Love , Prostitution Ch. 12

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The Delhi Rajdhani Express comes to a halt at New Delhi station, after a 17 hour journey, almost exactly on schedule at 8:12 a.m. The ladies and PSOs, Nilesh and Sudesh, disembark and 3 porters bring all their luggage. At the station entrance, a stretch limousine is chosen so the 4 of them can travel with all their luggage in the same vehicle. The fee to the 4 star Grand Venetia Hotel in North Delhi is negotiated and agreed. When all is loaded, the limo pulls away smoothly into the traffic. On the way Emily tells Sansa that she had a doubt about the accuracy of her research on the legality of running an escort agency in India. She believes there is a loophole in the law that can be exploited successfully to enable another option. She will give Sansa the details in their room at the hotel. It doesn’t take long to reach the Grand Venetia. The fee is paid by Sudesh with cash from Sansa. Their luggage is taken into the lobby by hotel staff and the ladies go to the Reception desk to register.

They are fortunate to secure a superior 2 bedroom suite with lounge for less than the cost of 2 rooms. Emily feels safer when Nilesh is nearby … She hasn’t really recovered from her abduction yet. All the luggage, accompanied by Sudesh because Nilesh will not leave Emily’s side, arrives in the suite very shortly after the others. Sansa handles the tipping, through Sudesh, after the appropriate luggage has been delivered to the primary & secondary bedrooms. Sitting in the lounge while Nilesh & Sudesh use the computer terminal in their room to search for suitable cars and possible residences. Emily expands on the legal loophole she mentioned in the limo. Reading in a whisper from her tablet: “Section 2 of the Immoral Traffic (Prevention) Act (104 of 1956) defines sex work as ‘an act of sexual exploitation or abuse of persons for commercial purposes or for consideration in money or in any other kind…”

“… This section 2 of PITA and the provisions of Indian Penal Code tell us that indulging in a sexual act for money is not illegal or punishable, but the abuse or exploitation of a person for any commercial purpose, including sexual exploitation is both illegal and punishable. I’m confident I could successfully argue that a sole adult female may indulge in a consensual sexual activity in exchange for money, i.e. they wouldn’t have done something illegal. This is because the law doesn’t define individual women voluntarily selling sex as prostitutes. However an escort agency could be argued to be sexual exploitation of a group of women. This gives us a perfect excuse not to become involved in an agency”.

Sansa asks in a whisper if she means that they won’t be able to run an agency with her parents. Emily answers: “Exactly! We have to operate as individuals and the planning done so far can be easily adjusted to fit”. Sansa lets out a little whoop of joy and they embrace happily until sounds herald the approach of Nilesh & Sudesh. Emily looks up the number of the Delhi branch of Grindlays’ bank, and arranges a meeting with the bank manager, for later in the morning so banking arrangements for their work can be made. On the way to the bank, she tells Nilesh & Sudesh that they want to stop off and buy mobile phones for their work and ask if the men have their own. When they say they don’t, Sansa says that good work smartphones will be bought for them on the way to the bank meeting. She also explains that smartphones provide access to the internet.

Nilesh reports that he and Sudesh have been discussing and researching suitable cars and wish to respectfully ask the ladies if they consider Mercedes, BMW and Audi to be acceptable options. They all have substantial and comfortable models, available in black with tinted windows and excellent climate control features. They are all in the range of $60,000 dollars, but buying a matched pair together could mean a price reduction. All are popular with company executives. If the Mems (Memsahibs) wish, they could organise the vehicles to be delivered to the hotel each morning over the next 3 days on free 24 hour loan for test driving. Emily and Sansa look at each other smiling, and nod agreement with the idea. Sansa thanks them and asks that they make the arrangements.After a shower, they dress in sari outfits that they are prepared to be seen wearing when not travelling.

When ready, they proceed to the limousine waiting for them outside. On the way to the bank, they stop to buy 2 smartphones each for themselves (the black for work and the white for private use) and Ankara Escort 1 each for Nilesh & Sudesh. The phones are set up for them in the store and all their numbers inserted into the directory of each phone. The sims are transferred from the ladies’ existing phones into the new white smartphones. Emily pays the bill and they set off for the bank meeting. As they wait for the appointment time, a woman walks directly toward Emily. Nilesh immediately stands protectively blocking her path, she laughs and calls: “Emily, Sansa, can it be you?” They look up and hardly believing their eyes, see Amy. They get up and Emily tells Nilesh that it’s okay and then they hug each other warmly. Sansa introduces Amy to Nilesh & Sudesh as their friend from Bangkok Girl. The bank manager comes out to greet the ladies, he obviously knows Amy, who says she is happy to wait for them.

Inside his office, using her special debit card, Emily’s identity is confirmed. While the manager pours the tea, he asks how may he be of service. Emily says they arrived this morning to live and work in Delhi and asks how he knows Amy. He says that she is a customer and they have become … friends. Emily nods with a smile noting his pause, saying that they are Emily’s friends too.

Emily explains that the reason for their visit today is to set up business accounts for herself and Sansa. He asks confidentially if their businesses and Amy’s are similar, Emily confirms they probably are and he nods his understanding. She adds that both she and Sansa will need a mobile debit card terminal to make booking reservations and to make payments into their account, by use of a mobile phone app during a phone call. He says it can be done immediately. Emily gives their temporary address at the hotel, adding that they will start a property search in the next few days.

They sign some forms, transfer a working balance of $100,000 into the 2 new accounts and after a few minutes they receive their debit cards and the all important portable debit card terminals plus $1,000 each in rupees for incidentals. The manager sets up the links so that the app on their black smartphones will operate the debit card terminal for them. Emily also transfers a further $10 million from her savings account (leaving $1,089 million) to her personal current account, should they need to move quickly on the purchase of a residence. They thank the manager for his kind courtesy and assistance, then take their leave.

Outside they rejoin Amy and invite her to join them for dinner at their hotel. On the way she points out a favourite shop for lingerie, so they take the opportunity to stop and shop. Sansa and Emily buy several sets of sexy bra and panties, also several pairs of hold-up stockings with pretty lace tops and some sheer negligees to replicate the brothel uniforms they wore on Bangkok Girl. Amy loves the idea and buys some for herself, whispering to Emily that she is still ‘working’ and Emily replies that she and Sansa have come to ‘work’ in Delhi. Amy is delighted and looks forward to them catching up with each other. At the check-out Emily smiles to herself and also buys a pepper spray and a rape alarm for Sansa and for herself. At the hotel, the driver is paid and they all go up to the suite. The ladies sit to chat in the lounge while Nilesh goes to continue his research on cars and properties using his new smartphone. Sudesh serves drinks from the bar and then goes to join Nilesh in their room.

Amy tells her story since last seeing Emily & Sansa when going into the police interview rooms. She was interviewed by the Thai Police and told all she knew because she was promised complete immunity and a relocation package if she testified. She had no other options, so she did as they asked. Igor and his henchmen were tried in Bangkok on charges of murder, trafficking, slavery and running a prostitution ring. They were found guilty on all charges and sentenced to death by machine gun. After the sentence was carried out, Amy relocated to Delhi, with enough money to live modestly for a year. She knew the money would run out eventually so went back to work on the game. She hasn’t made a lot of money, but has made a lot of useful contacts among the rich and famous of Delhi. She can’t say how happy she was to see them at the bank.

Emily tells her their story but not in full detail. Sufficient to say her family seems to have cut her off and given her an early inheritance, probably through guilt because none of Sincan Escort what happened to her was her own fault, discounting becoming a career prostitute voluntarily! They all giggle in memory of the events. Maybe her family felt guilt at their inadequate security, perhaps she will never know. Today is truly their first day in Delhi, so they cannot be more pleased at their serendipitous meeting. They had planned to open a new escort agency but Emily’s memory of how to operate within the law … was actually British law! However, they have found a loophole in Indian law that allows them to exchange sex for money but not be prosecuted for prostitution. Before leaving Kolkata they engaged Nilesh as Emily’s bodyguard and driver and Sudesh as Sansa’s. Yesterday they all travelled to Delhi by train. Today they registered here in the hotel until they can find and buy their own home. They hired the limo to buy some items and to set up business banking arrangements. Amy says she is so glad that they met and Sansa responds with the same sentiment while Emily just beams a smile.

Amy goes out on a limb and says that one of the contacts she mentioned, is starting a new secret club that is roughly based on The Hellfire Club and the movie Eyes Wide Shut. It features rich and famous men of Delhi as club members that buy, at very high cost, the very best sex workers in Delhi that are permanently contracted to the club for their monthly night of unbridled debauchery. These meetings start with preparations for the night then the fun starts: a CMNF (clothed male, naked female) formal dinner dance. Following the dinner dance is the orgy that continues until dawn. She laughs when she says that the event gives the ladies excellent exposure! Both Sansa and Emily love the idea and Amy says that she will introduce them becase, gentle procurement, with ‘loadsa money’ is her speciality and responsibilty toward the club. The ladies laugh together and Sudesh appears to serve another round of drinks then disappears again.

Emily asks Amy if, by any chance, she knows how to build a website. She and Sansa have made an initial start on what they want to say in an advertisement and need someone with the expertise necessary to publish it online for them. Amy says that she had been prompted and funded by the club to attend a course to learn how to build a website. Amy said that she would be delighted to intoduce them to the club. Sansa says this is amazing and wonderful, the amount of things they had listed to do in the short term are nearly completed in the first day! Amy emphasises that in no way would she be managing them, just facilitating their introduction to the club.

After dining together in the hotel with Nilesh and Sudesh, Sansa and Emily invite Amy to stay the night. There is a spare single bed in their room, as well as the king size bed in which they will sleep. Amy is more than welcome to use it. In the morning a car will be delivered for a 24 hour test drive and they will be able to take her home. Amy is delighted and accepts. Nilesh and Sudesh ask if there is anything the ladies need and there being nothing more, they take their leave of the ladies who chat late into the night. They all get into bed feeling that it was a VERY good day. Sansa and Emily are happy just to fall asleep in their favourite position … for tonight!

In the morning Sudesh and Nilesh look very pleased with themselves. On enquiry, the ladies are informed that they had found a 5 bedroom luxury bungalow in Punjabi Bagh, a very good area in the part of West Delhi that is closest to the centre of New Delhi. Naturally, they wondered if it might be of interest to the Memsahibs. The ladies look at the agent details on Nilesh’s new smartphone and say that it is worth closer inspection. They ask Amy if she would like to view it with them and she agrees with a smile.

The black Mercedes V Class has been delivered, it is a beautiful car with dark one-way windows and climate control. Nilesh and Sudesh assist the ladies into the car. The two luxurious reclining seats of the back row face forward and the two seats of the middle row face backward, so they face each other and provide a good space. There is even a table and a fridge and a facility to make up a bed. This car will be perfect for occasions like club meetings and allow the second car to remain at their residence. The estate agent arrives and is invited into the car, filling the sixth seat. He gives Sudesh directions as they drive Etlik Escort away.

The estate agent tells them that the 5 bedroom bungalow is spread over 4,700 square yards and stands, secluded behind trees and bushes on a corner plot that just exudes charm. The driveway loops around the property and out of sight there is a fairly steep ramp leading to an extensive basement in which can be parked a number of cars. The Punjabi Bagh location is considered posh since only top corporate professionals are able to afford to live within it. The overall effect is calm, peaceful and serene. It is close to shopping centres and restaurants. The Punjabi Bagh Club is a 2 minute drive. They view inside the bundalow and find 5 spacious bedrooms, all with en-suite facilities, the master bedroom features a dressing room through which is the en-suite. There is a large lounge, elegant dining room and large family kitchen with island. There is also a stand alone w.c. with wash basin for visitors. The property is being marketed at US $10,717,455 but the agent assures them that the vendors have indicated they will accept $10M. Emily takes Sansa aside to discuss the matter and talk about including Amy. They return and say that if the price is reduced to $7M and it receives a satisfactory survey, then they will proceed. The agent makes a call and the vendor says $8M including all furnishings, is the lowest he can go and the sale is agreed. Emily agrees the price and commissions an independant full structural survey.

(Section 14 of the Hindu Succession Act 1956, as amended 9 September 2005, gave equal property rights to women.)

Returning to the hotel, the estate agent asks that he be contacted when they have the survey results and, if favourable for the ladies, to provide the contact details of their solicitor. Emily says she is a lawyer and asks him to recommend a Delhi solicitor. She gives him the number of her personal smartphone. They make their farewells and the agent gets out of the car and goes to retrieve his own vehicle. In the meantime, the car is parked and locked. Sansa and Emily agree that the Mercedes is perfect.

They all go up to their suite for coffee. When it has been served they sit down to discuss the future. Amy feels a little awkward and it shows in her face, so Sansa addresses her first: “Dear Amy, it is very clear why you, Emily and I mesh together so well. We would love so much if you would consent to become part of our family and live with us in our new home”. There is a long pause during which Amy has her palms to each cheek. Amy beams a huge smile and says there is nothing she would like more. Emily and Sansa are so pleased that the conversion stops and they spontaneously get up for a group hug.

Nilesh and Sudesh are asked to join them and Emily says: “It is such a pleasure to have your protection and willingness to perform any service, even serving coffee! We have become used to you in the nicest possible way and wish to invite you to live with us in our new home, taking the 5th bedroom, which has it’s own en suite facilities. Yes, you will still be our employees but will also be like brothers looking out for your sisters. On moving into our new home, your probation will be complete and your salary increased. How would you like this arrangement?” The beaming smile on their faces transmits that they love it and the words that follow endorse the visual message. Emily asks Nilesh to contact the dealer and place an order for 3 identical, high specification black Mercedes V Class cars, negotiating the best possible price for a full cash payment. She says to also ask if they may extend their free test drive until the cars are ready.

Amy’s mobile rings and she asks to be excused, then she goes into the bedroom to take the call. In the meantime the men shake hands earnestly with Emily and Sansa and in a most excited way, they express their agreement, gratitude and devotion. Sansa and Emily discuss their needs for staff at the new home and itemise: a cook to feed them, a bearer to look after them and their home, a washayah to look after their clothes and a gardener. Nilesh, assisted by Sudesh, will of course be in charge of all security matters which includes that their belongings are kept safe from petty pilfering by staff.

Amy returns after a lengthy phone call and says she has news regarding the club she spoke of yesterday before dinner. Emily has no problems with Nilesh and Sudesh hearing this and asks her to continue. She says that they, and her, have been invited to dine with the executive committee at 8:00 p.m. tonight. But to arrive at dusk to experience how their ladies prepare for monthly meetings. Amy suggests a nice pampering in the hotel spa will refresh and relax them. They will of course receive the normal fee that all their ladies receive for monthly meetings. Their new life is really starting!

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