Love for Hire Ch. 08

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Roxy was dressed to kill as she stepped through the door of the house party. She wore a low cut sexy red top over tight black leather pants. Spiky black heels clicked on the hardwood floor as she walked with confidence knowing everything about her looked just right. The place was packed and by the looks of it, it was going to be a busy night for her as all the guys were pretty drunk. She smiled to herself as the prosperity stumbled around her.

“Hey hot stuff,” a slurred voice spoke behind her. She felt hands wrap about her waist before she could turn and the stench of beer as heavy breathing sounded in her ear. “Wanna go upstarts and drink from my bong?” After burping he thrust his hips against her to emphasize his meaning.

Disgusted, Roxy broke away; she knew he’d be too drunk to last long. “Go on upstairs and I’ll be up there as soon as I get a drink.” But that didn’t stop her from getting a little tip for being smart.

“Ok,” he turned and fumbled his way upstairs.

Roxy would get back to him later she thought as she continued moving through the crowd. Everyone seemed too wasted for a good fuck but all were candidates for a quick and easy pick pocket. She began working the room, glad she had brought something to hold the collected reward.

“You should be ashamed of yourself,” a guy rebuked who sat on the couch.

Roxy turned, “Excuse me?”

“Taking advantage of all these drunken bastards,” he replied.

She started becoming miffed, “Why don’t you mind your own business sugar?”

He smiled and patted the couch, “Why don’t you come over here and help me?” He pulled out his wallet and flashed the cash inside. “What do you say sweetie? Wanna keep big bear over here company? I can make it worth your while?”

Seeing the green enticed Roxy enough to oblige him. She straddled herself across his lap. Snatching the dough he offered and putting it away she placed her arms on either shoulder. “Ok baby, Tekirdağ Escort I’m ready and willing now make me want more,” she taunted seductively.

With a devil grin he pulled her mouth to his and slipped his tongue inside. Hands came up to her bottom to knead and bring her closer before moving up to do the same to her breasts. He moved his mouth up to her ear and breathed gently to make her shiver before flicking his tongue around to do the same. “How am I doing so far baby?” he asked deeply.

“Mmm, damn good,” she replied. Looking into his brown eyes and dark features. His large frame and build was something she’d have to adjust to but felt it would be worth it. She reached up with her mouth to begin returning the favor. He let her know she was hitting the right spots by moaning and flinching.

“Damn girl, if you keep that up we’ll have to find a room,” he moaned, hissing after she bit his neck.

Roxy hurriedly reached to free his penis but kept breathing in his ear. “What’s wrong with right here? These douche bags are all too drunk to give a shit.”

“Hmm, kinky little thing aren’t you?”

“You wanna fuck or what?”

“What I want is you to suck my dick and I’ll even let you do it right here.”

Roxy scooted down to her knees on the floor. Her mouth covered the shaft to the balls before pulling up. She took the tip in and sucked then inched down slowly causing him to put a hand on the back of her head and push down. Moving his hand away she went all the way down on him before coming back up, sucking hard. “You like that?” she asked, coming up for air.

He had to catch his breath before answering, “Fuck yea!”

She looked around the room and noticed several pair of eyes focused on them. Roxy smiled and decided she had better put on a damn good show for everyone. She stripped off her shirt and bra to cup her breasts around his manhood that twitched in anticipation. She moved Tekirdağ Escort Bayan her full bosom up and down as she took his tip in her mouth gently. Gradually she built up rhythm, grazing his cock with her teeth. Roxy nipped lightly at his balls before returning to take his dick all the way in her mouth, she pulled up sucking hard. Feeling him flinch she looked up with his dick in her mouth and smiled. “Am I getting too rough for you?” she asked sweetly.

“Hell no, just the way I like it,” he answered, breathing hard. “I want that pussy.”

“Sure thing,” she got up to strip out of her pants. “What’s your name?”


“Ok, where do you want me Jason?”

“Lay down and while I’m pleasing you, you can continue pleasing me,” he suggested.

“Sounds like my kinda deal,” she agreed while laying there naked. She spread her legs open and put two fingers over her clit to rub for a second. She moved her hand down and stuck a finger inside her pussy. “Oh yea, I’m nice and wet for you baby. You want to see?” Roxy taunted.

Jason smiled, “Your wish is my command.” He stood at her head in order for her to continue jacking and sucking him off. He leaned forward to insert two fingers in her wet womanhood. Slowly he moved them around until he found her sweet spot and put a thumb on her clit then moved it around. Jason knew he had found her spot when she stopped playing with his cock and started moaning and arching her hips. “You like that babe?”

“Fuck yes!” she cried. “Mmm, finger me please, I’m so close to coming, fuck me hard with those fingers!”

Jason obliged, pumping slowly before building up speed. He fucked her deep, hard, and fast then inserted a third finger. He moved his body back on to the couch to please her better. Hearing her moan and buck he knew she was near to cumming. A sudden gush of cum confirmed his thoughts and he went down on her to clean her pussy. He flicked Escort Tekirdağ and lapped his tongue over her folds after spreading them wide open. His teeth came to graze on the nub of her clit which she twitched as the feeling tickled her. Moving around and down he bit and sucked her area while running a caressing finger over the bend where her thigh met her pelvis that made her squirm at the ticklish sensation. When he was done he leaned up just enough so as to rest his head on up of her shaven mound and smile. “How was that Mamacita?”

Roxy laughed before taking a deep breath and looking back at him. “Damn good baby that was damn good.”

“Are you ready for the real fun part?”

“Mmm, oh yea. Where do you want me?” Roxy began getting up and seeing that she had gotten everyone’s attention now.

“Bend over the couch baby, I wanna nail you doggystyle,” Jason ordered. He jacked himself off to keep up his erection as Roxy got into position. He wanted nothing more than to fuck her brains out.

She kneeled on the couch and laid her head on the back part so she could spread her ass and pussy. Her fingers came down to rub the exposed area so as to entice Jason and all the onlookers. Roxy was rewarded by Jason’s cock driving hard and deep into her. He pounded her while she massaged her breasts and clit. Once again, she thought, it was all for the audience. The feeling of an orgasm was building inside her and knew his was as well when his pace quickened.

“You ready baby?” he panted.

“Ooooh yea,” Roxy moaned.

Jason continued to thrust his cock in her pussy harder and harder. Trying to hold off on cumming until after Roxy had, Jason concentrated on other things. His thoughts were interrupted by her loud moan as she tensed up with her orgasm. He pulled out, immediately jacking off hard, and spilled his seed onto her ass cheeks.

“Wow,” Jason breathed after cleaning up. “That was worth it.”

“We’ll have to do this again sometime,” Roxy agreed. “Right now though, I still have some things to collect.” She headed upstairs to find the guy from earlier. Finally she found him passed out on the bed. Quietly and stealthily she found his cash and saw she’d hit pay dirt. Tonight had been her lucky night.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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