Loving Michael

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Taking a contract as a writer for the publishing house meant that she would have to go to NYC from time to time. After a few weeks of her being in the city and Him being at home in Scranton, Michael was getting restless. She was His slut and didn’t like having to share her with her career but also knew this was an incredible opportunity for her, so He endured.

He had the phone against His ear as he spoke to her about the progress of her work. “You’re enjoying it?” He asked quietly.

“Yes,” she said, looking around the opulent apartment.

He forced, “I’m happy, honey.”

“Did Gwen get on the train to her father’s?”

“Yes, Carl was not happy that I had to take care of her the last two weeks. He was his normal pleasant self.”

“He can do that,” Sara said bitterly.

Gwen was her 7 year old daughter and Carl was her former husband. Michael and Sara had been living as Master and slave for nearly a year. It was an intense relationship built on Dominance through trust, passion, respect, love, and friendship. He enjoyed her submissive, passionate desire to please. She was His and He craved her.

“The editing should be done in about 2 weeks and then I can come home for awhile to work on the next one.”

“Good,” He said simply as He closed His dark eyes, trying to block out how much He wanted to feel her willing mouth on His hard cock.

“I miss You, Master,” she whispered huskily and He groaned.

“Damn,” He whispered, hearing that sexual purr of hers. “When you use that voice…” He started to say and then stopped. “We better not talk like this, honey.”

“Is Kevin around?”

Sara and Michael lived with Lisa and Mark. Kevin was Lisa’s son of 8. Michael had been friends with them for awhile and was living with them when He met Sara. When Sara had left Carl, she left her house and job as an English teacher; while she did find a teaching job, she had many bills and they couldn’t afford to live alone just yet. It was a strange arrangement to live with another couple but she grew to like it. Michael was in school to become a network technician when Sara landed her publishing contract worth enough that she could quit teaching to become a writer.

“He’s downstairs but having you so far away is killing me,” He whispered hoarsely.

She whispered, “Really, Master?” She wasn’t accustom to someone missing and needing her so much. Carl had rarely showed her affection. He seemed more interested in anyone else but her.

“Yes, really, little one.”

“I miss You so much. I wish I was tied to the bed right now and You were teasing me, making me cum.”

He sighed and whispered, “My cock is rock hard right now.”

“I would drop to my…”

“Stop,” He moaned. “I better go.”

He hung up and she put the receiver to her head. She feared He was losing interest, making concentrating on her work nearly impossible.

The next day He went to school, came home, avoided talking to anyone. Lisa, His good friend and room mate came to see Him. He was lying back on His bed. His dark eyes were closed and He was deliberately breathing.

“Hey, Mike, what are You up to?”

“Lisa,” He said quietly, “I don’t mean to be rude but would you leave me alone for awhile.”

“Why don’t you come to dinner with us?”

He opened his soft dark eyes and looked over at her. A forced smile crept over his lips and he said, “Thanks sweet girl but I’m really not in the mood.”


“I don’t want to talk.”

Lisa nodded and left knowing Michael was unhappy because of Sara. He missed her and the absence was getting to Him.

Sara spent the day staring at her empty computer screen. She sipped her coffee but nothing was inspiring her.

Lisa and Mark were just ready to leave when the door opened. Smiling brightly, Lisa looked at her and said, “He’s been in a sour mood all afternoon. He’s up in your room.”

Lisa looked over her shoulder as Sara Starzbet was on the stairs. “We’re staying over at my mom’s tonight.”

Mark furrowed His brows together and she pulled Him by the shirt with her as Sara walked upstairs. She opened the door and Michael spoke without getting up. Sara’s big blue eyes glanced over Him. He was a big bear of a man with sandy brown hair cut short, a large chest and wicked soft lips. He was wearing a polo with jeans and He didn’t open His eyes as He spoke.

“Lisa, I don’t mean to be rude but I really don’t feel like going out tonight.”

“I’m not Lisa,” Sara said and Michael’s eyes shot open as He turned to hop off the bed. He was on His feet in seconds. Standing up, He was a good foot taller with those piercing eyes that left Sara’s knees weak. “Sara,” He said surprised.

“Are You angry with me, Master?” she said, tears collecting on her sooty lashes. Her long curly dark hair was falling from the French twist. Her blue floral dress outlined her petite voluptuous figure as He looked into her angelic face.

He touched her jaw and said, “Come here, slave.”

She walked over to Him, rivers of mascara slowly sliding down her cheek as His hand rose to caress her jaw. “Don’t cry, my slave. I’m not angry with You.”

“Really?” she whispered.

“Take off your clothes,” He commanded in that sexual drawl of His.

“Shouldn’t we talk…” She started to say and He simply raised a dark brow. She knew that meant He was not in the mood to talk and wanted her to obey.

After stepping back, she lifted her dress up and over her head, exposing her purple lacy bra with matching panties. She unbuckled her bra, setting free her ample breasts with rock hard pink nipples. Next she hooked her thumbs into the waistband of her lacy panties, easing them down her creamy white thighs. Looking up she saw His smoldering gaze. After He flipped on the music, He pulled His shirt up and over His head.

“On your knees, slut!” He ordered and she looked up unsure at Him. He raised His brow and then added, “Now!”

She slipped to her knees and He lifted her chin. Their gazes locked for a moment as He threaded His fingers into her curls, pulling free her silky tresses. Tugging backward, He said, “Suck me, slut!”

Her tongue went to her lips while she unzipped His pants. Easing His jeans down His thighs, she looked at His hard cock poking through His briefs. After pulling down His underwear, she looked up at Him. He pulled her face toward His cock. Her mouth opened and He slipped His rock hard shaft between her ruby lips. He looked down to see her sucking on Him. “Damn!” He moaned as He felt her tongue slipping over His head, under and over his shaft. Slowly like licking a sweet ice cone, Sara savored his cock with her greedy mouth.

Already He felt the build of pressure in His balls, making Him lock his knees tight as they grew weak. He pulled her face forward, shoving His cock deep into velvety warmth. With His hand in her hair, He started to thrust in and out of her willing mouth. The pressure in His balls grew to crescendo as He tightly twisted her hair, thrusting deep into her throat spurting His sweet seed down her narrow passage. “Sara!” He yelled as His body released.

After sucking Him dry, she licked Him clean and then remained on her knees with head bent, eyes averted, and hands upward on her lap. He just looked at her for a moment, His gaze tender. Lifting her chin, His sweet brown eyes met her timid blue.

“Stand, slave.” He said, His demand a mix of gentle dominance.

She rocked up to her feet and stood in front of Him as He sat on the edge of the bed with thighs parted. Pulling her toward Him, He eased her forward between His legs. He pinched her nipples, gently tugging on them until, He saw her eyes flutter shut and her head fall back.

“Look at Me.”

She complied and He saw that look that made His cock twitch. He loved that Starzbet Giriş look. Her eyes sparkled with desire and her lips parted. Even before He petted her pussy, He knew she was wet. He ran His finger over her mound and she leaned forward, her breathing faster and ragged, her legs trembling after her hungry stare fixed to His. He slowly eased his second finger over her pussy lips –not slipping inside– and felt that silky wetness already dripping.

He rubbed her juice over His lips and sucked in His finger. “Tell me slave what you want.”

A wicked grin spread across her face as that familiar blush spread down from her face over the gooseflesh covering her ample breasts. “You,” she moaned, rocking her pelvis toward Him.

He caressed her rounded hip with the palm of His hand and then over her flat belly, upward from her belly button toward the curve of her fleshy globes. Cupping the softness in His calloused hand, He squeezed playfully one and then the other.

He opened the drawer next to the bed as an evil grin spread over His lips. He pulled out the nipple clamps, silk scarf, feather, vibrating dildo, and a crop. He placed the toys on the nightstand and then said, “Lie down on the bed, slave.”

She lay down on the bed and He pulled the restraining cuffs up from beneath the mattress. There was one attached to each post of the four poster bed. He gently kissed each open palm before He placed her wrist in one followed by the other. Next He kissed her instep, letting His tongue travel up and over her big toe before securing her ankles. He sat back down next to her, looking at her spread eagle form and smiled wickedly.

Watching her breathing grow faster, He saw the anxious passion cross her face as she looked up at Him with that silent plead of both fear and need. He leaned over her and put his mouth to her ear. Caressing her with His supple voice, He whispered, “Relax, my lil one, I will make you quiver. Trust my love for you.”

Tears were collecting on her lashes as she spoke hoarsely, “I always do.”

Biting on her lip, she felt her heart speed up as He slipped the black silk scarf over her eyes. She could smell the vanilla candle after He lit it. She knew that meant sweet torture with wax may be coming or not. He turned up the music louder in case anyone returned.

“I want you to scream out your pleasure and pain, slave.”

“Yes, Master!” she muttered, feeling the wetness seeping between her legs.

He liked to see her tied up at His mercy. Her complete submission drove His passion. As He looked at her, He could see her need mounting. Her neck was arched and her lips parted. Her nipples were already firm as pebbles and her naked pussy glistened with that syrupy juice. Part of Him wanted to just climb in between those pearly white thighs and ram His cock deep inside that velvety warmth, feel her grip Him so deep, milking His cock of His seed but He waited.

Watching her made His cock grow stiff. It was difficult not to satisfy His growing lust but He wanted to tease her, feel her beg for more, beg for needed release so when He did finally take her, she was His wanton slut, crazy with lust, driven by the desire to reach that ultimate release. He loved getting her to that frenzied point and feeling the reward of her explosion.

He stood for a long while just appreciating her situation. He knew the waiting was causing a build of apprehension and pleasure. He took the crop out first and sliced it through the air. She shuddered. Slowly he tortured her by softly tracing each breast. Then He snapped it yet again in the air, causing her to jump. Swiftly He struck a stinging blow to each breast.

The biting sting caused a sharp intake of breath. Tears collected on her lashes and incoherent moans mixed with words of longing escaped her lips as He assaulted her breasts again with another biting strike, leaving reddened marks against her alabaster flesh. Starzbet Güncel Giriş

Lazily he caressed each inner thigh with the tip of the crop. She tried to squirm away and He cracked it against her left inner thigh. She cried out in pain as an angry welt formed.

He leaned over her and licked her nearly formed swelling with the end of His tongue. The silky feel of it sent shivers through her. She squealed out when His tongue traveled upwards toward her sopping wet cunt lips. He traced each lip with just the tip of His tongue. She pulled against the bonds vainly trying to get His tongue to dip inside but He continued to simply tease her.

Picking up the feather, He traced one breast then the other and downward over her mound. Arching upward, she screamed out, “Please Master!”

“What my slave?” He asked sliding up her silky body. His mouth above hers, He repeated, “What slut?”

“Fuck me, please,” she begged and He fiercely bit on her neck.

She raised her hips toward His and His discipline was waning against the overwhelming desire to fuck her. He knew she was close to exploding but He wanted to tease a bit more.

“Soon, my sweet pet, I will give you my cock.”

“Michael,” she pleaded, using His first name, “please take me. i…” Her back arched upward and her legs trembled when His fingers penetrated her.

“Master,” she pleaded, “may…”

“Cum!” He commanded and she did, releasing over His fingers a river of cum. He had to drink it and went down on her. His relentless tongue dipped into her pussy, licking out the sweet nectar she seeped onto His lips and tongue. He grabbed her clit with His teeth and she yelped, releasing her juice in another stream over His chin. His tongue flicked over her clit before biting down on her again, causing her to cry out, “Master!”.

He placed the clamps on her rigid nipples. She started to shake her head back and forth as He easily slipped the vibrator into her wetness. He started to fuck her with it, slowly at first but then grew faster. Her whole body trembled and shook. Beads of sweat formed over her. Taut she bent upward. “Fuck me, Michael,” she begged breathlessly.

He eased the vibrator from her. Unlocking both legs and wrists, He pulled her blindfold off before He said, “Ride me slut!”

Locking her arms around His neck, she pulled Him in for a passionate kiss, sliding her tongue into His mouth as they turned so He was lying on the pillows. Rising up on her feet, she slowly eased His cock into her wetness. His eyes held hers as she rocked forward, pushing His cock against that special mark deep inside. His satisfaction echoed through the room as she started to ride Him, slow and deliberate at first, gaining voracity as His cock rubbed against that electric spot.

Pulling on her nipple chain caused her pussy walls to grip Him greedily. Her mouth opened for a silent scream as her breathing grew ragged and purposeful. Her legs shook beneath her and then it started. She stopped, curved her back and neck as this tightening of every muscle swept over her. She flipped her head forward, looked deep in His eyes as her mouth formed an O. She held her breath, grasped His shoulders with her hands, bit down on her lower lip, growled and then released as this cascade of pure pleasure spread from deep inside.

Her incredible spasm seized His cock so tight that He grunted. He cupped her face in His hands, rolled His eyes closed, and muttered her name over and over as another and another of her insatiable contractions clenched Him. They continued this dance of sweet pleasure for a few delicious moments until He couldn’t hold it back and released a river of seed against her cervix, his whole body quaking against hers.

She collapsed against His chest as His cock softened and slowly slipped out of her. He laced his arms around her waist, kissed her lips tenderly and whispered, “I’ve missed you, my sweet slave.”

She lovingly touched His face and said, “I will always be here when You need me. You are my Master and You always matter most.”

Tracing a finger down her jaw, He said, “I know, my sweet little one.” They kissed affectionately and then drifted off to sleep tangled together.

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