Love in the Age of Corona

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Carla and Jock were in the camp’s four-wheeler and they followed the ambulance and the car carrying the public health workers. The convoy stopped at the gate and Jock went to the front to open the gate. The ambulance pulled out on the public road and took off toward the community hospital. Inside the ambulance were two of Jock’s friends who started to show symptoms of the Covid-19 infection. The health workers stopped the car and brought an orange sign and affixed it to the gate with zip-ties. The sign said that the land was under quarantine and had a date two weeks in the future listed. Jock pulled the gate shut, put the lock on the chain, and walked back to the four-wheeler. He turned it around and headed back to the camp. Carla used the time to pull her shirt off and slipped her shorts down to the floor of the vehicle. Jock looked over and felt his cock begin to rise at the site of the naked woman.

Jock pulled up and Carla jumped out gathering her clothes and headed toward the pool. She wondered if some of the men would be interested in a little sex. She dove into the pool and came up beside Betty and tried to pull on the strings of her bikini. Carla started to massage Betty’s pussy and kissed her friend.

“Did they get out OK?” asked Betty.

“Yes, we are stuck here for two weeks, there is a large orange sign on the gate saying that we are in quarantine,” said Carla who kissed her friend again this time invading her mouth with her tongue.

“Carla you are being very forward,” said John who walked out of the cabin.

“John get out of your clothes and I will show you how forward I can be,” said Carla.

Jock was sitting at a table by the pool watching the weekend fall apart. He invited three couples to come up to a camp that his uncle owned and a day after they arrived Joe and Sandy started to show signs of Covid-19. That was the reason that the ambulance and health department showing up. He had a smart-phone and charger so there was communication with the outside world. There was three days of provisions already bought. But Joe and Sandy were slated to do the cooking.

Carla finally got Betty’s suit off and headed for the other side of the pool. She threw it at Jock who caught it. Both of the women were beautiful. Jock noticed that both women had pussies that were beyond hairless but were bald. Carla edged out Betty on breast size. John decided to take the challenge and lost the shorts he was wearing and dove in the pool and surfaced beside Carla. They were in water over their head and needed to constantly tread water. John got behind Carla and slipped his cock into her pussy and moved them to a shallower part of the pool.

“I wish you would have asked first but your cock feels fine in my pussy.”

“There are times you don’t ask permission, darling and this was one of them.”

Carla was leaning over the edge of the pool while John continued to pound her. Jock rose and lost his shorts and t-shirt and dove into the pool and started to play with Betty.

“You need to ask first Jock,” said Betty

“Jock did not say anything but put his arms around her and started to swim toward the shallow end. He was using his lifesaving skills moving them in the pool. Jock found the steps and sat down and brought his leg to Betty’s crotch. He started to play with her breasts, at first, she resisted but then relented. Carla moved away from John and came over to where Jock and Betty were and kissed Betty. The two women stood embraced and kissed each other. Betty turned around and walked toward Jock and settled on his leg and began to play with his cock.

“I think that I want you to take me with that lovely tool of yours, Jock.”

“Face to face or bent over the edge of the pool?” he asked

“Take me from behind, we will figure out some other maneuver tonight,” said Betty.

Betty stood on one of the steps, hoisted her butt out of the water, and gripped the edge of the pool. Jock moved behind her and split her legs apart he slipped his cock into her silky twat. He moved his cock in and out of Betty’s pussy. Just before he shot a load Carla came between them and pointed Jock’s cock almost in her mouth and waited for him to shoot. Three ropes of cum shot out of his cock and landed around Carla’s mouth.

“What is the etiquette about stealing people’s pleasure, Carla?” asked Jock

“Well you weren’t going to satisfy Betty, but you could satisfy me; that justifies it in my book,” said Carla.

“What I don’t have any say in the mater,” said Betty.

“Ok I ‘m sorry but my two friends were carted to the hospital and I really wanted to suck Joe off and get his quality cum,” said Carla.

Jock also had a friend in the ambulance. Sandy and Jock lived together for the last three months. He was sorry when she was put in the ambulance as he had plans for the weekend. The four people remaining gathered around the steps to the pool and started to assess the situation. How much food was on hand and who would cook it?

“What Uzun porno are we going to do for two weeks? We will be at each other’s throats before we can get out of here,” said Betty.

“Lots of sex and drinking, sounds like fun to me. “said Carla.

“Jock any luck on getting the liquor cabinet open?” asked John.

“No, my uncle is out of the country, but I brought bourbon scotch, gin tequila and vodka. Also, a gallon of wine.

Carla stood and took John by the hand; “You and I have some unfinished business, sir.”

They walked into one of the cabins and John turned her around and kissed her. His hand started to work on her pussy. He sat Carla on one of the beds and started to eat her nude vulva. Carla’s pussy was as bald as an old man, but her skin was like that of a baby. Carla lifted her legs and placed them on John’s shoulders. She brought him closer to her vulva and would not let him go until she had an orgasm.

“I want to suck your cock I want you to masturbate and shoot your cum all over me,” said Carla.

John stood and Carla grasped his cock and put it in her mouth.

“Lady you better suck it good, because I want to shoot my cum all over you,” said John.

Carla took his tool out of her mouth and began to rub the shaft with her thumb. John jerked and streams of cum shot out covering Carla’s tits. John finished himself off by shooting more cum on her breasts.

“Get ready because I want a fuck from you that will blow my mind,” said Carla.

The pair walked out and found that the pool was deserted. Carla jumped in, to wash off the last session. She and John began playing with each other.

In another building Jock and Betty were in each other’s arms. Betty was stroking Jock’s cock.

“You have quite a weapon there, Jock is that where you got your nick-name?”

Jock moved to bring his cock to her pussy and gently slipped in, found her mouth and kissed her. It felt great being in her pussy. He moved his cock in and out while keeping his lips on hers.

“Sir you are nice, I love having sex with you, would you suck my tits,” said Betty

He moved down to her breasts and latched on to one of her tits. He manipulated her nipple with his tongue. Betty brought her arms around keeping his head in position, while he continued to suck on her breasts. Jock continued to move his cock in and out of her pussy. One massive thrust in and Jock shot his wad. Both Betty and Jock felt the eruption.

“Don’t leave my breast sir if makes me feel so good.”

“Betty would you suck on my cock, I want to make love again, you feel so good.”

Jock stretched out on the bed that the pair was using, and Betty moved down and looked at his cock. She reached out and touched the crown of his cock, she then moved up and kissed him.

“Betty have you ever performed oral sex?”

“Of course, I have,” she replied.

Betty kissed him again her hand drifted down to his balls, but she froze at the thought of taking his penis in her mouth. Jock reached out and rubbed her back. She moved back and kissed him again.

“No Jock I have never sucked a man’s cock, I am sorry.”

Jock got up and kissed her and played with her breasts. He then rose and walked into the kitchen. He returned with a banana and sat next to her. His hand moved to her pussy and a finger penetrated her vagina.

“Betty you are a beautiful woman, and I am glad that you are a friend of mine. We may or may not be lovers, but I enjoy making love with you. I don’t want to make you uncomfortable but performing oral sex will add a new dimension to your love making.”

“I’m sorry but I was told over and over again growing up that premarital sex was sin and sucking a man’s penis was a mortal sin that would never be forgiven,” said Betty

“You made love with me. Why if you thought you were sinning did you accept the invitation?” asked Jock.

“Jock I got to college and the first thing I did was have sex, it was horrible, but I satisfied my curiosity, I’ve had different partners and different experiences, some good some not so good. But none of the men I was with ever asked me to suck their cock. You were the first. I have gotten over my fear of premarital sex, but I still have a fear of oral sex, and wonder if I will be punished?”

Jock kissed Betty and played with her breasts. She actually seemed to like when he manipulated her tits. Jock encouraged her to lay back and open her legs. He got between them and started to kiss around her pussy. He was amazed that her pussy was hairless. For a woman with deep seated beliefs that seemed out of character.

“Would you get upset if I kissed your vagina, Betty?”

“I’ve never let anyone down there, but yes I would allow you to kiss me.”

Jock moved down and began to use his fingers to stimulate Betty. Her outer lips became aroused and turned a bright pink. He brought his tongue and traced her pussy. Betty like Carla was one of the few women he encountered Öğrenci porno whose pussy was as bald as a baby. He enjoyed not dealing with pubic hair, allowing him to suck on Betty’s clit. Jock inserted first one finger and then three fingers and manipulated the clit root while he sucked on her little cock. His fingers became wet as Betty orgasmed.

“I have never felt like that, Jock,” said Betty.

Jock’s cock was hard again and he mounted Betty. It slipped in her lubricated pussy with hardly any force. The pair came together and kissed. It didn’t take long for Jock to cum again and he held Betty until he fell out of her cunt.

“Ok Betty a little lesson on cock sucking,” said Jock.

He brought the banana to her lips and asked her to open her mouth. “Stick your tongue out and start licking the shaft of the banana,” said Jock.

He took one of Betty’s hands and brought it to his hand that was holding the banana. He let the fruit go leaving Betty in control.

He assured her that he would not force the fruit in her mouth. Betty did as he asked and using her tongue, she painted the fruit with her saliva, using her hand she licked all parts of the fruit. She continued for about three minutes. When the banana was wet, he asked her to open her mouth, again. He took control of the banana, and gently inserted the tip of the fruit in her mouth, reassuring her that he would not jam it in. she gradually took more and more of the fruit in her mouth. When she was finished, she had half of the banana in her mouth.

“Now move your tongue around the banana like you did when it was outside of your mouth.”

Jock held the banana in position and played with her breasts. Adding a little pressure Betty took more of the banana in her mouth. Jock jerked the fruit like his cock would jerk when he would cum. He pulled the banana out of her mouth but held it so she could see it.

“There Betty you just performed oral sex on a banana, are you feeling alright?”

Betty’s hand moved down to Jock’s crotch and began to stimulate him. Jock got up and moved over to where his luggage was and pulled a shiny packet out of his bag. He sat beside Betty and started to play with her breasts and kiss her lips. Jock tore the packet open and installed the condom on his cock. He took Betty’s hand and had her hold on to his penis.

“It doesn’t have any lube or spermicide it should have a neutral flavor. Follow the same steps you did with the banana. My cock will be warm even through the rubber, you want to try?”

Betty positioned herself so she could get at his cock with her mouth and she followed the same steps that she did with the fruit. First, she tongued his cock painting the crown over and over again. She used her tongue to move up one side of the shaft and down the other. Betty had put off the hard part long enough, actually taking a male penis into her mouth. She stopped at the crown and allowed her tongue to ravish his organ. She gradually took more of the latex covered penis into her mouth. She was thinking why the big deal, why did men want their cocks sucked. But she continued and then she felt a jerk and looked at the top of the condom and saw the cloudy fluid gather under the rubber. Then she thought that this was another pleasure that she could give to a lover. Jock kissed her as he pulled the rubber off of his cock.

He grabbed her wrist and they went out to the pool and jumped in. When they came from the surface they kissed. “Next time no protection,” said Betty.

“If you are sure,” said Jock.

Carla walked up to the pool and announced that John was cooking hamburgers by the fire ring. Betty and Jock climbed out of the pool and walked with Carla. Carla grabbed her friend and kissed her.”

“You are so beautiful my love,” said Carla.

Jock and the ladies walked up to a roaring fire and John grilling burgers. “Grab a plate and I will fix you up. I was standing behind Betty and asked her if she would suck John’s member.

“Is he as good as you?”

“You’ll have to try.”

We sat around the campfire and Betty stood and asked a question.

“Both Carla and I go to extraordinary efforts to have hairless pussies and I was wondering why you two have full bushes?”

The question silenced the two men a while they tried to formulate and answer.

“I guess it is not something that men do. Also, the hair lubricates the act. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy fucking bald pussies and it makes oral sex easier,” said Jock.

Carla came to her feet and walked to where Jock was sitting. She encouraged him to eat her pussy. Jock wrapped his arms around her and kissed her twat. His tongue explored her cunt and sucked on her clit. Carla broke away, leaned down and kissed him.

“You know how to suck a woman’s cunt. Do you know how to suck a man’s cock?”

“John get over here we need entertain the ladies,” said Jock.

John stood in front of his friend and dropped his shorts. “it has been awhile since I’ve had a good cock sucking,” he said.

“Are you implying that I don’t give good head, John,” said Carla.

Jock reached out and massaged his friend’s penis. It responded by becoming hard. John moved closer to Jock. Jock’s tongue painted the crown of his friend’s tool. Before anyone could react, Jock took John’s cock in his mouth and deep throated him. His tongue moved over his friend’s shaft. Jock used his hands to work over his cock, he tugged on his balls and cock while sucking his friend’s penis. John ejaculated in Jock’s mouth.

Betty got down on all fours and took Jock’s cock in her mouth. This was the second time that she performed oral sex, and she wanted to taste male cum. Carla feeling left out got behind Betty and tonged her friend’s pussy. Jock had a large orgasm filling Betty’s mouth with his cum.

“I need a burger after that,” said Betty.

The group ate more burgers and Jock brought out the bar and passed the bottles around. Carla stood and announced that she was the master of ceremonies and commanded Betty to tell a story of first encounters. The group encouraged her, and Betty stood. In many ways she was stripped more than naked being asked to talk about her first time.

“I grew up in a very religious family. So, when I went to college my first thought was to break away from the feelings that sex was a sin. My only date in high school was to the prom. Which was arranged for me by my father. Well I am at state and away from the views of my family and my first though was to find a boy and learn what life was about. I did find the boy, but he was as fucked up as I was. After going around for a few weeks he took me up in the hills above the school. The poor boy didn’t know how to get to first base let alone hit a home run. I guess I scared him as he could not get an erection. We left and the relationship ended also. I next found a man with more confidence and he was able to fuck me. I didn’t know what I was doing and at the time I don’t know if I was raped. I continued school and attended summer school as I didn’t want to go home. In the summer of my first year my lab partner was a very confident boy and very nice. We seemed to hit it off and we had normal dates, movies, going to dinner, dancing.

One night he took me to his apartment, and I froze because I knew that he would want sex. We necked on the couch and he got his hands on my tits but not much more that that. Frankly I was upset that he didn’t want to make love. This went on for a week and finally we were in his apartment, he asked if I would go to bed with him. I was still a little nervous, but he was nice, and I really wanted to see if sex was all it was cracked up to be. So, I went to bed with him, after we played with each other. We both stripped each other naked and lay on the bed. He played with my tits. I think he wanted me to play with his cock. But if premarital sex was sin handling or sucking on a man’s penis was a mortal sin damming me to hell. He got an erection and moved over me and his penis slipped in my pussy. That was the second or third time that I was fucked by a man. It was the first time that being with a man was enjoyable. We made love for two days. After the summer he moved back to his university. He was just doing summer work at state, and I never saw him after the session ended.”

Betty sat down to the applause of the group.

“Well let’s see if I can top that,” said Carla.

“I know your first time, it was with me,” said Jock.

“Don’t spoil the surprise. I was new in town and was working at a diagnostic lab. A real hunk took an interest in me, so we went out. Despite what jock said I was not wet behind the ears. The hunk was named Paul. He took an interest in this new technician and invited me out to dinner after work. When he got me to his apartment, he changed from being a gentleman to being a bastard. He demanded that I take my clothes off and hoisted me over his bed and spanked me. Which I kind of enjoyed. He saw my cum drip down my legs and spanked me harder. I was a wreck and thinking that I would need to quit my job to stay away from this bastard. The time came for him to fuck me and he was a brut; he took me from behind and almost ripped me apart, his cock was the largest that I have seen. I wanted to leave but I wanted to suck on that man’s tool. I was fascinated by his cock. Maybe I wanted to suck on his cock to inflict pain. He quit fucking me and passed out in his bedroom and I tiptoed around him picking up my clothes and getting out of there. I took a cab home to my apartment and stayed in bed for several days before returning to work. It seemed Paul was transferred so I could still work there. I kept to myself until Jock walked into the lab and I wanted in his pants.

It was at about this time that I moved to another company, but I kept in touch with Jock and his friends. One night, Jock and I were alone, and he put his hand down my pants. I did the same, my eyes almost fell out of my head when I felt his cock. I though Paul’s was big, you are enormous Jock. Of course, I wanted that in my mouth the sooner the better.”

“You were the first bald woman I ever felt I was trying to find some hair to grab,” said Jock.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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