Love Never Begs Pt. 10

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(This part is written in the point of view of Sunita, the mother of Pinky.)

It was already late that evening and I hurried back to my home. I was really worried about keeping Pinky and Sarla all by themselves this long. As I unlocked the front gate and went inside I could hear some strange noises coming from Pinky’s room. I could make out that the sounds were actually low, muffled voices but was unable to comprehend anything else. I went towards Pinky’s room and peeped through the space between the two door panels. I got the absolute shocker of my life as I saw my daughter Pinky lying on the ground fully naked on her belly, with her butt slightly protruding upwards. Sitting on the ground near her waist was Sarla who kept lifting her one hand up and spanked the ass of Pinky. With each spank Pinky was forcing out a number and saying “I love you Sarla” together with it.

The shocker made me absolutely dumb and frozen at my place, I couldn’t say anything or move. As Sarla kept on raining spanks on the bottom of my poor daughter, Pinky’s ass was getting red and with sobs she was counting twenty-one, twenty-two etc and also saying that she loved Sarla each time. As Sarla’s hands kept spanking Pinky I could hear the beggar woman utter, “Pinky, you have been very naughty behind my back and you deserve this punishment. You have touched yourself without my permission and now I am going to make you realize that going against my directions can prove how costly. After your spanking is over you need to lick my asshole and also you have to take my holy water in your mouth. So, without sobbing, count faster or I shall be forced to give you another two bite marks.”

Oh God Pinky licks Sarla’s asshole too? I thought to myself. But why? And why was my daughter allowing the beggar woman to do all these to her? She had even given her bite marks before. And most important, why was I unable to shout or move in to stop Sarla from tormenting Pinky? Instead I was standing there dumbfounded watching my daughter getting mercilessly spanked. I was feeling sorry for my poor daughter but surprisingly I couldn’t make a sound nor move from my place.

After thirty spanks Sarla stopped and she rotated Pinky’s body to make her lie on her back. My daughter was sobbing and her behind was quite red due to the assault. Sarla said, “Okay Pinky, now help me adjust myself on your mouth so that you may lick my asshole.”

I, glued to my place, shamelessly kept watching the mature beggar woman ride my daughter’s face as Pinky’s face got hidden under her ass. I could see Pinky’s hands adjusting Sarla’s buttocks by which I could understand that she was separating Sarla’s asscheeks. Sarla closed her eyes and let out a moan, indicating that Pinky’s tongue had entered her asshole! “Ummm, mmm, yes Pinky, keep licking my asshole. You love it I know, you are nothing but an ass licking slut, you know it. Yes, go further in, you love the taste of my ass I know that. Mmmm, ummm. Don’t keep your nose idle, sniff my asshole too as you keep licking.” The moans escaped Sarla’s mouth as she was pleasured in the ass by Pinky.

As I kept watching the perverted sexual act between my college going daughter and the 40 plus year old beggar woman, I realized that my own pussy was getting moist! What was happening? Seeing my daughter submitting to a mature woman was turning me on, something not in my wildest dreams could I ever imagine. But it was happening and though I was hating myself for it, I couldn’t make it stop. Never in my life did I feel so powerless and out of control. Or did I? Suddenly my mind gave me signals of a flashback, twenty three years ago,when I was just nineteen years old. It was when my family went to a distant town to attend one of my cousin’s marriage ceremony, leaving me at home under the care of our fifty year old widowed maid Mala.


Mala had started working as a maid after she got widowed. She used to work at our neighbor’s house who moved to another city after their daughter got a job there. Hearing about her good working skills, my mother gave her the job of a maid at our house. Mala had the darkest possible skin for an Indian lady and even at fifty years old she had a chubby body with big buttocks. I could feel that she used to stare at me with hungry eyes, but thought it to be a fragment of my imagination. But it wasn’t, and I learnt it the hard way.

After I was left alone with her when my parents left, Mala showed her real colors and turned me into her sex slave. She initiated it one day by sitting on my face as I was sleeping! I couldn’t breathe as my nose was strongly pressed by her huge butt. I struggled hard to get rid of her from my face but Mala held my hands firmly enough. Struggling against her I grunted in despair but to no avail. With every passing moment I was getting suffocated and my struggles were getting weaker. Soon I could hear her speak, “Listen Sunita, there is no point fighting me, you know you are no match to my strength. Just accept yourself as my sex slave and I shall let you breathe.”

Her words eve gelen escort were a big shock to me and my rebellious mind didn’t allow me to accept her wish. So, with my last regained strength I kept struggling to escape from her but to no avail. She was really very strong indeed and finally being unable to hold my breath any longer, I submitted to her. And then my sexual slavery began, I was subjected to pussy and ass licking, feet worship, armpit licking etc by the sweaty and smelly maid. I was completely broken down and felt that I was just meant for worshiping Mala’s body. Even when my family returned, Mala made me worship her body whenever she got a chance. I was too timid and naive to complain to anyone about this and just accepted my sexual slavery.

Mala even made me drink her piss quite often and I had to swallow it whole. She would find some way to sneak into my room whenever she could and she would make me worship her pussy and ass. At night when everybody was asleep Mala would come to my room and make me worship her body for hours. She especially liked riding my face and referred to my face as her seat. I had become a total submissive slave to the mature maid. However, all these showed the toll on my examinations and I couldn’t pass the Pre-Degree. After a year my family arranged my marriage with Pinky’s father and finally I escaped the clutches of Mala. After my wedding Mala quit the job at our house and nothing was heard about her ever since.


I could see that history was repeating itself in the form of my daughter submitting sexually to the mature beggar woman Sarla. As I stood there frozen at my place I heard the clock strike 5,indicating that Pinky had been licking Sarla’s asshole for the past half an hour. Sarla finally allowed Pinky to stop the asslicking and said, “Alright Pinky, now it is turn to take the holy water in your mouth. Open your mouth and help me adjust myself properly over you.”

Pinky timidly said, “Yes, my love.”

She slowly turned Sarla a full hundred eighty degrees so that the beggar woman’s pussy was on my daughter’s mouth. Sarla rubbed at her pussy a bit and started to piss in my daughter’s mouth! Pinky was swallowing the urine of Sarla with big gulps and I was watching it happen with big, popping eyes but still unable to move or speak. My throat was dry and my body was like a statue as I watched my daughter drink the entire urine that Sarla let out. My pussy almost gave away and I experienced a mini-orgasm as I saw my daughter swallowing the long fountain of urine entering her mouth from Sarla’s pussy. My own mouth could remember the taste of the urine of Mala who also used to piss in my mouth. Truly history was repeating itself in the form of my daughter Pinky submitting to the beggar woman Sarla.

Sarla remarked, “Pinky, I warn you never ever try to act smart behind my back and touch your own pussy to please yourself. Your pussy, your pleasure, your orgasm all belong to me, remember that. Do you understand?”

Pinky wiped away the tears from her eyes and said, “Yes my love I understand, I am really sorry for being so naughty and going against your instructions. I love you and pleasuring you is my ultimate goal. I deserve to be punished whenever I commit a mistake or disobey you.”

My daughter was completely owned by Sarla now, I could understand by her words. And surprisingly enough instead of getting angry or worried I was getting wet down in my pussy! What a strange state of affairs was going on!

Sarla seemed to be pleased with Pinky’s reply and said, “That’s better. Besides, I can see the twin bite marks on your boobs have faded a bit, so I am really keen on biting you again. What do you say?”

Pinky sheepishly replied, “My whole body is yours my love, you can do anything you wish to do with me. I derive pleasure in your happiness dear.”

My daughter had become a total submissive. Sarla smiled and said, “Okay I shall give you new bite marks later. Now before your mom arrives go and get dressed. You don’t want to shock her, do you Pinky?”

Sarla started to laugh as Pinky hurriedly put on her dress. She then helped Sarla put on hers as I suddenly found the energy to move away from that place and absolutely sprinted outside the house. I took some moments to catch my breath and then went in again, trying hard not to look disturbed a bit. Though I ought to have readily stopped Sarla from dominating my daughter I wasn’t doing so, rather I was trying to pretend that I knew nothing about them. What had gotten into me I simply couldn’t understand.

As I stepped in and called Pinky by her name, Sarla came out instead supported by her stick. She had a smile on her face and for a moment I couldn’t feel like I could look her in the eye. She was a real bitch, who was dominating my daughter sexually. I was getting angrier with myself as I couldn’t muster the courage to confront the beggar woman about what she was doing with Pinky behind my back.

I was deeply engrossed in my thoughts when istanbul eskort bayan a hand on my shoulder startled me. It was Sarla, who had now come very close to me and put a hand on my shoulder. “What happened didi? Why are you not replying to me? Are you alright?” Sarla asked.

I, still unsure what to do, just nodded my head in the negative. Sarla took my hand in hers and drawing herself further closer to me said, “You can tell me didi, I am like a friend to you.”

What a bitch she was I thought in my mind. As she was so close to me I could smell her body odour, she was sweaty due to the heat. I wanted to pull my hand away from her hands but to my surprise I couldn’t do so. But Sarla left my hand anyway, only to put her hand on my hips now, the portion which was revealing beside my saree. I let out a sigh as I could feel her hand brush my skin, my already moist pussy in sensation again. “Sarla, what are you doing?” My dried up voice could only manage.

“Nothing didi, just checking out what I’d happening to you.” Her reply came. She was already tracing down her hand in my petticoat. “No, err, uh, I mean I am okay. Don’t worry. Eh uh.” The erratic words escaped my lips as I could feel Sarla’s hand moving inside my petticoat. She already had loosened the grip of the elastic strips that kept the petticoat tied to my body.

“Are you sure didi? I don’t think so.” An evil grin came upon the beggar woman’s face as her fingers reached my cunt, touching my hairy pussy, revealing that I was wet out there. As my breaths became deeper and I couldn’t manage any sound whatsoever, I could feel Sarla’s hot breath on my ears as she whispered, “Pinky is having a bath, why don’t we go to your room to discuss your problem? At least we can try and solve it.”

“Ooohhhh, yeah let’s uh go.” I murmured as I felt her hand was slowly touching around my aroused pussy. Instead of apprehending or confronting the beggar woman I was following her instructions to go with her to my room in an aroused state of mind. What was happening to me I still was unable to understand. Sarla gave me a light kiss on my chin and held my hand as both of us went towards my room. As I entered it, instinctively I closed the latch of the door from inside. Both of us went to bed hand in hand, I felt like I was in a stance, hypnotized and horny at the same time.

Sarla started to remove my clothes and for the first time I tried to stop her by saying, “Sarla, no, this isn’t right. Pinky is here.” My voice was very weak though, and didn’t sound convincing.

Sarla continued stripping me off my clothes and she said, “So what Sunita, she too makes love with me. You have already seen us together haven’t you? That is what had made you so horny. You are aroused to see your daughter making love with a woman of your age. You are aroused to see your daughter submitting to me sexually.”

I was shocked to know that the beggar woman already knew that I had seen everything. I tried to push her hand away but my effort was so feeble that it didn’t have any effect on Sarla. She had already stripped me down to my bra and panty, and she stopped that moment, taking a keen look at my lingerie clad body. “You still have a nice figure for your age Sunita. You must be about forty two or three, ain’t you?”

I nodded, and also blushed, feeling awkwardly good about being complemented by Sarla. I noticed that she had stopped addressing me as ‘didi’ and was calling me by name instead. As thoughts ran in my mind Sarla hugged me, her sweaty body touching mine as her hands went towards my back and unhooked my bra. As the bra fell down, my upper portion was fully nude before the beggar woman. Sarla bent forward and slowly licked around my right nipple, it automatically got erect by the wet touch and I let out a sigh of pleasure. The beggar woman then closed her mouth around my nipple, and slowly but surely started to suck it. Her hand went to my other boob, twisting and turning my nipple.

My body was responding to the touches of Sarla, never had I been so aroused since a long time and that too with the touches of a woman who was dominating my daughter sexually and whom I really loathed. My breaths grew rapid as I moaned, Sarla kept on sucking and twisting my nipples. My hand automatically went inside my panty, my fingers rubbing my hairy mound, I wanted to reach my orgasm. I couldn’t remember the last time I had an orgasm or arousal, but now as the situation was I wanted to come badly. But Sarla suddenly stopped sucking my boobs and she grabbed my hand to take it out from my panty.

I was shocked by the sudden change in her actions and tried to insert my other hand inside my pussy, only to be held strongly by Sarla too. She had pushed me to make me lie down on the bed and by sheer reflex action she had sat down on my belly. I was really amazed to see such reflexes from a differently abled person like her. “Hey what is this Sarla? Come on get off me please.” I pleaded.

Sarla had a wicked smile on her face as she said, “So Sunita is so horny, she wants rezidans escort to come badly. What makes you so aroused at this age huh? I can tell you, it was the sight that you behold earlier, of me having sex with your daughter. Seeing your daughter sexually dominated turned you on, isn’t it Sunita?”

I was ashamed by her words as everything she said was true. But the fire in my loins was so much more that everything else was secondary for me at that point of time. I really needed to meet my orgasm. I tried to get up but couldn’t match the strength of Sarla, though she had a relatively skinny figure yet she was quite strong. “You need to be tamed Sunita, you are to be shown your position as my pet.” Sarla remarked.

Pet? What did this horrible woman mean? Before I could react Sarla had taken out a coir rope concealed in her housecoat, and used it to tie both my hands. I struggled against her but couldn’t manage to take her down or to prevent her from binding me. I wanted to yell for help but couldn’t manage even a whisper as once again I felt subdued and dumb. “Don’t try to shout Sunita, Pinky might come and see you nude, would you like that? I have allowed her a few hours of sleep as she has been licking my body ever since you left. She has also been doing the household work, the tasks actually assigned to me. She is my love slave Sunita, she derives pleasure in serving me. She has begun the relationship by making love to me in her PG hostel. As time went by I understood that she is a natural submissive and will do whatever I ask her to do. So I took the opportunity to make her worship my entire body and also provide me necessary food and shelter. I have spent a long time on the streets, a life full of hardships. But now I get to live like a queen.” Sarla said.

Her words made me realize how deep Pinky was in their relationship. My daughter was loving it to be sexually dominated by the beggar woman, and also doing her household works. My mind rebelled that I must liberate Pinky from this relationship, she had a life, a career ahead of her. She needed to focus on that, not this sexually submissive role now that she was playing.

As I lay dumb not knowing what to say Sarla continued, “Take my offer, be my slave too. Both mother and daughter can serve me and I promise to give you the best sex experience ever. Don’t worry, no one needs to know about the other. We can play as soon as your husband leaves and we have the entire day to ourselves. So, will you be my sex slave?” Sarla asked as she slowly twisted my nipples.

I pleaded to Sarla, “Please Sarla, please let Pinky escape from your clutches. My daughter is so young, she needs to study and make her career. I shall do whatever you say. I shall be your slave forever. But please let her go.”

Sarla with a wicked grin replied, “No way Sunita. I want both of you. Pinky is young and beautiful, she is like an angel, when her tongue licks my pussy and ass, cleans my feet and tastes my sweaty armpits, I feel divine. When she swallows my urine in her mouth, I can’t explain how great I feel. How can I let her go? She is younger and can serve me longer. You are of my age and are going to grow old with me, Pinky is my trump card. Sorry, I can’t comply with your request.”

Tears fell from my eyes as Sarla spoke, the beggar woman was in no mood to leave aside my daughter. Pinky’s father was my only hope now, to save us from Sarla, but that too wasn’t to be as he had decided to sleep in the shop that night, due to some thefts going on in the market those days. As thoughts ran in my mind I realized that in spite of all these events happening my pussy was still on fire and I was still horny. What was happening to me I couldn’t understand. Maybe it was the same horniness that I had experienced before when I was the sex slave of Mala.

Sarla lowered herself and kissed my lips, and then whispered in my ear, “Sunita you are so horny and need to come soon, so why are you making it difficult for yourself? Come on, serve me, worship my body and I shall make you have a wonderful orgasm.”

Sarla never waited for my response, she just took off her housecoat and revealed that she was nude inside. Her sweaty smell grew stronger as she lay down on my body, my hands still bound behind. She raised her right arm and her absolutely messy, hairy and sweaty armpit was in my view. I tried to turn my face away but Sarla held it with her other hand. “Your slutty daughter licks my armpits daily, she even started doing it on her own, I didn’t have to force her or dominate her to do it. So, why turn your face away in disgust Sunita? Come on, have a closer look.” Sarla remarked.

She had brought the armpit in a position inches away from my mouth, the beggar woman’s pit was a mess with sweat and patches of hair. It was very stinky indeed but as I cast my look on it, I went into a stance again. I felt hypnotized as Sarla bent further forward and the damp hairy patch on her armpit settled covering my nose and mouth at the same time. The wet touches of the sweat were on my skin and the stinky odor was filling my senses. I no longer felt the discomfort of the tied hands behind my back. I took deep breaths as if I were so keen to inhale the sweaty smell of the beggar woman’s armpit. “Take our tongue out Sunita, lick it. Don’t waste time, do it now.” Sarla said in an authoritative tone.

Ben Esra telefonda seni bosaltmami ister misin?
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