leaned toward over the keyboard. Cassy could see his eyes were closed. His hands moving slowly from one chord to another. Gradually he began to add a rich melodic thread to the tones he had been painting with. His hands moving with more force, demanding more from the piano. The music swelled and filled the room.

Cassy found herself swaying to the music, feeling the vibrations deep inside her heart. The melody slowly faded leaving minor chords that slowly faded to the small single notes. He sat quietly at the keyboard for a long time till, with his eyes still closed. He stood and silently pulled the lid down over the keys.

Cassy knelt transfixed, her eyes locked on his face.

“I don’t usually play for an audience.”

Cassy’s voice trembled with emotion. “Thank you, Starzbet Sir.”

“Time to read.” He sat down in his chair and put his feet on the ottoman. Cassy twisted around and sat leaning up against his chair and began to read.

As usual Cassy became absorbed completely into the story. Her voice painting the pictures, pushing the walls of the library away. Her voice jumped and stammered to a stop when she felt his fingers softly touch her hair. “Don’t stop, keep reading.”

“Yes Sir.”

Her voice quivered as he continued to softly stroke her hair. It took quite a while before she was able to completely regain the flow of the story. She remained acutely aware of his touch, waves of tingles ran down her neck and back, sending little shivers through her.

It seemed like her mouth was dry and she had to stop and swallow several times. Finally a sharp tickle in her throat made her cough.

“Are you OK?”

“I think so. I am just kind of thirsty. My mouth is a little dry, Sir.”

“Did you drink anything when you took a shower?”

“No Sir.”

“Have you had anything other than that diet Coke today?”

“You made me that drink for breakfast, Sir.”

“And after working all morning, and exercising this afternoon you think might be kind of thirsty? You truly are completely unconscious of your body.”

Cassy sat still. His hand still stroked her head. It was true. Before she came here the only thing she drank was diet Coke and since coming here she had only had one.

“OK, you didn’t eat and now it seems like you don’t drink either. Do I have to tell you to do everything little girl?” His voice was soft and amused

“I love it when you tell me what to do, Sir.”

“Then get up, walk into the kitchen and fill a glass up with water and drink the whole thing. Tell me when did you last go to the bathroom?”

Cassy tensed under his hand. “Um… I went before I showered after exercising.”

“I have found something that embarrasses you?”

“Um… a little Sir.”

“Get up and go get that drink.”

“Yes Sir.”

As Cassy stood up his hand traced down her neck and across her back. He gave her a gentle pat on the ass. “Go on with you.”

Cassy thought to herself how much she liked it when he touched her. She drank down the water and shuddered. She could not remember when she had last drank water. She had almost forgotten that water was for drinking. She rinsed her glass and put it in the dishwasher.

He was still sitting in his chair when she got back to the library. When Cassy knelt down and sat, she deliberately leaned against his leg. His hand automatically reached and touched her head, running through her soft hair. She sighed and opened the book and started to read again.

After another hour he patted her on the head. “Enough reading for now, child. Its time for me to put together something for dinner.” Cassy reluctantly closed the cover of the book. She turned and pressed her lips to his leg, inhaling the scent of his skin. His hand in her hair tightened and pulled her head back, forcing her to arch her neck back and look up at him.

“Haven’t I been working you hard enough, girl?” He had a frown on his face.

Cassy felt her face heating, “I… I’m sorry, Sir.”

“Remember the rules. No fucking until I decide.”

“Yes Sir.” Cassy was a little confused. Her gesture had been motivated out of a sense of gratitude and a growing feeling of affection more than particularly wanting him to fuck her.

“I am not made of stone.” He released her hair and pushed her away from his leg. He stood and walked from the library.

Cassy turned as he left, watching him walk away, for the first time aware that her presence had an impact on him. He wanted her. A tiny thrill of happiness turned the corner of her lip up. She got up and went to the bathroom. As she peed she thought to herself that drinking water had its natural consequences. She wondered why she was shy about talking about using the bathroom and did not seem to care about being naked.

He was busy in the kitchen, “Come sit girl. Salmon fillets, rice and your favorite, salad.” Cassy wrinkled up her nose at his back, the little spark of happiness still dancing in her heart. She knew she would eat the salad, if she was good he would let her stay.

He did not give her a diet Coke with dinner. Instead he put a tall glass of water and a glass of milk in front of her plate. Cassy looked at the dinner. The only thing she had eaten before was rice and this rice looked different. It had little bits of green stuff in it and was in some sauce. She had never had salmon before. She took a small bite and flinched at the unfamiliar texture and flavor. The rice tasted OK and she ate all of that first. Next she ate the salmon trying not to chew it, just putting a bite in her mouth and taking a drink of water to force it down.

She eyed the salad and looked up at him. He was watching her, but with his glasses on, she was unsure Starzbet Giriş about his expression. She tried to smile and began to force the bites into her mouth. She had to chew the leaves. She couldn’t swallow them unless she did. She did not gag this time, but she still thought it tasted horrid.

His voice was neutral. “I don’t know what you have against my cooking. Go ahead and drink your milk. If you expect to get stronger, we need to get more protein into you.” Cassy picked up the milk and drank it down all at once, a long shudder shook her.

“I am sorry Sir, its not your cooking. I always was picky. I just never had food like this before. I will be good and eat my dinner.”

“You are right about that.” His voice was both amused and had a promise of retribution for disobedience.

Cassy gulped and nodded, “Thank you Sir, for making it. I will try to like it better. If you are finished, I will start cleaning up.”

He sat and watched as she cleaned up. He gave her some instructions, telling her how to turn on the dishwasher.

“OK, I am going out. Finish in here. Sweep and mop the floor of the kitchen every night. Take the dish rag down to the laundry room. When you are done with the kitchen do the laundry. I will put a basket of laundry in the hall by my room. Once you are done with the laundry stay in the basement.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Oh, when you brush your teeth, drink a glass of water.”

“Yes Sir.”

He watched as she got out the mop and bucket from the closet. He got up and put the chairs up on the table. He tipped his head. “There is my cab. Be here when I get back.” Cassy wondered where he thought she would go without clothes.

“Yes Sir?” Her tone reflected her confusion at his last statement.

He went to the hall closet and pulled out a long black coat and was gone.

Cassy finished mopping and put the mop away. She grabbed the dish cloth and on impulse looked in the refrigerator. Five cans of diet Coke sat on the bottom shelf. She looked at them, sorely tempted to take one. She shook her head and closed the door.

The laundry basket did not have many clothes in it. Just a couple of shirts, a pair of pants and a towel. Cassy giggled when she realized he did not wear underwear. She carried the basket downstairs. While the clothes were washing she paced around the basement. She looked at the bar hanging from the ceiling and tried to jump up and grab it. It was just high enough that she could almost get it. She pulled a bench over to sit under it and found she could just reach it. She tried to do a pull up. It took everything she had to pull her chin to the bar one time.

She practiced hanging. Each time she could not hold any longer she would stop and flex her hands and try again, ignoring the burning pain in her shoulders and hands. When her arms began to shake too hard to raise up and grab the bar, she began to do other exercises. Sit ups, leg lifts, all the things he had had her do. Pushing herself to do more, ignoring the fatigue and burning muscles.

She did not touch the weights. Somehow she thought that they were his. She carefully folded the clothes and put them in the basket. She debated carrying them upstairs but he had said to stay in the basement. She left the basket in the laundry room to carry up in the morning.

Once more she went to the bar and tried to hang again but her arms were too weak and trembling. She wondered what time it was. She wasn’t sleepy. She went into the bathroom, brushed her teeth and drank the glass of water. Feeling sweaty she stepped into the shower to rinse off and hissed as the water stung her hands. She looked at her palms and saw several large broken blisters on each hand. She grimaced and on impulse put her hand to her mouth and nibbled off a particularly large flap of loose skin that was hanging off.

Cassy had a sudden thought, he was going to be mad at her. Maybe he wouldn’t notice.

She curled up in her blankets. The stinging in her palms was a minor irritation compared to her worry that he would find out she had hurt herself and be angry.

Again she woke up with the sounds of him lifting weights. She tried to stretch and let out a little whimper of surprise. Her body was horribly stiff and sore. She gritted her teeth and forced herself to move, stretching her screaming muscles. Her hands were worst. The blisters had scabbed over but as she flexed her hands they cracked and began to weep clear fluid.

She crept to the door and looked out. “Good morning Sir.”

“Good morning Cassy. Why did you move my bench? You nearly killed me this morning. I wasn’t wearing my glasses and tripped right over it.”

Shit, she had forgotten to move the bench back. “I am sorry Sir.”

“What were you doing?”

“Um… I was kind of bored, so I tried to see if I could do the hanging thing. Kind of practicing.”

“How do you feel this morning?”

Her voice soft and she could not avoid the nervous tone. “Stiff.”

“Is Starzbet Güncel Giriş there anything else you want to tell me.”

Cassy wondered again how he knew. How could he read her mind like that. “I got some blisters.”

He sighed and got out his glasses. “OK, show me.” He walked into the bathroom and turned the lights on. He held out his hand. Cassy held out her hands. He took her hands in his and turned them palm up.

“Jesus fucking Christ girl. What the hell were you doing? This must have hurt like hell.” His voice was puzzled and angry.

“I didn’t know that I had blisters until afterwards.”

“I have trouble believing that. I have lifted weights for years. I know that you can’t get blisters like this without noticing that you are hurting yourself.”

“It did hurt. I just didn’t know I was getting blisters.”

He dropped her hands and began to rummage through the cupboard. He pulled out some gauze, tape and a some other things. “Come.” He turned on the water in the sink. He took her hands and put them under the water and took the soap and scrubbed the crusted scabs. Cassy flinched and whimpered but did not pull away. “Natural consequences child.” He took a clean towel and patted her palms dry, and painted a liquid over her broken blisters. “This will dry and leave a protective layer.” He wrapped gauze around both her palms.

He turned her hands over and looked at her nails. He looked up at her and nodded. “I see you have found a good reason to stop biting your nails. They look a lot better. Come out to the benches, we need to talk.”

Cassy raised her hand.


“I have to go to bathroom.”

“Then go.”

Cassy looked at him and then at the toilet and squirmed in discomfort. “I can’t.”

“Child I am telling you to go. I am not asking if you can.”

She could tell her face was flaming. She moved to sit on the toilet and sat with her knees clenched together and her eyes clenched shut. Her shoulders were hunched up around her shoulders. She sat for several minutes before she could relax enough for the pee to trickle out. When she was done she looked up and gave him a miserable look and reached for the toilet paper. She reluctantly spread her legs and wiped herself.

As she washed her hands he said, “I never want to hear from you those two words ever again. Don’t ever say ‘I can’t’ to me ever again.”

Cassy voice was sad, “Yes Sir.”

“You know if you had not said that, I probably would have just walked off and left you to your privacy.”

“Yes Sir.”

“Come out and kneel on the gym mat.”

“Yes Sir.”

He sat on a bench and took off his glasses. “Child, you seem to have a pretty significant pattern of ignoring your body. You don’t eat, you don’t drink, now you have hurt yourself. I am getting fed up with this.”

“I understand you were trying to do what you thought was the right thing. You were right. I do want you to get stronger. But now you have slowed down the process. You can only gain strength so fast. You work too hard you end up hurting your muscles. Your hands will take a week to get well.”

“For now I want you to go kneel in the corner. Face the wall. Think about your actions. Your body belongs to me. Your hands belong to me. You broke my skin. I understand this was not intentional. If I thought you were doing this intentionally I would not waste my time with you.”

“Yes Sir.”

Cassy knelt in the corner while he finished his work out.

“OK, come on.” He led her back into the bathroom and began to dig around in the cupboard again. He found a box of surgical gloves and pulled one over each of her hands. “Keep your hands up and out of the water. I don’t want to have to redo that first aid job.”

He turned on the shower and pushed her in. He pulled off his pants and stepped in. Cassy was frozen, her eyes locked on his body. “Good god girl. I know this is all new to you but you don’t need to stare like that.” He spun her to face away from him and began to systematically bathe her.

He washed her hair and then taking a soapy wash cloth he scrubbed her head to feet. He did not avoid or linger on any part of her. He washed her breasts with the same care and attention he gave her arms. The washcloth washed her ass and cunt and moved on like they were nothing different than her knees and feet. He worked so fast that she did not have time to get nervous about the intimacy of his hands on her body.

He rinsed her off thoroughly and pushed her out. “You can dry yourself off.”

He quickly shampooed his hair and scrubbed himself with the same washcloth he used on her. Cassy dried herself and surreptitiously watched him. She could tell he lifted weights, every muscle clearly defined, but he was still long and lean, not bulky at all. His nipples and cock were rich rose colored. All the hair on his body was white as the hair on his head.

He stepped out. “Hand me a towel, big eyes. Probably by tomorrow your hands will have healed enough to do this yourself.”

As she handed him a towel, Cassy found herself wishing that they wouldn’t be. Never had she felt so taken care of. “Brush your teeth and comb out your hair. Don’t forget to drink a glass of water. I want you to drink a glass of water every time you brush your teeth.”

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