Lost Time Ch. 04

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“Did you miss me?” Asked Chris, smiling over from the passenger seat.

I could hardly believe that he was here. Our kiss in the airport had beaten all other airport kisses in history, I swear. Since we had climbed into the car, there had been at least two instances where I was sure that I might have to pull over, we wanted one another so bad.

“With every bullet so far,” I joked, winking in his direction. Then, the sigh came without warning, and all those things that had been on my mind since my visit to California resurfaced, and I looked over at him, meeting his eyes for as long as I could as I drove. “I’ve missed you more than I ever thought I might miss anyone. I’ve hated myself for it, relished it, and stopped myself from telling you so for a while now.”

There was a silence in the car that made me feel suddenly cold, and his face when I glanced to it, was difficult to read. “I think that’s supposed to make me feel better, because I’ve nearly said the same to you a million times,” he replied, voice low. “I don’t suppose leaving a teaching career for me and California is an option.”

“Or you moving down here…” my voice trailed off, my response as quiet as his own words.

“Is the possibility open to discussion?” He asked me, his dark eyes on me. It was electrifying to be near him. I wanted to pull over and just kiss him. “Anything is open to discussion, Chris.”

We had discussed everything but the state of our “relationship” over the phone while we had been apart. We knew one another’s likes, dislikes, kinks, fantasties, and histories. There was little we had not shared, including dirty talk and masturbation on the phone.

I knew at this point that I wanted a chance with him. A chance to be a normal girlfriend, and not some long distance “something” that really amounted to nothing. Where it went from there was a mystery to me, for I while I felt a whole lot for Chris, I was not ready to marry and have his children either. That had the potential to come later.

“I don’t want to scare you. I don’t want for either of us to make a move we might regret.” He reached over and patted my thigh. “But we have two weeks to get into all that. I’m tired, and I am just glad that we’re here together now.”

My smile was a little weak, but I understood. There was time for that discussion Sivas Escort later. Right now, nothing was going to burst my bubble. Chris was here! In Louisiana!

He looked even better than he had the night we met up at the bar. A plain white tee shirt showed off heavily tattooed, moderately muscular arms, and the jeans he wore were a delight to look at from behind. I had received an eyeful at the baggage claim area. He had his cap on, which was a staple, but in the light of day, the boyishly handsome, sweet face would not be obscured.

“Me too,” I told him. “We’ll worry about all that later. Right now, it’s all I can do to keep from pulling off into the woods so that I can have my way with you.”

“Why don’t you?” He teased.

“Because, I want you in my bed,” I replied with a shrug. “I can do without the mosquito bites on my ass, too.”

He laughed. “That works. And what would you like to do to me, you little Southern vixen?”

“Whatever you want,” I shot back. “As long as I can do it more than once.”


My house was out of the way, surrounded by live oaks and cedars, and though small, the long driveway gave the impression that one was driving toward a plantation home. The house itself was a miniature model of such a place, complete with the veranda and the columns, ivy crawling the white pillars, and taking over everything, as greenery is wont to do in the South.

“Nice house,” he commented as we unloaded his bags and walked to the brick red front door.

“Thanks. It was my grandmother’s, and she left it to me when she died,” I explained. “I moved in during my second year of college.”

“Pretty out of the way, too,” he noted as we walked in.

“I like it that way.”

We were hardly in the front door when he dropped his duffle and slid his arms around me. “Out of the way enough that no one would notice us having sex on the porch?”

I giggled, kissing him deeply. “No one would be impolite enough to mention if they did see it. They would only tell all the other townfolk.”

“Can you live with that?” He asked, pushing me back through the open front door, his hands firm on my hips.

“I think it would be well worth the gossip.” In order to emphasize my point, I slid a hand down between his legs, his cock already Sivas Escort Bayan hardening under the tight jeans.

He sucked in his breath, kissing me lightly on the forehead, fingers pulling up at the flimsy dress I wore. I had chosen the spaghetti strap number carefully, for it would not be worn with a bra, as it’s thin flower print material was too tight, molding to my skin until it reached the tops of my kneecaps.

His lips made their way down my face, finally meeting my own. In the heat of the kiss, I did not realize that the dress was already pushed up to my hips, leaving me bare assed to face the driveway. He manuevered us, without breaking the kiss, to the railing next to the steps. I could feel the wood, scratchy against my bare bottom, and it felt almost as good as he did.

My hand played over his hard cock, fingers fumbling for the buttons on his pants. His eyes were lit with desire as I pulled back from the kiss. “I’ve waited so long for this,” I whispered, kissing down his throat, my hunger building rapidly. He helped me pull the jeans down around his ankles, and whether he stepped out of them or not, I have no idea. I didn’t care, for I could only respond to the damp between my legs.

His fingers pushed into me, and I moaned, shivering as his lips found my ear. His whisper was heated. “You want me that bad?”

“Worse than that.” I had his cock in my hand now, stroking it lovingly, my grip firm, my movements slow.

“Good, because I just want to make you mine.” He slammed his fingers in as he spoke, my pussy clenching wetly around them. Then, they left me, and I nearly melted as he brought them to his lips, licking my juice from them. “Turn around.”

The demand in his tone served only to excite me further. I did as he said, gripping the white railing and bending over to give him a full view of my ass and neatly trimmed pussy. I half expected to feel his fingers, but the urgency was too great for foreplay. There would be time for that later. Right now, we just had to have one another.

He slammed his cock into me so hard that I thought I would go flying off the porch. I cried out, as did he, and his hand came down hard on my ass, the sharp sting almost as sweet as the sensation of his thick cock sliding in and out of me. “You like that, don’t Escort Sivas you?”

“Do it again,” I gasped, never realizing just how much I did like it.

Another slap as he drove himself deep into my wet depths, and I thrust my hips back against him. “More!” I begged.

The next smack, on the other cheek, was harder than the one before, and I felt my fingernails clawing the wood I held onto for dear life. He was so thick and hard inside of me that with each thrust, I thought I would come right then and there. His hips moved faster, and the hand that wasn’t poised to smack me again was suddenly in my hair, and he was yanking it back. “Tell me you’re mine,” he whispered, droplets of sweat hitting the small of my back as he pumped himself into me. One dripped down the crack of my ass, and I shuddered, for it was cold on my skin.

“I’m yours. All of me…” I whimpered, another smack coming down hard.

“Your ass is so red…” he could barely speak now, and I knew that even as my orgasm approached, his was right there as well. “I’m going to come all over it, and later, I’m going to fuck it. Do you know how hot that makes me? To imagine fucking that tight little ass? You want me to fuck it, don’t you?”

His words, so intense, so real, were enough. I came explosively. I told him that my ass was his to fuck and that I had saved it just for him. I told him that I was his, and he slapped my ass through every moment of the orgasm that was not quite over when I felt his cock slide out of me.

He slapped it against my ass, sliding it between my cheeks as creamy liquid jetted out of it, hot on my reddened skin. Then, his arms were around me, his wet dick trapped between my cheeks as his fingers drifted down to my clit. He pulled me into a straight, standing position, whispering in my ear. “Now, you are really mine.” A soft kiss to my neck followed. “You’re all I want, and whatever that means, we’re going to figure it out if it’s what you want to.”

I was quivering in his arms, though I could not be sure if it was due to the sex or his words. Perhaps it was both. “Was there ever a doubt that I am yours, like it or not?” I sighed. “We’ll work it out, Chris. If you want to as badly as I do, then we’ll figure it out. Right now, though, we need to get inside.”

“Neighbors?” He looked to either side, perhaps for the first time noticing that we were surrounded on three sides by trees. Not that there weren’t neighbors on the other side, but we were in relative privacy.

“No. I have a splinter in my thigh.”

Somehow, that struck us both pretty funny.

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