Lovers in a Dangerous Time Pt. 02

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Here is Part 2 of this multi-part series. Although this story stands on its own, it will be more enjoyable if you begin from the start. Part 2 begins the next morning, switching the perspective to the husband. Again, I would like to thank Nafiysa for her creativity and excellent collaboration.

“Mmm, fuck. That feels so good,” waking from my sleepy fog, your long dark hair caressing my rested body. I smile watching you suck my morning hardness, seeing you slide up and down, as your tongue glides along my rigid shaft. Your hungry eyes look up at me.

I groan when you grip my tender balls. “Fuck,” breathing harder from the sweet agony. Waking quickly now, my heart is racing. I reach between my legs pushing your head down my hard cock. Oh fuck, you know exactly what I need.

Your large breasts are hanging, bouncing to your loving actions. “Fuck,” I moan. “Don’t fucking stop.”

You squeeze my aching balls harder, pulling them the way you know I like. I’m in ecstasy as you suck, as your teeth scrape along my shiny head. “Shit, easy,” I gently growl.

I see your eyes twinkle, knowing you love to be in control. Your body’s warming as your free hand slides between your legs. “Yes, touch for me, ” I whisper.

Faster you suck my hard cock, my eyes not able to look away from your amazing breasts. Your nipples hard, as they tease against my open legs.

I see you slide a second finger deep inside your dripping pussy. Wet noises are filling my senses. “Finger my pussy like a good girl,” I moan. You softly purr, slowly Tekirdağ Escort rubbing your pulsing sex.

Your eyes close, a third finger now stretching your tight hole. “Do not cum,” I command, sensing your nearing release. Your brow furrows, but you continue, not able to stop. Again I warn you, not wanting to punish you.

I moan louder, partially from the pain as you relentlessly squeeze my aching sac. You are close, I am close, but I make you continue. I love watching you so desperate with need, eager to see how much more you can take.

My hands now pushing down harder, making you take me fully. Your warm labored breath at my base. “Such a good girl,” I moan, my release almost upon me. I pull you off my raging cock, your displeasure clearly visible.

“Ride me, now. Slide your cunt onto my cock.”

A smile returns to your pretty, soft face as your agile body crawls over me. Beautiful sensations send waves of pleasure, your hard nipples rake against my chest. You smile, your wet fingers moving to my hungry mouth. Mmm, sweet as cherry pie.

You move above me, inviting me into your tight hole. Fuck, I’m almost home. Your nipples are hard, swaying with such perfection, as your fevered eyes focus on only me. I feel your wet entrance against my cock head, and moan softly as you let me in. Your tight wet cunt devours me. Each pussy lip folding, my hard cock filling your greedy hole.

“Fuck, fuck!” I moan, as your sexy eyes close. Your hands on my chest, you begin to ride me. Quickly rising to your excited Tekirdağ Escort Bayan peak. Up. Down. In. Out.

I feel your body shaking, your orgasm fast approaching. Your warm pussy grinds along my throbbing cock. I reach up taking each soft breast. Your moans and whimpers driving me insane, my rough fingers twisting and pulling each dark nipple.

“Oh God,” slips past your lustful mouth.

“Fuck me, fuck me harder,” I command, extending your nipples more. Pulling them to my eager mouth. I circle my tongue around each one, biting gently until you moan.

You continue riding my dripping cock, slamming down to my rising sac, holding my face as I suck your pink buds. “Yes baby, that’s it,” you moan. “Suck my tits, like a good boy. My good boy.” Your dominant words drive me crazy, feeding into my submissive side.

Biting, sucking, licking. Your large breasts rippling, my hands grabbing harder as I bite and suck. You slide your hand between us, needing to rub your swollen clit. I ram my cock harder into you. “That’s it, rub my pussy.” I whisper. Sending shivers through your fit body, as your fingers strum your throbbing clit.

Suddenly I feel your fingers against my pumping cock as they slip into your wet pussy. Your face now painted with extreme desire.

“Please!. Let me cum!” you plead, fingering yourself faster, harder.

I smile, ignoring your urgent appeal, secretly smirking trying hard to keep from creaming into you.

My Hands glide down your warm back, teasing your dimples before grabbing Escort Tekirdağ each perfect ass cheek. I pull you down harder. Deeper and deeper I fuck your pussy, while biting your sensitive nipples harder. “Yes,” you purr. Mmm, I know how much you like this.

“Harder!” I command, making you shake at my forceful tone, feeling you tighten around me. My raging cock now mercilessly fucking you. Your bouncing breasts rip your nipple from my sucking mouth.

“Oh God,” I moan feeling my cock thickening inside you.

“Baby, please!” You beg, knowing you can’t take much more. “Please let me cum for you.”

I shake my head, your need feeding me, my sac now rising. Shit, I’m so fucking close.

I whisper, “Do you want to cum for me, my sexy little slut?”

Your hand a blur, your pussy tightening. “Please, please!” You implore.

“Please what, tell me what you need.”

“Please let me cum for you!” Your words are urgent, your voice is shaking.

“Now baby, now. Cum for me. Only me.” I command, grabbing your ass harder as my cock releases with you. Your pussy is spasming, milking me. I spray my warm load deep inside you.

Your hand is rubbing faster, as you cum for me. Wave after wave runs through your tanned, fit body. Exhausted you collapse over me, filled with my warm, creamy love.

I kiss your head softly and turn you over, pulling my cock from your wet paradise. You lay sideways. I move closer behind you, feeling your ass press against me. Easily, I slip back into your pussy and kiss your neck, wrapping my arms around you. We rock gently until our breathing slows, while I sink deeper.

A soft moan eases past your sexy lips. You take my hands to your breasts, as our bodies slowly fade.

I whisper softly, “Such a good girl.”

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